Peyton’s incentives are tied to winning AFC title, Super Bowl

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Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is betting on himself while in return giving the Broncos cap relief.

Chris Mortensen and Jeff Legwold of ESPN reports that the $4 million in incentives that Manning can earn in lieu of $4 million in salary are tied to getting to the Super Bowl and winning it.  Specifically, Manning gets $2 million if the Broncos get to the Super Bowl, and another $2 million if the Broncos win it.

The move means that Manning’s cap number will drop by $4 million this year.  Any money earned under the incentive package will count against the 2016 salary cap.

The report mentions no specific playing-time minimum to qualify for the money.  If there is none, it means that Manning could earn the money even if he gets injured and unproven fourth-year backup Brock Osweiler leads the team to the Super Bowl.

Sandler, Eli — you can stop laughing now.

73 responses to “Peyton’s incentives are tied to winning AFC title, Super Bowl

  1. If Peyton really believed in himself he would have put the whole $19 million on the line.

  2. 16MM is a reasonable price for a competent if not good QB.

    Look at what Cutler, Kaepernick, and Andy Dalton are making.
    This was a good move.

  3. They originally had a 5 million transfer with 1 million being earned with a single playoff victory but Peyton said it wasn’t fair so they removed it.

  4. Shrewd use of the Not Likely to Be Earned incentive. Peyton will be a joy to work with now that he’s got 4 million new reasons to cuss out his teammates for every play that goes wrong, no matter whose fault it is.

  5. He probably makes more than $4 million a year on his Papa Johns franchises alone.

  6. Hahahahahahsaaaaa

    You first gotta make the game against Tom if you want any chance at ‘winning the AFC’ but watch out for those Colts, Steelrrs and Ravens along the way.

    And even if Tom and Bill go down with injuries in the preseason, (with wrist injuries maybe), it’s gonna take more than 8 points to win against Seattle

  7. People always bring up Giselle’s wealth as the reason Brady can take pay cuts. But from what I understand Ashley Mannings father has tons of dough- not cruddy papa johns dough, money. So good old five head married into it and he still won’t take a sizable pay cut to help his team

  8. the NFLPA should look into this matter immediately as those are impossible goals for Peyton to achieve. Unless he can play just AFC South teams and the Raiders as he usually dominates them in meaningless games

  9. I have a feeling we’ll be watching the last shovel of dirt on his career this year. He had a great one in his prime.

  10. They will not reach the Super Bowl with Manning or any other QB until Elway is gone. Mark my words. The curse of Tim Tebow.

  11. Peyton Manning will get one playoff victory then get eliminated by the Ravens I say one because the Broncos will get the 3 seed behind the Patriots and the Colts or Ravens. Peyton is a great player but he had his chance against Seattle and got crushed. He’s just ruining his legacy even further. It isn’t just Patriots fans like myself saying it anymore either.

  12. Peyton already has enough money, but if he can win one more super bowl it will be worth at least a $billion in future endorsements. So it’s totally worth it for Peyton to take a little less money in order to make his team a little stronger. It’s like buying $4 million in stock in a company that he controls. He’s betting on himself. That tells me a lot about Peyton and where his mind is.

  13. Wow people think he’s giving up so much cash… Still gonna make 15. Brady is gonna make 7… And it’s not guaranteed either… That’s the difference between Brady and manning. One legitimately cared about winning and the other pretends he does

  14. Any player whose spouse makes considerably more than he does (and there is only one player) can afford to manipulate his income to accommodate his team’s finances. Pats fans should take a breather on this one instead of rubbing it in people’s faces.

  15. 49 years of SuperBowl history has shown one thing, QBs don’t win SB with 2 different teams, has yet to happen, doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon, Broncos fans should accept the cold hard facts of history.

  16. It must be hard for Elway, who retired from the game on top before his skills diminished and left a ton of money on the table, to deal with a guy who is doing exactly the opposite.

  17. Can’t wait to hear all you haters after Denver is running teams over when the season begins.

  18. Peyton is Still the Best Active QB in Football! Broncos Got Lucky! Most of the Posters are Stupid!

  19. He was injured last year. He will have something to Prove now that he will be healthy. Broncos Will Win the Superbowl and they Will be Paying Peyton another 4 Million to go with a 2-3 year EXTENSION!

  20. I’m just glad he’s coming back, it’s gonna be great watching those ducks fly.

  21. “What does he get for a divisional round loss?” Excuses, claims that he’s better than Brady from the ignorant media (though these have mercifully lessened), and delusional fans claiming wins and playoff success are strictly a team accomplishment while touchdown passes and passing yards are all Manning’s doing even though stats are entirely dependent on teammates.

  22. Bad agent. Should have made the deal like the 49ers did with Steve Young when they bought their last superbowl. They hired every free agent at the league minimum, but if they MADE IT to the SB, they all got millions in bonuses.

    WINNING the superbowl is always a wild chance. MAKING IT to the superbowl proves youre a winner.

    Should have made a better deal.

  23. The Broncos and their are scared to let this guy go. You remember that stretch of ineptitude. That stretch is giving you pause. Haha. Stuck with him knowing he wont win a bowl but can win you a division.

    That’s what’s called the “thirst”.

  24. not sure how I feel about Peyton….like everyone else I am sick of seeing him shill for the crappy products he is pushing, I fully expect him to break down or choke in the playoffs again, and he comes across as greedy and money hungry and attention starved. (like his stupid appearance on SNL40 intro wasn’t clumsy and unnecessary)

    maybe him and elway deserve each other

  25. The average NFL team is like some crazy corporation: there are 5 guys who make 7 figures (two of them are completely worthless), there are 8 guys making 6 figures, there are 20 guys making 2x league minimum and 20 guys at minimum wage. The salaries are so scewed its amazing the guys on top don’t work to spread it around. When the guy next to you is making 20x what you are, and has the same responsibilities, that affects trust and team. With a cap in place, its not as if that $500k guy is realistically ever going to see the money, just the bruises. 2x or even 5x, okay. 30x? That’s wack.

  26. What a bunch of downers you all are!!!
    Guess most of you were in on the meetings cause it sounds like you know everything there is to know about the situation.
    Again, season has not even started yet, anything can happen to anybody in this league.

  27. I love the dude, but, let’s face it … He’s gonna need to sell a lot more pizzas now to make up for that lost money.

  28. the broncos say same thing every years ..last year oh we got a great pass rusher Ware from dallas were going all in and they pick up a over ratted safety and corner and all sudden there favorites to win it all…as long as Manning is there you wont win anything he WAS good but come on stop being brainwashed your in denial

  29. Nothing but love for PM but lets face it, the dude doesn’t win playoff games. If his incentives are tied to winning the AFC and ultimately the super bowl…that’s a bit of a stretch. Greatest regular season quarterback ever though…just not in the post season.

  30. Not many superstars would take this kind of paycut to help his team, especially one who has been the best QB in the league over the past 3 seasons. And as for his playoff record, Manning is one of only 10 QB’s to win over 10 playoff games, won of only 11 to take his team to three Super Bowls, has won a Super Bowl and an MVP, and to top it all off is 3-1 in AFC Championships including 2-1 against Brady. Assuming he’s recovered from the injuries that crippled him during the last half of the season, he is offering the Bronco’s a bargain.

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