Report: 49ers offering LB Michael Wilhoite in trade

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The 49ers are reportedly open to dealing one of their reserve inside linebackers.

According to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee, the club has placed fourth-year pro Michael Wilhoite on the trading block.

With NaVorro Bowman (knee) missing the entire season and Patrick Willis (toe) sitting out the final 10 games, the 28-year-old Wilhoite was a 16-game starter for San Francisco in 2014, notching 87 tackles, six passes defended and two picks.

However, Wilhoite figures as a backup this season, and the 49ers are willing to move the exclusive-rights free agent, the Bee reports. The club seeks a sixth- or seventh-round pick, the newspaper said.

37 responses to “Report: 49ers offering LB Michael Wilhoite in trade

  1. He’s good! It’s just that Borland outplayed him a.d Willis and Bowman will be back. Some team is getting a great value trade for a 6th or 7th round pick.

  2. Im surprised the bears havent jumped on this one .. with Vic out in in the midwest now running that D they can use all the LBs they can get if they’ll run a 3-4.

  3. Saints trading Lofton could be replacement

    Personally I would draft Perryman out of Miami

  4. What are they hoping to get for him? A guy forced into action who helped his team go, what? 8-8? Maybe N E can trade some footballs that don’t hold the right air pressure?

  5. belgaron says:
    Mar 4, 2015 5:56 PM
    Why trade for a 28 year old, better option to use the 5th or 7th rounder for a young LB. Sign him when they cut him.


    They’re not putting him up on the trading block because of his contract….they’re putting him up because he’s a starting NFL linebacker in his prime who is healthy who just happens to be on the team with the NFL’s two best LBs in Bowman and Willis and not to mention the emerging force of of the kid from Wisconsin. He has value and it would serve both parties really well if he were traded……..if not the 49ers will have crazy depth at LB.

  6. Not sure why the new regime wirh the Beats is just sitting on their hands as these DBs and LBs come to market. It’s not like the Bears D is exactly stacked with talent and they’re gonna need draft picks for a C and a fast WR too.

  7. This guy is a real solid pro, if this is true I will be sorry to see him go… stepped up big-time during last year’s mess. Leaves it on the field every Sunday.

  8. I think the Niners could get more value trading Willis and wouldn’t have such a drop off keeping Wilhoite. And Borland played pretty good too. Plus there’s no telling how Bowman’s knee is going to hold up…hopefully he’ll be 100% again, but who knows? Now isn’t the time to be taking chances on depth…wait til after the draft. Imo

  9. senile49erfan says:
    Mar 4, 2015 6:04 PM

    …on the team with the NFL’s two best LBs …


    Wilhoite backed up both Luke Kuechly and Bobby Wagner? When were they on the same team?

  10. A 6th or 7th? Does anyone else not think that is ridiculous? Solid LB and stepped up big time last year for niners. Worth at least a 5th! And don’t trade him to an NFC team either!!!

  11. There’s no other team in the NFL that needs mobile ILB’s worse than Green Bay. You know his agent will be calling Ted to see if he wants to kick the tires. Me thinks he fits the need,unless he has some other issues we don’t know about.

  12. Stupid move. Willis is the one they should be dumping. Banged up, past his prime, huge cap savings and over 30. A no brainer unless you’re the guys who ran your best coach since Bill Walsh out of town.

  13. he is solid and he likes to hit….Never heard him complain like Brooks….also, I say we trade York just for the sake of trading him…

  14. no, don’t want to get rid of Willis, being a seahawks fan as you are, you know you need leadership, Willis is still the man you want to keep. He brings that edge, he’s also quicker at reading plays than Wilhoite is. But I wish Brooks would be the one leaving…great player but already signs he wants out…Borland is good, still wet behind the ears but has the makings of a solid LB. You don’t get rid of the heart of the D. Hopefully Justin Smith comes back. Your team is set to lose some key players, Byron on your backfield may be gone as well….but you don’t ever get rid of the heart of the team. Niners did this by not signing Ronnie Lott and it took them at least 4 years to get over that…Keep Willis but get rid of Brooks

  15. Seattle should pick this LB up and nix the KJ Wright, who can’t cover to save his life, and as linebackers go, can’t even tackle with consistency!

    Who didn’t see KJ Wright getting badly burned in the SB tby Gronk in the SB, when the entire world knew exactly what play was coming as KJ lined up in a man defense against Gronk. The guy can’t cover to save his life. What the heck the Seahawks see in KJ Wright is a total mystery. Worst LB in the league if you ask me.

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