Report: Saints releasing Pierre Thomas

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The Saints are parting ways with one of the key contributors to their win in Super Bowl XLIV five years ago.

The club will release running back Pierre Thomas, Nick Underhill of the New Orleans Advocate reported Wednesday.

Known for his pass-catching prowess, Thomas hauled in 45 passes for 378 yards and one TD and rushed 45 times for 222 yards and two TDs in 2014. The Illinois product has spent his entire eight-season career with the Saints, with whom he signed as an undrafted free agent in 2007.

Overall, Thomas racked up 3,745 yards rushing and 28 TDs on 817 carries and caught 327 passes for 2,608 yards and 12 TDs in regular season play for New Orleans. In the win over the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV, Thomas caught six passes for 55 yards and a touchdown and added 30 yards rushing on nine carries.

The move will result in some salary-cap relief for the financially strapped Saints. Thomas, 30, was set to make $2.1 million in salary in 2015 and $2.2 million in 2016, according to NFLPA records.

With Thomas reportedly departing, Travaris Cadet could have a bigger role on passing downs next season for New Orleans. Cadet is set to be a restricted free agent.

41 responses to “Report: Saints releasing Pierre Thomas

  1. He wasn’t the flashiest player but he worked hard and was a great dual back threat. Classy guy and he will be missed.

  2. Travaris Cadet is terrible, I was hoping he would get released, not for cap money, but just because he isn’t good enough.. Pierre Thomas, still has gas in the tank, and some team will get a solid and versatile back with Thomas, not good news for Saints fans…

  3. Hi I’m “opposing team’s fan”.
    Last year during the season I would talk trash at will about any players not on my team, your players.
    However that’s all changed now that you’re getting rid of one of them.
    My job now is to go on any and every article of a player being released and plead my case on how they would be a benefit to my team, and we’ll just put away all that nonsense and vitriol I spewed about them during the season.

    So with that said, _______ would be a great fit for my team because _______, or the truth which is, it’s my team.

  4. Agree with Lambeauheap
    If Vereen isn’t retained and Reggie Bush is not someone BB feels fits, I see Thomas on that early September NFL opening game especially if New England hosts Pittsburgh, – NE, Pitt, San Diego seem to be suitable landing spots depending on other personnel moves on those ball clubs.

  5. Sproles, Thomas, bush… The Saints are taking away all Brees’s weapons. Time to look for a new QB. Thomas was an excellent pass blocker and receiver that will be missed.

  6. All the saints have to due is restructure brees and grahams contracts and they would be under the cap is the saints front office run by high school dropouts

  7. Ouch, Pierre was one of the best Saint’s ever. He’s been the best screen back in the league for several years and was the go to guy for the Saints. If you needed 3 yards for the first down Pierre got it plus some. Hopefully this is one of those releases in which the player comes back for cheap because if we can’t resign Ingram RB became the next priority behind CB. Either way good luck to Pierre with whatever happens.

  8. Class act and one hell of a player. I hope the fans of whatever team he plays for next appreciated him as much as we do. The guy is all heart.

  9. PT was a real good member of this organization both on the field and off. He will make some fanbase happy they have him. Saints fans l-o-v-e this guy.

    Good luck, Pierre.

  10. Gonna miss the PT Bruiser! Sad day in NOLA for sure…good luck man and thanks for the wonderful memories!

  11. One of my favorite Saints. Its frustrating as a fan when this happens. It might sound crazy but I would rather see Jimmy Graham traded than see Pierre Thomas released. Graham has become a choker in big games. Ever since he got his big contract, his talents have gone awol in the playoffs

  12. Who is the idiot thumbs-downing comments about Pierre Thomas? If you don’t like Pierre Thomas then you don’t like the game of football.

  13. Oh man. I guess I knew it was coming but it’s still a shock. Good guy, great teammate, hard worker, playmaker. HATE to see him go.

  14. From the day he got to the Saints, Pierre Thomas got positiv RARELY taken down by the first tackler. The exact opposite was true for Mark Ingram the first two years. TIn his first two years, Ingram seldom broke away from the first tackler. But the last two years, especially last year, Ingram did a GREAT jobs of running through would be tacklers. I hope if we keep Ingram that will continue to do that. PT Bruiser, YOU know that the Who dat! Nation has nothing but LOVE for you and we wish you success whereever you land. PT was ALWAYS a class act and was a GREAT ambassador for the Saints.

  15. This guy is a very good situational back. Not a workhorse bu the guy that ca get those short yards, pass pro or catch the check down for positive yards. I don’t remember him as a fumbler either. I would have no problem with my team getting this guy.

  16. PT was a great Saint. However, he may be done or close to it. Time to upgrade and get younger at that position. Also, Cadet is terrible and I would not be surprised to see him gone also.

  17. I agree with all that has been said about Thomas. Definitely among my favorite Saint players all-time and I’ve been a Saints fan since 1981. A consummate, professional, model football player. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saints welcome him back once he retires at some capacity.

  18. living vicariously i think it would be very cool if he said i`m done, i was smart with my coin, i won a super bowl as an undrafted free agent and played 8 years (with the same team) in the national football league. thank you and goodnight.

  19. Hope they can work a way to keep him (I know he took a cut/restructure a season or two ago) he has plenty of gas from what I can see. Too much experience to let walk, imo he should have been utilized to the Darren sproles role a bit more than he already was this past season

  20. This guy doesn’t have that many miles on him and is just a terrific all around back.

    There is no doubt he’ll be very productive on another team next. If it came down to between Thomas and Ingram, I’d still go with Thomas.

  21. .
    The Saints always seem to punish Thomas not using him… purposely putting other dudes who were obviously worse than him…

    come on Giants grab him! Pierre is a workhorse…

  22. Every offseason it’s the same thing. The Saints have a good player under good contract and they 86 him. Who’s running this show?

  23. I love Pierre but he was/is on his last leg… That’s why the Saints used him so sparingly last year… He’s a situational back at best

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