Stephen Jones says Cowboys are looking for value, not splash

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Having committed $12.8 million with the franchise tag for wide receiver Dez Bryant, the Cowboys plan to proceed carefully in free agency.

During an interview with SiriusXM NFL radio, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said the team was more likely to slow-play the market, in hopes of finding some bargains after the first wave like they did last year in defensive end Jeremy Mincey.

I don’t know if active is a good word,” Jones said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “I think active can get you in trouble in free agency. I think you have to be efficient and look for your values, and you can do good things.

“We did it last year with a player like Mincey where we got a lot of great value out of him. But at the same time, we’ve been in situations where you have to pay too much for players. You got to be very careful there. We’re certainly going to be that way. We’re going to look to be efficient. If that proves to be productive then that would be good.”

That dovetails nicely with the idea that running back DeMarco Murray would offer some degree of discount to stay home, and the Cowboys would love to drive the price down as far as they can for the reigning offensive player of the year.

“It’s one of those situations where you get down to the wire like this and free agency is right around the corner, it’s tough for a player not to want to look and see what his options may be,” Jones said. “At the same time, he understands the business of football that we can only do so much at each position. We’ve got to, at the end of the day, decide how we want to divide up the pie. Of course, we certainly want to give a nice piece of it to DeMarco.

“But we’ll just see how that works out. We really feel like we have a great relationship with DeMarco and his agent Bill Johnson. Certainly no guarantees, no promises that he’s going to bring offers back to us. But at the end of the day, I do think he wants to stay in Dallas. I know he knows we want him here. Hopefully we’ll have good communication as we move forward.”

The might, but the biggest communication is pretty clear — the Cowboys don’t plan to break the bank for Murray, or anyone other than Bryant.

21 responses to “Stephen Jones says Cowboys are looking for value, not splash

  1. Lets face it, they’re trying to hang on and deal with the cap, they can’t improve.

  2. ^since they had their backs against the wall and saw they can pick up talent for cheap

  3. Stephen is getting it.

    Watch how this plays out… the teams that pay ‘splash’ free agent guys ridiculous contracts… also will not be contenders.

    Value and roles… with a few stars will win… again.

  4. I hope Demarco Murray signs with the Eagles now that they traded McCoy to Buffalo.

  5. This goes to show…the power has shifted from Jerry to Stephen and thats a good thing for Cowboys fans…

  6. Obviously there has been a transitional changing of the guard at Vally Ranch. We have seen what has transpired under the heavy hand of the father now it looks like his son has learned “how not to do it” and has been moving the organization in a much more salary cap savy direction. I am very hopeful going forward for the first time in decades. Naturally Jerry can still step in and muck it up but I hope not. Jerry strengths are marketing and writing the checks,let’s hope he can be content doing just that going forward.

  7. Also, no first round pick for you, Minnesota!
    Carl, this has nothing to do with a possible trade for AP. First, if the Cowboys can’t afford Murray without a home team discount, nobody has explained how the Cowboys can afford AP. The Cowboys can offer three #1’s for AP, but that doesn’t explain how they get him under the cap.

    Oh, I forgot, some of you still think money isn’t the most important thing to players. Yes, AP and Murray will take much less money just to play for the Cowboys. Sure sure.

  8. Dallas got great value out of Jeremy Mincey last year.

    If they can find a DE like that in FA, it’ll give them much needed depth and will help w/ D.Lawrence’s development. A more dominant DE will help Mincey and the rest of the Dline.

    They also have value inside with T.Crawford. They still need depth and could improve through FA or Draft there.

    But, as usual, the need is in the 2ndary. Wilcox and Church are OK, but again, depth is needed.

    CBs need work. Scandrick is their best CB, but improving the Dline could help the 2ndary so, just depends which way they want to go.

  9. This is a “prepare yourself Cowboys fans” statement. Stephen is a smart guy. Murray will find more money elsewhere way more than The Boys can even get close too, a “hometown discount” means maybe 1mil at the most not 3-4 mil discount! Unless A.P. gets released and excepts AT MOST 4mil a year there is no way he will be in Dallas.

  10. Hey like it or not—- the bottom line is the Cowboys have earned the right to make moves their way without being questioned much.

    A year ago I wouldn’t have believed I’d say this but– Give Jerry and his staff credit. They’ve turned that mess into a pretty darn good team.

  11. When Jerry Jones signed Deion Sanders to an exorbitant contract, he and Stephen almost came to blows. Because Stephen knew that the contract would cripple the Cowboys. And it did.
    Yeah, sure, the won the Super Bowl that year, but they didn’t win another playoff game after that, because 16 players left in fee agency for higher salaries than the Cowboys could afford.
    Stephen was smart then, and he’s smart now, not like his father.
    Since their last Super Bowl victory, the Cowboys have won two wild card games. They have not advanced past the divisional round. They have not played in a conference championship, much less a Super Bowl. Should have listened to your son, Jerry.
    I don’t know if the Cowboys are moving in the right direction or not. I’ve been watching the Dallas Cowboys play football since I was six months old in 1961, and I can tell you one thing for sure. They will uplift your spirit or break your heart on any given game day.
    Lately though, for the past two decades, it’s been nothing but heartache. Jerry Jones is the bane of my life. I hate him with a hatred that few will know. I love the Dallas Cowboys and want them to win. I hate Jerry Jones and want him to lose. You can see the conundrum in my mind.
    At least Stephen Jones offers some hope for the future. Jerry Jones offers none. He’s an idiot that doesn’t have the sense to fire himself.

  12. Jerry: Glitz and glamour.
    Stephen: Value, not splash.
    Jerry: Glitz and glamour!
    Stephen: Value, not splash!
    Stephen: Dad, stop it.
    Jerry: Dang kids these days…

  13. As an Eagles fan, I agree that Stephen Jones seems to have a lot more football smarts than does the Jerruh. (OK – that’s a low bar.) Recently he also seems to be growing in influence over their team, relative to the old man. This is good news for their team. Forgive me if I’m not too happy about it, lol.

    Congrats on a well-deserved NFCE championship last year. Hoping this year will be different, but I’ll say one thing – it’s going to be exciting. 🙂

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