Tommy Smith expects 2015 Titans to “be in the playoff race and to get there”

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At the halfway point of the 2014 season, Titans president and CEO Tommy Smith said that he was “impatient” for better results than the 2-6 record the team compiled in its first eight games.

Going 0-8 to close out the season didn’t say much about the talent on hand in Tennessee, but it didn’t do anything to make Smith more patient either. During appearances on Nashville radio stations 102.5 The Game and 104.5 The Zone, Smith promised to be aggressive and active in free agency in order to fulfill his expectations for the team during the 2015 season.

“We need to get into the playoffs. We need to not just be competitive; we need to have the playoffs in mind and the playoffs should lead to the Super Bowl,” Smith said, via the Tennessean. “This year set us back, I have to admit. I really thought we were going to progress, but we didn’t get it done, terrible year. Next year I have high expectations, and I expect us to not just be competitive but to be in the playoff race and to get there.”

No team should go into a season with designs on finishing 2-14, but a playoff berth isn’t going to be easy for the Titans to come by in 2015. They have issues all over the team, including at quarterback, and correcting all of them is going to be beyond the grasp of even the most aggressive teams.

Smith also said that he still wants the team to establish the “smash-mouth identity” he’s been looking for since assuming responsibility for the team after Bud Adams’s death in 2013. Putting that in place may be a more attainable goal than that playoff spot, while missing on both may not bode well for coach Ken Whisenhunt or General Manager Ruston Webster.

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  1. Tommy Smith is wrong. I (sadly) watched all 16 games last year. The Titans need to just be competitive.

  2. Going 0-8 to close out the season didn’t say much about the talent on hand in Tennessee,

    They aren’t the most talented team, but when you finish the season 0-8 you just plain quit.

  3. Tommy, with all due respect, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    – Tennessee Fan Since Memphis (’97)

  4. We need to not just be competitive; we need to have the playoffs in mind and the playoffs should lead to the Super Bowl.

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha……..Oh my god stop your killing me. This has to be one of the best zingers I have heard in 2015.

    The Titans have a 6th round draft picked quarterback as a starter who still hasn’t won an NFL game. Their 32 year old backup quarterback is “Clipboard Jesus” Charlie Whitehurst who has a stellar career as a backup. From there the cupboard is bare….

    The offensive line is exactly that. Offensive to even talk about. They ranked 22nd in passing yards, 26th in rushing yards, 29th in total yards and 30th in points scored…..gee how did you come in last in the AFC South with those numbers?

    The defense isn’t much better. They ranked 15th in passing yards, 31st in rushing yards, 27th in total yards and 29th in points scored.

    Maybe it’s finally time for the ownership to MOVE TO THE STATE WHERE YOUR TEAM PLAYS!!!! If you really want to build a franchise go to where your shrinking fan base is and actually get involved. Managing from afar rarely gets results.

    Building a team around questionable front office personnel and coaches. Hire some winners to get this team moving in the right direction. Stop recycling someone else’s losers thinking they will change. The same goes for your plan to “be aggressive and active in free agency”. Stop picking up the cast offs with years of losing under their belts going from this loser team to the next. Get guys mid-career showing promise. Spend the money and build/develop from within.

    If you need a great example look at the NFL team in the smallest market. That’s right the Green Bay Packers. Recruit smart, develop young talent and do your job on the field every week. The Titans are famous for playing three quarters of a four quarter football game. Think we are lying? Watch the tapes.

    Thanks for the time to rant. These are our concerns from an office of professionals and many former season ticket holders that sit just across the interstate from LP Field and those want to be loveable losers the Tennessee Titans……………

  5. Good luck, Smith because you are really going to need it because your head coach has always been a loser without Kurt Warner around to save his job and give him something to take credit for.

    It may be too soon, but players eventually quit on such a coach, as your 0-8 closing record may have already reflected the direction the Titans locker room is going.

  6. Sorry Tommy, but a team with a defense that allows Ryan Fitzpatrick to complete 24/33 of his passes for 358 YDS and 6 TDs is NOT going to be successful in the playoff race.

  7. Dillusional owners are a hoot. They think it is like the corporate world where you cut 10% of your staff, sell or shutdown under performing units, then boom your profitable again.

  8. Was he watching ‘Remember The Titans?”

    Was he talking about the 1960’s New York Football team?

    Just asking for some clarification here . . . .

  9. I don’t watch much of the Titans. But he’s not wrong to expect this from his team. Every team should WANT to make the playoffs and beyond. Whether it’s doable…well, that’s where the work goes in.

  10. Now I can understand why that judge ruled that he needs supervision. Crazy statements like that and I don’t blame the daughter… huh? Oh! Tennessee? Since when have they had a NFL team?

  11. You would think the Titans would have wanted in on the McCoy trade with the Eagles in some type of package for that #2 pick.


    Why on Earth would we do that? I DO NOT want another $10+M RB on this roster. You DO NOT need to spend big at that position.

  12. In other news, the NFL has just announced that they are expanding the playoff field to 26 teams!

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