Albert Haynesworth to Ndamukong Suh: Do your research on suitors

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Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh is set to be the top player to hit free agency next week, which is a position that Albert Haynesworth found himself in six years ago.

Haynesworth left the Titans and signed a seven-year, $100 million contract with the Redskins that will live in infamy. Haynesworth didn’t play well and clashed with coaches about the scheme and his weight, leading to a suspension and an eventual trade to the Patriots in 2011 that ended his stint in D.C. after two seasons.

On Wednesday, Haynesworth gave Suh some advice during a visit to the Greg Pogue and Big Joe show on ESPN Nashville. Haynesworth said that his time in Washington “took my love away from the game” and advised Suh to do research about potential suitors beyond what they offer financially.

“He needs to really study, like, who he’s thinking about going to,” Haynesworth said. “Also, you need to kind of look at the track record of the coach, see if he’s going to stay, talk to some former players, just to get the inside scoop about it, and make sure that they’re playing the exact same defense as Detroit.”

Haynesworth’s story of what went wrong, including claims of dishonesty about his role in the defense, is one-sided and we’ve certainly heard enough from the other side to know that Haynesworth made mistakes well beyond limited research into the Redskins. That said, it’s hard to argue with the idea that Suh should be thinking long and hard on many fronts about where he decides to spend his future because Haynesworth’s tale is as cautionary as one gets.

72 responses to “Albert Haynesworth to Ndamukong Suh: Do your research on suitors

  1. you would hope suh would be smart enough not to listen to a guy upset the team that paid him a boatload of money actually expected him to earn it.

  2. I’m thinking it’s more like the guaranteed money that took away his love for the game.

  3. Maybe if his fatass decided to show up from time to time his love of cashing paychecks would not have over powered his love for football. If anything Suh should look at this tards career and do the opposite that way he can ensure himself a better career.

  4. Good advice, but tainted by its source…And if one is indeed judged by the company one keeps, which of these two clowns needs to run far away from the other? Or does it even matter at this point?

  5. Because A. Haynesworth was so lazy snd worthless post contract, it’s easy to dismiss anything he has to say. Because his attitude and work ethic was so poor, one would naturally be inclined to ignore him on all topics related to football. But, on this narrow issue? He’s kinda right. Even if he’s trying to not so subtly shift the blame for colossal failures to factors other than those he created.

  6. Haynesworth played like mad for a big contract and completely dogged it for the rest of his career. It’s clear though, that he still blames a coaching staff for his loafing. It was, in fact, Washington that should’ve done their homework on Haynesworth before giving him so much money because the warning signs were clearly there.

  7. Albert Haynesworth and Dana Stubblefield were the two biggest “loads” to ever come to DC. If anyone listens to a single thing they say, they should have their heads examined. They were both selfish mooches, in it for the money alone, constntly in trouble, and thoroughly unproductive, and disinterested in football, For God’s sake…..Haynesworth fell asleep in the locker room , in the middle of a game, after feigning an injury

  8. No, Albert. You would have found a way to be a malcontent for any team that signed you. You played great in your contract year, took the most money (which I don’t begrudge), and then pulled the lazy superstar card. The fact of the matter is that you didn’t love the game long before Snyder way overpaid for you.

    You were even allowed to try to find another team before the 2010 that would take you on, but SHOCKER, no one bit. But you took the $21mil bonus anyway from the big bad football team that wanted you to play in the 3-4. GASP. THE HORROR.

    Such revisionist history from someone who I think at their core is just not a good person. You can rot, loser.

  9. If my employer gives me 100 million dollars with 42 million of it guaranteed I would play any defense they wanted me to with a smile.

    Plus Shanahan told him before his second season that if you don’t want to play a 3 4 defense than don’t take the 30 million dollar check and he decided to stay. Why complain now. When he was traded to New England he played just as garbage as he did for the Redskins.

    The only studying he did was how long it would take the funds to be available once he cashed the check.

  10. I think he should listen to Albert, once considered the most dominant force on the D-Line. Faded to non-existence because of a poor scheme, laziness, and the Washington Football club.

  11. Washington may have “took his love away from the game”, but it looks like he found a replacement in donuts.

  12. Albert advice:
    Go on take the money and run. Well maybe not run, more like lie down on the field while the play is going on.

  13. The comparisons of suh to haynesworth are so ridiculous. If anyone has watched suh play the last 5 years and know anything about his character and work ethic than you would know that the only thing they have in common is the same position. No chance he gets fat and lazy after getting paid. He’s already been paid a ton on that rookie deal and only has gotten better. Good luck to wherever you end up…

  14. Based on Haynesworth’s advice, which isn’t Suh specific, the teams a player should have on their list are the Patriots, Seahawks, Green Bay, Arizona, Detroit, Dallas, Carolina, Chiefs, Ravens, and maybe Indy. Everyone else has a coach that is too new or too close to being replaced. If winning is a priority, the short list would be the Patriots, Seahawks, and Green Bay.

    The catch 22 is that those teams are unlikely to max the guarantee dollars.

  15. Fat Albert should not be advising anyone on anything other than how to steal millions of dollars from an NFL team.

  16. It seems to me that if you invested your income and lived moderately through your rookie contract, everything else you earn should be gravy. Maybe my working class perspective is skewed but if I’m an athlete halfway through my prime earning years and I haven’t won anything yet I’d be looking for a contender more than the biggest paycheck.

    I mean once you’re already wealthy, isn’t the difference between winner and loser bigger than the difference between $10 and $12 million (or whatever)?

  17. LOL at Haynesworth… You were never what Suh is, no matter how much you and Dan Snyder thought you were. It’s hilarious that you are still trying to blame the fact that you were a lazy bust on the Redskins coaches! Made my morning.

  18. Albert Haynesworth offering career advice?

    What’s next, Mike Shanahan coming down hard on nepotism?

  19. Be real fat Albert. You signed one last big contract with tons of guaranteed money and then decided to basically not live up to it. Don’t act like a victim.

  20. Hayenesworth dogged it year after year except for his two contract years in TN. When he got paid, he went right back to dogging it again. No one to blame for anything except the man in the mirror

  21. Oh we feel so bad for you Albert! You had it so rough…they wanted to play a different scheme and not get fat.

  22. Suh is absolutely NOT Haynesowrth in the sense that he has impeccable work ethic and he is a consummate professional and there’s little to no risk that he will just cash in and slack off. But this is still a good point.

    If money is the only thing that matters then how happy is he going to be playing for a team that will never be competitive? Is making 2-4 million a year more on top of a sum of money that the average person would NEVER earn in a lifetime really that important? Is it worth more than personal satisfaction and professional accomplishment? Is it better to be the cornerstone of an up and coming team that COULD win it all in the next few years, or to be a foot note on a terrible team that may be lucky just to make the playoffs before his contract ends?

    If someone like the Seahawks, the Cowboys, or the Giants makes a miracle happen and finds a way to pay him I can’t blame him for leaving. But if he ends up on the Raiders, the Jaguars, or the Dolphins just for the sake of money then he’s making a mistake.

  23. He’s right. Blount had a similar issue with Pittsburgh, he thought his role would be different. Suh has to think of his happiness and role, not just the $$. He’ll get big money no matter where he signs, it’s worth leaving a little on the table to sign with a team you like

  24. I’m no fan of Suh, but Haynesworth makes him look like a saint. He’s a terrible person on and off the field, and him giving anyone advice is flat-out laughable. If he was honest about where things went wrong with him, he needs to look in a mirror. I can’t imagine Suh or anyone else caring about what he says.

  25. I wonder how often Haynesworth thinks about the young man who he left partially paralyzed after hitting him with his Ferarri going 100MPH.

    Haynesworth has the gall to take $100MM and claim the Redskins took away his love for the game, while he took away another human’s ability to stand for more than 5 minutes and walk properly…and then gets caught driving 100MPH driving home from his trial and sentencing.

    Hopefully karma catches up with him.

  26. Oh yeah, and don’t quit on your new team. Oh wait one more thing, don’t stomp on peoples faces.

  27. Haynesworth saying “Don’t be like me” sounds like pretty solid advice in my opinion.

    I wouldn’t listen to anything he said after that, but that part is about as solid as advice can get.

  28. what a pair, Haynesworth and Suh…

    one things for sure… Haynesy will be able to teach him to “Lay Lady Lay”

    what a mess… man has he got some gall.

  29. This tub of goo played 1 good year for a contract and Danny Boy signed him.

    Now there are hundreds of thousands who hate Danny Boy, but this fat lazy tub-o-goo didn’t have enough self pride to compete EVER!

    What can Suh do better than Tub-o-goo?

    Not be fat and lazy… And hitting waitresses and random drivers in the DMV.

    I actually have more respect for Kanlye er Kayne West intellectually now..

    Some people are nonredeemable…

  30. I’m sure it was the coaches who caused you to lay on the field and act like you couldn’t get up in time to pursue a play…

    Oh yeah, let’s not forget also that when you left NE, after a miserable failure of lackluster effort, you complained about BB too.

    Cautionary tale is the right way to describe this guy. DON’T EVER BE LIKE HIM. He got his money and thought he was going to cruise into the hall on his azz.

  31. Haynesworthless can teach Suh how to take a nap on the field during a play, like he did in that game against the Eagles.

  32. Haynesworth is making a good point and one that he himself learned the hard way. It didn’t help him that he pretty much stopped trying, but that’s another lesson altogether.

    Suh at his best plays a 3-technique. Whoever uses him shouldn’t try to make him play head-up on an O-lineman; he needs to shoot the gap.

  33. From the moment that Snyder hollered spittle into Norv Turner’s face in the equipment shed, and Norv didn’t bust Snyder’s lights out in return, that organization has been and forever will be cursed.

  34. So you’re telling me Haynesworth was blinded by big money? SHOCKER! It’s almost like many other people in the world didn’t pay attention to what they were getting into because of the dollar signs. Like MoTown!

  35. Sometimes it pays to listen to those who’ve messed up royally so you can learn from their mistakes without repeating them yourself.

    I get why plenty fans are still ticked at Haynesworth, but that’s advice Suh ought to take into account because of the source, not in spite of it.

  36. Yes, because Albert Haynesworth is certainly the best person to take career advice from….

    Actually, he is. He’s the only living player who has been in Suh’s position. He’s the best one to tell Suh about the possible pitfalls, because he’s experienced them. Who’s better for Suh to receive advice from? Warren Sapp?

  37. Maybe if his fatass decided to show up from time to time his love of cashing paychecks would not have over powered his love for football. If anything Suh should look at this tards career and do the opposite that way he can ensure himself a better career.

    Which is exactly what Haynesworth is advising. “Don’t do what I did”. Jeez, are you people all saints who have never done a single thing wrong in your lives? The traditional role of ‘elders’ has always been to impart the knowledge gained from experience upon those coming up behind them. I may not have liked Haynesworth or agreed with what he did, but I do understand that having experienced it, he’s one of the only people on the planet qualified to give advice.

    Haynesworth went to a team that played a completely different scheme than the one he earned his reputation (for good or ill) in. Thus, “do your research” on the coach, the franchise, etc. Suh’s obviously not doing that, signing with the Dolphins (who are likely to be on the market for a new coach in 2016).

  38. Suh and Haynesworth on very similar career paths. Dominant interior lineman with a history of on-field dirty plays and gigantic contracts. This is where Suh decides if he wants to become what Haynesworth became or one of the greatest interior D-linemen in the history of the game.

    Also, I think this exact warning from Haynesworth could be given by the Redskins to the Dolphins. Be careful what you pay for, we’ve already seen a similar talent absolutely turn it off when the checks came rolling in.

    A third point, no one outside of Cincinnati will pay attention to, but Geno Atkins was an absolute steal 2 years ago. When healthy he was playing better than both Suh and McCoy. If he can get strength back in that knee he’ll go down as one of the best deals in the history of this team.

  39. I’m no fan of Fat Albert but there is a degree of truth to what he says mainly because he is talking about the Redskins. Is there a more dysfunctional team in the NFL? (ok, the Vikings are up there too)

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