Bears “exploring trade options” for wide receiver Brandon Marshall


‘Tis the season for moving on from bad contracts, and the Bears are no exception.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears are “exploring trade options” for veteran wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Whether they’re merely answering the phone, or putting out word in hopes of making it ring remains to be seen, but it’s clear there’s some disconnect between the new regime of General Manager Ryan Pace/coach John Fox and the guy who got an extension from the previous administration last offseason.

If Marshall is still on the Bears roster on March 12, his $7.5 million in base salary is guaranteed.

The Bears got Marshall for a pair of third-round picks in 2012, and would certainly be looking for less than that now, to get out from under the contract.

It’s not that Marshall’s not been productive when well, but his media schedule and a few outbursts with teammates have made him the kind of guy new coaches are wary of.

108 responses to “Bears “exploring trade options” for wide receiver Brandon Marshall

  1. I guess the owners are finding out … WRs are a dime a dozen no need to over paid them.

  2. Back in the McDonalds wrapper days and his fights with who was his GF at the time, I would have never advocated for this guy, but he has grown up and besides being a dominant WR, he seems like a decent dude to me.

    I’d go after him if I needed a WR.

  3. If anyone offers better than a 6th round pick this year, jump all over it. If you don’t want him on your team, don’t be picky. Get something of value, because you’ll have to cut him for nothing next week.
    I will be interested to see who is inquiring, if there is any team making the call as opposed to receiving the call.

  4. Let me preface this by saying I am an admittedly biased Bears fan. That said, I would like Marshall to stick around. I happen to think he is a positive influence, especially for young guys with similar backgrounds. Furthermore, his so called “outbursts” were initiated by the fact that the team lacked passion and drive and were meant to galvanize the locker room and I do think intent is important because this was a fractured team last year and he was doing his best, I beleive to be a leader. He plays when he’s hurt and he always gives maximum effort. If an Offensive lineman or someone like Jay cutler made the same remarks, we’d be calling them a leader or waxing poetic on the idea that Jay Cutler has finally turned a corner. I think Marshall is good for this team and has shown a penchant for “buying in” over the past few years. His coaches have spoken very highly of him since coming to Chicago.

  5. This team of year as a fan of the NFL is fascinating – seems like twists & turns every hour in such a small window of time (free agency).

    However as a fan of specific team it is often like being a kid standing in front of a toy store’s huge window display…

    Only to get to walk in and buy a rubber ball and not the shiny new gizmo/gadget you had your eyes on.

  6. jets should pull that trigger and cut harvin… im less worried about marshalls character than harvins. and it sounds like his contract is less imposing.

  7. This guy is my favorite Bear. He was furthest from the problem last year, tv show and all. If the Bears lose this guy, Bears lose and he wins. Maybe he’ll actually go to the playoffs with his new team…

  8. Perhaps a new coaching staff is what Marshall needs. He was obviously frustrated at times, but he usually had his reasons. I hope the Bears trade him, but the Bears are definitely a better team with him.

  9. what’ll they get, a 4th if they’re lucky? keep him. he can catch it and he’ll fall in line with strong leadership in the locker room, which we didn’t have last season.

  10. This is absolutely nuts to even think that he would be available. There is value here. Along with Cutler. There is a true leader in John Fox now. Make it work. That is the job of the head coach. Being able to combine personalities and make it work. Trestman learned the hard way with this. It was Marshall and Cutler who brought these players together in the last few off-seasons. And Tresticles broke that apart.

  11. That would be a steal for a 3rd round pick or lower…. On another note, how did this guy get on A FOOTBALL LIFE already????

  12. Marshall, Cutler, & 1st, 2nd, & 3rd to the Titans for a Jake Locker and Titans 1st and agree to pay out 7.5 million of Cutlers compensation.

    Then trade down to Crazy Gideon (er um Chip) for the Eagles 2014 1st, 2nd, & 3rd and the 2015 1st.

    Way cheaper than the predictions are for the Eagles right now, they get Marriota… Great deal for the Titans as they only move down 5 slots and pickup a 2nd 3rd and a #1 WR and serviceable QB… and the Bears would also get out of a contract they don’t want. Cutler goes back to Tenn with his best buddy in tow.

    Its a win/win/win

  13. Too many quality recvrs coming out in the draft this year. Rookie deals are cheap compared to a lot of the high priced diva’s.

  14. It’s it a surprise considering you have a new coach who believes in defense and a strong running game. I do believe Cutlers days are numbered

  15. Teddy is throwing to him right now in Florida. Maybe Teddy’s new #1 receiver?

  16. Brandon Marshall, Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olsen and draft a WR in the later rounds. Lets go Gettlemen. You want a stop gap for another few years at WR. BM has a few good years left in him

  17. Get your overpriced, under contract and possibly underperforming wide receiver here! Take your pick of Andre Johnson, Dwayne Bowe or Brandon Marshall. More inventory getting added soon!

  18. Come to Seattle and make that catch that wins Superbowl.

    Instead of throwing to a converted track-guy like Ricardo Lockette….


  19. I’ll be the first to say that his antics throughout his career had made him an almost ocho-cinco level clubhouse cancer, but everything he’s done in Chicago has pointed towards him being a new man and a real team leader. His few outbursts have been no different than Tom Brady or Peyton Manning screaming a guy for not running the right route. I’d personally love to see him lining up next to AJ Green.

  20. $7.5 mil seems like a bargain for his talents. And didn’t I just read an article that said all of his “ranting and raving” on the sideline was actually him being positive and pumping up his teammates, rather than being a malcontent. Hey, Cris Carter was a jerk too. A Hall-of-Fame jerk that caught everything thrown in his zip code.

  21. Oakland for 5th rd pick perfect fit at this time then sign Cobb or Maclin and draft Leonard Williams or fowler if both are gone trade pick to Philly for a kings ransom so chip can have his QB three number 1 picks 2 2 nd rd and 2 3rd picks

  22. It’s not like it’s his purpose in life…… It’s just a (Very Well Paid Platform).. Right Brandon. I just think he’s more worried about his future in broadcasting….as if….. than playing football.

  23. Leave Marshall out of any trade. Instead, trade Jay Cutler for a ham sandwich, a bottle of laundry detergent or a roasted chicken dinner. That’s real value!

  24. 7.5 mill is not that bad for a WR, when guys are making / asking for 9 mill and up.

    He WILL bolster any WR corps he joins.

    And finally…

    WHAT IS WITH THAT PHOTO. Just looks… weird.

  25. $7.5 mil doesn’t seen excessive for him, if he’s been productive. If he’s a character guy and tries to show leadership, then keep him. Why not?

    It would be nice to have some idea of what the Bears see as the problem.

  26. This is how good Brandon Marshall is; he made perennial failure and career 3rd stringer Josh McCown look so good, TWO dumb teams signed him to major contracts. How can da Bears let him go?

  27. 2-3 yrs per team, time to move on. Maybe he can go to NY so football won’t be so intrusive to his broadcasting career.

  28. I am a lifelong Packer fan and as much as I would want him out of Chicago I don’t get what the Bears are thinking. It might be just me but it seems like the Bears have been looking for a WR like him all my life and they finally have it but want to dump him?

  29. John Schneider and Pete Carroll should be all over this. He fits the most glaring need on the team and his contract is not awful. As far as his “outbursts”, they all seemed to come from a place of wanting teammates to show passion and be accountable to one another.

  30. Trade a WR still in his prime that’s bailed out their QB on numerous occasions? Yeah, that makes sense.

  31. His drama > on-field production, that’s the reason, especially at that price.

    Would be nice if they tried to get some speed at the position. Having a bunch of giant WRs is great in the redzone, but also makes the other 60 yards easier to defend, considering there is no threat to get behind the safties.

  32. I can’t believe all the pro Marshall comments this guy has never been to the playoffs, took a job on inside the nfl during the season when you’ve never made the playoffs! Most of all this dude is the heavyweight champion of domestic violence those he still want him keep him

  33. Not sure why the 7.5M isn’t right exactly where he should be valued? A trade seems highly likely with that number….Cutting him and expecting him back seems the least likely scenario……..Not sure who may want to trade picks with so many WR’s looking promising in the draft this year, but hard to pass on someone who still has several good seasons left in his career and who has demonstrated talent and experience to bring to a locker room…

    Something is amiss….More to this than thus far brought to light.

  34. If we could swing him for a 3 or a 4 I would LOVE to have him come back to Miami. He only left the 1st time because Philbin was worried Marshall’s personality would affect Tannehill. But Ryan is about to start his 4th year and has developed into a decently mediocre QB, and Marshall has matured out of his diva stage. These two have a lot to offer each other right now. Plus Marshall and Wallace on either side with Landry working the slot, or some combination of those 3 seems like a damn good WR core.

  35. Marshall, Cutler, & 1st, 2nd, & 3rd to the Titans for a Jake Locker and Titans 1st and agree to pay out 7.5 million of Cutlers compensation.

    Then trade down to Crazy Gideon (er um Chip) for the Eagles 2014 1st, 2nd, & 3rd and the 2015 1st.
    Interesting scenario… but leaves the Bears with no #1 (Alshon Jeffery isn’t the guy), and no QB. OTOH if you substitute Nick Foles in place of the Eagles 2nd round pick, the deal becomes a lot more viable from the Bears perspective.

  36. Look, the guy has along history of being a turd but why would you trade a perennial 1,000 yard WR who has more passion than the rest of the team combined?

  37. Word is that John Fox believes Marshall is going to be a problem in the locker room, to the extent they are willing to dump him for a mid-round pick.

    Whether they go all the way and cut him outright minus a trade offer remains to be seen.

  38. I wouldn’t mind seeing a trade for some younger talent on defense.

    The Bear’s still have Alshon Jeffery and Marquess Wilson and the best hands out of any backfield in the NFL, hands down Matt Forte. Saying goodbye to Marshall wouldn’t be a problem for the offense.

  39. I’d like to see him end up in Green Bay as a Packer fan. He seems to have grown up and frankly, he was sick in the head back in those days and didn’t even know it, which he seems to have gotten under control now. If you can’t get Cobb back, move Jordy inside, which he did when Cobb got hurt in ’13 and did quite well, and get Marshall on the outside. Pretty sure Rodgers could find a good way to use a guy like Marshall.

  40. If the Eagles couldn’t get a pick for an over priced Desean Jackson what GM would give the Bears a pick for and over priced Marshall?

  41. Before they got Marshall, writers and fans complained about lack of elite WR. Emery was hailed a genius for getting him at relatively low cost to team. First couple of seasons looked like a homerun. The first sign of trouble was literally when Marshall signed his contract on a daytime talk show aimed at non-working mothers. Second was the lengthy and emotional presser he staged at Halas Hall. Third was the moment when the 2014 season began to sputter, which was week 1, and Marshall tried to be ‘a leader’. Before those things happened, everyone thought Marshall and Jeffery were the greatest WR tandem in the NFL. It’s much easier to run a franchise from the comfort of your keyboard.

  42. The reason Marshall is on the fast track out of Chicago has nothing to do with his performance on the field, his age, his injuries, his contract etc. It has everything to do with the fact that he’s not the “leader” off the field that he’s duped the public into thinking he is. Here’s the straight forward truth; most of his teammates cannot stand him ! He’s all about Brandon and that’s not up for debate. Just because players choose to take the high road in front of the media doesn’t make it all go away. As much as I’ve loved watching Brandon’s production and toughness on the field, it’s been disappointing to see who he is, off the field. I wish him the best, just the same. I don’t think he’s a bad person, I just know he’s not the greatest teammate.

  43. The Lions D would much rather face Alshon and Hartline than Alshon/Marshall. But we’d rather face Cutler/Alshon/Marshall than Good QB/Alshon/Hartline.

  44. mnvikingsfan says:
    Mar 5, 2015 1:22 PM
    The Vikings just got a couple extra picks from the Bills and Teddy is throwing to him in Florida…..hmmmmmm


    He would probably be a great addition for the Vikings, and at less money than Jennings is getting. I think Zimmer would be a great coach for him too, he wouldn’t let Marshall be too much of a distraction for the team. But, I don’t see the Bears being willing to trade him in conference, much less in division.

  45. How about a 4th and ILB Michael Wilhoite? Fangio is familiar with Wilhoite and he would be a great starter for that Defense. The Niners could part was with Stevie Johnson to save 6m to make room for Marshall.

  46. Packers have yet to really do anything and it’s shaping up to be a great offseason if Suh leaves Detroit, AP leaves MN, and Marshall leaves Chicago.

    Only leaves Megatron and Jeffrey as guys in the NFC North that scare me as a Packers fan. Forte too I guess.

  47. tyjmey says: Mar 5, 2015 11:56 AM

    This guy is my favorite Bear. He was furthest from the problem last year, tv show and all. If the Bears lose this guy, Bears lose and he wins. Maybe he’ll actually go to the playoffs with his new team

    I’d like to see him go to the playoffs with his new team too, as long as it’s the Raiders. Give the Bears a seventh round pick Reggie, sounds like they don’t want him.

  48. This article is mind-boggling.. If you ask me, BM is a role model. This guy had his demons, and dealt with them way better then most in his position would. He has done a great deal for mental health awareness and the guy can clearly still ball out.. Why let him go?

  49. thetruthcampaign says:
    Mar 5, 2015 1:58 PM

    The Lions D would much rather face Alshon and Hartline than Alshon/Marshall. But we’d rather face Cutler/Alshon/Marshall than Good QB/Alshon/Hartline.


    I don’t think the Bears management or Bear’s fans give a crap about some goofy Lions fan’s opinion. Stick to you Lions articles and keep crying about that bad PI call that had no impact on Stafford’s 2 fumbles in the forth quarter as your overrated Lions squad choked away their 2nd playoff appearance in 40 years. Hartline is most likely not coming to Chicago. Take your r3t@rd campaign elsewhere you f00l!

  50. We have gave late round picks for Schaub and Flynn and they did nothing… Why not go get Derek Carr a real no.1 for like a 5th rnd pick?

  51. Skins fan here; would definitely like to see him in DC, but oh wait, we already have a 8MM WR that the QB locks into.

    Somebody will be getting a great playmaker that is good for at least 2-3 more pro-bowl level years.

  52. I hope Biggs is way off base because this is the type of story that helps no one.

    As a life long Bears fan this story is bad on multiple levels. First if they think Marshall is biggest problem from either a salary or performance standpoint then this regime is no different than what came before.

    Further, someone leaked this story and what good does it do? If they can’t trade him do you think knowing he was being shopped will increase his dedication? I don’t buy the off the field crap either. All indicators point to a hard worker who tries to mentor other receivers, so bad message to send in first months of Head coach/GM regime.

    If this is the first clue as to how the Fox era will go,
    start looking for a bowling league to join to have something to do on Sundays during the next couple play-off seasons.

  53. My suspicion is he will wind up somewhere on the East Coast and likely in a warmer climate. He has connections and business interests in Florida. Miami is an obvious no, and Tampa already has two of his type in Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans. Maybe the Jags, although Carolina arguably has the bigger need at WR.

  54. Zero.

    That’s the sense it makes to lock up a ton of cap space in a WR.

    Last 3 Super Bowl Champions:

    Baltimore: #1 Receiver is an aged Anquan Boldin
    Seattle: #1 Receiver is Golden Tate
    New England: #1 Receiver is LaFell? Edelman?

    Point being…. Locking up a significant amount in a Dez, Megatron, Marshall, Thomas…. might look good to your fans, but financially is rarely a smart move.

    Of the top 20 receivers in yards last season, 11 didn’t even see the playoffs.

    Out of Seattle and New England (the two Super Bowl teams) only Gronk was in the top 20 in receiving yards and he was 15th.

    Overpaying for receivers is foolish. A great qb will make a pedestrian receiver good… like Manning, Brady and Rodgers have done for years. A great receiver has NEVER made a pedestrian qb good.

    Especially in the current era that favors the receivers, dropping 10+ per season on a pair of hands makes very little sense.

  55. Alienate your players much? At this point Cutler and Marshall have to feel like lepers. What happens when they are still starting in Chicago come week one? Think they’ll forget about the lack of confidence the new regime is giving them?

  56. A talented player who has always been a rotten teammate. Very self centered with not enough upside to have him on the roster. Since leaving Denver he has not been able to elevate any team he’s been on above a .500 record.

  57. There’s a lot of of out of town clueless-ness within these comments. Unless you follow the Bears closely, and I don’t mean the four letter network, but actual in town beat writers, and hosts with sources inside Halas Hall, you have no idea what’s going on enough to have a relevant opinion. He has been productive for sure, but he broke cardinal rule #1…don’t talk about other players money. He bus tossed Jay about his contract, “buyer’s remorse” and this was a guy who was his BFF, a guy he loves and kissed on the top of the head during a press conference. He was yelling at Robbie Gould…”You’re just the kicker!” As if that somehow makes him less a part of the team during one of his fits. He’s got the outside Chicago public fooled that he’s a different guy. He may not be smacking his wife around anymore, but all the other traits that have worn out welcomes in other places have been on full display, if you haven’t seen or heard them, you aren’t paying attention.

  58. @ghostof34; other than being a wee bit pompous, you’re correct in your statement. That’s the problem with Marshall. When things are going good for him, he portrays his “team first” persona, and when things aren’t going his way, he portrays his “Brandon first” persona. And, you are correct, unless you truly pay attention and follow closely, you may not see all of this coming out of him. I’ve seen parts of this up close and personal since he’s been here. The one absolute fact I can attest to is that not many of his teammates like the guy and are tired of his act.

  59. He needs to be traded to the team closest to the “Inside the NFL” studios

  60. ” he has been productive for sure”…how many other positions on the bears can you say that about? Not many. Especially not the quarterback position. Cutler needed to be thrown under the bus, although he could probably throw an interception from under there as easily as on the field. Trestman lost control of the locker room and Marshall was one of a handful that didn’t like to lose. Now maybe he could have handled it better but I’ll take the productive guy who hates to lose over the nice guy who can’t make a play. I think the players who are “tired of his act” need to wake up and start making plays.

    Two related points:
    Cutler has been protected and babied which has been to his detriment so if Fox dumps Marshall because he hurt Cutler’s feeling is this really helping?

    lastly, If Fox does not think he can control Marshall then what does that say about his ability
    to manage a team and control a locker room? Especially during a tough period, and trust me that is what it is going to be next season.

  61. As a Bears, and Brandon Marshall fan I think that this is the right thing to do. This is a bad contract for a receiver that is not going to get better than he was last year, and Alshon J. is on the last year of his rookie deal. Fox will be going to more of a run game so we no longer need Marshall, Jeffery etc…

    If it comes down to which receiver do you want on your roster long term, then this is a no brainer. Plus, the Bears need more draft picks this season. They only have 6 in this years draft so picking up additional young players that fit the John Fox mold would be smart to do. One player I would go after as a free agent…Willfork! He would be perfect for us to get the 3-4 defense up and running.

  62. I really think it comes down to his wanting to continue to do :Inside the NFL” and the team wanting him to be focused on football. As far as the locker room stuff, I think Fox can handle that, but they want a total focus on football and if you won’t do it then they don’t want you.

  63. There’s a twitter “rumor ” out there from Aaron Lemming that Marshall is going to be traded to the Jets, for a late round pick. Cannot become official until next Tuesday….again a rumor, but this guy Lemming has been right before with these things.

  64. Yeah, because Marshall was the problem in Chicago. This solves everything… and Cutler like 87 percent of the population doesn’t like the media so let’s cut him.

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