Jerry Jones is ordered to testify in Super Bowl ticket case


The plaintiffs in the Super Bowl XLV ticket case may not get the verdict that they want, but they’ve secured another victory on the path to whatever justice they’ll obtain.

In 2013, the plaintiffs secured the ability to question Commissioner Roger Goodell, whose deposition was played for the jury earlier this week.  Per multiple reports, the judge presiding over the case has now ruled that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will be required to testify live and in person at the trial.

Jones resisted the effort to compel his testimony.

The NFL has acknowledged responsibility for the failure to have enough seats in place to correspond to the tickets sold.  At trial, the plaintiffs are trying to demonstrate that the NFL engaged in a sufficiently high level of misconduct to justify punitive damages and/or other compensation above and beyond the out-of-pocket losses suffered by fans who traveled to Dallas, showed up at the stadium, and found out they wouldn’t be watching the game.

Whatever the outcome of the trial, Jones’ testimony could be entertaining given his history of extemporaneous speaking and the dangers of billionaires trying to dodge and parry with lawyers asking questions the billionaires don’t want to answer.

14 responses to “Jerry Jones is ordered to testify in Super Bowl ticket case

  1. I’m only sorry this won’t be available on PPV. And I predict other delaying/quashing maneuvers so Jerry Jones will not have to be questioned by the plaintiffs’ attorney.

  2. Remember JJ, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I hope the attorneys at least get the big head billionaire to squirm a little bit as he has to explain why and how those folks got screwed over at the biggest sporting event in the world.

  3. When it comes to marketing the SB, the NFL talks it up as the world event of the year but now when it comes to the spectators that were screwed out of their money and seats, the NFL wants to make it sound like it was “just another game” and the punishment shouldn’t be anything more than the value of the tickets and direct expenses. Here’s hoping that Jerrah’s propensity for talking gets his azz in trouble

  4. If the questioning attorney is female what’s the over/ under on him winking at her?

  5. I find it unbelievable that a judge at a federal trial would decide during the trial to compel live testimony from Jerry Jones. As if it were a total surprise, like something out of a Perry Mason episode. But, I do believe that Mike Florio thinks he has watched enough Perry Mason to convince America it is the truth.

  6. Perjury perjury perjury.
    It’s not the crime, it’s the cover up.
    Too bad both Goodell and this pathetic excuse for a person don’t end up behind bars.

  7. Jones does not own the stadium. The City of Arlington does. Jones was not responsible for the seating. The NFL was responsible for stadium preparation. The NFL was allowed to use the venue rent free and retained all ticket revenue. The failure of the NFL approved seating contractor to complete their job is all on the NFL.

    Jerry Jones is a lightning rod who attracts attention both good and bad.

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