Jets, Titans slated for visits with Cary Williams

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Cornerback Cary Williams isn’t lacking for interest in the wake of his release from the Eagles.

Williams is visiting with the Seahawks on Thursday and he’ll have two more visits lined up if he doesn’t strike a deal with the defending NFC champs. Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Williams is scheduled to meet with the Jets next, assuming no other actual jet mishaps or winter weather force further closures of airports in the area, and then go to see the Titans on Monday.

Should Williams land with the Jets, he’ll surely get plenty of opportunities to share his feelings about the Patriots. Last summer, Williams made headlines by calling New England “cheaters” and returned an interception for a touchdown in a preseason outing.

Adam Caplan of ESPN reports that the Ravens have shown some interest in a reunion with one of their former players and that the Steelers may also move into the mix for Williams’s services.

15 responses to “Jets, Titans slated for visits with Cary Williams

  1. Williams would surely be a downgrade for the Seahawks, when compared to anyone else in their defensive backfield who was a starter last year. What are they thinking?

  2. It would be just like the Titans to sign this guy. He stunk in Baltimore and stunk even more in Philadelphia. Perfect for the Titans. He can have Michael Oher’s old locker.

  3. Lets sign him and devin mccourtey…we can have mccourtey in either side williams in nickel. Then take leonard williams…lebeau will ball with that. Zach brown back in middle healthy again also.

  4. People who say this guy sucks don’t know football.

    Or they just don’t like him because he happened to open his mouth a few times about people or teams that you do like.

    If the seahawks and Ravens are interested… I have to believe they know defense more than you do. And know more about defense than most other teams in the league as well. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rex Ryan show interest. And trust me… For John Harbaugh to take back a player he let go…. That’s really swallowing your pride because he has one of the biggest egos there is. He doesn’t want vocal veterans. So if they are considering if… You know it’s because they realize he is better than what they currently have at the position. Hell, Ravens safeties are so bad he could even be used in that position if it came to that.

    By the way… I have no idea what Jimmy Smith did in his very limited playing time to make people think he’s a shut down corner. But if that’s what Ravens fans are banking on turning secondary around they are in for a surprise. He’ll help. But he’s not great.

  5. The Poor Jets and Titans… Every time I see a story it is about another mediocre player visiting one of these 2 horrible teams. Take it from a Dolphins Fan- you can’t build by FA !

  6. steves11 says:
    Mar 5, 2015 4:47 PM

    Williams would surely be a downgrade for the Seahawks, when compared to anyone else in their defensive backfield who was a starter last year. What are they thinking?

    Byron Maxwell is as sure as gone, Jeremy Lane might not be ready for the start of the season and Tharald Simon is flat out terrible. That’s what they are thinking.

  7. Not a shutdown corner in any sense but would be a solid upgrade at the number 2 corner spot for most teams in this league.

  8. Williams did himself no favors with his “cheaters” comment

    His inability to comprehend what Spygate was – and wasn’t – doesn’t speak highly for his intelligence

    You expect that from fans – but football players should know their sport a bit better

    Sounds like a perfect match for the Jets

  9. Patriots win the Super Bowl and this clown is looking to join the jets, titans or seahawks. Talk about karma slapping you in the face.

  10. @ncphinsfan

    Poor Jets? When was the last time the Fish made the playoffs? You see, my best friend is a Dolphins fan and even he doesn’t have the nerve to open his mouth. Maybe I should have said that he’s actually smart enough to keep it shut. Internet tough guys kill me sometimes, but don’t worry Tanny will build you a contender while destroying your cap and soon enough you will be rebuilding your team from the ground up. Kinda like they should do with that dumpster for a stadium your team plays in. Your team has done nothing since Marino retired and that’s all anybody needs to know.

  11. The Titans DRAFTED Cary Williams. He would be an upgrade over Wreh-Wilson but until I see any form of consciousness from the front office I’ll hold my breath that any positive changes will occur during FA.

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