Maurice Jones-Drew announces retirement


Maurice Jones-Drew is calling it a career.

Jones-Drew, a nine-year NFL veteran and a long-time Jaguars standout running back, announced his retirement Thursday on Twitter.

“Football has been a central part of my life for the past 24 years,” Jones-Drew wrote. “But, now I’m excited about and looking forward to the next chapter of my life.”

One of the most unique backs of any era, the 5-foot-7, 210-pound Jones-Drew amassed 11,111 rushing-receiving yards and 91 touchdowns. A second-round pick of Jacksonville in 2006, Jones-Drew burst on the scene as a rookie, scoring 15 touchdowns, which endeared him to Jaguars fans and fantasy-football enthusiasts alike.

And Jones-Drew’s tenacity made a mark, too. Look no further than his clean, de-cleating block of the Chargers’ Shawne Merriman early in his career.

After eight seasons with Jacksonville, Jones-Drew joined the Raiders for the 2014 season, but he mustered just 96 yards on 43 carries.

Now, the 29-year-old Jones-Drew’s career is at a close, by his choice, and there will forever be a place for him in the game’s lore as a back who, for many years, played bigger than his program weight and height.

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  1. He retired before last season when he went to Oakland, he just didn’t tell anyone.

  2. In 2006, a guy at my fantasy football draft wanted to get Fred Taylor’s backup in the last round because Taylor was injury prone, so he drafted Greg Jones. The rest of us informed him that Jones was hurt and his backup was now some rookie named Jones-Drew. So he switched his pick to MoJo and he did quite well that year.

  3. Proof that Oakland is where careers go to die. You have to wonder if he had landed elsewhere that he could have had another year in him.

    Regardless he was a fun guy to watch play the game.

  4. Never a Jags fan, but I definitely respected the way MJD played. I still remember him knocking down that San Diego Linebacker twice his size.

  5. Loved the bowling ball and I know they are different types of backs but this is why you trade McCoy now. A RB’s career span in much shorter than other positions.

  6. Wonder what difference is in pension plan for 9 years versus a 10th year.

  7. Honestly I think MJD realized he was going to get cut, so he retired ahead of that news.

  8. If only he`d chosen a team with a better than sh*t offensive line. Might`ve squeezed some more out. I`m pretty sure his knee injury had pretty much ended his career though.

  9. That whole Merriman thing was waaaaaaay overblown because of dislike for #56.

    Merriman was preparing to jump as he saw Garrard passing. But the truth doesn’t fit the narrative so people go right past it.

  10. Did he ever get that contract he was looking for? I remember him as a rb that never got a long term deal. Almost seems as if he was screwed over.

  11. 3 mill more cap space for Oak cut L Woodly and d Schaub free up 11 mill more cap space sign SuH Cobb Hughes and center from KC Hudson and still have cap space things are looking up in Oak

  12. Pocket Superman.

    Jaguars fans will always have great memories of Mojo. Mine with be the 2006 blowout of the Colts: 166 yards rushing 2 TD, 93 yard kickoff return for a TD.

    Best of luck, Maurice

  13. I’m sure that Jaguar fans have fond & sentimental thoughts about Jones-Drew. But as a Raider fan I found him to be just another one of many bad player acquisition decisions made by McKenzie in his 3 years as GM.

  14. Hopefully he hasn’t retired too early. Some of those fantasy mags have some pretty outdated information in them. I play in a 36 team league with 3 drafts, I can see him going in the 3rd in two of those drafts.

  15. Also, thinking back to almost ten years ago, it was ridiculous the way the networks hyped Reggie Bush his first few years when MJD was immediately much better than him.

  16. He kind of ran his mouth when he left Jax- “they disrespected me” “Jacksonville did me wrong”, that kind of stuff. Probably not enough to destroy the welcome mat there but he’ll need to let time erase the bad taste he left.

    He did get a lucrative 2nd contract when his rookie deal was up and got injured in the third year of the 4 year deal. When the contract was up, the team management had changed and they were cleaning house.

    They also had no need for a 28 YO RB with an injury history (apparently, Oakland did) so they rightfully let him walk. He wanted another big money contract based on his past performance but…it doesn’t work like that.

  17. Great guy, great player…..just to bad he lowered himself to join the Raiders. Even in his old age, he was a million times better than that bust Darren McFadden.

  18. Pound for pound one of the best RBs of the modern era. Put his heart in a 6′ 230 lb body and you would have had a monster. It’s just too bad he spent so much of his career on average to awful teams.

  19. MJD was one of those guys that you loved to watch play when he wasn’t playing your team.

    When he played your team you were waiting for him to break one whenever he touched the ball.

    It was just a matter of when he’d break some big runs on you.

  20. The threat of another year of playing in Oakland was just too much for Jones-Drew. Can’t say I blame him.

  21. Another player with nothing left in the tank who conned the Raiders out of a contract last year. Like the man said, Oakland is where you go to bury your career.

  22. As a Colts fan, I hated playing against this guy for good reason. I can still picture him shredding our D. He was a hell of a player who was underrated.

  23. best to you MJD…you actually made it fun to be a jags fan for a few years

  24. Jacksonville wasted his career putting a junk offensive line in front of him, never signing any good receivers, and releasing their fullback for no reason. It’s an absolute shame that such an exciting player dumped all his good years into a team that just didn’t care.

  25. I think most Colts fans will respectfully tip our hats to him. Hated facing him because… you never knew when he’d rip off a long one. Of course there was that 2006 game in which he and Taylor (and probably a ball boy) combined for almost 400 yards and quipped to the press that the only thing that stopped them was the endzone. I’d be a lot more sensitive about that had the Colts not bounced back to win it all that year.
    Good luck MJD, a true giant at heart.

  26. As a jags fan for 20 years MJD will
    always be up there for me, was all we had for many bad seasons, sorry you never got your chance but thanks for everything 32.

  27. He always killed the Colts. Ironically, he made a first down run late in the last game of the 2011 season against the Colts which sealed the Colts getting Luck. So, thanks for that MJD!

  28. Sorry to see him go, he was always fun to watch. So long and best wishes, MJD.

  29. Dude was done two years ago. Only guy that didn’t see it was Toadman. MJD got 96 yards rushing last season. 96 total! Very impressive!

  30. @angrylionsfan

    And proof that Detroit is where you go when you never wish to make ONE SB appearance.

  31. You can measure a players weight, strength, speed and size. YOU CANNOT MEASURE A PLAYERS HEART . He had a truck load of heart.

  32. An excellent ball player that made it fashionable to play at UCLA instead of my USC Trojans and performed exceptionally well !!! Damn glad to have watched you grow up and perform at both levels. All players should be so lucky.

  33. The McCoy comparisons aren’t fair. 1) they have two completely different running styles 2) MJD unfortunately had bad knee issues.

    Hats off to MJD, he was a tough runner.

  34. voidhelix says: Mar 5, 2015 5:27 PM

    If only he`d chosen a team with a better than sh*t offensive line. Might`ve squeezed some more out. I`m pretty sure his knee injury had pretty much ended his career though.
    In the past two seasons, MJD and McFadden have combined for just a hair over 3 yards per rush. Jennings, Murray, and Reece averaged 4.6 behind the same slugs during the same chunk of time. But I am also pretty sure that Woodson ended his career a couple of years ago.

  35. As a Raiders fan, I was hopeful that MJD really DID have something left in the tank when we picked him up – that he’d be one of the few ‘I’ve been dis-respected’ players to actually carry that chip over to their game. Unfortunately, it just didn’t happen.

    I understand the love for this guy, as he was a true ‘pocket Hercules’ and was such a beast for years in Jacksonville. As I said, I was hopeful he’d carry some of that over to Oakland.

    To the posters that have mentioned Oakland’s O-line contributing to this decision, I’m pretty sure you don’t even watch football. While, like most teams, we can use some upgrades, Murray looked phenomenal behind that same O-line…as did Reece (when actually used). Who looked bad? MJD and McFadden (yep, the other guy people say is ‘done’).

    I’m of the thought that MJD had hope for this year because Del Rio is his coach again and they’d re-live the Jax days…and that JDR looked over the film from last year and kindly let him know that there wouldn’t be room for him in the Oakland backfield. When the best guy in your corner says ‘no thanks’, you know when it’s time to hang’em up.


  36. More cap spaces for Da Raiders they also cut Lamar Woodly drew 2.75 cap Woodly 5.5 cap space =8.25 mill. now cut Scaub 6 million more of cap pace Oakland is going to have north of 70 Mill of cap space I LOVE it can you say Suhhhhhh Cobb. Maclin Jerry Hughs Maxwell Rodney Hudson

  37. Dude was plain fun to watch. Another star who emerged during my early years of watching football. Wish he could have played longer but its probably the best thing for his health

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