Report: Raiders “planning” to host Ndamukong Suh next week


The Raiders are said to have designs on huddling with the top free agent in the Class of 2015.

According to Mike Silver of NFL Media, the Raiders are “planning” to meet with Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh next week, the first of free agency.

Per NFL rules, teams cannot begin to negotiate and have contact with the agents of other clubs’ prospective free agents until 4 p.m. Eastern on Saturday, so it’s unclear whether the Raiders are simply being hopeful about meeting with Suh.

Nevertheless, this is a signal that the Raiders, as expected, want to be players for Suh, PFT’s No. 1 free agent. Oakland certainly has the salary cap space to strike a deal. Per the Raiders are set to be $58.8 million under the cap in 2015.

Teams can start to host players on free agent visits starting Tuesday, when the new league year begins.

70 responses to “Report: Raiders “planning” to host Ndamukong Suh next week

  1. Isn’t this guy always been a raider just happened to be wearing different uniforms.

  2. I really don’t think the Raiders have a shot with Suh. The only big name free agent i could see the Raiders signing is maybe Cobb. I think the Raiders will end up signing aging vets again. I’m a Raiders fan but think how attractive of a destination are the Raiders. No stadium may be relocating. A commitment to 12 years of losing. I still think the Raiders are a year away from competeing for top FA’s & likely 2 years away from being a legit playoff contender. But no matter what it’s always. Go Raiders!!!

  3. Please get this deal done… This Franchise needs a face (until Carr is really ready) and a identity. Suh provides both. I have been a fan since 1990 and I have never wanted a free agent so bad. Just get it done

  4. Report: Contrary to previous reports……..The Raiders have canceled a schedule visit with Ndamukong Suh and have instead signed JaMarcus Russell to a 5 year 100 million dollar contract.

  5. Suh and hardy on that d line. Draft white or Cooper. Sign Julius Thomas and bowe. Team has a shot

  6. That’s a LOT of cap space.

    Should be interesting to see what they do. They can add several players whether they get him or not.

  7. Might as well start printing his face on the side of those milk cartons if he lands in that hellhole.

  8. It was meant to be. It’s will be like going home. Finally a place where his dirtiness was be understood and celebrated. The synergy with the fans will be amazing. With each kick to the ribs he delivers, the Raiders Nation will confetti the field with cash to pay his fines. Perfect.

  9. Why not? Isn’t it their tradition to sign anyone for any amount no matter what? Al still rules in Oakland!!!

  10. Once he enters the building, LOCK THE DOORS hes not leaving without a signed contract!!!!


  11. Who wants to bet once he signs with Oakland his numbers go way down and he’s gone before the 3rd year of the contract?Remember the “Randy Moss Years” in Oak-town?Me neither.Be smart Suh and go back to Detroit.

  12. Remember how Del Rio wants a complete overhaul of the facilities… Don’t do too much hosting around the current practice facilities..

  13. Woah woah woah… the words “stomp” or “kick” didn’t appear in this Suh article. Come on boys, this story obviously needs an edit.

  14. Don’t let him out of the building without a signed contract!

    P.S. HATER Gonna HATE

  15. Hah!!! Not only does Suh already act like a Raider … He acts like a Raider FAN (stomp!!)

    It’s a natural misfit … er … fit.

  16. It’s funny when charger troll and 9ball troll always chime in with nonsense.

    If the Raiders get Suh, it’ll be a good thing.

    Go Raiders

  17. Suh and Hughes on the D-line, White in the 1st round, ILB in the 2nd round, OL in the 3rd DB in the 4th or vice versa and best available after that.


  18. If Suh was assured to play for another 10 years, then he should go for it. If not….and he wants a ring…then he should pass.

  19. Think about it….how many of the top first day free agent signings have really made a difference to their new team? Reggy White maybe. At the same time there are plenty of Albert Hayesworths. Mike Wallaces, Bart Scotts, LeCharles Bentleys, and Jared Allans around to name afew.

  20. a lot of people that are up here saying this isn’t gonna happen….it’s gonna happen. TheRaiderRevival is upon us. All that money they have? They got the best shot at Suh more than anyone else. Give Carr another wideout, tight end and maybe a running back to go along with him? OVER. even in his 2nd year, I got a lot of confidence in the kid because he’s humble and seems to know what he’s doing. Stay humble raider fans….Because you guys are in a great position.

  21. To cover the cost of state income tax and playing in a small market for a perennial losing team, the Raiders will have to pay him $23M per…no kidding.

    If he signs there, I’m saying 6 years $140M — $65M guaranteed. Anything less…he might as well play for a big market where he’ll have numerous opportunities to make that money up off the field (and I’m not talking commercials…I’m talking red carpet appearances, rubbing elbows with rappers/designers, real face time leading to hosting shows with the Kelly Ripas of the world)

  22. Raider fans need to pull a Charles Woodson-esque welcome party for Suh when he visits!

  23. Same tired old tripe from the Raider hater groupies. Could pretty much cut and paste the same boring, outdated commentary every time the Raiders are mentioned. 1 thing for sure – there will be lot’s of comments, and the same can’t be said for SD, SF or DEN.
    Will be interesting to see what happens because throwing a huge pile of cash at a player goes against the new model of Reggie & Co. They need more than 1 or 2 players to get where they want to be.

  24. good. get him out of my division, and out of my conference. dudes a beast, lions are fools for letting him walk.

  25. Raiders fans!!! You’re absolutely going to LOVE Suh if he signs with you.

    “Fans” (more like sheep) across the nation buy all the negative hype about this guy. Trust me, he’s no Haynesworth. Frankly, he’s the exact opposite.

    Awesome teammate. Awesome leader. Awesome player. Clean off the field. 5 stars in every category.

    Congrats to you if you get him. I’m certainly hoping he stays right here in Detroit though.

    If he is to leave, I am really hoping he winds up in the AFC where the Lions would only need to see him every 3 or 4 years.

  26. Atleast he acknowledged my RAIDER. Its Koo to see a top player actually pay us a visit. Im not to optimistic that we will get him. It just doesn’t seem like he’s RM’s type. But my GAWD of im wrong and we grab him. The Raiders will dominate the AFC for atleast a decade.

  27. I have to believe this is the place. Suh is a West-coast loving kind of guy. The “Raider” Mystique would fit all in line with his pleasant personality . I mean that with love all you Wraiths out there. I’d bet he’s a Raider for sure.

  28. Our West Coast fans are gonna be flooded out there screaming SUHHH!!!! when he comes in for his visit. He’ll be a Raider when he leave.

  29. Go ahead Charger fans, make jokes about Suh coming to the Raiders, I can’t wait to see him crush Philip Rivers into retirement.

    To all others who think this won’t happen don’t forget Suh is from Portland Oregon. The only other team that’s better geographically is Seattle, but the Raiders have a lot more money to throw at him and a lot less egos for him to deal with.

    Suh will be a Raider in about a week.

  30. I’m a Raiders fan and not sure I want him and his attitude on this team. Its not like he dominated the league last year anyway. The Raiders could draft a DT with the 4th pick. Stay on course Reggie and stay away from Suh!!!

  31. If anyone was a Raider, its this guy. Funny how charger fans are goading the Raiders to sign him. Like asking to put a bullet into the chamber of an unloaded gun that’s being held to your head. …As a Bills fan, I don’t want to see Miami sign him and Wood struggling to block this beast twice a year.

  32. I understand the hesitance by fellow Raiders fans regarding the potential size of this contract. However, for those who don’t know, the Raiders are effectively mandated to spend money this offseason by league rules. They basically have no choice, they can’t go bargain shopping like last year. So if you have to fork over a huge contract to a player, this is the year to do it and Suh is the guy to give it to. He is an absolute beast that can ruin a game for any opponents offense. Also, stud DT’s like Suh can actually have decent shelf lives (see: Vince Wilfork). Suh could certainly be an impact player for another 5 seasons, which you can’t really say for a lot of other FA’s available.

  33. There’s nothing wrong with his attitude; he’s very dedicated, shows up every game, has yet to miss a game for injury. His “attitude” is that he uses his great strength and superior skills to intimidate, and that sometimes crosses over into illegal play. But I don’t think he’s going to sign with Oakland…UNLESS they can persuade him that within a year, they’ll be the Los Angeles Raiders again.

  34. Overpay for a guy with star power leaving no room in cap space to improve all around. Yup, that’s the raiders in a nutshell the last 13 years. Examples are more than abundant, even in the current lineup. Suh is a perfect fit!

  35. It’s going to be sad when he signs with another team. If you take random plays and just watch Suh it’s astonishing to see how me can man handle 2 sometimes 3 nfl lineman at the same time it’s crazy.

    One thing I’ll always remember that came from this year was when we were playing Miami dolphins and the talk was how pouncy was going to be 1v1 with Suh for the game. First possession was absolutely wrecked by him, he had 2 TFl’s and a sack. Then they doubled and tripled him for the rest of the game

    Good luck Suh!

  36. This is what fear sounds like.

    “The Raiders will overpay for Suh”!

    Really? why do you care? No one cares what you are your team will do! I certainly dont. Its all about the Raiders.

    How about we just pay him what he wants! So in some of your dick riding minds whatever he wants,will be overpaying him?hmmmm.

    If he is visiting then there is interest from both sides and there is no need to front.We know what he is and what he is worth.Pay da man!

    And to Raider Fans who dont know?Reggie said he is spending on top players this time around as apposed to what he did last off season, so now you know.

    We’ll still have enough left so dont worry about the money.Get Suh and lets just do it?Win that is!

  37. Suh won’t sign with them.The only way would be if the Raiders really did move to LA and got a new stadium.Once again the raiders won’t get the desired free agents and stay in suck.

  38. Suh is on record that he wants to play in a large, American city. Oakland is neither. Give it up Nation. Only desperate free agents deep in the back nine of their careers would consider the madcap Raiders.

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