Report: Seahawks expected to pursue Tramon Williams


If Byron Maxwell leaves Seattle in free agency, the Seattle Seahawks will be in need of help at cornerback this offseason.

According to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the Seahawks are expected to pursue Green Bay Packers free agent cornerback Tramon Williams to replace Maxwell opposite of Richard Sherman.

Per McGinn, the Seahawks have made their intentions to pursue Williams clear to him and his agent.

Maxwell is the top free agent cornerback on the market and will likely be too expensive for Seattle to retain. The Seahawks have committed large contracts to the three other starters in their secondary – Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor – and are still looking to extend Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson and potentially Bobby Wagner this offseason.

Jeremy Lane will also likely miss a significant portion of the season after tearing his ACL in the Super Bowl, leaving Seattle with just Sherman, Tharold Simon and Marcus Burley available at the position. DeShawn Shead and Steven Terrell can also play the position in a pinch, but have been more often used as safeties.

Williams was signed by the Packers when Seattle general manager John Schneider was still a member of Green Bay’s front office in 2006. He could be a cheaper veteran option to replace Maxwell.

This is all assuming Williams doesn’t agree to extension from the Packers prior to the start of free agency next week. The Journal-Sentinel reports Williams turned down a two-year, $8 million offer from the Packers.

31 responses to “Report: Seahawks expected to pursue Tramon Williams

  1. I guess I wasn’t paying attention. I hadn’t heard that Lane not only broke his arm, but tore his ACL on his interception in the super bowl. Man that Brady character sure lives a charmed life. He throws a bad interception in the super bowl and if he hadn’t, you could argue he wouldn’t have won the super bowl.

  2. See ya Tramon. You’ve given us lots of good play especially during our super bowl year. Packers will let him walk since he’s on the wrong side of thirty and find a way to keep House, a younger option. Seattle will do good in getting him for the short term. Clearly not as good as Maxwell but something to help keep the fort down.

  3. Isn’t he technically under contract with another team at the moment? Wouldn’t “making their intentions to pursue him clear” at this point be tampering, technically?

  4. Totally on board with this! I’d also take a CB in round 2 or 3 because of all the injuries and FA defections.

  5. Use your first round pick and draft a corner… Forget WR and forget the O line you can take them in the second or third round…. What makes this team outstanding is that secondary… Get somebody who is going to be LOB caliber… If you want to pursue free agents look to the D line and pass rushers.

  6. Oh good the “my team can’t even make the playoffs so I troll the Packers and Seahawks” gang is here to make sure people don’t forget about their irrelevant team

  7. I dont care what anybody says I will say it again…. Take a corner in the first round.. If there is first round talent still left. Seattle has to keep the LOB in tact and doing what they do best which is essentially becoming wide outs. It is dumb in this draft class to think we should take a WR in the first round, and with a heave O line class like this one you can easily get someone in the second or third. The only other thing I could see them taking in the first might be a NT because depth up front is starting to lack too… For me however I think the best possible option is to take the best corner we can get. Suffocating backfields work we have seen it in Seattle for 3 seasons now….. Dont lose that with a bunch of has beens or tharold simons.

  8. Unless marcus peters is avaible i would wait until the 4 or 5th rounds. Seattle is really good at developing cbs from the middle rounds. Guys with a chip on their shoulders. Take melvin gordan if he’s still round, if not trade back and get dorial green-beckham. That guy is a playmaker. And big enough rw can see anywhere on the field.

  9. He could easily start at QB for the Vikings….

    Javon Kearse says he really is a cornerback for the Packers

  10. You know who was also a late round pick? Tharold Simon and he sucks….. Norwood was in the 4th and he sucks.. You can take a risk by trying to always develop but in reality Seattle only has a couple of seasons left with a good superbowl window. Do you really want to take the time on a chance? Or do you get someone good to take the spot thats truly going to lack vs a spot that can take more time to develop?

  11. Therold simon sucks bad. Kevin norwood is gonna be a good wr. He just got hurt and couldnt catch up. He’ll be a real contributor this year. The dude catches everything. Your right about seattles superbowl window. That is why i want them to get a big time offensive play maker. Because its not seattle defense that im worried about. Its the offense that tends to struggle with undersized wr that rw cant see.

  12. but in reality Seattle only has a couple of seasons left with a good Superbowl window

    And you figure that how? Just about the youngest team in the league, talent at every position with decent backups at almost every position, a top 5 QB that is young and going to get better, a great GM and coach, a decent cap number, a great fan base making 8 home games very winnable every year and, well that’s enough isn’t it.

  13. Dude you and I both know that wilsons contract is going to deplete this team over the next few seasons. Now do I think Pete can create another team a couple of seasons after that making another run… Maybe but to core team is only going to stay so intact for season or two… Age has nothing to do with it and Wilson cant win games alone. The reality simply put is they have about 2 more seasons with an open viable super bowl window… Then things are going to get real hard.

    Bottom line it was the D that lost the super bowl with loss of lane and Simon coming in he did a terrible job. They only thing that kept them in good shape was pressure and once Avril went out the game was over.. Brady killed that corner with 2 touchdowns in the 4th. It makes sense to put someone on there with talent… They have proven they can make due at other positions but not in the backfield they need the best of the best or we end up like the superbowl.

  14. I get what your saying. But i think seattle can plug tremon williams in and maybe a walter thurmond or somebody else in free agency. And not lose any production. Remember that 3/4 of the lob was injured going into the sb. Seattles safeties makes cbs better. So lets pick up free agent cb or two and spend our 1 and 2 round picks elsewhere like oline, rb, or wr.

  15. He’s still a good player, but best to have him walk a year early rather than a year late. Hard to believe anyone would do better than $8 million over two years, but we’ll see.

  16. Our Xavier is 100 times better than this clown. Packers can keep him and keep choking. We loved it when they collapse in the Championship game. I’m sure it’s still lingering and bitter in those trolls mouth.

  17. I really think the replacement refs’ poor call against the Packers is what started the Seahawks’ run.

  18. Pretty quiet on the Tramon to Seattle front.

    Still hoping to see him return to Green Bay wearing gold and green.

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