Reports: Cary Williams to visit Seahawks


Two days after being released, ex-Eagles cornerback Cary Williams has a free agent visit already lined up.

Williams will meet with the Seahawks on Thursday, reported. Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun also reported news of Williams’s visit.

At 6-foot-1, Williams has the length the Seahawks like in their cornerbacks. He ranks 81st among PFT’s top free agents in the Class of 2015.

The 30-year-old Williams started every game in the last two seasons for Philadelphia, defending 21 passes and notching five interceptions.

The Seahawks’ interest in Williams comes with cornerback Byron Maxwell set to test free agency next week. Maxwell is expected to have a strong market.

27 responses to “Reports: Cary Williams to visit Seahawks

  1. I love the Eagles but they armed the rest of the NFL with some quality players that can still play. This is one of them. Cole & McCoy will also enjoy some more good years……

  2. I really don’t think Cary is as bad as most fans Eagle fans make him out to be…I think because he got off on the wrong foot and said he didn’t care what people thought of him, he automatically put a bulls eye on his back.

    If you watched the Dallas games you saw that when he was on Dez, for the most part, Dez didn’t do much. Dez found his whipping boy in Bradley Fletcher. Cary is often in good position to make plays, he just seems to have a couple weaknesses.

    He needs to learn to adapt to the new pass interference calls. And he needs to learn how to turn his head and look for the ball. But honestly, I never saw any Eagle corner turn and look for the ball. It made me think that they were coached to play the receivers eyes. With strong safetys behind him and the top corner in the league opposite, some better coaching, I think Cary would be a good fit in Seattle. He certainly plays with the swagger Seattle likes.

  3. Williams is a #2 at best, and he’s got a mouth. That would easily be the loudest pair of CBs in the league. But with Sherman on one side, he’s going to get picked on quite a bit. He certainly doesn’t shy away from the contact though, so that might be a good fit for him.

  4. Perfect place for him to go to. Then once he signs he can hear how they lost to the patriots while he was sitting on his couch

  5. If Maxwell leaves as expected and Lane isn’t ready to start the season that leaves Tharald Simon. Williams would be a SLIGHT upgrade over him IMO.

  6. Cary’s mouth wasn’t the problem last year – the problem was that he very rarely is looking to make a play on the ball (partially due to poor technique, partially due to getting toasted off the jam).

    Instead often he chose to flail his arms with his head completely forward (with no idea where the ball actually is) once the wideout makes a move for the ball, often either running them over or giving them a jugs-machine easy catch to make.

  7. Attitude, work ethic and mouth aside, I think he would be a good fit in SEA. I just don’t think C Williams is a #1 CB, which was his downfall in PHI. He could flourish in SEA. And this comes from an Eagles fan.

  8. irritatedbirdsfan says:
    Mar 5, 2015 11:20 AM
    Attitude, work ethic and mouth aside, I think he would be a good fit in SEA. I just don’t think C Williams is a #1 CB, which was his downfall in PHI. He could flourish in SEA. And this comes from an Eagles fan.

    Appreciate that an Eagles Fan gives respect to a former player……I would argue that based on your comment that the right move for the Eagles may have been to keep him on the roster and then add a #1 CB to the mix…….Maxwell? In any case, thanks for the honest assessment……..

  9. Cary Williams will fit in perfectly in Seattle with the other loud mouth corner who doesn’t know when the shut up. At least the other corner has skills to back up his trash talk…unlike Cary who just talks smack and commits penalties all game long.

    Good riddance Eagles fans. This guy was a cancer.

  10. “Williams has the length the Seahawks like…”

    The only length C. Willams has displayed the past two season is the length of turf he puts between himself and the WR he’s supposed to be defending.

    Hope Seattle signs him. It’ll be just another reason why their 2-year run will come to an embarrassing end in ’15.

  11. He actually could be a good fit for them. He is a decent cb 5-15 yards off the line of scrimmage, because of his physicality. Its beyond that where he really struggles. He can’t keep up with wrs down the field or after they make a 2nd move. Which leads to a lot of guys catching balls between him and his safeties, and a lot of dumb holding on for my life penalties. But the Seahawks have great safeties and they swarm to the ball. So that could hide Williams weaknesses and let him do what he excels at. Which is being a bump and 1 cut cornerback.

  12. Who knows, being with an overall better core group of DB’s, if not the BEST defensive backfield in all of pro football for the past 3 straight years, might be a good move for Williams…time will tell.

  13. Yeah Philly, you can have Maxwell AND his over priced contract!! The Hawks breed DB’s. Now we’ll see how good Maxwell is without the LOB & the 12’s behind him. Philly’s fans are brutal and are known for eating their players alive…

    Williams was here & cut before so you haters enjoy your hating, for now…

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