Tom Brady to play Augusta National with Rory McIlroy


If Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wasn’t just so handsome and charming and good at life, you’d think #HashtagTommy had a sadistic streak, and lives to stick it to Peyton Manning.

Because the day Manning has to take his first career pay-cut, Brady gets hooked up to play a round of golf at Augusta National with Rory McIlroy.

According to Todd Lewis of the Golf Channel, the four-time Super Bowl champ will walk the hallowed fairways alongside the four-time major winner next week.

Granted, the azaleas won’t be in full bloom (though that might keep Roger Goodell from hanging around pestering him about air pressure), but it’s still a cool moment for the older quarterback and the bright young star of golf.

Brady’s no stranger to the celebrity circuit, as he traditionally hits the Kentucky Derby and other events wearing a collection of ridiculous hats. Manning’s played Augusta before, and shot a 77. Which means Brady will probably shoot a 76 next week.

The simple juxtaposition of news involving the two best quarterbacks of this generation underscores the difference between them.

Four rings, one. An 11-5 edge in regular season games. Play Augusta, take a pay cut.

At least Manning can take comfort in the fact spring is coming, which should drive the legal pot-smokers out of their Colorado homes to work up an appetite for some delicious pizza.

53 responses to “Tom Brady to play Augusta National with Rory McIlroy

  1. Amazing what the NFL tried to do to its brightest star. We forget that corporations (trade associations) like the NFL are made up of people, with many Machiavellian types conniving to get ahead. Deflategate was a toxic mixture of envy and fools (Irsay, Grigson, Pagano, Kensil, Kravitz, Mortensen, Brunell). In retrospect, it is amazing the grace that Brady maintained throughout the ordeal, and, in the end, proving himself on the sport’s greatest stage, the Super Bowl.

  2. Tom Brady pretty much checks off all the items on you normal, red blooded, American guys bucket list. No wonder so many people hate him.

  3. Playing with a member of the Patriots* Rory may want to have Tom’s clubs checked out on Iron Byron before the round. He should also make sure that hole in front pocket of Tom’s golf pants is sewn up so Tom won’t be able to roll one down his leg when looking for a lost ball.

  4. If I were Tom I’d just have one question for McIlroy: how in world could you break up with Caroline Wozniacki?

  5. Another difference between Brady and Manning: Manning takes a pay cut and gets irked about it. Brady willingly takes paycuts to make his team better.

    If Manning cared about winning a 2nd ring as much as he says he does he should make what Brady is this coming year: 8 million. For the 11 million he’d save the Broncos you don’t think the Broncos couldn’t make a run at Murry, Peterson, or further boosting their D?

  6. I’m a Brady guy all day long, but it seems unnecessary to dump on Manning this hard.

    I’m glad I got to watch their era in football. May the next generation be as lucky.

  7. That’s right folks, he’s that good at life.

    Getting ready to serve a full plate of decimation this season, while the haters start getting ready to polish asterisk #5*

    *5 Reasons why Tom Brady is the GOAT

  8. A bit of snark to this piece. Not TOO much, but there is a bit here.

    Manning takes a pay cut, Brady plays golf at Augusta with a world famous golfer, a small mention of the disparity in their records, but not too much.

    Works for me.

  9. If they want good pizza it won’t be Papa Johns. When it arrives you would do better to eat the box and throw the pizza away.

  10. Another difference you forgot to mention is Manning doesn’t have the culture of cheating cloud hanging over his accomplishments.

  11. The difference between Manning and Brady….Brady takes a pay cut because he knows he can only cheat and play in New England. He would be exposed as a fraud on any other NFL team.

  12. I wonder if he will throw a tantrum and drop the F-bomb the first time he shanks a drive into the water.

  13. How is Manning even seen in Brady’s stratosphere? Brady just beat the same team that made Manning go into the fetal position last year.

    11-5 in head to head contests, 6 AFC titles to 3, most playoff wins ever vs. most playoff losses/one and dones/ home playoff losses ever. And four Super Bowl titles to one.

    This debate is over with folks. Enjoy that Papa John’s though!

  14. How does this have anything to do with Peyton Manning? What are you even talking about?

  15. Brady worked on a golf course in MI. during his college days. he has a love for the game and is good at it. In comparison the writer of this article has it would appear never worked to improve his skill in his school days nor is he very good at it.

  16. What’s really going to make the haters’ heads explode will be listening to the familiar voice of Jim Nance talking up Tom like he does his old college roommate, Fred Couples. Nobody kisses sports celebrity ass better Jim Nance.

    In those hushed tones, sitting next to Sir Nick Faldo, with them both gushing over Brady.

    It’s like a victory lap.

  17. Augusta National, a golf course that even the president of the United States cant request to play at… Insane

    Love the CHEATERS comments on every pats post. You can read the deflategate opening articles, but none of the follow ups in the recent weeks… Pats did nothing wrong, get over it… WORLD CHAMPS.

  18. football gods made sure the right team won that super bowl……did you see the off the hook disrespect of the team from the north west……cant even name that team they were awful during that game…..turds flashing the #’s 24…..saying you all are weak we eat ya up……eddelman’s respnce was good….hey man you sure do talk a lot…..then at the parade eddleman slammed that pic of that fool down on the ground…..sweet sweet sweet win by my boys……football gods knew what they were doing in that game to make sure the right team won….my beloved pats!!!!!

    by the way brady is the GOAT

  19. Don’t mention megahead in the same breath as Tom Brady who is the G.O.A.T. It’s an insult to breathing everywhere. Megahead’s legacy: choker and selfishly padding his own stats.

  20. Brady’s grace, his boy next door charm, his football success, his three Superbowl rings (without resorting to stikum) and his supermodel wife, all conspire to make him the object of envy. As for Belichick, the best coach of all time, he had the foresight to replace Drew Bledesoe, one of the best quarterbacks of his time with Brady mid-season. Belichick stuck with Brady, even though the initial quality of his play did not seem to portend this Hall of Fame quarterback. So when lesser quarterbacks took their cheap shots, Brady stayed above it all.

  21. whitetrash69 says:
    Mar 5, 2015 5:14 PM
    Peyton can also take comfort in knowing his one Super Bowl victory was earned legitimately unlike any of Brady’s.
    If you’re going to be that…. absurd,,,
    can you turn down those stadium speakers, we can’t hear you.

  22. Peyton’s one ring was due to the gift of getting to play against Rex Grossman. And we all know the true MVPs of that game were Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes, but the media couldn’t wait to give it to Peyton anyway.

  23. If you have to brag about your guys looks, and who he plays golf with to try to effectively put down the rival QB, you know the other guy is really better. Hands down. Fail.

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