Bears trade Brandon Marshall to the Jets

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The Bears made good on their promise to “explore trade options” for Brandon Marshall, by trading him.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, they’ve dealt the mercurial wideout to the Jets.

The Colts and Browns had also shown interest, but the Jets make sense on a number of levels.

First, they need players. And his going to New York to tape a weekly television appearance won’t be as much of an issue when he’s already there.

The Bears were intent on getting out from under the $7.5 million guaranteed if he’d have been on the roster March 12, but at that salary and $7.9 million and $8.3 million for the following two years, he’s reasonable compared to what the top wideouts will get in free agency.

For the Jets, it gives them an established playmaker to put alongside Eric Decker, giving Geno Smith (or whoever’s playing quarterback) a better chance to succeed.

His numbers were down last year with injuries and an ineffective Jay Cutler, but he had 218 catches for 2,803 yards and 23 touchdowns the two previous years.

156 responses to “Bears trade Brandon Marshall to the Jets

  1. Harvin, Marshall, and Decker. Yet no QB. Biggest waste of talent at a position in the league.

  2. Geno Smith needs Jerry Rice and Randy Moss in their prime to have a better chance to succeed…

  3. marhsall, decker, kerley and harvin (if he’s not cut) is a pretty ridiculous core.

  4. This was flat out stupid. We just traded one of our only real assets on a good contract, and sold low on it. It was one of our only positions of strength and depth, and actual advantages to our offense. We got worse today. The Bears usually wait until mid-season to be a disappointment. Didn’t even get to the draft this year. Faith and patience are running really, really low.

  5. And, an established locker room distraction. I hope he can change and be a better teammate there because he is as touch on the field as they get. As a Bear fan, it’s bittersweet. He could play the game, but many of his teammates disliked him.

  6. Too bad you need a QB who can throw the ball. Jets should trade for McCoy. Redskins are desperate for draft picks, and he is light years better than Geno. They can probably get him for a 3rd or 4th round pick.

  7. @thebirdsareback…jets have a boat load of cash to they HAVE to spend. wait another week and you might be impressed then. some big names are coming to the jets this off season.

  8. I feel bad for him going to that organization. Would have been a good fit with Luck & the colts. He will have the same production in 2015 that he did in 2014 with no QB throwing him the ball. He has displayed outburst on the field in the past…he will have the same amount if not more in NY.

  9. Don’t understand how some think Smith is an option at QB because he has one good game in 2014 against a team that quit before they took the field.

    Smack him once in the mouth and he’ll throw 5 INT’s…. There’s a better chance Brett Favre starts for the Jets this season.

  10. NO way the Jets trade for ANOTHER bad apple to be the answer at wide receiver. Some teams just know how to lose before the season even starts!

    new management in town same bad decisions!!!

  11. “marhsall, decker, kerley and harvin (if he’s not cut) is a pretty ridiculous core.”

    More like the land of misfit toys.

  12. Trade away the one guy on that offense who had heart.

    I don’t get it.

    Down 50 points twice and who was the one still battling. Marshall.

    All this over his trips for Inside the NFL? Really?

    I hope they get somebody to replace him otherwise we got problems. Seeing as Jeffrey still has butterfingers.

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  14. .
    You should at least wait until you hear what the Bears got in return – this might be a very good thing for Chicago.

    Ehhhh, probably not…


  15. I hope they follow this with moving Jay, let the purge roll on….It’s full on rebuild time and it’s the reality in Chi-Town!

    Thanks for making Trestman and Emery look awesome 2 years ago,Brandon. Too bad those clowns were revealed this past season and your time here was short lived.

  16. It makes sense because they “need players”?

    I respect the guy and admire his work and progress re: mental illness, but he still seems to have some issues there. A dysfunctional team with no QB under the white hot spotlight of NY media does not seem like it “makes sense” to me. I wish him well, but don’t get what the Jets were thinking.

  17. This indicates 2 things:

    The bears actually have a management structure that is no longer laughably bad.

    And yes the jets really are that stupid. Its one of the reasons they are arguably the worst franchise in professional sports.

    I’m actually kind of shocked they didn’t try to unload cutler on them too; although maybe that is coming soon.

  18. Hopefully Mariotta falls to the jets at 6, so they can trade for Foles and picks to the Eagles.

    Cut Percy (who’s making more than Marhsall) which gives us more $$$ than we started to sign Cromartie or Revis

  19. Who’s going to throw these WR’s the ball?

    It’s like having really good speakers, but a lousy amp.

  20. Pick up a big name with (former) star power, while failing to address the core issues. Sounds like the Jets.

    But hey- Chris Johnson, Eric Decker, Percy Harvin, Plaxico Buress, Mike Vick, those guys all really helped propel the jets to the next level, right?

  21. The dysfunction continues. I’m beginning to think the Jets management can’t help themselves.

    I see no way Harvin and Marshall can coexist on the same team. They will probably cut Harvin since Marshall’s salary is considerably lower.

  22. Hope Geno can find him, he can’t find anyone else. Don’t forget Brandon has problems with his team mates too, the dolphins and bears have all put up with his crap. Good luck to an already messed up franchise.

  23. Good trade: Smith is a streaky QB and a guy like Marshall can make some tough catches and help Smith get some confidence going.


    Like that 10 game losing streak he had in the middle of the season?

  24. If Marshall complained about Cutler, just wait until he has to deal with “insert name of whatever-Jets-QB-is-starting-any-given-week here”.

  25. Ya think the head coach and the new staff gonna take crap from Brandon Marshall Rex Ryan doesn’t live here no more ya need to see a different a great trade was made for you jets fans I’m ashamed you suppose to ride for your team every year no matter what and for you non jets fans why are ya on the jets post

  26. Culture change in Chicago, Trestman let the inmates run the asylum. I am a big fan of BMarsh but you could tell he was even sick of the “hand-holding kumbaya” that Trestman was trying to use. Good luck B

  27. The Jets will actually be decent if they can get a qb, jokes aside. But that’s a big IF. They cant afford to give up draft picks in a trade.

    Sanchez return??

  28. Jets get all the troubled characters in the league. Not a wonder they suck every year.

  29. missingsock215 says:
    Mar 6, 2015 11:26 AM
    Nick Foles is definitely going to the Jets if Mariota is sitting at 6.
    I don’t disagree, but there’s 0 chance Mariotta makes it to 6.

  30. Wow. Marshall’s going from a team that had a disappointing QB to a team that has a disastrous QB…or no QB at all at this point.

    Marshall is good. But he can’t be the Jet’s savior. I wish the Jets well, but just don’t see them being good for at least 2 or 3 years. Marshall will be there during the rebuilding…then he will be retiring.

    For the Bears, this frees cap space which is nice. Cutler now remains the biggest financial issue now. I say take the hit and dump him now. No sense in playing a guy that you do not want in the building.

  31. On the Bears he’s a “Great guy” “What a leader” “Outstanding citizen”

    Trade to the Jets and he’s “Awful” “Jets are dumb” “What a cancer”

    This guy has been second in the league in receptions and receiving yards since 2007. Doing this with Jay Cutler, Josh McCown and Chad Henne. Get over yourselves the Jets need to build a team first before drafting a QB and Amari Cooper and Kevin White aren’t sure thing WR prospects just because they had great combines. The Jets just got their first #1 wide receiver since Keyshawn Johnson and now it opens up a lot of things on offense. Good move by the Jets.

  32. I don’t know if I would describe the man as mercurial? He really appears to be over his past issues and seems to be doing dedicated work. He sticks up for Cutler and his team.

  33. maybe if Marshal had a QB like Brady or Manning not putting up with his BS act and telling him to do things the right way or he will never see the ball..this would be a great trade..last I checked the Jets don’t have a QB like Brady or Manning.

    PS. At least the Jets don’t have Ryan telling everyone Marshal is the best WR in the NFL.

  34. You might as well try and trade Matt Forte and Martellus Bennett and see what you can for them because you are now in complete rebuild mode.

    Hope they cut Robbie Gould

  35. Considering the Bears horrific management & coaching decisions…I give the Jets a big leg up by getting Todd Bowles. I don’t believe the Broncos success was because of John Fox….no one does.

  36. This is a great move by the Bears getting rid of an overpriced 31 year old WR!! Even if they get a 4th or 5th rounder this year its worth it now they can use that $$ to lock up Jeffery longer term and sign another younger guy like Hartline or Jeremy Maclin? Cutler start packing your bags you are next the rebuilding is starting for the Bears!! Well done Pace!!

  37. By the way, trolls.

    Percy is getting cut before draft day, so this fantasy scenario that him and Marshall are going to be on the same team next season is false and the Jets would give up a fourth round pick for him. Plus Percy has Idzik and Rex residue on it and has nothing to do with Bowles or Maccagnan. He is gone.

    The Jets traded a 5th round pick for a #1 wide receiver. GREAT move by Maccagnan.

  38. Wow, gonna miss him, I always liked him but Cutler depended on him to much , it will be interesting to c what Cutler can do if they do in fact keep him.

  39. 1. Bad QB situation
    2. Unforgiving NY media
    3. Marshall’s temper

    What could possibly go wrong here?

  40. This means to me that if Mariota drops to them they are taking him. This is a GREAT trade if Mariota falls to them. If not this is a major question mark because they could have potential drafted Amari Cooper. But I like how aggressive Mike is being. If they can get Spiller, Revis, and Mariota then Mike is a good GM.

  41. At least they got something for him. He was going to be flat out released. And, fellow Bears fans, get off the stupid juice. This team is in rebuild. There are going top be a lot of changes. We are not going to be very good for a year or two. You got to get younger, you got to get out from under some big contracts on old and ineffective players.

    I think they’d love to get out from under Cutler, too. Problem is, you still need a QB of some sort. He’s not elite but he’s better than 1/2 the guys out there. Unfortunately, the previous regime paid him like he was top 3. He will also not be on the team long if they can find someone they feel can be better. And that might take 2 or more years.

  42. That’s my beloved Jets….always make sure that you live up to your motto…..

    ” 100 % Commitment to Incompetency”

  43. I don’t care who the Jets get on offense. Past few years the Jets have had good receivers

    Santonio Holmes
    Braylon Edwards
    Percy Harvin
    Eric Decker
    They need a good offensive coordinator with a QB coach and receiver coach with a QB to put it all together

  44. GM Maccagnan: “When I said go get me Brandon Marshall, I meant the linebacker. You idiots!”

  45. The only Bears fans happy with this move are the ones with Jeffery or Forte on their fantasy team.

    Getting rid of our best offensive weapon for nothing. Well done, Ferris Bueller’s best friend. This clown GM is over his head.

  46. And the Bears free fall continues. Have fun in the NFCN cellar for the next few years. Defense is terrible, Offense is terrible and you just traded you best offensive asset for a late round pick. You better hope your new GM aces the next few drafts or you won’t have anything to cheer about for the next 10 years.

  47. Is this so that he can do more “Inside the NFL?”

    I’m surprised this was done knowing that Todd Bowles coached him as the interim coach in Miami.

  48. I’m not trying to troll Jets fans here, but assuming that Percy is let go, don’t they currently have two high-performing possession receivers now and no true #1? There’s nothing wrong with having Brandon Marshall as one of your starting wideouts, but don’t they need a speed element somewhere?

    I don’t love or hate the move. It’s fine. But without a legitimate QB, it’s not going to make much of a difference.

  49. This shows that the Jets want to win now. If Mariotta makes it to 6, Foles is a Jet.

  50. Briggs officially out as of yesterday and BMarsh gone today.

    The new regime at Halas Hall is clearly serious about changing the culture.

  51. Now the Jets will get Jay Cutler after the Bears cut him to complete the ongoing madness and insanity of the franchise . Jet fans will get delusional and scream playoffs . LMAO .

  52. Well, damn. Count me as one of the Bears fans sad to see Brandon go. The man was one of our few playmakers the last few years.

    And let me also point out that Brandon was on his best behavior in Chicago. He’ll do fine in NYC. The Jets are getting a great man, if not the WR he used to be. I wish him well in New York.

    Time marches on, however, and I am eager to see what we got in return.

    However, I reserve the right to personally slap our new GM if we traded Brandon for Geno Smith.

  53. I think this is actually a good move for the Jets, and they should get rid of Harvin.

    Now, the Bears just need to serve up Cutler and see who bites. Anyone?…anyone…?

  54. At this point, I’m curious as to exactly how the Bears think they’re going to score points next season.

  55. kevpft says:
    Mar 6, 2015 12:33 PM
    At this point, I’m curious as to exactly how the Bears think they’re going to score points next season.
    Well if they keep Jay, they will run the ball more, and limit his chances to make the mistakes. If they cut Jay, they will run the ball a lot. A little more to your question is…Brandon didn’t do all their scoring, so someone else will catch balls, and score. They will run, and pass, and others will score. It’s not hard. They may not score a lot, but if you’re heading into next season expecting them to contend, even in their own division, you’re too far down the road, let the new GM make his moves and build the team he wants, that’s why they hired him.

  56. god DAMN do I hate being a Bears fan

    Id be willing to bet they have never drafted a good player in the 5th round or later in team history, yet we give up the bear WR in team history. SMH

  57. Stupid Trade. One of the only guys who had heart and cared on the Bears gets sent away for a 5th round pick. Marshall is a guy you should of kept. If you wanna trade someone trade Cutler the QB who doesn’t care about anyting. Or Trade Houston the guy who gets hurt celebrating a sack in the 4th quarter while being blown out by 50. Such a bad move.

  58. Really like this move as a JETS fan. Cutting Harvin and adding Marshall will save 2.8 mil on the cap and now the Jets don’t need to sign a wideout on the free agent market. Can focus their funds on other areas of need.

  59. And the Jets thought Harvin was too much to deal with…Wait till BM tries snagging passes from Geno.

    I guess the Chris Johnson, Percy Harvin and LT experiments weren’t enough with taking on dwindling stars…

    Diminishing production, a big salary and a guy that will lose it when he’s not the centre of the offense. Well done NYJ.

  60. Strike #2 Mr. Pace………….the start to your first GM position couldn’t get much worse for your decision making. First you hire a mediocre (at best) head coach in Fox and then you follow up with giving players away for nothing……..can’t wait to see your 3rd strike which I am sure will be an awful pick in the upcoming draft at #7.

  61. deflatedfootballs says: Mar 6, 2015 11:24 AM

    Dolphins close with Suh, Bills Shady and Rex, and the Jets gets Marshall.. What have the fourth team done recently.. LoL


    Recently, the fourth team won a Super Bowl.

  62. I think people kind of forget, he’s now on meds so his not the crazy egg head he used to be. Might be a nice add for the team that can now focus in the draft on other areas of need.

  63. Marshall was already done in Chicago when he went down for the year in 2014. Without a trade like this, he was going to be cut. So getting ANYTHING for him is a bonus at this point. Bears need a ton of young bodies, which means lots of draft picks. They no longer have need for overpaid, malcontent receivers.

    Cutler will be gone by end of next week too.

  64. martylaughlin says:
    Mar 6, 2015 12:49 PM

    god DAMN do I hate being a Bears fan

    Id be willing to bet they have never drafted a good player in the 5th round or later in team history, yet we give up the bear WR in team history. SMH


    Richard Dent, 1983 8th round
    Patrick Mannelley,1998 6th round
    Shaun Gayle, 1984 10th round
    Mark Bortz 1983 8th round
    Chris Harris 2005 6th round

    So, there are guys. Please avoid blanket emotionally charged statements that really don’t hold water.

  65. Sorry Bears fans, but Cutler is staying in Chicago for two more years. His huge contract is almost all guaranteed for the next two years. It’s going to take two years minimum to rebuild the Bears defense and they need all of the money they can muster for that purpose. Cutler will be gone after two years, but it’s going to be a painful two years for Bears fans.

  66. Can Brandon throw the ball?…. cuz from what I’ve seen Gino lacks a bit of alacrity in that department.

    The Jets are working on the wrong end of the equation… this is like buying a box of copper jacketed, hollow point, wad cutters, for your rusty old .38 snub nose.

    It’s OK though. I’m a Pats fan, and there is still a lot of room for banners in Foxboro!

  67. Brandon was great in Chicago up until last year. And to be fair, it wasn’t just him. The Trestman regime was so embarrassingly unprofessional its hard to blame him.

    Brandon’s contract is reasonable and if he slips in production the Jets can walk away with minimal loss. It’s a worthwhile risk for them.

    As a Bears fan and Marshall fan I wish him the best in New York, I will be rooting he gets a quarterback to throw to him.

  68. I hope for Geno Smith’s sake Marshall doesn’t throw him under a bus the way he did Chad Henne…and especially Matt Moore in 2011.

    And seeing as how NO team with Brandon Marshall has ever beaten the Dolphins, this is a great move–if you are a Dolphins fan!

    Nice work Jets!

  69. scoops1 says:
    Mar 6, 2015 11:23 AM

    When was the last time the Jets actually developed their own WR

    im thinking it might be chrebet walk on from hofstra

  70. Seriously, a five-time Pro Bowler for a 5th rounder? And with a reasonable salary too?

    No brainer!

    The best part about this trade was that NO ONE heard about it beforehand. The days of the media leaks from Florham Park are over…

  71. Percy Harbin must be a real piece of work. As in “to know him is not to love him.”

  72. Its not Chrebet, fools, Kerley is a gifted home-grown Jets player.

  73. bubbybrister/shovelpass says:
    Mar 6, 2015 3:27 PM
    Seriously, a five-time Pro Bowler for a 5th rounder? And with a reasonable salary too?

    No brainer!

    The best part about this trade was that NO ONE heard about it beforehand. The days of the media leaks from Florham Park are over…

    So true. I imagine Manish Mehta kicking a garbage can somewhere ala Better call Saul.

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