Pats, Revis talks haven’t happened yet, but will soon

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One of the biggest names in free agency belongs to someone who isn’t a free agent.  Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis is signed through 2015, under a contract that pays out a fully-guaranteed $20 million if Revis is on the roster as of March 10.

Before the Patriots have to decide whether to keep Revis at what would be a cap number of $25 million, the Patriots and Revis will try to negotiate a long-term deal.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, talks have not yet commenced.

They’ll necessarily begin soon.  But there’s a chance they won’t begin Monday.  Here’s our best guess (not report, but guess) on how they’ll unfold.

The Revis camp likely will know what other teams would pay Revis, if he becomes a free agent.  Technically tampering, it’s become common for agents to “gauge the market” when faced with a Door No. 1/Door No. 2 dilemma.

Though Revis has a reputation for chasing the biggest offer, he could decide to take less than what he could get elsewhere to stay with the Patriots.  The question becomes how much less would he take?

Another key factor likely will be the amount of money that is fully and completely guaranteed at signing.  At a time when the Seahawks may be considering a higher full guarantee as part of a deal with a lower annual average for Russell Wilson, a device like that could be a major factor for Revis.

However it works out, there are three options:  (1) Revis signs a new deal with the Patriots; (2) Revis is cut and signs a new deal with another team; or (3) the Patriots keep Revis at $20 million for 2015.

The third option is unlikely, because the parties contemplated that the contract signed in 2014 would be a one-year deal.  While Revis wouldn’t like it if the Patriots don’t cut Revis loose absent a new contract, he’d show up for work, earn the $20 million, and inevitably head toward the open market in 2017, since it would cost the Patriots a whopping $30 million to apply the franchise tag.

67 responses to “Pats, Revis talks haven’t happened yet, but will soon

  1. he could decide to take less than what he could get elsewhere to stay with the Patriots.

  2. Haven’t started talks????? Bad move by the Pats given in 4 days he has 20M guaranteed. Once that happens, seems they will have no leverage…….Better get on the phone and start talking……Revis will not take significant pay cut as he agreed to his contract so he could renegotiate in FA and it would be too expensive to franchise/pay him….betting on himself, which always seems to work for him…..

  3. At this point, I only want Revis back if we can get him for a semi-reasonable price. He’s a game-changer and adds a lot to the defense, but you can’t cripple the rest of the team to pay him a crazy amount of money. If he goes to the highest bidder, I’d rather bring back McCourty and Wilfork and use the rest of the space to shore up other areas of the team. It’s a tough decision, but the team will be better served spending $18 million on several players instead of one

  4. Hey mike thought you would have known the new rules it’s legal starting tonight at midnight for agents to talk to any team they want. They just can’t sing a deal until Tuesday. your following comment makes no sense.

    The Revis camp likely will know what other teams would pay Revis, if he becomes a free agent. Technically tampering, it’s become common for agents to “gauge the market” when faced with a Door No. 1/Door No. 2 dilemma.

  5. There is no mystery or analysis needed here: wherever and whomever gives Revis the most money, the mercenary will go there.

  6. Agents cannot gauge the market for Revis-he is not a free agent and talking to anyone connected to him is tampering- I expect the patriots will get draft choices from the Jets for Tampering if he is released by the Patriots and ends up in New york.

  7. There’s no way the Jets will be outbid – so it’s a clear case of Revis showing the world what he’s all about.

    Money (ever last cent he can get out of the highest bidder.) Or Winning

    He’ll be the highest paid CB in the league by either team – the Jets will just be able to pay more. So if its the Jets clearly Revis doesn’t attach a price tag to winning championships, and we’ll know “what” Revis is…

    Which evokes the punchline of an old joke – “Ma’am, now that we’ve established “what” you are, we’re just haggling over the price.”

  8. Revis liked being on a ring winning team,so he might give the Pats a small hometown discount.

  9. The agents are letting him go see what the market will bear during the legal tampering period so he knows what the options are. Then negotiate with the Pats. Then we’ll see what happens.

  10. Revis has always regarded his contracts as 1 year deals, even when he signed multiple years. I’m actually surprised the Jets are interested after his yearly holdouts in order to get those upfront signing bonuses every year.
    Even as a Pats fan, I knew this was just a rent-a-player.
    That’s just who this guy is, he’s never pretended he was any anything different. Not a problem, really, since he’s always been honest about it.

  11. If the Pats haven’t had talks with him yet then they are stupid. The pats are many things, but stupid isn’t one of them.

  12. He wants 16 mil avg. per. That’s what the Bucs had him signed to (6/96) and essentially that’s what his 2 year deal with NE amounts to.

    3 years from now that is completely within reason. Peterson and Sherman are getting 14 mil per right now.

  13. Funny how Patriot haters can only throw jealous insults without naming the team they support. It is pathetic how jealous you are. Then again, all teams are Boy Scouts except the Patriot’s in your little minds. Hate us because you ain’t us.

  14. Pay him the 20 for one more year and go for the repeat. If no repeat, let him test market next year.

  15. thegronk87 says:

    hey rest of the world, 4 time champs.

    -patriots fans everywhere

    Hey patriots fans everywhere, my team has more Lombardi’s than yours.

  16. I don’t get how revis got a reputation for only caring about the money . He did it one time. That’s not a repetitive pattern

  17. Why would the Patriots pay $16mm average for ages 31-35 if they can pay $20mm for one year?

  18. The Island doesn’t do discounts. He is all business and that is why he is still the best.
    This will be tough but Bill has to find a way to keep Revis – even if Brady has to give up more money. Other teams with cash are lurking for Darrelle, especially the Jets. I agree with everyone above, you have to pay the man.
    A repeat will be less certain if the Island departs Foxboro. In Bill we trust.

  19. Ahh the collective brain power here is astonishing sometimes. Revis cannot “gauge the market” during the legal tampering period HE’S NOT A FREE AGENT! Mike didn’t get it wrong, that would be in fact, tampering.

  20. Of course Revis will give some discount to play on a winner rather than at some losing hellhole. The only question is how much.

    My guess is that number is 1-1.5 mil, and no more.

    Three years at 14 mil per with 21 mil guaranteed could keep him in NE.

  21. Revis will go where the Money takes him. That’s the way he is, and that’s the way it should be. It’s unfortunate that other and all Professional football players, are not as Business savvy as Revis! Coming from a pure business aspect, Revis has been nothing short of brilliant! Instead of people saying negative things about this young man for being a very successful business man. For making as much money as he possibly can! As it should be! He should be commended for his business savvy! Very well done Mr. Revis, well done.

  22. igotgamenj says:
    Mar 6, 2015 9:22 PM
    Brady will be 38 tic tic tic…THEN WHAT ?????
    Then he will turn 39, then 40, 41…
    Relax dude. Tom has the body of a 27 year old and he estimates that he will play until he is 45. Many more Super Bowl rings to come and where Peyton is throwing fluttering ducks, Brady is still playing great.

  23. He stays with New England..Kraft shells out the 20 million…eats the cap hit…and Brady and Revis hoist another Lombardi Trophy in the face of all u haters out there…the island looks good in Foxboro.

  24. Unlike the Jets and the Bucs who dumped him, the Patriots really like and want him. He must realize this. It will take more than Revis for the other suitors to win the SB. It took Revis 8 years to win his first ring. Wiping that smile off Sherman’s face should sweeten the deal for the Pats. The Patriots proved to be the best fit for him. Now it all depends on what he values most. I pray he values winning a tad more than money. The Patriots really needs that 5th ring for the middle finger.

  25. Pick up the option, then reduce the cap hit by the standard techniques, then you have a full league year to try to develop a final 3-4 year contract. Ressurect Dennard’s career (he was invisible this year after two standout seasons) and draft a corner.

  26. It is nice to know that your teams comes out to play with three truly dominant players every Sunday. It’s still a team sport, but Revis has to know the value that he, Brady, and Gronk bring to the table. I’d like to think that he feels it’s good for him and even his name brand. Playing Sunday in NY is one thing. Playing Sunday nights and late January to early February 3.5 hours away is better. Make it happen.

  27. Stop all the “It’s Tampering” nonsense concerning Revis’s agent testing the market. Don’t you think agents and teams have figured out how to “hypothetically” talk about a player without “directly” talking about a player. Of course they have…and it happens daily this time of year…with virtually every agent and every team. “It’s Tampering”…..that’s hilarious.

  28. Patriot haters can only throw jealous insults without naming the team they support

    Doesn’t matter this year, if you know what I mean.

  29. Revis and the Patriots both got what they wanted out of the current contract, a Super Bowl ring. I won’t be surprised if Revis is playing for another team next season.

  30. kev86 says:
    Mar 6, 2015 9:18 PM

    0-2 vs. NYG. 18-1

    This is an article about Darrelle Revis……. what’s your point?

    His point is the Giants record the last four years is 31-33, which means they REALLY suck, but they are REALLY lucky!

  31. Let the Diva go.

    Spend the money on the D-Line and the Pats will be even better without Revis.

    Can’t stand Diva’s.

  32. kmdp4 says: Mar 6, 2015 8:05 PM

    Hey mike thought you would have known the new rules it’s legal starting tonight at midnight for agents to talk to any team they want. They just can’t sing a deal until Tuesday. your following comment makes no sense.


    Except that Revis is under contract, so he’s not a free agent and therefore not covered by the provision you reference. And they can SING all they want, just can’t sign.

  33. What will the Weasel Nation do? First they have to figure a new CHEAT, a sign players who do not have scruples, which is hard sometimes many want to win by just competing. That does not work well in the WEASEL NATION.

  34. After the 2009 season, Rex Ryan spoke vocally that Revis should have been the defensive player of the year instead of Charles Woodson.

    Revis responded by holding out for a new contract, using Rex’s own words as ammo.

    I believe there is little chance he returns to New England. Some desperate team will offer him a ridiculous amount.

  35. crazy that tom brady isnt the highest paid guy on the team. revis should take a little less. like 12m a year and win a few more titles. why go to the jets? to win 5 games a year? lol

  36. What is this article saying?

    I find it hard to believe that no talks have taken place. Is that possible ? logical ?

    I guess that would be the case if Revis’ camp has stated he will 100% test FA and the Patriots do not believe that they can close a deal prior.

    Just seems odd that the Pats would not take advantage of the last 3 weeks with exclusive rights.

  37. billswillnevermove says:
    Mar 7, 2015 9:10 AM
    New England Patriots………..The biggest fraud the NFL has ever seen.

    Dear BillsWillNeverMove

    I think its great that the Bills will never move.

    However, it’s unfortunate that almost all your posts are empty cynical snide humorless remarks.

    You need a new approach. Add some value.

  38. “Per a source with knowledge of the situation, talks have not yet commenced.”


    which of course in Patriots-land means talks have been underway for several days.

  39. To the people who always think players will take a pay cut to stay with a team or go to a contender are idiots. these guys care about 1 thing and 1 thing only that is money. You tell me who would take a pay cut at their current job to stay with that company over going to another one? You tell me who would stay with their current job over a promotion at a different company? NO ONE. Life is all about the money and this is what these guys want. So stop kidding yourselves they arent going to stay on a team simply because they might have a shot at the superbowl.

  40. The guys that run other teams seem obsessed with Belichick and the Patriots. Last year it was Elway trying to win in free agency by not only signing talent but taking it away from the Patriots. This year the Jets are the ones that are being active in the off-season and trying to do the same thing. We saw how it worked out for Elway. A guy as smart as Revis must appreciate that fact.

  41. I don’t expect the Pats to expose Revis to free agency. He will have a day to cut the best deal he can or play under his current contract. The size of the money will not scare off the Pats. What they really want to do is lower the cap but the option to keep Revis is their leverage in the negotiations.

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