Seahawks release TE Zach Miller


The Seahawks are making a big change at tight end.

Seattle released veteran Zach Miller with a failed physical designation on Friday, the club announced. The 29-year-old Miller underwent two ankle surgeries in 2014.

Earlier Friday, PFT’s Mike Florio reported the Seahawks could have interest in Denver’s Julius Thomas, the top tight end available in free agency.

Miller hauled in 102 passes for 1,092 yards and eight TDs in four seasons with the Seahawks. He played his first four NFL seasons with Oakland (2007-2010).

If healthy, Miller could be attractive to clubs looking to add to their tight end depth. Earlier in his career, he caught 60 passes or more in back-to-back seasons with the Raiders.

In addition to releasing Miller, the Seahawks waived defensive tackle Jesse Williams and offensive tackle Garrett Scott (non-football illness). Williams was a fifth-round pick in 2013, while Scott was a sixth-round selection last year. In the case of Scott, a heart condition detected in a club physical in May ended his career before it started.

The Seahawks also confirmed they had signed defensive tackle Greg Scruggs, news of which emerged Thursday.

44 responses to “Seahawks release TE Zach Miller

  1. I kinda expected the Seahawks would release Zach even without a failed physical. I even thought they might use pick 31 on a TE this year, and they still might, but getting Thomas just seems too logical.

  2. I think the Bears should sign him just to mess with peoples heads. Bears fans will know what I’m talking about.

  3. I loved Zach in Oakland and was disappointed when he left.

    That said, I think there is more of a youth movement in Oakland with a three year vision.

  4. What TE will they target in FA? Thomas will certainly be in play and contrary to what everyone thinks, the Seahawks have the cap space to get this done……Stand-bye for it all to get started tomorrow.

  5. The Seahags just inked Marshawn the malcontent to a 3 year deal in which he gets 11 mil next season. No moola for the ex-Donkey. Sorry Hag fan.

  6. I bet they wish they had given the Fells kid a little more time. He appears to be on his way to becoming a pretty good TE for AZ.

    The question is can they get enough blocking from Thomas, who is top 3 as a pass catcher.

  7. bassplucker says: Mar 6, 2015 7:14 PM

    I think the Bears should sign him just to mess with peoples heads. Bears fans will know what I’m talking about.

    Yes! The equipment managers, the announcers, possibilities are endless…

  8. Thanks for the good years and the Super Bowl Zach.

    Hawks need to shop hard for a good TE. I like Willson so far, but I’m a little worried about his drops. I would expect the Hawks to look at some TE’s in the draft, but there’s a lot of underclassmen in this years TE pool – I think I’d prefer to see a good veteran on the squad if possible.

  9. That makes me really sad. I was hoping they wouldn’t release him. So underrated…and the Hawks asked him to do a ton of stuff BESIDES catching the ball. Will be missed.

    Best of luck Zach. Thanks for the great years!!!

  10. Dang, can’t say I didn’t see this coming but still blows. Zach always brought his lunchbox to work and did what was asked. As far as Juliius Thomas….too soft. Rather see a 2nd-4th round selection spent on a TE to team up with Luke.

  11. primenumber19 says:
    For how much he was paid for that production I’m shocked it took this long to cut him

    He was an crucial part of the run game. A hell of a blocker. You do realize that Seattle is a run first offense, don’t you?

  12. C’mon fellow Raider fans show some pride, this guy let the fired coach sway him to Seattle. Let this washout Faaaaaade away.

  13. Class act. Great locker room guy. I hope he is just like Mike Rob and we get him back just after season starts. Has a great feel for the seam and super soft hands for a big dude.

  14. Where do the Seachickens keep getting their money?? Possibly signing a great TE to replace him?
    I’m confused…
    Is there really a salary cap, or are the Seachickens gonna really really really be hurting in a year or two?.
    They possibly don’t really believe that Wilson is so great to take them to the SB when money gets tight like the real great QBs that you have to pay the elite $ like Brady.
    I see huge problems for them in the near future.
    But hey it has worked for them lately and I gotta congratulate them in their recent success although it seems quite short lived.
    Sincerely a Packer fan,

  15. Better hope Willson steps up. R. Wilson struggled without having Zach in there for most of this year. Miller was clutch the last 2 years, and did all was asked and more on the field (TE’s aren’t flashy), and off, by taking a paycut last year to stay in Seattle.

    Hate to bring this up, but on that illfated SB play, if run as was having a sure handed Zach Miller would’ve been much more desirable than Ricardo, though the throw was a few feet off as well.

  16. Geez. You premenstrual-teen trolls are pathetic. ZM is the type of player and person any organization would be proud to have. Yet you whiney little scrubs want to use this forum to regurgitate you venom and insecurity. You all know who you are. Get a life.

  17. You PED’s & Packer cruds are pathetic and aren’t really true fans of the game!! Hate all you want but do it honestly and straight forward, the last drug problem Seattle had was Browner with POT not PEDs & he’s a Patriot now. I may not like your team but you’ll never hear me take cheap untrue shots at you. It’s time to grow up & get a life!!

  18. Good luck Zach, it was a pleasure watching you play.

    Seattle expects their tight ends to block, so I’m not getting all the J. Thomas love, I’d be really surprised if that’s the guy they target in free agency.

  19. The Seahawks do not have cap problems. They have about $25 million to spend this year and $65 million next year because they have the best managed roster in the NFL. The only core players left to sign are Wilson & Wagner, and there’s plenty of space to do their deals. Okung can probably be had for less than he’s making next year.

    So get used to seeing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

  20. bassplucker says:

    I think the Bears should sign him just to mess with peoples heads. Bears fans will know what I’m talking about.
    That would be the best!
    Especially if they gave him number 85 or 87

  21. Seattle desperately needs a “modern day” TE, than can block while also being an actual threat. He was too slow and I didn’t understand why it was they carried him for another year.

    The young TE Seattle has now was a non factor the entire SB, so yes Seattle needs a legitimate TE…and receivers.

    Vernon Davis, are you listening?

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