Stephen Gostkowski signs franchise tender


The Patriots opened the week by placing a $4.59 million franchise tag on kicker Stephen Gostkowski.

Gostkowski ended the week by signing it.

Field Yates of reports that Gostkowski has signed the tag, which guarantees him that salary absent agreement on a multi-year deal with the team. Signing the tag also eliminates the possibility, however remote, that the Patriots would rescind the tag and leave Gostkowski, who has been in New England since 2006, in search of a new home.

The Patriots and Gostkowski can work on a longer deal thru July 15 and the Patriots said they intended to do just that when they announced their decision to use the tag on Monday.

With that taken care of, whatever attention the Patriots were paying to the status of the tag can now be applied to other matters. Safety Devin McCourty is the biggest free agent-to-be, although the resolution of cornerback Darrelle Revis’s status for 2015 probably stands as the most pressing issue for the Super Bowl champs.

15 responses to “Stephen Gostkowski signs franchise tender

  1. I know no one is crying a river for the Pats- but it’s frustrating to love a team and have their success ultimately mean they can’t all stay Patriots. I hear people casually say ‘we’ll cut Vereen’ or ‘Vince will clear 8 million!’ My first priority like everyone else is getting back Revis, and than McCortey– but when they cut a Browner or a Collins, or any of these guys who made this run…. It’s a loss.

  2. If the Patriots lose Devin McCourty, tagging Gostkowski instead of him will have been a huge mistake.

  3. I assume Bill figures he has a real good shot to repeat, or he’d be going cheap at kicker.

    We need this guy when games are close. Not a good year to break in a rookie. Good call.

  4. No one cares about who the kicker is right up until you need 3 points at the end of a close game. BB always stresses the need for strength in all three phases of the game. Gostowski is arguably the best kicker in Football right now. If there was another kicker that was close to as good as a FA or in College Bill would let Gostowski go. There isn’t.

  5. A kicker is a major factor in the game of field position. This played a role in Adam Viniteri being let go. The winds of Foxboro are a kickers nightmare and this player has proven he can handle the challenge.

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