Bills break the bank for McCoy


The Buffalo Bills really wanted running back LeSean McCoy to be a member of the team — and to be happy about it.  He now is.

In advance of a trade that will be finalized on Tuesday, the Bills have given McCoy a new five-year contract that increases his compensation for 2015 from $10.25 million to a whopping $16 million.

From agents Drew and Jason Rosenhaus, here’s the full deal.

McCoy gets a $13.125 million signing bonus and a $2.625 million salary for 2015.  Coupled with a $250,000 workout bonus, that’s $16 million in year one.

Next year, McCoy gets a $4.8 million salary and a $250,000 workout bonus.  In 2017, the salary moves to $6 million, with a $250,000 workout bonus.  In 2018, the salary becomes $6.075 million, with the same workout bonus.  In 2019, the salary is $6.175 million, with the same workout bonus.

Notice that the salaries don’t spike on the back end.  That increases the likelihood of McCoy finishing the full five years.

The cap numbers are $5.5 million in 2015, $7.675 million in 2016, $8.875 million in 2017, $8.95 million in 2018, and $9.05 million in 2019.

Of the $40.05 million contract, $26.55 million is guaranteed.  $18.25 million is fully guaranteed at signing; that comes from the signing bonus, the 2015 salary, and $2.5 million of the 2016 salary.  The rest of the total $4.8 million salary becomes fully guaranteed on the first day of the 2016 league year.

So that’s $20.8 million that McCoy will most likely earn over the next two seasons.  After that, it becomes a fairly reasonable year-to-year deal.

87 responses to “Bills break the bank for McCoy

  1. WOW. For a guy that just had a down year? Why the heck wouldn’t you go sign Murray for less than half of that????

  2. And after year one he will have forgotten all about his signing bonus and complain about how unfair and below market his salary is.

  3. Told ya, Buffalo has to overpay big time for everybody, NHL or NFL

    Because it’s Buffalo.

  4. terry pegulas bank cannot be broken

    You may be right to certain extent but when Rexs is done spending his money with little or no results…….heads will roll……..The honeymoon will end real quick…..

  5. What a dumb franchise, feel sorry for Buffalo fans, they don’t deserve this stuff to repeatedly happen to them.

  6. That seems insane for any RB the way the league is currently structured, but not quite as insane as an offensively-challenged team hiring Rex Ryan as their coach.

  7. boy, i guess DeMarco Murray is really feeling that he missed out at this point……………

  8. wasn’t he scheduled to make $20M over the next 2 years on his current contract? 12M this year 8M next year.

  9. Good. Thanks for looking like over spending chumps Buffalo. Now when we pay AD 12.75 won’t look so bad. AD > Shady

  10. He’s happy now but wait until next year after he’s already spent the signing bonus and he’s complaining that his salary is ‘only’ $4.8M and how he’s getting ripped off.

  11. Alright so are we going to keep ignoring the fact that every team Rex has coached always hands out stupid contracts to players who are underwhelming or on the down side of their careers? You can’t keep telling me he has nothing to do with it.

  12. It takes his cap hit down for next year, so they have a premier RB locked up for five years in his prime and they still have room for Dareus next year and free agents in the future. It is a great idea.

  13. You DONT PAY RUNNING BACKS in today’s NFL.

    Unless your are Rex Ryan’s team and that will be your only offense.

    It looks stupid now, but the bills could actually contend for the division this year so I’ll reserve judgement.

  14. Yeah just ignore the fact that this new deal actually cuts his cap hit in half for this year. Pointing that out would go against all the anti Bills rhetoric regarding this trade, so better to just ignore it and hope nobody notices right?

  15. The Pats winning another Super Bowl has front heads exploding in the front offices of the AFC East.

    The Bills are going all in.

    The Jets will go all in soon.

    The Dolphins are trying to go all in with Suh.

  16. I really hope the Iggles got a 4th or 5th rounder in the trade aswell (once it’s confirmed on Tuesday). That way we can take a RB who will post a 1000 yard season for $350,000 – I like the contract structure by the bills, but 16mil in year one is shocking!

  17. Anyway, it looks like the Bills, Patriots and Jets are the only teams that are gonna be competitive in that division with the Bills and Jets as playoff contenders. Idk what the heck the Dolphins are doing with Suh they still need to build that O-line and give Tannehill a legit #1 wide receiver instead they break the bank for a DT who isn’t exactly a game changer why not fill the rest of the defensive line with rookies and let them benefit from Wake and focus on the offense?

  18. The Jets, under Rex Ryan, were worst in the NFL in 2014 in two key stats.

    One, they gave up the most points per yard gained (teams didn’t run up the yardage but they ran up the points).

    Two, they scored the least points per yard gained (teams gave up yards to the Jets but not points).

    Part of that is on the players but a big part is on coaches and the scheme. Rex’s system does not work in today’s NFL.

  19. Greg Roman running scheme with Shady behind the line…. They’re going to catch the AFCE off guard, me thinks

  20. Shady just gave the Bills extra cap room for this year.

    JoeToronto, I’ll FORGEt more than you’ll ever learn about football and Buffalo. Enjoy your Argos.

  21. People need to read the fact that his cap hit was cut almost in half for 2015, plus lowered by about $2 mil in 2016 and 2017 compared to his original contract. The signing bonus is prorated over all five years as far as the cap is concerned. So, the cap numbers work for the Bills, and the Pegulas have more than enough money for the signing bonus.

  22. Seems like most “experts” here don’t know how contracts work. This gives the Bills a better chance to re-sign Dareus when the time comes.

  23. It’s a new Rex Ryan.

    It use to be that a guy had to at least play for Rex first before he fell in love with him.

  24. Amazing deal for the jets cuts his cap hit to under 3 million this year since the signing bonus doesn’t go against the cap and basically locked him up for 5 years for 6.5 million or less for one of the games premier RBs. His down year last year was 1300 yards behind an offensive line that only one guy didn’t miss at least 4 games lol I will take that any day. Wish the Eagles could have locked him to a contract like that and kept him. Will reserve judgement on the trade though until we see Kiko on the field in that defense.

  25. Everyone actions like this contract was damaging to the bills either didn’t read the details of it or do not understand the implications of different aspects of a contract.

    The only thing that really matters is the cap hit. If I’m not mistaken his cap hit this year is only 2.6 million vs 10 million prior to contract. everything else is all bonuses. After this year it bumps to 5. That’s not bad at all, and the bills have the space.

    They are willing to spend the money to make badly needed offensive talent happy in buffalo, and are doing so in a way that doesn’t put the team in a huge hole. Whether it works out or not it’s exciting to see the Pegulas commitment to the franchise after years of neglect and an unwillingness to spend or take risks.

  26. logicalvoicesays says:

    “Top 5 RBs in Professional Football : Alfred Morris, LeSean McCoy, Giovanni Bernard, Jamal Charles and Adrian Foster. In that order.”
    I want logicalvoicesays in my fantasy league

  27. I knew the Bills would have to overpay for McCoy. That’s what I told my mom as she was tucking me in last night. Right Joe!?!

  28. I applauded the eagles for dumping him and his huge salary. And the bills actually signed him for a reasonable amount of money. He will likely be cut after year three, so that slowly creeping salary is irrelevant.

  29. trojan33sc says:
    Mar 8, 2015 1:05 PM
    boy, i guess DeMarco Murray is really feeling that he missed out at this point……………
    Missed out? Between the contract extensions given to Lynch and Mccoy. Two backs that didn’t even have the leverage of being free agents Murray is smiling from ear to ear. He’s going to sign a monster deal somewhere and all of PFT will again express shock because most on here are truly clueless on the value of most NFL players. The market decides the value. Even a market as heavily restricted as the NFL market….PFT posters don’t determine the market for player salaries.

  30. Read the article everyone. This deal lowers McCoys cap hit from 10 million to 2.6 million this season and keeps it under 7 throughout his contract. Cap hit is all that matters and this helped the bills.

  31. Realistically though, what else can the Bills do?

    Its not like they’re in the NFC South where they can sit on their hands and believe that a good draft will see them with an even chance of winning the division because the other teams in it are equally bad.

    They’re in the same division as the World Champions and a team that’s owned the AFC East and most of the AFC for the last 15 years.

    They have to make some kind of moves just to give themselves a chance. It must be a pretty thankless task trying to compete with the Pats every season and especially without a genuine franchise QB at that.

  32. It’s a lot of dough for a guy who last season averaged eight plays per game for zero or negative yards.

  33. gimmeabruschi says:
    Mar 8, 2015 1:08 PM
    Sooooooo dumb. Thanks Rex!

    Lmao, why do people keep posting stuff like this? Rex Ryan isn’t the one responsible for trades, draft picks, the roster or player contracts. GM Doug Whaley is the one responsible for those decisions.

  34. I guess you can`t blame them for trying. it`s not buffalo`s fault there in the same division as the patriots. kind of reminds me of the very solid saints teams of years ago. try as they might, they were stuck in their division with the forty niners and never could best them. brady will retire some day.

  35. ^^ Yeah I like to bash Rex as much as the next Pats fan, but I try to stick to when he actually screws up.

    Not to mention, I think it’s actually a decent deal. They give him money up front while they have massive cap space, get him cheaper over the following 4 years. He’s happy so he’s a better teammate etc.

  36. Haha, I’m guessing the first order of business is to show brady to the IR.
    Thank God for Kim & Terry.

    JoeT, love you man. Your jealousy is so entertaining.

  37. First, they totally blow it by not taking Martavis Bryant who turns out is a WAY better pro than that other dude from Clemson they drafted.

    Now this.

    Buffalo — where the goofs just keep on coming.

  38. logicalvoicesays says:

    Top 5 RBs in Professional Football : Alfred Morris, LeSean McCoy, Giovanni Bernard, Jamal Charles and Adrian Foster. In that order.

    Why is everyone downvoting poor logicalvoicessays? I have complete faith in the opinion of someone who doesn’t know how to spell three of the names of his top-five RBs. That’s just logical.

  39. That’s a da next good cap hit for one of the top 3 RB’s in then noire NFL! I love this signing as a Bills fan. Pegu.a is the one paying his signing bonus, not me, and he has shown won time and again no he is willing to spend the big bucks to build a winner in Buffalo!
    Look for them to restructure Mario Williams too. And Dareus has to be Drooling about the signing bonus he will get! You are going to see a whole new level of motivation from Bills players to earn their big contracts!
    Keep on hating. Keep on doubting. You will be eating your words this coming season.

  40. The Bills did the right thing. They got a great talent and saved money long term doing it. As another poster said, they are in the same division with not only the DEFENDING CHAMPIONS. But they are constantly playing against possibly one of the greatest QB’s of ALL TIME. It’s not like the Bills can get into the playoffs with a 7-8 or 7-9 record (looking at you NFC South) There’s REAL competition in this division. So the Bills will do whatever it takes to stay competitive with the Patriots. Good move by the Bills.

  41. @louiedogg16- yeah, everyone keeps talking about MCCoys “down year”. 1300+ yards, 3rd in the nfl in rushing- only 42 yards behind LeVeon Bell for 2nd.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m ecstatic about the fact my favorite team has an RB who can rush for 1300+ yards and finish 3rd in the league in rushing and have everyone call that a “down”‘year.

  42. The Pegulas probably made more money this weekend from oil and gas, than what they are paying out in NFL contracts.

    Get used to a new sheriff in town AFC, and this guy can out spend, and has the liquidity front side and out cap hit your owners with ease.

  43. Bills always over spend. Don’t now to how draft either. This team will be a disaster in a few years.

  44. George, if they have too many monster signing bonuses and one of the guys doesn’t pan out they will be hurting for years to come.
    Example- player X signs for $1 mil a year with a $20 mil signing bonus on a 4 year contract. If he plays 1 year then gets cut he makes $21 mil for that year, BUT as far as the salary cap is concerned the bonus is divided by the length of the contract. So after he gets cut, he still counts $5 mil a year against the cap total. Sign too many busts to huge signing bonuses and then cut them and you are left with half your salary cap gone and no one on the roster.

  45. The Bills got a premier RB ad got his cap hit down to 5mil this year and 7 mil next year? Nice job. And to all the dimwits who are crying about how expensive it is – Pegula is a billionaire, and could probably spend twice what he is spending and still be turning a profit just with what he makes off the Bills. And that is probably true for all NFL teams, so when your team/owner dumps a quality player and tries to sell you on the idea that the player is ‘not worth it’, its just because your owner is more concerned about making bigger profits and not about trying to win. And to all the patriots fans who love to say they can win with anybody and can dump anyone they want – wait until Brady is gone and we’ll see if that continues to be true.

  46. So, if the trade cannot be completed until Tuesday, how can they resign him already? Wouldn’t this be like the free agents, where they can only exchange numbers but have to say it “isn’t an offer”?

  47. Uluh,
    The downside is if you buy a player who busts out that forces a cut.
    I don’t see that happening, in fact, I see shady lighting up the PATS, and that’s why he is here.. Beat the Pats, go to the Super Bowl, period. No one else stands in the way.

  48. Shady was worth every cent of that and more. Bills got a great buy for such a talented multi-purpose RB.

    I will never forget Shady’s performance in the 2013 SNOW game against Detroit…priceless stuff!

    Good luck to Shady and the Bills next year. Beat NE, and I’m a happy camper! No Wilfork to clog the middle any longer…those will be 2 interesting games.

  49. “They’re in the same division as the World Champions and a team that’s owned the AFC East and most of the AFC for the last 15 years.”

    Notice what you did there. You speak about the Pat’s “owning their division” the past 15 years, while in reality no other team in the Pat’s “division” had even a decent QB much less a decent “team” against which the “Pat’s” had to play against for “15 years.”

    And now Pat’s fans are here bragging as usual as if they’ve had some major accomplishment winning one of if not the weakest division in all of football…for “15 years.”

    And still, it took Seattle to hand the Pat’s a SB win, the Pat’s first in a decade.

    But why let reality get in the way of a story?

  50. Patriots fan here, and this just boggles my mind. $16 million for a running back?? I don’t think it would make sense to pay that even to Marshawn Lynch.

  51. Also, for those complaining about the contract (although it apparently reduces his cap hit for the next 3 seasons, so go figure), have you not been watching Buffalo cheap it up for the last, I don’t know, forever? It was the number 1 complaint about Ralph Wilson, he was cheap, so the fact that they finally have owners who will not only spend, but are spending big is a good thing for that team. I sure bet you the beaten down Raider fans are envious these days, I can tell you that much.

  52. “Notice that the salaries don’t spike on the back end. That increases the likelihood of McCoy finishing the full five years.”

    No, it only increases the likelihood he holds out at some point. A spiking salary increases chances of being cut by the team, a low salary increases chances of a hold out by the player. A good contract finds a happy balance.

  53. Those of you saying we spend too much/overpay are probably the same ones who complain we don’t spend enough when we miss the playoffs…

  54. It was a smart cap move by Buffalo really. Lowered his cap hit by around 6 million this year, and a few million the next 2…at which point they can look into dumping him.

  55. Congratulations to Shady. We will muss ya.

    The good side is that you parted ways with the bumbling, mediocre Eagles’ coach Chip Kelly. Now you can shine.

    How is it that owners of Philadelphia teams are so adept in hiring wrong managers? Is there something amiss here in the “Brotherly Love” country?

    Eagles’ coach Chip Kelly may turn out to be the worst coach hiring in NFL history. The news from players are that, if your lineage does not include Oregon Ducks, your career in Philly will be short.

    God bless us all while Chip Kelly is still coach of our beloved Eagles..

  56. I don’t think total spending has much to do with missing the playoffs, more important is bad hiring.

    A 6 year vet, already making 10M this year, doesn’t want to play here. What is the best way to get him committed long term? An unnecessary raise in a sweetheart of a 3 year deal (shocking if he stays healthy AND stays here through 2018.) Um, that seriously just about NEVER works. This will blow up on the Bills in the long run.

  57. “I really hope the Iggles got a 4th or 5th rounder in the trade aswell (once it’s confirmed on Tuesday). That way we can take a RB who will post a 1000 yard season for $350,000 – I like the contract structure by the bills, but 16mil in year one is shocking!”-some clueless eagles fan

    In both 2013 and 2014 only 13 running backs each of those seasons reached 1,000+ rushing yards. So I find it hilarious that you expect to draft some mid round RB and expect him to get 1,000 yards when less then half the teams in the NFL the last two years even had a 1000 yard rusher. Do people just like to troll or do they actually believe the absolutely moronic garbage they post?

    The Bills heading to the basement? Why, because they acquired the NFLS leading rusher since 2010 to upgrade their 25th ranked rushing attack? How does signing McCoy to a new contract send them to the basement? Do people realize the new contract he signed just gave the Bills 7 more million in cap space? Which they just used to re-sign the best pass rusher in free agency in Jerry Hughes?

    Oh and to the guy who said he’ll be on IR by week 6, good one bruh. Considering McCoy has missed 6 games in SIX seasons you have no freaking clue. McCoy has played a full 16 game season every year except two.

    Thanks for the laughs guys, the Bills by trading and then reworking Shadys contract just acquired the NFLS best RB and just gave us even more cap room which allowed us to re-sign superstar Jerry Hughes. Thanks for playing. Oh and yes Shady is the best back in the nfl and it’s not even debatable. 26 years old and has 7000 career rushing yards. When shady retires he will be a first ballot hall of famer and be a top 5 of all time in rushing yards. This year he will get over 2,000 total yards and 15+ TDS while winning the offensive MVP trophy.

    Oh and joe Toronto enjoy the cfl bruh . I’ll send you a bon Jovi poster you can hang up in your bedroom which is in your moms basement.

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