Eagles reportedly spending big on Byron Maxwell

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With the Seahawks heavily invested in 75 percent of their secondary, there will always be a Ringo who ends up having to go elsewhere to get paid.

Last year, it was cornerback Brandon Browner, who joined the Patriots.  This year, it’s cornerback Byron Maxwell.

Per multiple reports (beginning with Jayson Braddock of KBME radio in Houston), the Eagles will sign Maxwell to a deal that includes $25 million guaranteed.  It’s not yet known whether that’s fully guaranteed money or money guaranteed at the time of signing.

Whatever the final numbers are (if/when Maxwell indeed becomes an Eagle), it’ll be interesting to see how he does without Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Earl Thomas around him.  The mere fact that the Falcons and head coach Dan Quinn didn’t jump into the bidding for Maxwell should be regarded as a potential red flag.

While the presence of a pair of solid young corners made Maxwell a luxury for a team with plenty of necessities, if Maxwell was another Richard Sherman, the former Seahawks defensive coordinator turned first-year Falcons coach would have been at or near the front of the line.

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  1. YES! Please overpay for his services and get him out of Seattle – a niners fan

  2. “The mere fact that the Falcons and head coach Dan Quinn didn’t jump into the bidding for Maxwell should be regarded as a potential red flag.”


    I hate how “sportswriters” always try to tie players with their former coaches. Maybe Quinn sees bigger issues at other positions? Maybe they knew Maxwell would have the upper hand in negotiations if Quinn went directly at him. I don’t see why it would be a red flag at all?

  3. Atlanta and Jacksonville were high on Maxwell its just the Eagles made the best offer and i mean can you blame them? That secondary lost them the season.

  4. I just don’t see the hype with this guy. I think he is a pretty good player, but definitely not worth $25 mil guaranteed.

  5. good but not great. was better in ’13 than ’14. still, a solid player, and it hurts to lose him. can’t re-sign everyone.

  6. Excuse me author, but did you see Thomas or Chancellor covering for Maxwell in last year’s SB victory?

    Maxwell covered the Broncos, if not the league’s best WR in that game, playing man, and the only allowed one scoring opportunity…the entire game!

    Thomas was crap all of 2014…a total no show in the SB…Chancellor banged up all of 2014.

    Maxwell, since cracking the starting line up has faced the best WR each week that Seattle faced. Most of the time Thomas is late arriving on the scene, just as Thomas was in the SB.

    Seems to me you’re not watching Seattle games. Maxwell has earned this contract, all on his own. Browner, who can’t cover his own shadow without holding….I’d not mention Browner and Maxwell in the same article…low blow.

  7. thejohnsmith stole my thunder. The media always makes a big deal out of tying players to their former coaches.

  8. Atlanta has cap space as well…..If they indeed did not contact Maxwell’s Agent to express interest, I would be surprised……They just may not be willing to pay as much as they know the market will be for the top CB in FA……

    Maxwell deserves to get paid, but likely will be slightly overpaid…..He is a solid #2 or low end #1 CB but with upside…..He will get a chance to show his potential…..Right now, I would not put him in the top 10 CBs, but suspect he will be paid as one.

    Wish him well and hope he does great………

  9. Florio, you should really do your research before posting (has anyone told you that before?). Jayson Braddock, the reporter who originally broke the story, appeared on Philly sports radio not long after and stated that Quinn and Bradly were high on Maxwell and were in the running, they were just outbid.

    I know you love drama like a fat kid loves cake, but c’mon.

  10. “The mere fact that the Falcons and head coach Dan Quinn didn’t jump into the bidding for Maxwell should be regarded as a potential red flag.”

    Jayson Braddock (the guy who broke the story) was just on the fanatic saying the other teams were SEA, ATL and JAX. All either a former team or coached by a former SEA defensive coordinator. So Florios statement is not the case.

  11. Equivalent players who would have been paid $9m/yr two years ago are going to be paid $11m/yr now. That’s just the way it is for top FAs when the cap climbs $20m in 2 years. You can look at it as overpaying but that’s just the way this market works.

  12. Maxwell was a MUST signing for Eagles so they had to overpay. He’s a young, physical cb and he certainly didn’t get picked on in Seattle. Great signing by the Eagles. Now if this Frank Gore guaranteed 7 million is true, than that would be a bad one.

  13. “Eagles fans better hope it’s not another Nnamdi Asomugha signing.”

    No worries about that. Maxwell isn’t close to the player Asomugha was…

  14. Spending big doesn’t equal Championship. It means desperation, teams that won Super Bowl never had to over pay players. Dumb!!!!!

  15. As others have said Quinn, Bradley and Caroll all jumped in to try and get him back. So the red flag comment couldn’t be more innaccurate.

  16. Chip Kelly is moving and shaking things up in Philadelphia. Looks like he is going to get just about everything he wants.

    Now he needs to bring a championship to town or the Eagle fans will be booing more than Santa Clause.

  17. It IS a red flag, considering that bums like Gratz shouldn’t even be in the NFL, and the Jags have to just throw money at players for the sake of it just to get to the cap floor. Very telling.

  18. I get why teams would be interested in him, but whoever gets him will overpay. He had a big supporting cast in Seattle and won’t be playing with the LOB next year.

    Might be a loss for Seattle, but let’s not judge the kid Simon so quick. Give him more reps and he might regain his confidence and make some adjustments.

  19. replacing Brandon Fletcher with this guy is a HUGE upgrade. I imagine they arent done with the rebuild of our secondary, perhaps a free agent safety and draft a corner in round 1 or 2 and what is the wait on signing Maclin?

  20. All Maxwell has to do to show an upgrade over last season is just stand there and do nothing, the Eagles CB’s were an abomination last season. Every team’s gameplan should’ve been ‘throw the ball at Bradley Fletcher’ and plan B would be ‘throw at Cary Williams’.

  21. The fact that the other secondary members are pro bowlers and that Sherman was on the other side and stayed there meant Maxwell not only drew the other teams’ #1 on every play receiver every week, he was also targeted repeatedly.

    I fail to see how that qualifies as a knock against him…

  22. Most new coaches boot ageing veterans from the past coach in their first season with the team. Chip won 20 games in his first two seasons with Andy Reid ‘ s players.

    Maxwell definitely was looking better because of his Seattle secondary team mates but if you played Seattle last year as a qb, who would you target? Maxwell, and he did pretty good for them.

    Chip can stock his frig with his type of players. With his NFL wins so far, control of his roster, it is doubtful he is gonna go back to college anytime soon. Go Eagles!

  23. Haha. So many people are whining about overpaying. If these guys don’t perform, Chip will send them packing and all they will receive is that guaranteed money. If they do perform, well then the money is well spent.

  24. Should have been? Haha not only should it have been, it was…all you really had to do is run a double move and Nate Allen bit like a rabid dog and fletcher would either get blown by or tackle the receiver 2 seconds before the ball got there

  25. You mean “there will always be a Pete Best”.

    Ringo was actually more well known than the Beatles when they asked him aboard. ; )

  26. Is Bill Davis still the D coordinator? Yes he is, there’s your problem he can’t coach and his teams give p a lot of big plays. Buying a Defensice backfield and having no one that can coach, well you’ll still suck remember the dream team? Remember all the D backs Philly signed a couple of years ago. Some teams never learn.

  27. For those citing the Asomugha signing…that didn’t fail because of Asomugha…that failed because the idiots calling the defense insisted on running a zone defense with two press CBs in Asomugha and Cromartie.

  28. frotoon2 says:
    Maxwell –
    Good to the last drop.

    _ _ _ _ _ _

    Maxwell – (Davon) House
    Good to the last drop.

  29. Overpaying players to come to your team doesn’t equal Championship but shows desperations. Teams who won Super Bowl never had over paid their players. Dumb!!!

  30. He was the 45th ranked corner according to PFF. Maybe someone should tell Chip.

    Not only that he recorded a negative PFF grade of -.2. Seven the free agent corners that recorded a higher grade than Maxwell while playing at least the same number of plays as Maxwell (717) include Kareem Jackson (resigned w/Hou), Rashean Mathis, Chris Culliver, Brandon Flowers (resigning w/SD), Sterling Moore, Tramon williams, Perrish Cox, & Antonio Cromartie. Patrick Robinson logged roughly a hundred fewer plays & had a higher rating.

    If Chip gives Maxwell anything more than Jackson or Flowers received it will be considered a gross overpayment.

  31. frotoon2 says:

    “The Legion of Boo
    (that’s what happens when you pay only 75% of them)”

    That’s truly funny!
    I wonder who will be the “M”?
    Go Seahawks!

  32. The Falcons need to save their money for these 3 positions: pass rusher, pass rusher, & QB sackmeister.

  33. The Seahawks will just find someone else to replace him.

    He’s good, don’t get me wrong, but they wouldn’t break Ito the bank for him. That’s for marshawn, lynch, and Wagner.

  34. He was the 45th ranked corner according to PFF. Maybe someone should tell Chip

    And Fletcher was 108th, last of all qualifying players. I am sure Chip is aware of the numbers. And also on the note for Dan Quinn not going after Byron. Quinn has a few goods CBs on the roster, more pressing needs, low cap and is not the head of football operations like Chip is so even if he wanted to go after him it’s not his call.

  35. “If Maxwell was another Richard Sherman, the former Seahawks defensive coordinator turned first-year Falcons coach would have been at or near the front of the line.”

    It has already been reported that Gus Bradley AND Dan Quinn WERE near the front of the line but came up just short.

  36. Maxwell is an average #2 CB who benefited greatly from the defense around him. He may be worth the money for the simple fact that there are not a lot of decent CBs available during free agency and he’s better than most other available options (i.e., practically nothing other than drafting a rookie). So maybe he’s worth it this year based on available options, but someone will probably regret it in a year or two, especially with that much guaranteed money that will make him hard to cut.

  37. Not only Quinn, and the Falcons, but you didn’t see Gus Bradley, and the Jags go after him either. Now you’re gonna pay him over $10M per year when the guy is nothing more than a # 2 corner worth about $6-$7M lol

  38. Held his own in Seattle. He will be missed. As for you L.O.B haters ts
    King about the Super Bowl, your Realize they were all injured, still in the game, not at home like your DB’s. Haters all ways trying to downgrade others instead of realizing good players when they see them.

  39. restorativejusticeprogram says: Mar 8, 2015 4:07 PM

    Smarter use of money than what Buffalo just did.
    We’ll see in January.

  40. No problem with this. If Chip is indeed going Mariota hunting, best to try to make the draft irrelevant. Picked up 2 very needed linebackers so far. If they can get themselves set at cornerback, safety, and edge rusher, then he can go all in for a run at ” his ” quarterback. They have the money to spend, and let’s face it, as a fan, this stuff is just flat out fun to watch.

  41. Always interesting to see what guys do when they go outside of the system they thrived in, and the Eagle system is nothing like the Seahawk one. For anyone saying it doesn’t matter for a CB, you must not remember how adversely affected Asomugha when he went from the Raiders man-press scheme to a zone scheme in Philly the last time they did this. We’ll see how he reacts to being the man now though instead of a part of a secondary that the Seahawks put together specifically to fit together.

  42. Good for him, but escalating all this guaranteed money will turn the NFL into baseball with players dogging it all over the place.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  43. Philly just recovered from the cap mess caused by the “Dream Team” fiasco. Looks like they are going for it again and setting themselves up for more cap trouble.

    Philly just put themselves into another 2 year championship window, and like last time, they don’t have a championship quarterback or the defense to pull it off. Maybe they can outbid Miami and get Suh?

  44. Per Jayson Braddock’s Twitter:

    “Worth noting that the 3 teams that were/are Philly’s toughest comp for Maxwell’s services are all led by his former coaches. SEA / JAX / ATL”

    So the argument in your last paragraph is based on information that is 180 degrees from truth. Now that you know that the coaches who know Maxwell best all went hard after him, will you do a new culpa? Here, just write this:

    “Although he was the 46th ranked free agent cornerback according to ProFootballFocus, the fact that Maxwell’s last two defensive coordinators and his current team pursued him aggressively indicates that he is held in very high regard by the coaches and staff who know him best.”

  45. shlort says:
    Mar 8, 2015 5:35 PM
    Philly just recovered from the cap mess caused by the “Dream Team” fiasco. Looks like they are going for it again and setting themselves up for more cap trouble.

    They were never in a “cap mess” from the “dream team fiasco”. At no time were the Eagles in danger of going over the cap. It just didn’t work out on the field.

    And they have over $44M dollars in cap space now. They could do a half dozen contracts this “bad” and not be in a “cap mess”.

  46. The fact that Dan Quinn didn’t pursue Maxwell only means that real life doesn’t follow the fairy tale this site is selling.

    Good luck to Maxwell, thanks for the production you gave us and thanks for the Compensatory Pick we’ll be getting in 2016.

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