Frank Gore most likely will be an Eagle

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The Frank Gore era in San Francisco is about to come to an end.  And there definitely was one.

Ten seasons, 11,073 rushing yards.  Another 2,883 yards receiving.

A league source tells PFT that, barring something unforeseen, Gore will sign with the Eagles.  The contract is expected to pay $7.5 million guaranteed over the first two years.

Adam Caplan and Adam Schefter of ESPN recently reported that Gore is telling people he’ll sign with the Eagles this week.

Gore will give Eagles coach Chip Kelly the north-south, hole-hitting runner the Philly offense needs.  And it will require the 49ers to find a replacement.

Again, it’s not a done deal.  And “something unforeseen” could happen, such as another team swooping in with a much better deal.

Don’t count on that team being the 49ers.  Another source tells PFT that the 49ers never intended to bring Gore back for an 11th season, but that they didn’t want an ugly ending with one of their cornerstone players of the last decade.

The Colts also are reportedly interested in Gore.

Regardless of whether Gore signs with the Eagles or someone else, “something unforeseen” has indeed happened; the running back market has been revived from its recent flatline status.

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  1. Eagle fan shift from Mark Ingram being that up and coming monster Chip needed in his offense to take the place of the “washed up” McCoy to the pretzel logic of Gore being an upgrade over the “washed up” McCoy who’s just younger, more explosive, and more versatile. You gotta love it.

  2. Still think that the Colts would have been a better fit. That said, Gore will bring a lot to the Eagles. He’ll get 4 or 5 yards a pop, but he certainly won’t break off those long runs like McCoy.

    There are also the intangibles. Gore simply loves to play football, gives everything he’s got on every play, and will do anything that the team needs/wants him to do.

  3. So basically they traded McCoy for Alonso and Gore, with money to spare. Not so bad when you look at it that way. It should be interesting to see how they split touches between Gore, Polk, and Sproles.

  4. Gore & Maxwell? That’ll be a solid first day haul for Chip. Good job bud.

  5. How are we hearing about these players leaving and free agency hasn’t even started yet?

    I guess the “tampering” rule only applies in certain cases. This is the 3rd of 4th player, that’s a free agent, reported to be moving on.


  6. “And it will require the 49ers to find a replacement.”

    No need to find anybody, Carlos Hyde and Kendall Hunter will carry the load.

  7. Why do you clowns care? And who was saying Mark Ingram or Frank Gore is better than Shady? Good lord the haters have nothing to do while in their mom’s basement so they’re trolling! It’s ok, Eagles fans are on board with the flexibility Chip has and with the Maxwell and Gore signings. Hopefully they work out as good as we hope they do. Only delusion here is by the trolls and sad resented haters. Keep it going Chip!

  8. Gore will be a solid signing for Philly. I expect Chip Kelly is going after a back in the draft to develope behind great leaders in both Gore and Sproles.

  9. Gore isn’t half the RB he used to be. There is a reason the best player for the 9ers is being let go.

    Eagles keep pushing this: Need to get younger, bigger & stronger crap.

    Then we sign a 32 year old running back w/ 2,500 carries? Is this front office stupid?

  10. platinumraider32 says:
    Mar 8, 2015 5:02 PM
    How are we hearing about these players leaving and free agency hasn’t even started yet?

    I guess the “tampering” rule only applies in certain cases. This is the 3rd of 4th player, that’s a free agent, reported to be moving on.


    Seriously? Have you been out of the country the last 24 months or so? The rule forbidding negotiations before FA formally opens were changed 2 years ago. Free agents can talk numbers with teams legally now. They just can’t sign until Tuesday.

  11. Eagles are making a serious run at the Dolphin’s off-season champs title.

    Unfortunately, this ain’t Fantasy Football and there’s no rings or trophies for winning the off season.

  12. All these teams letting their best players go.. Guess all u need is a QB these days

  13. The Eagles could sign Al Gore and their fans would find some way to credit Chip Kelly for the move.

  14. How are we hearing about these players leaving and free agency hasn’t even started yet?

    I guess the “tampering” rule only applies in certain cases. This is the 3rd of 4th player, that’s a free agent, reported to be moving on.



    Because there no no contracts signed yet and this information is either coming from the players themselves relating it to others close to them and then passed on to the press. Also this is the 3 day swap contracts but don’t swap numbers “non” negotiating period. Read Florio’s explanation right on this site.

  15. Not an upgrade. Nobody seems to learn their lesson on 30+ backs.

  16. Frank Gore – Mr. DEPENDABLE!

    Brings his lunchbox to work every week, and grinds on you the ENTIRE game.

    Philly just got better, as Gore can still bring it, with a work ethic to match! Tackling Gore is like trying to tackle your own shadow…the moment you think you’ve got it, POOF, it’s slipped through your hands!

  17. This signing makes no sense. Headline should’ve said “Chip Kelly to be unemployed in 2016.” Do the eagles think this joke is their version of Jimmy Johnson or something? Sorry Chip but you’re not even fit to hold Jimmy’s clipboard. Or Barry Switzer’s or Garrett’s for that matter.

  18. Seattle Seahawks and their fan base approve of this message!

    As a Seattle fan tackling Gore during a few of those now epic rivalry games was one of my worst fears…no more.

  19. Gore is no as fast as he was but still better then most of the starting backs in the nfl.. Arguably the best pass blocking RB in the NFL Underrated catching ability and a student of the game.. If he stays healthy easily gets 1000 yards this season.. NFL east teams are not that great at stopping the run

  20. senoreno says:
    Mar 8, 2015 5:36 PM
    Eagles trying their best redux of ‘Dream Team’

    Wow! Did you come up with that all by yourself?

    Actually it’s totally different. How is taking a running back (McCoy) who is making over $10M and turning him into Kiko Alonso and Frank Gore while SAVING $4M trying to buy a dream team?

    People who are unbiased would say that turning one starter into two and saving millions on your cap is smart business.

  21. Find a replacement? They already got their replacement in Carlos Hyde. He was already going to replace Gore as the primary ball carrier next season. He’s basically Frank Gore 2.0 with a little more explosion. Sucks to see such a great 49er leave, he will be missed by every 49ers fan. Great character guy, great locker room leader. Eagles could have done a lot worse to replace McCoy, especially on this contract.

  22. If it’s true, the Eagles got a great man (and player.)
    I would hate to see him go but he has my respect and best wishes.

    Not a bad career move getting out of the NFC West with those great defenses he had to face 6x a season.

  23. Don’t understand the aquisition… Kellys’ offense is based on high speed quick sets… not sure Gore is really built for that, not to mention he doesn’t exactly jump out as a recieving back. Really thought Spiller would have made nuch more sense.

  24. Everyone said Sproles was done too…had a career year under Chip. Eagles don’t need Gore to be a homerun hitter. They need him to gain positive yards and set up manageable third downs. Shady went backwards way too many times on first down last year. Put Nicky Foles in 3rd and 8’s and caused many forced throws/interceptions. Love this signing.

  25. I don’t understand when they say the 49ers need to find Gores replacement. I’m pretty sure their ok with Carlos Hyde taking over the starting RB role this season. If they didn’t have confidence in him then Gore more then likely would still be in Niners colors.

    P.S. Congrats Eagles. You got a hell of a player in Gore. He might be at the end of his career but he will definitely give you all he has with the 3 yr contract you’ll give him. Hope you do well in Philly my man. You will always be my favorite 49ers player ever. Your time here will never be forgotten. Thanks for the memories bud and good luck in Philly!!!

  26. Darn I was really hoping he’d finish his career as a Niner. Still has plenty left in his tank. Well now I have reason to check out some Eagles games.

  27. skawh says:
    Mar 8, 2015 5:30 PM
    Seattle Seahawks and their fan base approve of this message!

    As a Seattle fan tackling Gore during a few of those now epic rivalry games was one of my worst fears…no more.


    I hear you. I feel the same way with Beast running over our defense. Unfortunately for us Niners fans, we still have to deal with him at least another season. Gonna get uglier for us.

  28. Damn, Chip isn’t wasting any time exercising that new GM authority, is he? At this rate they won’t even need to show up for the draft.

  29. Nobody wants Chip to do well because every other team in the league is jealous of the offense he runs and the football mind he brings, if he builds a top 10 defense there is no stopping him. And wait till MM gets picked in the draft, it’s gonna be fun watching this offense operate with Marcus at the helm. FLY EAGLES FLY, All aboard the chip ship!!!

  30. I’m no GM, obviously, but I really hate this move.

    Lesean is clearly the superior running back to Gore, and two seasons ago was a great fit in Kelly’s offense.

    So, the Eagles got rid of their best player for Frank Gore (any tread left on those tires?), Kiko Alonso (how’s that ACL doing?) and the cap room to sign Byron Maxwell (aka not Richard Sherman or Darrelle Revis).


  31. The ignorance of everyone taking shots at what Kelly and the Eagles are doing is laughable. This guy inherited Andy Reid’s mess (and a 4-win team) and won 20-games the past two years – creating “stars” out of L. McCoy and J. Maclin (and potentially N. Foles) with HIS OFFENSE. There isn’t another coach in the league who could have done that, let alone a coach with NO NFL experience.

    Now he gets to design a team – both sides of the ball – with his players. Go ahead and doubt him – just as everybody doubted him coming out of college. He’ll make you as foolish as he’s made all those who predicted he couldn’t win in this league and that his offense wouldn’t work. Kelly’s offense works – even without the right players running it. And he’s won the most games of any coach in the first two seasons of the NFL career.

    And now that’s he adding much needed defensive talent… It’s going to be fun watching all you Kelly detractors get your asses kicked – for years and years to come.

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