Higher average, greater guarantee could pry Revis from the Pats


Technically, Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis isn’t due to become a free agent, so teams aren’t allowed to negotiate with his agents.


The Patriots and Revis knew last year that the two sides were entering into a one-year deal, with a second season added at the team’s request to allow for $5 million of the 2014 compensation to be bumped to the 2015 cap year.  While the Patriots in theory could keep Revis for one more year at $20 million, that’s not the arrangement the team and the player envisioned.  And that makes it more likely that Revis will gauge the market for his next contract without any griping by the team.

At some point, Revis and the Patriots will attempt to hammer out a new deal.  What Revis would get elsewhere will be a major factor in that discussion, with the key components being average salary and the extent to which the deal is fully guaranteed.  Significantly more money per year and/or, for example, three years fully guaranteed from another team instead of, for example, two from the Patriots could prompt Revis to choose to leave New England.

It’s believed that another team will have to outbid the Patriots on one or both of those factors to have a chance to get him to walk away from New England.  At that point, the question will be whether the Patriots are willing to ignore the understanding from last year and keep Revis for one more season at $20 million fully guaranteed — and at a cap number of $25 million.

46 responses to “Higher average, greater guarantee could pry Revis from the Pats

  1. They will never keep Revis for 25M against the cap.. Not even for Brady.. Brady and Gronk only count for 22M on the cap. Don’t know how they do this but they will keep Revis.

    Dallas have Romo for like 27m against the cap smh

  2. I fear that the Jets want Revis so badly and want to hurt New England so much that they’re just going to write Revis a blank check that the Pats won’t be able to match.

    Belichick may well know the market but he may have underestimated how much the Jets hate the Pats. They’d rather spend $20m a year guaranteed on Revis and have no cap left than let him re-sign with the Pats. I think Revis is as good as gone now.

  3. No duh. Why would Revis jump to the Jets if the money were the same? Sure he likes NY, but he likes winning better. This is essentially Revis trying to get the Pats to match, or at least be in the ballpark, of any offer made by the Jets.

  4. Great negotiating by the Island and his agent. He delivered on the field but if they really want him, it’s time to pay up.

  5. The $5M from last year is dead money. It counts against the cap in 2015 whether they keep him or cut him. They already told him that 2nd year won’t be picked up. He’s essentially a free agent. If he want to go to NY for a little more money. nobody will be surprised or bitter. The Patriots will have gotten their money’s worth at $12 million for one year of Revis and will have plenty of cap space to do other things.

  6. Damn. Even as a Pats fan I’m wondering if Miami is smart enough to let Suh go elsewhere and make a big offer to Revis and bring back odrick on the low. Grimes and Revis…..whoa! Just thinking……

  7. This situation just proves what a complete joke this so called “legal tampering period” is. Darrelle Revis is under contract for another year his is not even an expiring contract, so any form of contact concerning a future contract for him absolutely and unequivocally breaks the league rules. Yet again it will prove; A) What a waste of time these rules are and B) Roger Goodell’s lack of ability to enforce them.

    For the record I think the Patriots will let him walk and he will sign with another team and good luck to him. Players rarely have the upper hand in their contracts and most of these unpleasant situations would be more avoidable if the players had guaranteed contracts like all the other major sports in the USA.

  8. He will count as $5 million on the cap no matter what happens. So the cap hit associated with the option is $20 million.

  9. penelope111171 says: Mar 8, 2015 12:54 AM

    I’m speechless. This cannot be how the free agent market works, can it? This makes no sense.

    Revis is not a Free agent

  10. If a rival wants to tie up a big portion of their cap to lure Revis, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the Patriots.

    Belichick knows this.

  11. Best case scenerio: Revis signs long term for a realistic cap number.

    Worst case scenerio: Pats pick up second year option then trade him to the jetsies for their 2015 and 2016 first round picks.
    That is the only way the pats are ever gonna get top 10 draft picks.

  12. Revis can show the world whether he’s about the money or about winning as the Jets can always outbid the Pats

    My money is on the money

  13. If for some reason the Jets get Revis the league has to find in favor of the Patriots on tampering charges. The patriots should get a draft pick from them. I have never seen such blatant tampering from a team.

  14. I love what Revis did for us this past season. He was all that he was hyped to be. The best CB in the game.
    Fellow Pats’ fans…it would not be the end of the world to have the Jets pay him $20m.
    He was a security blanket for us last year. We don’t need that as much anymore. The defense will be better next year, (especially if Vince and Devin come back.) Mayo was out all year. Jones missed a lot of time. Collins is turning into an animal!
    I’d love to see Revis come back for a good price, but I’m sure not sweating it.

  15. I mean, dude’s awesome, but he’s a cornerback. So you make it a 10 on 10 game. So what? Is that worth a massive cap hit?

  16. Revis will play somewhere in 2015. The Patriots are not just negotiating with Revis but playing a game of chicken with other clubs that want to sign him. Revis may or may not feel that the second year of his contract was “a placeholder” but that shouldn’t stop the patriots from doing what is best for the team.

    The Patriots want to maximize Revis’ value to the team by signing him but why would they just let him walk?

    One reason is that they may expect compensation for the Jets tampering. Revis’ refusal to re-up with the Pats (or signing with the Jets if the Patriots do not pick up the option) would be de facto evidence of tampering. Putting an above market offer on the table that is declined would show that the Patriots did their best to mitigate the damage caused by the tampering (legally that puts them in good position to claim to the NFL they were damaged).

    I don’t expect the Patriots to trust the league to compensate them fairly i/c/w the tampering. Given that assumption, the Patriots should:

    Plan A: do their best to restructure Revis ‘contract before free agency.

    Plan B: if they can’t close a restructure, pay him his bonus, let him know they will live with the second year of his current contract and give him the opportunity to negotiate a trade.

    In short, the Patriots tell Revis and his suitors they need to treat the Patriots fairly.

  17. Praying on the downfall of the Pats still, I see. Take a number & get in line.

    Brady is 38 and at the end of his career…it will be here before you know it …and good luck trying to replace him

  18. I have to laugh at the concept that Revis has some right to maximize his value and that the Patriots should just let him. Sorry, Revis is not a “free agent”.

    When people want to leave a contractual relationship (marriage, partnership, ect.) its best to negotiate a buyout. Belichick is a smart guy. Hard to believe he will deliver Revis, and all of his ability and knowledge, to a division rival that tampered with with Revis he was under contract to the Patriots.

    Revis’ option will be to cut a deal with the Patriots (to stay or leave) or fulfill year two of his contract.

  19. Love Darelle and what he brings to the field, but no man is bigger than the team. Organizations that don’t follow that precept never win consistently. New England knows how to build a roster, they’ll be in the mix to repeat with or without Revis, of that one thing you can be certain.

  20. Most everybody feels Revis will go for the top dollar regardless of where he would play. I doubt that. If the Patriots can figure out a multi-year transaction that will pay him comensurate value, not necessarily the highest $$, he will stay. He really seemed to enjoy playing this past year for BB and there is a lot of respect there. It is more fun to win than to lose. If playing for championships truly matter then he will stick in NE.

  21. It will come down to who is going to give the Pats the best financial advantage. Revis has been a great fit for us, the problem is that Mccourty is a perfect fit for us. If Mccourty is 3-5M less on the cap hit, I see them going that route. Last years signing of Browner, was to give the Pats a comfort cushion if Revis did what we thought he might do. When Browner played in the man slot in Seattle, he was a Pro Bowl Corner who led the NFL in passes defensed, and had 6 INTs.

    It’d be a dream to keep both, but at least one of the two and they will be fine, they have plenty of depth.

  22. Worst case scenario: the Patriots lose Revis and McCourty, which is a real possibility since they chose to tag Gostkowski. It would have been easier and cheaper to meet the market demand for a kicker than for one of the best safeties in the league. Gostkowski has been huge for the Patriots, but historically the Patriots have never had a problem scoring points, their Achilles heel has been the defense.

  23. I think it’s imperative that the Pat’s sign Revis if they want to win next years AFC. He allows Belichick the luxury of doing so many creative things on defense.

    I’m not a big fan of McCourty and feel like he can be replaced quite easily with the depth on defense … which saves almost 10 million in space.

    Deal McCourty, sign Revis and please bring back Wilfork!

  24. I see where you’re going sportnut but please don’t try and compare McCourty to Revis… ever again
    Revis completely changed the way the Pats play D. We went from a mostly zone team to playing almost exclusively man in the course of one season. That is attributed to one man and his name is Revis. Pay the man, and then let’s go win number 5!

  25. “Downfall of the Pats” makes me laugh, sore losers been predicting that for years! Of course we know that Brady is key ingredient and he won’t play forever. But don’t hold your breath waiting for the Pats to suck buddy.

  26. Randy Moss deal came down to the wire, just like the super bowl this contract will too. Like the superbowl, the Pats will come out on top.

    Go Pats!

  27. If Mevis wasn’t ALL about the money then why hasn’t he even tried to renegotiate/ restructure yet? because he is waiting to be released so he can test the market to see what he can get. If the Patriots can match that # he will stay, if they can’t, he is GONE. He likes winning but he LOVES money. Say so long NewEngland you’re about to get Mevised.

  28. If we start the season without Wilfork, Revis and McCourty it will be hard for me to say “In Bill We Trust”.

    -Pats fan since the 70s

  29. Loved Revis the first time, BUT now that the Jets are rebuilding, better to spend $$$ on younger and faster CB

    Hope Revis signs with REX.

    And I’m glad he got his SB ring

  30. I would hate to see Revis leave the Pats, but, if trading or cutting him netted the team the return of McCourty and Wilfork and allowed them to trade for another above average CB (Verner, or J. McCourty) or sign a top free agent like Tramon Williams, Chris Culliver or Byron Maxwell, then they should be okay. Obviously, it would be better to have someone like Revis on the roster, but one piece at the cost of 4 or 5 others is not good business.

    The Pat’s Super Bowl championships have come when there has been solid depth across the board. Sacrificing that for one player is not wise.

    If we could somehow trade Revis to the Jets with our first round pick and gain their first and second round pick, then we could even draft a top CB and improve our O-Line/D-Line too.

    That would be a major coup.

  31. Fact: The Jets tampering with Revis has been blatant.

    If the Pats can’t keep Revis and he signs with the Jets it will interesting to see what the NFL does.

    PFT, if you want to add value, why not outline the compensation teams have received i/c/w tampering violations in the past. One would think, given the size of the contract Revis would get that the tampering compensation would be at the max level.

  32. Best thing the Jets could do is waste his time negotiating in an effort to possible get the Pats to up their offer and if they don’t, pull the rug from under him and tell him they were just kidding!!! Ultimate payback!

  33. here is an idea let revis go and try to sign suh and Maxwell with the money should be close to a wash and get two players that are above average

  34. Title of the article reads: “Higher average, greater guarantee could pry Revis from the Pats”

    Here, try this on for size:

    “Higher average, greater guarantee could pry Any Player in Any Sport, Ever, from Any Team.”

    Hmmm…wait, that’s not quite obvious enough, let’s try this:

    “Higher average, greater guarantee could pry Any Person in Any Industry, Ever, from Any Company, in the History of the World.”

  35. Fact: The Jets tampering with Revis has been blatant.

    If the Pats can’t keep Revis and he signs with the Jets it will interesting to see what the NFL does.

    PFT, if you want to add value, why not outline the compensation teams have received i/c/w tampering violations in the past. One would think, given the size of the contract Revis would get that the tampering compensation would be at the max level.

    An apparent Pats fan looking to dole out punishment for something deemed illegal= priceless

  36. When you’re at the top of the mountain, you take a lot of ridiculous nonsense from jealous complainers. They’ll mindlessly grab at any rumors they can and jump on the bandwagon–hurt and broken-spirited fans of all the teams the Patriots have laid in their wake. I get it, to a degree.

    The tampering thing with Revis on the Jets part is actually legit though, unlike most everything the Patriots are accused of doing every two minutes.

  37. I’ll trade Revis for the Jet’s first round pick.

    If Mariota falls to 6 we can ransom him for a fortune from Kelly.

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