Report: Dolphins to sign Suh on Tuesday

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On Wednesday, we caught wind of credible chatter that the Dolphins would emerge as the primary player for defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.  Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Suh will sign with the Dolphins on Tuesday in the range of $114 million with $60 million guaranteed.

Suh also will get $60 million in the first three years, based on the parameters set by the Dolphins and agent Jimmy Sexton.

What’s that, you say?  Nothing can be done during the three-day window during which negotiations may occur but no offers can be made?  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the two sides are still talking and nothing is done yet.

Per league mandate, nothing can be done yet.  That doesn’t mean it can’t become obvious that it will be done.  While the parameters and the discussions aren’t binding on the player or the team, the window has been open long enough for Suh and Sexton to know what else is — and isn’t — out there.

The other teams mentioned were all leverage for the Dolphins, who in the end may have been bidding against themselves.  The only other viable candidate to sign Suh was the Lions.

So as the Raiders reportedly planned a visit and other teams bubbled up (conveniently, the Chargers emerged not long after the period started for the Dolphins and Sexton to set parameters), it looks like it always was the Dolphins.

In two days — and as long as no one officially pegs the chances of a deal getting done at the 95-percent kiss of death — it apparently will be.

132 responses to “Report: Dolphins to sign Suh on Tuesday

  1. As a Packer fan, I welcome this news. Having Donkey Kong out of the NFC North means fewer opportunities for him to try to injure our franchise quarterback.

  2. Wayyyy too much money… Great player and best DT in the league by far but that kills the salary structure for the rest of the team.

  3. Suh will still be great, he’s not Fat AL. That being said. The dolphins are NOT one Suh away from winning. They have tons of holes on that team and IMO this will end up being a mistake.

    As a part time pats fan (Brady fan ) I worry for Brady’s health but at the same time enjoy teams with no plan.

    When my Eagles signed all the top players it didn’t work because they had no plan. They just signed whatever big name they could. I kinda look at this in the same way. Its a signing to sell seats but not to win superbowls

  4. What does that even mean “some guys want a ring, others want money”? Dolphins are gonna have a terrific pass rush, very underrated corner and could use a lb for some secondary depth(all attainable this year in (FA) to become a contender on the defensive side. Oops I forgot, if you try to be the cog that helps a team win a title instead of signing with green bay, New England, Denver or Seattle for the veterans minimum, you obviously aren’t trying to win. God nfl fans are becoming like LeBron James fans, lets lump all the good players on one team cheaply so owners and league can make out of the roof profits, and they can have less resistance to titles because the talent isn’t spread out more. Is that what you want? Just admit it, you are a pats fan spoiled from 10+ years of wilfork and selfishly (even though u blast suh all the time in the past) wanted billy b to convince him to replace Vince for 2 mil a season while doing it the patriot way. I feel like I am correct…

  5. afc east has some amazing d-linemen but the team with the qb will probably win the division again

  6. Let Odrick walk and sign Suh for that big a difference in money? Don’t see it. Especially with all their other needs.

  7. Any player who automatically make other players on his team better deserve a cut of their salary aswell , this kat gets double and triple team yet brings it.

    In that lions /cowboys playoff game he was the best player on that field.And was tossing players around like they were ragdolls.

  8. Now bring back Incognito. God knows that they need to bolster their offensive line. If someone can beat a 4 year old till he’s bleeding and play why can’t someone who “bullied” a 300+ lb. lineman play?

  9. how do they stay under the cap with 60 million guaranteed?? they only have 12 mill in cap room guessing they are cutting several players. 114 is to much they guy is awesome but not at that price.

  10. It’s a shame Richie Incognito isn’t still there.Overpaying for a DT is like overpaying for a running back.Theres a reason Detroit didn’t franchise him and the Fish will find out.By the way yet ANOTHER free agent that spurned the Raiders.

  11. haha doesn’t this guarantee that someone will swoop in and take suh from miami, weren’t they confident they were getting harbaugh to 😛

  12. Dang. I was hoping he’d stay in Detroit and tie up all that cap space. Now they might actually be able to sign some depth. Though, since they still have that Millen disciple as GM, and Jay Cutler 2.0 as QB, I’m not too worried.

  13. This is really stupid on the Dolphins’ part. Suh is unquestionably a great player, but DLine isn’t exactly a problem area for the Fins, while other positions are.
    Why not use that money for other multiple positions of need instead of trying to make the “splash” move?

  14. keep spending Miami , Bills and Jets ……….SPEND AWAY AT WILL !!! I love the signing!!!!! SPEND SPEND SPEND

    Yeah because if the Pats didn’t play in such a dumpster fire of a division there’s no way they have 4 rings

  15. wow….Dolphins get another banner for biggest free agent off season…
    sure has translated to a lot of playoff wins and titles..
    oh never mind…
    meanwhile Patriots who lay low in free agency, hang a real banner this sept…enjoy the show Miami

  16. The Dolphins being a team that is not just one player away: a signing like this may actually move them further away–that kind of money gets you a Wilfork, a starting LB, and a starting offensive lineman—-and you’d still have a few bucks to boot

  17. Given Miami’s cap space (around $9.5M), they are either going to have to get real creative or some players are about to lose their jobs.

  18. Suh and Wake on the same line. Yikes.

    And, no, Suh is not Haynesworth 2.0. That’s a lazy, ignorant comparison. Fat Albert never dominated like Suh does, and Suh never quits like Fat Albert did.

  19. “Uhh yeah Oakland, buddy, can you uh please do us a huuuge favor? Please??!” – Bill’s, Jets’, and Patriots’ QBs

  20. fishfan39 says:

    Now bring back Incognito. God knows that they need to bolster their offensive line. If someone can beat a 4 year old till he’s bleeding and play why can’t someone who “bullied” a 300+ lb. lineman play?

    He signed with the Bills buddy.

  21. Here’s to Suh accidentally stepping on Brady’s helmet. lol

    oh boy , here we go !!! He’ll be jettisoned out of the league for hurting the chosen one.

  22. Detroit needs to sign odrick and fairley and use the cap space they would have spent on Suh for Oline or secondary help.

    Defense wont be as good without Suh. What Miami fans will soon realize is Suh goes a long way towards making the other team predictable—-when you cant run the ball their is only one other option. One dimensional offense = Lots of 3rd and long for Wake and Suh glad they are an AFC team.

  23. Ugh, they just over inflated the DT salries! If he’s getting 114 million with 60 guaranteed, just imagine Dontari Poe (BEST NT/DT) projected numbers will be?

  24. “It’s a shame Richie Incognito isn’t still there.Overpaying for a DT is like overpaying for a running back.Theres a reason Detroit didn’t franchise him and the Fish will find out.By the way yet ANOTHER free agent that spurned the Raiders.”

    The Lions did not tag Suh because doing so would cost $26 million in 2015, all against the cap. They would then have to tag him again in 2016 (for well over $30 million), or work out a long-term deal with a fresh $50 to $60 million guaranteed. It’s not because they don’t want him on the field. He’s a filthy player, but he’s a force of nature on the field.

  25. Considering their DL, which was considered a strength, failed them miserably last year, this is a good move. Bye Odrick, Starks, and the two LBs that should be arrested for stealing the Fins money and doing nothing – Ellerbee and Wheeler. They need DB help, and probably WR and OL help. But if Suh helps Wake and Vernon wreck Qbs and they shore up the run defense, this may help them take a leap forward. Unless Philbin sabotages them with horrible coaching decisions.

  26. Interesting that Jimmy Sexton also represented Reggie White when he signed his 4-yr $17-million contract with Green Bay. White ended up consuming about 13% of the salary cap when it came into play in ’94. Suh will consume much more, especially in his first three seasons if the reports are accurate.

    Looks like Suh will be more disruptive to the Dolphins payroll than he will to opposing teams’ backfields.

  27. I guess Ross wants to sell tickets we have so many other wholes to fill. This guy will never make it down here in this heat. Why did Ross let Tanny run the show why do we have a GM. We better keep Wallace because Suh can’t catch or block.

  28. finzfan49 says:
    Mar 8, 2015 1:26 PM
    We need OL help and LB and secondary help, not DL help

    I guess you missed the entire 2nd half of last season when Miami’s DL got ran over consistently. Starks has lost a step and no one stepped up to fill the void of Solai. So Miami’s run D was as porous as it had been in a long time.

  29. Dolphins had to make this move. With the bills getting better and the jets putting some peices in play and of course the champs, they couldn’t afford not to get suh.

    Now with suh, wake and Vernon along with Grimes and Jones and some young up and coming players like Jenkins and Jordan ( if they finally put him at lb) this defense has a shot to be great.

  30. Has R.Tannehill got his extension yet?? Im sure hes gonna want similar money if not more…looks like theyre gonna be on a tight budget for a while. Too many holes that need filling

  31. Idiotic comments from some on here, Dolphins were run all over those last 6 games or have we forgotten the Broncos and Jets games in particular, Suh makes everyone better, all of a sudden Wake and Vernon are singled up. Pretty sure Suh played against Brady last year and Brady survived although this year Pats fans should be concerned which judging by the comments from Pats fans, they are.
    Biggest issue for me now is who is Tannehill throwing to? ILB, WR, CB, S and RB, all need addressing now

  32. And there’s Super Creep Rob Lowe posting something about the Raiders in a story that’s not about the Raiders…obviously he is obsessed with the Silver & Black…just come out and say it already.

  33. Bucs fans are thankful Gerald McCoy signed his extension before hitting the open market. McCoy is a better pass rusher compared to Suh, although Suh is the more complete player.

    Either way, $60 million guaranteed is a lot of coin to pay, especially when you consider the major decision the Dolphins have to make regarding Ryan Tannehill and his contract situation. That will most likely be another $100 million dollar deal that will further cripple the Dolphins salary cap.

    It’ll be funny to watch the Dolphins cut all of those supposed difference makers that were all overpaid two years ago in a desperate attempt to topple New England in the division. How did that work out?

    Oh, yeah, that’s right, the Dolphins couldn’t even beat out Buffalo. I don’t expect much to change with so much money tied up to Suh and eventually Tannehill, who isn’t even a sure lock to be a franchise QB yet.

  34. How was Dline not a priority for the Dolphins? Yes the DE’s could get to the QB but the second half of the season EVERYONE ran the ball on us when the DT’s were beat down. That won’t happen with Suh in the game!

    Comparing Suh to Fat Albert is the most ignorant comment someone could make. When albert was a FA people were questioning his work ethic, absolutely nobody has said that about Suh. He cashed in as a rookie and still grew to be the best DT in the game.

    Having him wreck havoc in the middle just made the entire defense better. No more double teams for Wake, no more Grimes covering a receiver for 20 sec waiting for pressure from the Dline, no more relying so much on the LB’s to have a center or guard get to the second level and take them out of the play.

    Not even to mention the Lebron James affect that other players will follow to play with Suh. As a Dolphin fan im excited and I think this was a great move for Miami and a huge win for the front office. I guess players want to play for the Dolphins now.

  35. Funny how patriot fans bash how terrible the other teams in the AFC East are but soon as someone says anything about their schedule and how easy it is they are quick to talk about how the AFC East has the highest winning percentage from the last so many years.

  36. I hate seeing Suh leave Detroit. However, we can upgrade 4-5 positions minimum without that cap hit. This will also allow us to shore up other key players that will soon be up for negotiations like Levy. I hope they don’t throw a ton of money at a real Albert Haynsworth in Nick Fairley.
    I also wonder if there will be any tampering charges. Should be interesting.

  37. Good luck Suh, when you are not playing the lions, thanks for the memories.
    Now time for lions to get to work, and find a replacement, won’t be easy, but they have good track record in finding good defensive linemen in FA, and the draft.

  38. As a Pats fan I think it is a really good signing. I see people saying it is not worth it for a dt, i disagree. The contract is a little higher than you’d like, but Suh justifies it. Watch the ’11 patriot run, we do not get to the superbowl without wilfork dominating the ravens.
    Thing with Suh is, he will be suspended at some point. In a contract year when he was on his best behavior he still had that incident with Rogers.
    And that is a lot of money to sit out.

  39. “Donkey Kong?!” Feeling envy, jealousy, because this man is one of the best if not THE best DL in the NFL and is about to get paid his full worth?

    Think about all of those greenbacks lined up side by side, or end to end that a trail extending by land from Detroit to Miami isn’t long enough to lay down that last monetary note. Can you even imagine it?

    And someone has the nerve to mention Championships? Hello? This is America after all! Where the NFL is obviously about THE money….And no the critics want to take pot shots at Mr. Suh to you, simply because he’s about to get paid?

    Hmmm….me thinks you’ve got too much envy and not enuf 9-5 green.

    Good 4 Suh!

  40. Well sad to see you go but not at that price. Lions, with all this extra $$$, get out there and sign 3-4 really good FA and let’s get that SB!!

  41. With that kind of money Suh will play dirtier to earn his pay; hopefully he’ll get suspended.— Fins is blowing their money. Meanwhile Belichick is still rummaging through the bargain bin for players. He hasn’t shown his hand so far… Must be watching how the other teams are building their houses so he can break them down….

  42. With the WR draft class coming out this year the Phins should be able to find someone for Tannehill to throw to, plus Matthews is do for a breakout year, and Wallace isn’t gone yet. Also, in this OL class they can find players. DL always helps make LB better against the run and DB better against the pass. This move improves the entire Defense.

    This will surely make the Cap Numbers difficult but that’s life, there are many teams that have this problem.

    Get over it Haters.

  43. As a Pats fan, I’m not happy. Not looking forward to having Wake and Suh coming at Brady twice per year. We will certainly be missing Logan Mankins now.

    That said, the silver lining is that that salary is huge, it’ll be more difficult to pay other players now.

    Oh well. Looks like the AFC east is going to be interesting now. Say what you want about Lesean, but Shady and Sammy watkins is going to be a good base for the Bills.

  44. The Dolphins are so dumb. What a pathetic organization. They have so many holes and so many needs, yet their organizational decision is to pay one guy that much money based on star appeal.

    Just laughable…..

  45. What a great move for the Fins’. Good luck in the AFC and facing TBrady twice a year. Makes for great TV!

    And he won’t be in or face the NFC West but once every 3 years. Gotta love it. Good by!


  46. Suh can make everyone else around him better.Chris McCain, Vernon, Wake,Jordan. All get better. With 7 draft picks and you get Suh to come to Miami I’d say Miami looks good.

  47. A bit confused. How can we sign Suh when we apparently have no cap space. Surely even cutting all these players there is a lot of dead money. Tannehill is due a big conract next year. I hope somebody knows what they are doing as these contracts are normally loaded after year one. I have never been a big fan putting all your eggs in one basket. Successful teams are normally loaded with depth, two very good players for each position with one or two exceptional players filling the skill positions. We seem to go down the road as an out of control gambler playing with our future. Its very exciting don’t get me wrong but how often does lashing out these vast sums on a few players really pay off. Yes we can kid the Patriots that Brady will be spending a lot of time picking himself up of the ground but they always have the last laugh and they have been laughing for a long while.

  48. Another step closer for the NFL to go Pay Per View for games. The only way for them to raise the revenue
    for these players huge saleries.
    It will start low, like a few dollars a game, then every year Raise after Raise.. just like cable.
    You heard it here first!

  49. nflrule says:
    Mar 8, 2015 1:48 PM

    This is elite QB money.Last time I checked a DT never won a Super Bowl.

    No, but given the right circumstance I am kind of 100% sure Leon Lett would have

  50. “rip in peace tom lol”

    Keep dreaming while you “win” the offseason Miami fans.

    Week 12 of 2014 season –

    Pats 34, Lions 9

    Suh – 4 tackles, no sacks, no ints, no forced fumbles

    The Lions have a better offense than Miami have. This signing will make it very hard to manage the salary cap and put quality players around Suh.

    Fins are headed to another 8-8 season

  51. Thank you Reggie for NOT paying sue way more then he is worth Jj watt has twice the impact on a game then sue does so this contract will kill them in future years . The dolphins still have Ryan t. on the cheap but that will be changing soon Texas and Florida teams have a huge a Advantage over other teams with no stat tax HUGE ADVANTAGE. And it is a unfair one to 60 million should be 60 million California teams are at the biggest disadvantage of all teams with the huge state tax . Oakland should move to Las Vegas

  52. Smart move by Suh. Go where you can make the most money. It doesn’t do you any good to win a ring, if you have to sell it just to pay the bills.

    Granted, he shouldn’t have any money problems, but we have all seen some athletes make more than enough money over their careers that should last multiple generations for their families, only to find out that they blew through all of their money.

    Athletes have to understand, that at some point that money spigot is going to eventually run out.

  53. Remember in 2014 when Suh’s 7-3 Lions came to town for a showdown against the 8-2 Patriots?


    Brady did just fine against the likes of Suh, Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil and Michael Bennett to name a few. Nothing will change in the AFC East because of this signing.

  54. Suh is an incredible player. I imaged him in San Diego, but the Chargers have 3 or 4 other pressing needs, and he would have basically gobbled up the remaining cap.

    Good luck Fin fans, I think you guys are going to need it.

  55. Pat fans continue to comment on the Fins because they are scared to death of Miami. Just the thought of the Fins landing Suh has Pat fans even more worried.

  56. Dolphins have 9-10 mil under the cap. They can do some things with Ellerbe and Wallace, fine. But Suh’s contract, with 60 mil guaranteed, is gonna count 14-15 against this yrs cap. The Dolphins need help at LB, DB, WR, and OL. Where’s that money coming from? Dolphins fans are on here saying no prob, we’ll just draft those guys. Suuurrre. The last few drafts have been less than stellar. Still doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe they’re still trying to beg fans to buy tickets by making a splash.

  57. Miami breaks the bank on a free agent that they’re convinced will solve allllllll their problems. Haven’t heard that story since the last time it happened.

  58. jchipwood says:
    Mar 8, 2015 2:04 PM
    Funny how patriot fans bash how terrible the other teams in the AFC East are but soon as someone says anything about their schedule and how easy it is they are quick to talk about how the AFC East has the highest winning percentage from the last so many years.


    Dude, they ARE lousy when held to our (Pats fan’s) standards. Very few teams stack up.

  59. Pat’s fans talking smack again…you’re on every thread.

    But what’s telling to me, is while continually bragging about annually winning their division, just once I’d like a true and honorable “Pat’s fan” acknowledge that for how many decades have the Pat’s been beneficiaries of one of if not the weakest division in all of football.

    Lacking any annual divisional competition is but one of many “asterisks” associated with the NE franchise. Let’s not forget after all, NE lost to a NY Giants team in the SB -TWICE.

    What NFL team doesn’t want to play in a weak division like NE has been the beneficiary of?

    NE fans should be more humble, and thanking SEATTLE for a last second play call that everyone knows prevented SEATTLE from having a strong shot of winning that SB game with less than 26 seconds to play.

    Call it as it is, otherwise you have no credibility and are simply a fanboy talking smack like a 14 year old.

    Good on Miami for this signing….I can’t wait to see Miami games now!

  60. fishfan39 says:
    Mar 8, 2015 1:35 PM
    Now bring back Incognito. God knows that they need to bolster their offensive line. If someone can beat a 4 year old till he’s bleeding and play why can’t someone who “bullied” a 300+ lb. lineman play?

    Um……Ok, I’ll say it. You do realize that Incognito signed with the Bills over a month ago, right?

  61. Are you kidding me? 60Million guaranteed for 3 Years……. Better Hope he doesn’t get suspended for 4 games a year…… I figured Silver and Black just due to the attitude, but hey. No State Income Tax makes it even richer.

  62. I guess we’re headed for a top 5 pick in the draft next year since we will have to lose a load of talented players to sign suh, thus here comes another decade of quicksand

  63. Comments placed by afc east foes of the patriots are really sad. THEY WON…..GET IT ! yes, the day will come when it changes but i for one have to grudgingly say the patriots are a dynasty unlike any so called dynasties. we were able to take two world championships from them but they are a TRUE dynasty. i am a giants fan.

  64. What a joke, 60 Million. For 38 tackles and only 8 sacks. JJ Watt gives you 20 sacks a year twice as many tackles, bloscks passes. Recovers fumbles turns into touchdowns, and oh ya scores touchdowns on offense.

  65. People will hate this pick. But now Wake and Vernon get single coverage. The middle is plugged up. And Dion Jordan will cut the weak side edge. This defense will be a monster for the next 4 seasons. This makes every offense Miami plays one dimensional. Tannehill is a game manager, and that will get us over the hump to 11 wins.

  66. I’m not a huge fan of this potential signing but I also don’t think that resigning Odrick for $6m is the answer either- he’s better suited as a 3-4 end at $4-5m. He did little to stop RBs strolling through the middle last year.

  67. Broke six to seven years after leaving the NFL, if not sooner. At least I hope not, make wise investments and live off your millions u make up front.


  69. Thew irony is this is probably the best thing that could have happened to the Lions. Get rid of the overpriced and very underproductive Fairly too and you will be a much improved pass rush. Why?

    Ever hear the term ‘too many chefs in the kitchen spoils the broth’. I thought both Fairly and others took plays off a lot hoping some other first round pick would do the work on that play. Now without him people will step up to the plate and may do better because they have too.

  70. If Suh is truly out of Detroit, the air ought to smell a little fresher now.

    And Lions fans — this is the best thing which could happen if your GM uses the money he saves by not handing Suh the keys to the vault.

    Sixty million guaranteed for a DT is just too much money spent on that position, in my opinion.

    In the long run, the Lions could be much better off without Suh by bringing in other guys to plug some holes. It’s a good thing Matt Millen isn’t still in charge, because he’d mess it up for sure.

    As for me (a Packer fan), I’m glad Suh is headed for the AFC. Let him take his dirty play over there. Hey Brady and Manning — watch your legs when you’re on the ground!!!

  71. Hey Raider Nation, what number will Suh wear for the Raiders? LOL. Tried to warn you but you wouldn’t listen. You were so dead sure the Raiders would sign Cobb and Suh. Wanna get away?

    Raider Nation is so delusional they cant differentiate between fact and fiction. Carry on boys. There is still good stuff to homer about.

  72. Overpaid like usual!!! We need to Stop Paying these salaries!!! WHY??? Bad for the game……

  73. Lions might not be contenders without Suh (and Fairley?). Such a big difference maker. Miami always pays big bucks for free agents rather than building through the draft. Wonder how that has turned out for them?

  74. Ohand16 “$60 million guaranteed?? This makes Buffalo look brilliant for the McCoy deal”

    Didn’t Buffalo make a very similar deal when the signed Mario Williams?

  75. futures44 says:
    Mar 8, 2015 3:14 PM
    “What a joke, 60 Million. For 38 tackles and only 8 sacks. JJ Watt gives you 20 sacks a year twice as many tackles, bloscks passes. Recovers fumbles turns into touchdowns, and oh ya scores touchdowns on offense.”

    Watt is not a DT. Suh at DT getting “only” 8 sacks is pretty incredible. You do realize DTs do the dirty work getting double & triple teamed and almost never get sacks because of it, right?

  76. Very disruptive player at times, but he can be neutralized with a variety of schemes. He could be worth that kind of contract if he is able to play multiple positions, like QB.

  77. Doesn’t matter if the team is still bad. They released quite a few players, some that have contributed to at least keeping them at or near .500. Great player, but the Dolphins have many more needs than DT. Maybe this starts a flood of cheap free agents coming there. Or maybe they maintain status quo,just with a great DT on the team.

  78. Haters think that the Pats will shake in their uggs because of Suh. 34-9 against the Lions. Wrap your little minds around that! Sure Brady gets pushed, shoved, knock around, slammed, kneed, generally gets beat up by the rougher teams. He’s not physically gifted to be fast or agile. Gets mocked for his excellent looks mistaking it for fragility. But last season, he won against those brutish teams. 34-9 folks. Suh will do his best or more aptly his worst against other teams but the Pats will be just fine.

  79. What makes the Detroit Lions think that Suh does not have any common CENTS. He’s following the money just like a professional should. Detroit LOL!
    Who wants to spend their entire career in Detroit. I don’t think that Barry Sanders liked Detroit.

  80. wow, I expected him to get JJ Watt money, but 14% more….and 20% more guaranteed money…is a bit of a shock…good for the dolphins,….I really wanted Suh, but not at that cost. So far everybody else is signing deals under 10 million per on avg.

    With that said, the dolphins have 20 UFA of their own this year still unsigned,compounded by the fact that starters like Tannehill, Pouncey, Clay, Miller, Matthews, Shelly Smith, Vernon, etc…..all free agents next year….not sure what to say about your future…at least you will have a DT

  81. You’re not an all-Pro DT away from a championship, yet, you’re gonna pay a DT like an All-Pro QB? Another example of why the ‘Phins are in the lower class of the NFL. Bad move.

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