Report: Jeremy Maclin joining Kansas City


Score one for the team that didn’t get a single touchdown from its wide receivers in 2014.

Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Maclin intends to sign with the Chiefs, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported Sunday night.

Maclin is 14th in PFT’s free agent rankings.

A Chesterfield, Missouri native and University of Missouri product, the 26-year-old Maclin hauled a career-high 85 passes for 1,318 yards and 10 touchdowns for the Eagles in 2014. He played four seasons under now-Chiefs coach Andy Reid in Philadelphia (2009-2012). In Kansas City, Maclin will be the clear-cut top receiver and will add a desperately needed boost of playmaking ability to the passing game.

Maclin’s arrival casts further doubt on the future of Dwayne Bowe with Kansas City. Bowe, the Chiefs’ No. 1 receiver in recent seasons, is due $10.75 million in salary in 2015 and $9.75 million in salary in 2016 and 2017, per NFLPA records. For a 30-year-old wideout who has not reached 1,000 yards receiving since 2011, such compensation is hard to justify.

The reported loss of Maclin is a setback for the Eagles, whose offense is suddenly in need of speed. In the last year, the club has let go of wide receiver DeSean Jackson and agreed to deal tailback LeSean McCoy.

And now, Maclin looks to be departing, too.

147 responses to “Report: Jeremy Maclin joining Kansas City

  1. desean jackson lesean mccoy and now jeremy maclin but keep riley cooper thank you chip kelly

    -New York Giants Fan

  2. Chip doesn’t really need him. He was really the 3rd or 4th receiver there. Right Philly fan? Maybe now they can get Dwayne Bowe and we can really see how far Eagle fan goes to tear down their old players and praise whatever the front office is shoving down their throats this week.

  3. Prediction: KC WR corps will put up less TDs in 2015 season than 2014 season. Oh wait…

  4. Now the Eagles better think twice about trading all of their draft away to get one over rated QB because this team is full of holes and now it has one more.I can’t see stone hands Huff filling this hole.

  5. Chip apparently has a thing against ProBowl-level talent on his team. I’ve been on board so far with his moves but this one has me scratching my head. To say now that their receiving corps is well below average is an understatement.

  6. Easy there, Chip. Hasn’t been in Philly long enough to realize that if this plan doesn’t work out fast and flawless, the honeymoon is over immediately and he won’t be hailed as a genius, he’ll be the antichrist.

  7. That’s awesome news for Chiefs fans everywhere. What an upgrade. Now, if KC could restructure Bowe or trade him to free up more cap space, they’ll be looking real good already for this season. Next up, get some good blockers.

  8. Hahahaha. Who is Mariota going to throw to now besides Jordan Matthews? 🙂

    Seriously though, I am surprised that Philadelphia didn’t try harder to keep him – if this report is indeed true.

    I am not an Eagles fan, but I am very confused as to what in the hell the Eagles are doing this offseason.

  9. I can’t say I like the way the Eagles are handling this offseason. If they go for Mariotta and trade a bunch of picks I gotta question what I thought was a fairly solid Chip Kelly so far. Kiko Alonzo better be defensive player of the year or Chip is gonna look really dumb.

  10. The demolition of the Eagles continues due to Chip Kelly’s incompetence.

    The rest of the NFC East thanks you!

  11. If this plan doesn’t work fast and flawless, Chip will find the honeymoon in Philly short lived and he’ll go from beloved genius to hated local villain

  12. Misery players never were very smart.

    I guess no one told him who our QB is, and what he is?

    Another slain WR career.

    I mean, yeah, he’s good. But so was Bowe before Alice got to town.

  13. Good luck to Maclin. I would think he’s going to need it. Never had a 1,000 yard season under Andy…playing with a qb who threw zero touchdowns to his receivers last year. Not sure I understand his logic behind jumping ship. If it’s all about the money, then go ahead.

    Thanks for your efforts and best of luck

  14. I hope Jeremy is working hard on his 8-10 yard routes this offseason.

    Actually, if he wants a shot at catching some TDs next year, he should think about converting to 3rd down running back.

    KC’s problem wasn’t their recievers last year, it was their QUARTERBACK.

  15. Wow! Just wow! Im a chiefs fan and never pictured us getting a top number one receiver whose actually in his prime. So should we cut bowe? And now we can see if alex is really just mediocre or didn’t have a solid wr. Thank you Philly!

  16. Hey Chip , your doing a great job. What did he look in the eyes when you yelled at him? Bad boy,your out of here! Don’t you know I’m the boss here?!!

  17. How about we wait to see how the seasons unfolds before we talk s— about chip Kelly. It’s possible to have a little bit of class you know.

    Not even an Eagles fan. Just a fan of the game.

  18. LOL…..yeah baby!!! Desean, then McCoy, now Maclin. Keep up the good work Chip…you’re making the Giants run at a 3rd Eli/Coughlin SB a lot easier.

  19. Don’t worry guys! Cutting D-jax, trading McCoy, and letting Maclin walk was a good move. Also, scapegoating Cary Williams who only gave up four touchdowns and had Nate Allen helping him over the top and Bradley Fletcher on the other side of him. But everything will work out we just need to give Byron Maxwell $25 million and sign Frank Gore and plug em in!


  20. “Chip doesn’t really need him. He was really the 3rd or 4th receiver there. Right Philly fan? Maybe now they can get Dwayne Bowe and we can really see how far Eagle fan goes to tear down their old players and praise whatever the front office is shoving….”

    Really!? 1300 yards and 10 TDs…85 receptions…you have to remain optimistic but really, 4th WR??? haha

    Chip is an offensive guru, literally, so yeah…it will be alright. That said, make some sense when you post something lots of people will read.

  21. As an Eagles fan, i have been on board so far, but my goodness Chip, you sir worry not only me, but all
    Eagles fans, dismantle a team that needed Defensive rebuild, are you ok in the head Dude, i starting to think your an idiot… Maybe we will TRULY regret giving you as much power as we did,,, hmmmm lets see, i will run you down, if you goofed my Eagles, and end up being a goofball mistake.

  22. All these pre-planned agreements are ruining Tuesday. I hate the internet. Except for running March Madness pools and the best fantasy league around of course.

  23. As much as you want to complain how much they lost, they just upgraded their secondary and they got a RB who can have similar success for much cheaper in Gore.

  24. Maybe you guys should look at last years draft ?

    Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt – stud
    Josh Huff, WR, Oregon – #2 WR.

    You guys really, don’t know what you’re saying.

  25. Isn’t there enough receiver touchdown makers in KC already? Someone might want to tell him there’s only 1 football on that offense.

  26. Well if you guys don’t win the Division .. your face will be so-red.

    Don’t give us a 2nd thought , Sre we don’t know what we are doing ?

    Don’t even plan for Ertz or Jordan Matthews, they can’t score.

    LOL .. so many, know so little, about so much . . here

  27. I am starting to believe that coach really thinks that every player in the NFL can be replaced in his “chips system?” Keep subtracting the higher paid, great talent from the team and we will see……..Good Luck Eagle Fans……..

  28. This one hurts. I’ve been waiting by the computer following the news all yesterday and today just waiting to see that Maclin had re-signed with Philly. I can only wish him the best, but I really thought he was gonna be back.

  29. Wow! Didn’t see that coming. Thought for sure Philly would do what it takes to keep him. Eagles are basically in all rebuild mode now. Good for maclin to go home but man do they need an upgrade at QB for him to make an impact.

  30. Odell Beckham is a “stud”. Mathews is a nice receiver who hasnt been the main focus of an opposing secondary yet, like Beckham was nearly all season last year. Huff did nothing last year. Slow your roll.

  31. Chip Kelly let me down letting Maclin go. He Better have a backup plan,because Huff isn’t the answer right now. Good to see Maclin get back to his home state area with his former head coach.

    In chip I slightly Trust!

  32. Lets all slow down on Josh Huff. The Eagles need a replacement at wide reciever immediately.

    On a different note, the New York Giants will no doubt have another 6 win season in 2015.

  33. I like Maclin, but in reality he is a high end number 2. He’s no Calvin, ODB, AJ Green, D Thomas. Chip knows what he is looking for and seems to be very cap conscious. I have a feeling Maclin just wanted to go home and to play for the coach that drafted him, good for him plus I’m sure got a lot of money. It will be interesting to see who he does go after at WR, RB, and QB the rest of free agency and the draft.

  34. Beckham was nearly all season last year
    Slow your roll.

    Maybe .. but this isn’t last year anymore.
    maybe Mac aint it and Mathews is ( in Chip’s opinion)

    Pedal to the Metal … zoom zoom !

  35. I have a feeling Chip is going to be run out of town and be coaching back in the college ranks in less than 2 years.

  36. They let go of McCoy and Maclin and then spend a lot of combined money on Gore who will be 33, Sanchez and Maxwell. I’m a Niners fan and Gore is a beast, but I’m not sure if he fits the system v- plus they gave him 3 years. Maxwell also played in a great secondary on a great defense. In my mind, there are a lot of risks here.

  37. Someone needs to show Chip, old clips of Philly fans booing and bombarding Santa Claus with Snowballs! His fate if none of this stuff works. Because I still believe he is going to unload Nick Foles to the Jets to get a shot at Mariota. That would be disaster if Foles, D Jackson, Shady and Macklin thrive this season. And the eagles drop to the basement in the NFC East.

  38. “Out

    – DeSean
    – Shady
    – MacLin”

    and do you know their salary demands? On offense, the QB and the OL are the top priorities for him, Chip just doesn’t want to spent half the salary cap for a few skill players… Name one good WR from the Ducks from the last 10 years.

  39. Let’s talk about how free agency works. Jeremy Maclin chose to leave for Kansas City. We have no idea whether the Eagles offered him a competitive offer, or if he even gave them an opportunity to do so. It’s quite possible that Maclin simply wanted to play for Andy Reid again. We have no idea and won’t find out for several days.

    But let’s go ahead and bash Chip Kelly with no information, because that’s the lazy thing to do and we all hate the Eagles.

  40. ReligionIsForIdiots says: Mar 8, 2015 8:55 PM

    Raiders and Jaguars, are you guys awake?
    Maclin in KC makes sense. He produced last year with scrub QBs, and might be able to do it again. Back in the day, stupid money got spent the first day of free agency. Now it gets spent during the weekend before free agency by media hacks and the religious bumper sticker guy above. Enjoy.

  41. Ol’ Chip is going the hoody route and replacing headaches and superstars at overrated positions. You’d think Rexy, Philbin, and the Jests would follow. Bravo Chip, trust in Bill

  42. If the Chiefs add Percy Harvin as well, that’s a nice group of skill players they would have…..

  43. I wanted to keep Mac, but I’m still on board. Chip simply doesn’t value the RB and WR position. His plan is to get his QB and build his defense, filling out the rest in the draft and FA. He’ll draft another WR and go with Matthews, Cooper and Huff. I have a strange feeling it’s going to work. We’ll see

  44. Do you people really think you know more than Chip about football? So many foolish comments it’s ridiculous. Did you watch the Eagles games the last three years? We went 4-12 with McCoy Maclin and Jackson. Chip comes in with his system and they all put up numbers. None of these guys are dominate at their position deserving QB type money. Do you want a few overpaid good players or a system set up for a decade of greatness?

  45. Up until last season, a good portion of the fan base used to call him Self-Tacklin Maclin because he always seemed to give himself up after making a catch. Frankly I always thought of him as a bit of a disappointment considering what kind of player he was at Mizzou. With that said, I have to give the kid credit for rehabbing hard and having his best season as a pro last year- he looked like a perfect fit in this offense and I think he will be missed much more than Shady going forward. KC is getting a heckuva player and a class act who is as good in the community as he is on the

  46. Obvious Point #1 – it was obvious that the press got the narrative wrong from the beginning with Maclin’s re-signing with Philly. It went degree-by-degree from “it’s a lock he comes back” to “shocked if it doesn’t happen” to suddenly “Maclin signs with KC.” Starting to feel like Maclin preferred Andy over Chipp (oh yeah and the $$$) all along.

    Obvious Point #2 – Chip is totally blowing up the offensive side of the ball and rebuilding around Mariota, or will when they move up to draft, and is beefing up the Defense in hopes of surviving Mariotta’s learning curve. Or I could be wrong. Good luck Eagles fans.

  47. Chips needs are athletic linemen. Good blocking recievers and a ton of weapons. Chips style isn’t just put the ball in one person’s hands. Just because we sign Gore doesn’t mean he is the bell cow. Sproles is there and Polk will likely be back. He needs a stable. And we still have Huff who is an up and comer who showed good flashes. Any receiver and back can flourish in this system if they believe in the system. Macklin is great in the system but decided to follow the money. I hope maclin comes back But if not I belive chip will fill the whole well.

  48. The Philadelphia Eagles should change there name to the Philadelphia Ducks LOL! How many players in their primes are the Eagles going to get rid of? McCoy,Maclin,Carey Williams,Cole,Desean Jackson Etc Chip better be careful

  49. Next guy up. McCoy, Jaclyn, and Maclin all had career years under Kelly. The guy can coach.

  50. The Dallas Cowboys would like to thank Chip Kelly for his continued help with our quest to repeat as division champs.

  51. So exactly what does the owner have to say about this? He’s cutting the checks after all. As ridiculous as these offseason moves have been, did they come to the conclusion that for all those “weapons”, it wasn’t going to get done? I could care less about the NFC East, but the Philly story is good conversation.

  52. revelation123 says:
    Mar 8, 2015 10:27 PM
    Well, at least the Eagles severely overpaid for an over the hill Frank Gore….

    3 years $7.5M for a back that will give you 85% of what you were getting from a back you would have had to pay over $10M for one year.

    LOL. The Eagle hating trolls on here are hilarious. And I’m not even and Eagles fan!

  53. People need to stop with the Mariotta talk. It’s never going to happen. Do you have any idea what it would take to move up from 20 to 5 even IF the Redskin Potatoes would be willing to deal with a division rival?

    Look what the Taters had to give up three years ago to move from 7 to 2! Multiple first and second round picks.

    The Eagles would be looking at at LEAST 3 first round picks plus more. And I have actually seen people on here saying they could get the pick for Nick Foles and lower picks. NICK FOLES!?!?!?! Do you people have any idea how this works?

    It’s not happening.

  54. I’m a big time Eagles fan and absolutely hate seeing guys like Maclin, McCoy, Cole, Herremans and Jackson leave . . . having said that, how many playoff wins for that group? 10-6, one-and-done in the playoffs was getting old.

    I think these moves, and knowing how poorly they were going to be received, are the opening salvo in a clear plan. I just hope that I eventually like how Chip has chosen to remake this team to fit his vision and that the vision starts coming into focus on Tuesday.

  55. Chip Kelly reminds me more and more of Bill Belichick with every decision he makes. Oh boy were people mad when Belichick got rid of Terry Glenn. How could he? Well that worked out pretty well. The Eagles will be ok too. The guy I’m worried about is Maclin. He’s in for a big surprise with Alex Smith. Smith has one playoff victory in all the years he’s been in the league. I guess I should worry about Andy Reid too. Smith has also gotten two coaches fired.

  56. Why are people laughing or mocking Chip? He made an effort to keep Maclin. Every media outlet is reporting it. They believed a deal was in place and Maclin flipped last minute. Maclin was consistent, which is what I liked about him. But he had over 1,000 yards just once in his whole career. And that was WITH chip. So mock him all you’d like, his offense is what allowed Maclin to jump for more money. If you looked at his numbers before last season, would you still be saying he’s worth 11 million a year? Doubt it. But leave it to haters to chose ignorance over logic.

    Oh and to the classic Chip and Oregon jokes…

    Pete Carrol has 16 USC trojans on his team. Chip has 9 ducks, 3 of which actually saw time last year. Might be time to expand your brains and find a new joke…just a thought.

  57. Here’s what all you knuckleheads writing “Nobody wants to play for Chip Kelly” don’t understand: McCoy, Maclin and everyone else he’s cut WANTED to stay with the Eagles and play for Kelly. And who wouldn’t? He helped both of these guys put-up career stats and make a boatload of money.

    But it’s all about VALUE. And at what they would cost the team – their value wasn’t high enough to keep. It’s Kelly’s philosophy. Hmmmm – what other NFL head coach/organization has been using this philosophy for years? Oh yea…the Patriots! Belichick has been criticize since day one for cutting players when their price tag exceeds their value – and it’s seemed to work-out pretty well for them.

    Meantime, most other NFL organizations treat their teams like Fantasy Football – stockpiling big names and Pro Bowl stars on offense and not only don’t get to Super Bowls, most don’t even make the playoffs.

    And if you think Kelly gives a crap about anything anybody things about him, his style or his “plan” then you know even less about the man then you do football.

  58. Well… If we don’t land Mariota this year and we keep letting our star players go, we’ll be drafting the best QB in next year’s draft, no doubt. lol.

  59. Cue the “He’s a product of Chip’s System”BS Why it never occurs to these idiots that NO System works unless Players PERFORM! Maclin had a great year and cashed in. Would have loved for him to stay,but it’s his first and possibly last chance for a huge Pay Day and he took it. Quality Player on the Field,Quality Person off of it. Congrats and Good Luck J Mac!

  60. Phillyboypat- The Seahawks have 3 active players from USC and 1 has a futures contract for a total of 4 (all of whom were low draft picks or udfas). How did you come up with 16?

  61. I’ve been a Maclin fan since he was drafted and always thought he was more valuable (when healthy) than Djax which he showed last year. The upside is that there is a lot of WR depth in the draft and Chip should be thinking of trading up for Amari Cooper or Kevin White if Mariota is unobtainable

  62. Well done Dorsey and Reid! Maclin is the closest thing to a true #1 WR that the Chiefs have had since Eddie Kennison. It is unfortunate that DBowe’s run in KC is likely over because he’s really a legit #2 WR who would likely pair well with Maclin.

  63. WOW do any of you people actually watch the game? Love the Alex Smith bashing and only seeing what you read as truth. Heres some truth for you. The Chiefs were at the top of the leauge in dropped passes, The Chiefs were at the top of the leauge in sacks allowed. What was even worse was watching the ball hit the receiver in the hands, bounce off then get intercepted. NOBODY in our WO core could get seperation.

  64. If Chip is so Brilliant and his philosophies are so great let me ask you this….why hasent he won a championship at any level? How come the Eagles choked against a struggling Redskins team to lose in Fed Ex and pretty much get eliminated from the playoffs? Why were the Eagles one and done in the 2013 playoffs? Chip signed Riley Cooper to a nice contract and cut DJAX plus let Maclin walk. Do you really believe he’s better than both? Or maybe Chip signed him because of his high morals….LOL! And here’s a good one…why do you Eagles fans constantly talk trash about Andy Reid and worship Chip when Andy gave you multiple division championships and a Super Bowl appearance for a decade and all Chip does is choke when it counts and get rid of elite drafted Eagles. Keep trusting in Chip

  65. Hold up! Wait a minute! Latest rumor is that Eagles may be in talks with buccaneers about deal to get 1st overall pick and have the bucs send beloved breakout rookie wideout Mike Evans to philly. Wouldnt that be a pick up huh? Eagles would be sending foles to tampa along with three years of 1st round pics and 2nd round pics and two 3rd picks. Thats ALOT of the future to give up if you ask me. Is it worth it? I thought tampa was pretty set on staying first pick and taking mr crab legs Winston. Rumor is picking up more heat now especially with maclin going to KC now but hey the internet is the internet. Who knows anymore. Keep your eyes and ears open folks could be some big moves in the forseeable future. Also look for the eagles to make a play on Andre Johnson potentially.

  66. Jordan Matthews + Riley Cooper + Josh Huff = the worst group of starting WR’s in the NFC.

    Kelly’s arrogance regarding his offense is going to be his downfall.

    Just think Josh Huff could’ve been John Brown if Chip wasn’t stuck on overvaluing Oregon players.

  67. Good last couple posts.

    Everyone is so upset that we lose these guys. How many deep playoff runs have they been on??

    We tried the offense route to be successful. It sells tickets and wins some games but in my opinion will never win the championship.

    We are replaceable at a much more reasonable rate

    Anyone remember when Matthews came in and balled out??
    Maybe huff steps up?? Maybe we draft a wr.

    I do remember when the Eagles went to the superbowl with Todd skinny Pinkston.

  68. The Eagles are so cheap LoL… let djax go, shady and now Maclin. Zero superbowl wins.

  69. Marcus Mariota is sitting at home right now praying that the Eagles don’t draft him because he will have no one to throw to.

    name the best Duck WR without google search

  70. Who’s going where, again…?

    I can’t stop marveling at how a team can go an entire season without a single touchdown from a wide receiver. My goodness…

  71. 60 year Eagle fan here. D Jax, McCoy, and probably Maclin. What did we win with them ? I don’t care if Farley Parkenfarker is playing for the Eagles . Just win the freakin thing. Everybody Kelly has dismissed is an Andy Reid player. What did he win ? Do what you need to do Chip but be RIGHT.

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