Running back market could go haywire

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DeMarco Murray is probably smiling right now.

With Murray in the midst of the three-day window during which teams can negotiate with impending free agents, the Bills agreed to pay running back LeSean McCoy $16 million in 2015.  And that comes a day after the Saints agreed to pay $4 million per year to a guy who never has rushed for 1,000 yards.

Murray, with 1,845 yards in 2015, set the single-season franchise record for a franchise that has had players like Emmitt Smith and Tony Dorsett.  If McCoy is worth $16 million in 2015 after having a supposedly down year, what’s Murray worth?

His agents are currently finding out.  And then the Cowboys will find out how much it will take to keep him.

The problem for Dallas is that, if Murray ends up getting a big deal and pushing the market even higher, it will become more expensive to find a replacement — unless they plan to stay in house.

Murray undoubtedly will be the next major domino to fall in the running back.  And that ultimately could work to the considerable benefit of guys like Frank Gore, C.J. Spiller, and beyond.

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  1. Yea definitely would not overpay for a RB. These teams are crazy. Pats just won a super bowl with a starting RB who cleared all waivers and was signed as a free agent. This is utter nonsense.

  2. The Seahawks set the market with 12m for Marshawn, which is about right, considering it’s Beastmode.
    He is the top of the mark for 2015.

    If the Bills want to over pay, that’s their problem. McCoy was worth about 8-9m, and the Eagles knew it.

    Very few teams will go out of their slot for a declining Frank Gore or the others. Murray is the exception that is left on the market. Even AP shouldn’t get top $$$ after missing a year.


  3. Not worth it. Mccoys better and got a deal for $8M avg/yr.

    Lots of backs could thrive behind that line

  4. “Haywire?! I thought you said haymaker… woooow my bad…” – Ray Rice

  5. Of course its haywire, teams are realizing how bad the NFL QBs are and the ones entering the draft are. Within 5 yrs, the NFL is going back in time when passing was minimal.

    There are very few competent QBs

  6. Only brain dead teams with a fantasy football mindset would pay big money like this to a running back, especially with a very strong RB draft class on tap.

  7. Dallas can pick up starting RB’s on Days 2 and 3 of the draft.

    The same nonsense every year when p*ss poor teams make big splashes paying the biggest names in the first few hours of free agency.

    The same teams end up in the top 10 of the draft the following year too. Look at what Miami is just doing to all those shiny big names they signed in 2013.

    Dallas should let Tampa or Oakland or whoever else is dumb enough to throw their mortgage on a RB do it and draft a capable replacement who’ll do perfectly well running behind that offensive line.

  8. Nflfollower: true but the pats also have Tom Brady so they don’t need one. Teams that don’t have an answer at qb are forced to overpay for top notch rbs in hopes that they can try to win with a stellar running game.

  9. The paradox that is the NFL. Think about football, isn’t it supposed to be a tough, grimy, physical sport? Or is it? Rules have been changed specifically to allow for more passing and to put the spotlight on the QB. That’s why QBs are protected to the point that you almost can’t tackle them. Over the years, I’m sure these changes were proposed and made during the owner’s meetings. Did the faces of the Heisman Trophy winners from 1970-1990 have something to do with it??? Marshawn Lynch alluded to this during his most recent interview. The short-passing game, something the Patriots use so effectively, takes full advantage of these rule changes. Many on this site allude to the Pats winning the SB without a top-notch RB. However, we all know that a dumb play-call is what enabled the Pats to win. Just saying’…

  10. jwgonz101, Dez, by how the rule is written, did not catch the ball. Now while we are talking about getting cheated, the Lions got cheated the week before against the Cowboys.

  11. If DeMarco signs with another team, then so be it. I really would like him to stay. But I understand a mans gotta get paid an take care of his family. But who ever is in Dallas back field, as long as he’s young and fast. He’ll do. Hell! Stevie Wonder could run for 1000 yards behind that O line.

  12. It won’t go haywire, everyone just knows Buffalo is not the most logically run franchise so them giving McCoy that money changes nothing for the other RBs IMO

  13. The only team that will pay Murray $10 mil a year or more will be a mismanaged team with no hope of a Super Bowl before his career ends. Money or success…hmm.

  14. People should get a better grasp on nfl rules and how a signing bonus works before commenting on rising rb salaries. He’s only making about 8 mil a year with the bills. Yes he gets the bonus up front, but his base salary is kinda low.
    The cap numbers are $5.5 million in 2015, $7.675 million in 2016, $8.875 million in 2017, $8.95 million in 2018, and $9.05 million in 2019.
    With how wealthy nfl owners are, the most important aspect is really the cap hit, and signing other players. He will count against the salary cap for 5 years even if he gets cut after year 3. Although the dead money cap hit would only be about 3 mil a year.

  15. I believe we will see a big comeback for rb’s in the nfl.
    defense is set up to cover the pass now is optimal time to get the horses running again. Which is why if the jets can get any kinda respect out of the qb position they will win some games. The broncos and Cowboys are probably in the best place to employ this tactic prove is in both runs last year. After Denver started handing off to anderson. Just like when there was backs every where. Teams started spreading out bigger slower def. Now those smaller faster def. Are going to have to stop the run

  16. I find it interesting that someone posted if Dez leaves so be it s man has to make money to take care of his family!! He’s not married and haven’t herd anything about illegitimate off springs so I guess your talking about the usual suspects who hang on to young rich jocks to live large. How many millions does it require to take care of this sort of “family?” When the millions reach double digits I think that out to do it after that it’s just ego and greed. Frankly I am getting sick of hearing about it.

  17. by rule maybe dez didn’t catch the ball, but it was ruled a catch on the field, there for it should not have been over turned on the challenge, since we are still disputing it, rule for over turn says indisputable evidence,obviously it was not indisputable

  18. Yea definitely would not overpay for a RB. These teams are crazy. Pats just won a super bowl with a starting RB who cleared all waivers and was signed as a free agent. This is utter nonsense.
    Right. All a team needs is to get Brady, AND then have your moron opposition not run one of the best RB’s in football from the 1 yard line.

  19. Anybody still think the Vikings will just release AP outright? For why? Just to save salary cap? They have $26 mil available. The Vikings could afford to keep AP AND sign Murray if they wanted.

  20. Just because one team was dumb enough to over pay a player or front load their contract doesn’t mean they all will. They teams can say “no” and the player can sit. It’s happenes before. With the draft so deep, this is the year it could happen. Always some idiot like Ryan or is Ryan that messes it up for everyone. He won’t win in Buffalo. Bad, bad, bad decision to bring him in. 2 years and Ryan will be gone and out of Coaching. He is Parcells without the rings.

  21. The Cowboys will lose him and probably will suffer for it in the short run, but I wouldn’t touch him just because of his injury history. That’s way too scary to pay for and depend on, even though I’m all for the player getting as much as he can. Good to see the league swinging back to paying these guys too. Let’s get back to real football where we don’t have five 5,000 yard passers in a season, and throwing for 4,000 yards is considered routine.

  22. The top half of the 1st round is loaded with can’t miss defensive players. And the 1st round has a lot of OL and WR. I think the Cowboys will draft Gordan or Gurley with the 1st pick.

  23. Not sure why they think the RB market will go haywire. The fact is that there are plenty of quality backs coming out of college that will be way cheaper.

  24. fantasy football is the reason for an assumed declining value of running backs. real football still knows you win with a good running back. GO HAWKS!!!

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