Browner presents “Revis Light” dilemma for Patriots

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The looming cap number is $4.8 million not $25 million.  But the fundamental problem for one Patriots cornerback is the same as it is for the other:  How much less can the team pay Brandon Browner and Darrelle Revis without losing them to another team?

In both cases, it’s obvious that the players remain under contract and won’t naturally become free agents.  In Browner’s case, the Patriots apparently have far been more explicit in their understanding that Browner’s agent will talk to other teams in order to determine Browner’s market value before Browner and the Patriots decide whether to continue their relationship.

Like Revis, Browner would likely take less to stay in New England.  How much less becomes the key, and it’s impossible to know until the best offer available to Browner on the open market is compared to the best offer he gets from the Patriots.

That will be happening very soon.

Browner was an unsung hero of Super Bowl XLIX, keeping Seahawks receiver Jermaine Kearse from getting to defensive back Malcolm Butler and applying a pick on the fateful final offensive snap for Seattle.  Butler looped around untouched and beat Ricardo Lockette to the ball, giving Browner his second straight Super Bowl ring.

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  1. Patriots “placeholder” option on Revis is better than expected for the Patriots given his market. $5M cap hit no matter what. $20M marginal cap hit. $20M/1yr not too bad for Revis age 30. The Patriots can exercise option and still extend later or even trade him. Revis at 1yr/$20 has value. Don’t dismiss them exercising the option – and removing Browner’s cap hit help clear the way to do just that.

  2. They could’ve just extended Browner instead of giving him the 2mil bonus and reduced his cap number by 1.5-2 mil. With the CB money being thrown around, Browner probably wants to test the market.

  3. With 2 rings, now is the time to start chatting w/ the awful teams and see which one will fall for him. Cash in!!!!

  4. He provides a physical presence that is important back there. Everyone was saying that his penalties would cost them in a big game. They never did. The Patriots only one game that he started, a close loss at Green Bay (nobody should count the meaningless week 17 home game loss to the Bills which the Pats treated as a preseason game). I hope they restructure the deal and keep him around. He seems to fit in well with Chung, Revis, McCourty, Arrington, and Butler.

  5. Where the heck did this rumor come from? Browner is under contract with the Pats for 2015 and isn’t going anywhere. If anybody is going to get cut or restructured, it’s Mayo and Amendola.

  6. Browner was good last year, and he’s definitely worth more than his currentdeal. Open market he’d get two years and $14 mil, $8 mil guaranteed.

  7. Cornerbacks are getting crazy money. He would get so much more now

    I wonder if the Pats asked him to restructure to free up cap room and he wanted a pay raise in exchange for doing it….

    His contract is really low, better to cut Amendola and Dennard for $3 million in savings. Also extend or cut Solder if he wants too much money(almost $7 million in savings there…)

  8. If I’m a GM, why am I going to negotiate the Pats contract for them on a non-FA player?

  9. Wait a Cotton-Picking Minute!! I was under the impression that the Patriots “were built through the Draft” and “the Front Office is superior and knows how to sign value players on the cheap” Hmmmm… Maybe they can find a way to cheat their way through this dilemma?

  10. I dunno, not that jets should be a threat but Marshall is a big boy and you need a 6’3 corner to deal with a guy like that. That being said, I wonder if the Seahawks would like to take another swing with Lane probably not coming back this year and MAxwell gone.

  11. Browner’s cap hit is 4.8(1.9+2.9). His per gm bonuses don’t count on the cap on league day 1. They are treated like incentives. Teams keep cap cushions for a later date. Pats will have to pick up his option or release him, just like Revis, and will save 4.8 mil on the cap if they do.

  12. “Where the heck did this rumor come from?”

    CSNNE which covers the Pats. They want Browner to restructure, which doesn’t necessarily mean taking less, and gave him permission to see what he could get on the open market.

  13. I think every knowledgeable Patriot fan knows the role Browner played on THE play to spring Butler.

    Butler doesn’t make that play if not for Browner. It’s that simple.

    Browner earned some respect this season.

  14. Revis and Browner will be back… The 2015 Patriots will be defending their championship with the best secondary in the league… All BB is trying to do here is to get everyone back without getting into CAP Jail.

    You don’t have 15 seasons of winning records and playoff appearances by being bad at personnel decisions.

    … BB should give lessons to Peter Chiarelli on how to manage the CAP.

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