Eagles re-sign Brandon Graham to four-year contract

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A day before he was slated to hit free agency, outside linebacker Brandon Graham has agreed to stay in Philadelphia.

The Eagles have signed Graham to a new contract today. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that it’s a four-year, $26 million contract with $14 million guaranteed.

Graham has played his entire five-year career in Philadelphia. Last year he played in all 16 games and had 5.5 sacks and four forced fumbles.

The Titans, Dolphins and Giants had all shown interest in Graham during the “legal tampering” period over the weekend. Now those teams will have to look elsewhere for help at outside linebacker.

Graham was the No. 26 payer in our Free Agent Hot 100.

42 responses to “Eagles re-sign Brandon Graham to four-year contract

  1. He’s finally starting to make plays when he’s on the field. Best years are ahead of him and for the first time in a few years I can say I’m excited to see this Eagles D play.

  2. “Ultimately the only POWER to which a man should aspire is that which he exercises over himself ” – quote ELIE WEISEL

    Chip you may want to take heed !

  3. Hmmm, 2 hours ago all reports said he was unlikely to be back with Philly. Just a reminder, NFL reporters (PFT included) cannot predict the future.

  4. Don’t see the fit again this year but I guess Chip and Billy liked his development enough (and compared to someone like Sheard or Worilds, has system continuity)

  5. Brandon Graham was coming on strong last year and finally seems to have found his groove.

    Groovy signing. Good deal.

  6. Sorta surprised. Still won’t be shocked if they pick up another guy who is better in coverage during the summer cuts or draft.

    I think for the coverage reasons this keeps kendricks out of any Mariota trade which i really like.

  7. STEPHEN A. SMITH MUST FIRED!!! This the last straw for this guy. 10 years ago he pulled this stuff at The Philadelphia Inquirer.
    He is a disgrace and takes race relations back 30 years!

  8. NICE! Love you T. Cole – but at the price tag and age, I understand. Chip definitely not making “popular” moves – but necessary. Hopefully this mean the Eagles will ascend and be at the height for 5 or so years…rather than get there, and can’t get back.

  9. This was a good resigning

    You did read that this was brandon graham that they signed. 5.5 sack, brandon graham.

  10. This is quaduilaterally, atrociously, exasperatedly, agilationizing, an unfathomable cover up by Chip Kelly…Quite frankly I find it ridiculous.

    Stephan A. Smith

  11. This is quaduilaterally, atrociously, exasperatedly, agilationizing, an unfathomable cover up by Chip Kelly…Quite frankly I find it ridiculous.

    Stephen A. Smith

  12. Pro football focus had him ranked the 3rd player at his position and he played a very limited role. Guys earned the right to be a starter and stealing him from the giants makes it that much better.

  13. They still have plenty of money for Worldis, whether they spend it is a different story. Can we all make a pact as sports fans and stop discussing, listening to, or giving any importance to SAS? He is a bitter, hate filled cancer on sports and society and he gets all his worth from shock value. I make a pledge to never read, watch, or listen to that POS opportunist and my life will be much better for it.

  14. Great signing .. Welcome home Brandon
    great respect for this man . . hometown discount to stay.

    Our LB core is as good anyone’s.

    Go Chip Go

  15. Wait, is that the same “Graham” that was on the field the day Seattle blazed into the Philly, changing the course of their entire season by removing Philly from playoff contention last year?

    Honest question…no offense to Eagles fans.

  16. Now Chip will trade him to Miami for former Oregon DE and current NFL bust, Deon Jordan.

  17. @randomcommenter…solid joke bro. Your originality is commendable…

    Anyway. Solid signing. Dude is a beast in his limited snaps. Interested to see if he can do it over the course of a full game and full season. I’d keep him over Worilds.

  18. Howie Roseman’s former #1 pick here has him celebrating somewhere in the outskirts of Dover, DE in his makeshift temporary bungalow office that Chip set up for him…..

  19. Jeff McLane ‏@Jeff_McLane · 6m6 minutes ago
    More on Brandon Graham: Giants thought they had him. He was prepared to sign w/ the 4-3 team. But he changed his mind and #Eagles stole him.

  20. I figured him a goner with all the reports. Happy to have him back in the nest. and the price tag is fair for both sides. If only Maclin comes to his senses we would all be happier. but Graham is a win for us today.

  21. When he thought he might have to be a Giant, he quickly lowered his demands to the Eagles. Nobody wants to play for the old red faced fossil that runs that team.

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