ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith suggests racism in Chip Kelly’s roster moves

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Stephen A. Smith is too smart to come right out and call Chip Kelly a racist. Smith knows that an accusation like that would require evidence, and Smith has none.

So what Smith did on ESPN First Take today is he merely implied that Kelly is a racist, going over a selection of Kelly’s recent roster moves and then hinting that Kelly might not want black players in his locker room.

“Chip Kelly makes decisions over the last couple of years that, dare I say, leave a few brothers feeling uncomfortable,” Smith said. “I think that’s fair to say. I mean, we’re sitting here looking at some of the decisions that Chip Kelly makes and I’m like what is up? What’s up with that? I mean, it’s like you’ve got to be his kind of guy, you know? And I’m like, well, Riley Cooper’s your kind of guy?”

By mentioning Cooper, Smith was implying that Kelly is OK with the fact that Cooper used the N-word in a much-publicized video in 2013. The truth is Kelly was not OK with that; the Eagles fined Cooper and sent him home from training camp. But Cooper’s continued presence on the team — combined with the release of a few high-profile black players — makes Smith question Kelly’s motives. According to Smith, Kelly isn’t only looking for players who fit into his system on the field. Kelly is also looking for players who fit into the culture that Kelly wants in his locker room, and Smith questions what kind of culture that is.

“Let’s get beyond the system, the operative word is ‘culture,'” Smith said. “The culture is what resonates with me more profoundly because I’m looking at a Chip Kelly and I’m like, really? Now, you’ve got to remember, where did I work for 16 years? I mean, this is Philadelphia. You understand what I’m saying? I’m always in Philly, and I’m telling you right now you’ve got people walking the streets and, hell with it, you’ve got brothers walking the streets going like ‘What’s up with Chip? I don’t understand this. I really don’t understand what you’re doing.’ Now I’m not saying I know, I’m just saying that it does strike me as a tad bit odd. I’m going to repeat this. Gone: LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, you know, DeSean Jackson. Staying: Riley Cooper. Really? Really? OK.”

Kelly has made dozens of personnel decisions with the Eagles, but Smith seems to see sinister motives in three of them: trading McCoy, letting Maclin walk away in free agency, and releasing Jackson. Smith, of course, failed to mention some of the white veterans Kelly has released, like James Casey and Todd Herremans, because that would undermine Smith’s thesis.

Smith also failed to mention that the player Kelly acquired in the McCoy trade, Kiko Alonso, is Latino. And Smith fails to mention that the quarterback Kelly just signed to a new contract, Mark Sanchez, is of Mexican-American heritage. And Smith fails to mention that the quarterback Kelly desperately wants to draft, Marcus Mariota, is of Samoan heritage. And Smith fails to mention that the cornerback Kelly is expected to sign when free agency opens tomorrow, Byron Maxwell, is black. And Smith fails to mention that the running back Kelly is expected to sign when free agency opens tomorrow, Frank Gore, is black. If Kelly is a racist who wants to build a roster full of white guys, he’s doing a spectacularly bad job of it.

But, again, Smith didn’t say Kelly is a racist. Smith knows that a serious accusation like that would require serious evidence. And Smith has none.

442 responses to “ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith suggests racism in Chip Kelly’s roster moves

  1. 1 coopers cap hit goes up if we cut him. 2 we replaced mccoy with gore, desean with Matthews, and I guess technically as of now maclin with huff, 3 if you do the numbers after coopers year in 2013 he got 5 million a year aka he got a million dollars for every 167 yards and 1.6 Tds he had. Maclin got offered 10 million aka a million dollars for every 131.8 yards and 1 td he had.

  2. What does it say about a team that keeps a player like Adrian Peterson on the team? Or a team that gives up a 1st round or even a 2nd round draft pick for a player like Adrian Peterson?

  3. Stephen A. Smith is the racist. Just look over his past.

    Keep on doing what you are doing Chip, there will always be the clowns like Sharpton, Jackson and Smith who use race as a means to stay in the media and to try and influence REVERSE racism

  4. The racists these days are those who view everything that happens through a racial lens. Like Smith.

  5. I believe it is time for another week long ESPN non paid vacation for Mr Smith. If anything, the Eagles moves have been questionable, and certainly have nothing to do with Racism..

  6. He needs to be fired for this. This is Imus level bad. I guess he thinks Chip didn’t bring in any black players or had any on the roster. They aren’t the 2013-2014 T-wolves lol.

  7. If Chip Kelly replaces LeSean McCoy with a white running back come talk to me Stephen A. Smith. Thousands of black players have played for Kelly. I swear not one single intelligent has ever come out of Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless.

  8. So are the Patriots racist too? This is why I don’t listen or what ESPN anymore.

  9. lmfao. Someone is actually publicly using Stephen A. Smith’s comments as a talking point.

    The entire world knows this tool doesnt even deserve a job as an analyst let alone a legit sports writer.

  10. I remember when the Broncos signed Kubiak and he called Elway a racist for not signing a black head coach… they really need to get rid of Stephen A. Smith.

  11. Didn’t the eagles heavily pursue Devin McCourty? What’s Stephen A. smoking? Like, more than half that roster is black!

  12. Nonsense. The only color that matters in the NFL is green. Winning leads to $$. I question the rationale behind some of these moves, but it’s all on Chip. If he succeeds then he’s a genius; if he fails then he’s back coaching college.

  13. if Chip cut three white guys I doubt Stephen A. would be calling him racist though, because to people who love to call out “racism!” it is usually never a two-way street.

  14. Ummmm….if he is in fact signing Maxwell and Gore wouldn’t that all but…you know what…nevermind. It’s a waste of time. He cut an African-American….therefore he must be racist. End of discussion.

  15. Desperate. Reaching. Looking for any way to use the race card.
    It’s become laughable, pathetic really but hey, when that’s your ace in the hole you gotta use it, no matter how silly you end up looking.

    It’s a shame because if he would just stop all of the race baiting rhetoric he could be a decent analyst but I just can’t get past his obsession with victimhood.

    Did he call Sharpton about this yet? There is money to be made off of this “crisis” I’m sure!
    Once he’s done with the Oscars of course.

  16. Stephen A. is and has always been a hack. It’s no surprise he’s still employed with ESPN, the trashiest network on TV where facts are optional. Remember 11/12 footballs being 2 pounds under pressure, reported by Mort who happens to work for ESPN? Yeah, who needs facts when you work for ESPN.

  17. Yup, he’s a POS and spews more venom than any snake I’ve encountered….

  18. I don’t even need to read the article to know that I’m going to LOVE THIS!

  19. Understand this, Stephen A. Smith gets paid to say controversial stuff like this. Was it stupid what he said, yes, but the football offseason(excluding the draft, free agency, combine, and OTA’s) is not very generative in news, and sometimes you just got to say something stupid like this. Its how he gets his ratings and publicity. Is he smarter than that, absolutely, but he needs a paycheck, and attention helps bring it, so he had to say something as stupid as this.
    Plus he failed to mention Byron Maxwell, Frank Gore, and over half the team that is black, so you know his argument was invalid from the start.

  20. can SOMEBODY tell stephen a. smith too stick too NBA News thats all he’s good for he’s been minding peoples business for too long stick too NBA and milking that league for news and gossip

  21. I’ve always been told….
    It takes a racist to scream racism where it doesn’t belong.
    Stephen A. if the shoe fits…

  22. ” If Kelly is a racist who wants to build a roster full of white guys, he’s doing a spectacularly bad job of it.”

    Actually, doesn’t that team annually exist already – in NEW ENGLAND!

  23. Chip Kelly is just changing the culture of the Eagles, the only way Chip can do it is by bringing in the players he wants and releasing those that haven’t adapted.

  24. Ratings must’ve come in low last month. Queue up the need to say something “controversial” in hopes people will tune in.

    How about trying for some useful and/or informative content for once?

  25. “Wait a minute … you mean Frank Gore is BLACK?!?” ~ Chip Kelly (or Stephen A. Smith)

  26. (SMH….)

    Way to make the “brothers” proud…

    It’s people like that idiot that make it hard on everybody to get beyond any race problems.

  27. Smart people of every race can see these cowardly insinuations for what they are. If he worked for me, he’d be in my office within minutes of having made them. He should be ashamed.

  28. Don’t people realize that when SAS talks, nobody’s listening? How does this guy stay employed when he contributes nothing to anything?

  29. Believe it or not, I was just starting to like SAS.

    Then this happens. He just ignores the pending signing of Maxwell and Gore.

  30. You want to surprise me? Find something that Stephen A Smith doens’t find race behind

    It’s hard for a racist to not see everything as racist

  31. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are setting up marches in support of BSPN and “Screamin’ A.” as we speak

  32. What an idiot! First Take needs to change its name to Idiot vs Idiot. We wanted Maclin back but not at 11mil per year. These moves have more to do with money then anything else. Keeping those 3 players on the team would have been almost 32$ million dollars a year. He’s just changing assets from offense to defense, he has no problem paying Maxwell 5 years 53 million. Stephan A. Idiot has crossed the line and needs to look for a different line of work.

  33. Stephen A. Smith has “brothers” all over the NFL.
    And, dare I say it but, Stephen A. Smith is a racist!!

  34. What are the chances Stephen A. gives the same old BS apology tomorrow that he gives every time he says these asinine comments, when in reality his producers are loving him for saying it cause it gets their show out there into the spotlight, but the world wide leader doesn’t give him an unpaid vacation?

  35. not a racist comment by any means……he is just claiming that Kelly doesn’t want certain types of attitudes in his camp, the use by Stephen A of the word “brother” signals a way of how some people relate to each other. Kelly won at oregon with players who didnt really translate well to the NFL because he needs a certain attitude and environment and that environment does not exist there and would never will…..he just trying to do it his own way

  36. I watched the show and it didn’t come across the same way as being depicted here. And, SAS wasn’t the only one saying that.

    Are you telling me that you didn’t think the same thing? “wow, those guys are gone, but he’s kept THAT guy?!”… I know I did.

    I’m not saying that’s the reality… I’ll say that I do NOT think Chip is a racist… but that perception is there because it leaves things open to interpretation.

    And, human nature says that, unfortunately, perception is reality.

  37. MDS – look deeper to see if Smith has a point. Even you can tell the difference between Jackson/McCoy and Gore/Maxwell. The former are more outspoken and come across as stereotypical black divas while the latter are much more “uncle-tommish”.

    For the record – – I’m not supporting Smith’s comments AT ALL HERE. However, I’m calling PFT to the mat for just brushing them aside as nonsensical.

  38. His offense will always be a success. Foles, Sanchez, Maclin, Jackson, McCoy, Cooper, etc. All career years in that offense. Chip know what he’s doing there. He needs help on D, IE: Maxwell and Kiko acquisitions. Oh and if this was a said in baseball, maybe it’d make sense (still be a dumb statement). But racism as a football coach? Really? The audacity of the Stephen A!!!

  39. Some people ( SAS ) only see what they want to see, Chip is a football guy making football decesions the only raciest here is Steve. Just baucausw you cut bad attitude guys and old guys does not make you a raciest. S/A/S is a fool

  40. How is Chip Kelly racist when he has had a black starting QB at Oregon and Vick as his original starter in Philly?

    As for the players he mentioned:

    – McCoy was overpaid and if anything Darren Sproles outplayed him in the backfield last year.

    – Maclin was too small for his offense and looking for too much money. Same could be said about DeSean Jackson.

    – Cooper WAS punished and he apologized.

    So stop with the race baiting!

  41. What a pig statement to make. I’m not in Philadelphia I’m in Chicago and I’m sick of every non race related issue getting stirred into one by the likes of Steve. Bristol needs to suspend Steve again. you want to make bold controversial statements go ahead but be prepared to accept the consequences. In a day and age where race tensions are high in some areas it is absolutely IRRESPONSIBLE for someone with his platform to insert the race card. They are signing Frank Gore is he not Black enough? Maclin was a FA, DeSean cared more about his record label than football.

    Shame on you Steve and shame on Bristol for not suspending you immediately.

  42. Hear we go…

    Bash ESPN, again. Millions upon millions of people watch and enjoy ESPN, except for every poster on PFT. LOL and incredible!

    Who are you people?

  43. I thought Stephen A was smarter then this, I was just making fun of people yesterday for saying this but that was only idiots on twitter lol not a “credible” member of the media….

  44. Bottom line is free agents are not lining up at kelly’s door like he thought they would. People don’t want to play for a college coach whose system generates bad play on def and injuries over the course of a 16 game season due to frantic play. This leads to poor play, getting cut, and not seeing the end of the contract money. That’s why they are not coming here. chip is the only guy with a parachute on a plane plummeting to it’s demise. this is going to get bad and leave philly with a mess. hysterical.

  45. Stephen A Smith is himself a huge racist so I guess it takes one to know one. Serious this dude needs to go away, one of the most annoying sport commentators out there. Get him off SiriusXM radio..paleassse!!!

  46. You don’t have to agree with Smith but it sure is refreshing to hear someone speak an unfiltered mind.

  47. Abusing the race card should be reason for dismissal, just like being a racist.

  48. Haha – that’s coming straight from the lips from a dude (S. A. Smith), who’s such an non-biased, non-bigoted and racially neutral individual. Cough, cough.

    Frank Gore, the (soon-to-be) former face of the 49ers franchise is heading to Philly… Chip Kelly and his regime aren’t looking to fill positions, based off race, but for BPA.

    Stevey Smith needs to shut his suck more often; it’s much more becoming of him.

  49. Thanks for this article, MDS. Stephen A Smith is an attention seeking tool. If we ever want to be rid of racism we need to stop “seeing” it everywhere.

  50. truth…they got rid of Desean, then character assasinated him. They trade Mccoy and it was insinuated that Chip Kelly doesn’t like his attitude and outspokeness. Yet you kept Racist Riley, a guy who I would never suit up with as a teammate and one who complained about his snaps and brought Maclin into it? I guess that’s the kind of guy he likes

  51. Thanks for writing this so I didn’t have to. Stephen Smith has always made a living playing “Angry Black Man.” I don’t like saying that, but he knows where his bread is buttered. He’s a grievance merchant for race, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. It’s what gives them relevance. He needs to be “Stephen A Dismissed.”

  52. Got himself a new contract some fancy new threads now he’s back on solid ground after talkin smack about women. Has to be the most insane comment of the day. Give him so more time off.

  53. Those last two paragraphs are a work of art. They absolutely destroy Smith’s pathetic attempt at race-baiting.

    Smith and his partner in crime, Skip Bayless, have become caricatures of themselves on that horrible show, trying to outdo each other in the controversy department. If you’re watching that show, for God’s sake, stop.

  54. As I’m writing this im telling myself not to but I can’t help it, there’s so much real racism in the world that needs exposure and this big mouth scumbag thinks it’s chip Kelly and Jeff lurie?! Why don’t you point the finger at your own media colleagues if you’re gonna play that card…how many Africans died via boko haram and got limited media attention? Like 2,000 people? I know he’s a sports reporter but if he really wants to play the race card, go into real news but oh wait, he’s not a good enough writer, shock reporting doesn’t work in the real world …

  55. So how is it racist to trade a RB who happens to be black and replace him with another RB (Gore) who also happens to be black?
    SAS yes Cooper is still there but I bet they didn’t let the old WR go for giving the job to Cooper. I would bet his replacement WR isn’t on the roster and I bet good money the player will be african american.

    SAS it isn’t a race issue he is making moves for what he thinks is better is for the team. And I am no Chip fan.

  56. Stephen A. Smith is a racist who needs to be fired and never allowed to comment on anything. I mean this is only the 100th time the guy has been out of line. If Steven A Smith was white man and said this about a black coach he would be fired tomorrow.

  57. The only time I want to hear the voice of Stephen A. Smiff is when it’s coming from a comedian who’s doing an impression of him and mocking him. Otherwise I have no use for him.

  58. Hmmm. Smith might have a point. Wait!
    Lol. I forgot he’s partner is Skippy Bailess. Two guys I don’t take seriously. Im Brown and I can that his Stephen A Smith talking again so just laugh it off

  59. Someone needs to tell that Uncle Tom POS that every time he hears the racist dog whistle and trumpets it across the airwaves, he makes it that much harder for everyone who experiences actual racism to speak out.

  60. Yeah espn.
    All the deflategate stuff was covered the same way. “Im not saying its true, but i heard someone say blah blah blah”.
    Espn needs to stick to highlights and amusing comments about highlights.

  61. No You are the racist here Stephen A. you are the only one who spent time coming up with this garbage. Its free agency, There is plenty of other stuff to write about. Im so tired of seeing all his B S all over SC .

  62. Me and a buddy of mine were talking yesterday and wondering who would be the first idiot to bring this up. I had Skippy and he had SAS…….so I guess we both win, since Skippy agreed with him.

    First Take is garbage television, yet so predictable.

  63. Oh I forgot, Jordan Matthews isn’t going to be a stud or anything. This clown should be hanging with Al Sharpton… Always stirring crap up.

  64. Smith hints Kelly’s a racist. Bayless implies Troy Aikman is gay. Both should be fired and ESPN should just reboot First Take with new hosts.

  65. Lol. Racism in the NFL would win you nothing. Absurd.

    Chip kelly has a formula. It involves not paying a RB much and getting his type of WR. It might backfire but the pats do okay with so so RBs and WRs. Seattle has no name WRs.

  66. Stephen A. Smith has a great gig. He can say inflammatory things, get himself buzz for a couple days, and then never have to suffer any consequences if he’s wrong. It all just fades away over time. I can’t stand the guy, but you have to admit that he’s got a sweet gig. Get paid a lot of money, unload your thoughts about people you don’t like, and skip merrily on your way.

  67. I accuse Stephen A. Smith of being a racist, based on his openly rooting for the Seahawks to beat the Patriots in SB XLIX.

    It’s obvious that Smith wanted the Seahawks to win because he wanted to see the black QB, Russell Wilson, beat the white QB, Tom Brady.

    Now granted, I have absolutely no evidence to support this theory. But that’s the great thing about the race card…you don’t need any evidence. Just whip out the race card and start firing off unsubstantiated accusations.

    Seriously though, what other reason coudl Smith have had for rooting for the Seahawks? It’s got to be racism, doesn’t it?

  68. Racism is alive and well in the US today:

    1. In Ferguson, MO (and many other towns) that has two systems of justice, one for blacks and one for whites.

    2. In universities in Arizona and Oklahoma where racist parties and chants are not an aberration.

    3. In incarceration rates across the country that imprison young black men at multiples of their white counterparts and then use those prison records to disenfranchise and strip those young men of any real opportunity to make a life and a living, and

    4. In a political party that sent no representatives to commemorate the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” in Selma.

    However, the NFL, like the military, is one of the most inclusive organizations when it comes to race because, on the playing field (not in ownership, administration, or the television suites) it is a true meritocracy. Sorry, Stephen A. Smith, dumping players that demand the salaries that McCoy, Jackson, and Macklin is prudent, not racist.

  69. So, he gets rid of 3 black players and now he is racist? Nevermind the fact he JUST signed a black RB and a black CB. Not to mention he drafted a black WR. This isn’t even a discussion, this is the most idiotic argument EVER. Wow, if Rob Parker gets fired over calling someone a “cornball brother” then SAS should get fired because this was WAY worse.

  70. What I find most offensive with this is ESPN allowing Smith to come out and say this.

    Journalistic integrity be damned, let’s call somebody a racist because he got rid of one player who’s ego is so large he dropped a ball before scoring a touchdown to celebrate early.

    And then he got rid of a running back who he’s beaten into the ground and had more success with his backup last year.

    I’m pretty sure Riley Cooper isn’t the only person in the locker room who’s said the N-word. If black players were held to the same standard as white players, they’d ALL be racist too.

    For a guy who i’ve really liked in the past Stephen A. Smith comes across as a garbage tabloid journalist on this one.

  71. This is ESPN. Why does anyone actually get their info from that organization? I literally don’t understand. That whole network is built on lies, fabrications, un-intelligent opinions and clickbait.

  72. If any white talking head implied that a black coach was a racist, they would have been suspended or fired by COB today.

    Hope Chip Kelly ,The Eagles and the NFL react to this implied accusation that ESPN is putting out there that they have a racist white guy in charge of one of their franchises in the Mid Atlantic.

  73. “SAS never mentioned race in this segment”

    YES, he did…albeit implicitly.

    He said that Kelly was “making brothers uncomfortable”. He also made it a point to mention Riley Cooper.

    In other words, he strongly suggested that Kelly is a racist without coming right out and saying the word.

    With all due respect, if you can’t see that you’re a moron.

  74. Stephen A. Smith is an obnoxious clown whose ignorant drivel is only matched by his counterpart Skip Bayless. Who really cares what either of these buffoons has to say??

  75. I live in philly and plenty of people ARE saying “what’s up with chip?” But not a single one of them have related these moves to racial motivation. Maybe a few have, but they probably relate EVERYTHING to racial motivations. SAS has been the worst for quite a while now

  76. First of all, I don’t vote! 2nd of all, do you see the hypocrisy??? If all you watch is NBC or CNN, you probably think every white person is racist… Getting ridiculous!

  77. I watched this because i am at home today. First SAS was clearly trying to bring the convo to this and everyone else oin the set was like umm no .. even skip bayless …. and he’s the guy who called Herrimens a key to the Oline even though he has sucked for 3 years including last year which he played like 3 games….

    These two have ZERO football or any sports knowledge. Seriously ESPN would be better served doing a show where they just a pull a guy out of a bar from different cities and have them argue everyday…

    That being said i do like the show His and Hers. Both hosts seem to try and stay in reality as opposed to whatever first take is trying to be….

  78. Steve A. Smith has 0 to zero credibility in my eyes. Loves to trash others while he maintains his slate is error free. I don’t know why The Mothership continues to write this idiot checks.

  79. This is not even the dumbest thing he’s ever said. Just think about how amazing that is.

  80. In a 7 person draft class last year they had 4 black players selected and they were the first 4 picked.

    Traded for Darren Sproles.

    Signed Malcolm Jenkins and Nolan Carroll among others and re-signed Maclin and Nate Allen last year.

    About to sign Gore and Maxwell this year.

    And let’s not forget that literally every single team in the league has started the year by not re-signing or cutting a black player…and plenty of white ones to.

    Steven A doesn’t even realize he’s actually the problem.

  81. One sided people. One group can’t say a word and the other group can make outrageous claims like this…. welcome to America!

  82. Ok, you have 2 guys running for the spot of watching out for every ones family. One guy has run business/payroll for employees, has a clear record where you can find out about him. Papers, grades, etc. The other guys resume has “community organizer”, with nothing else, no college records, never employed anyone. The ONLY other thing anyone knew/knows, is that he is 1/2 black. My point is that SAS, will not look at the person first, he looks at color first. B/c of this, his opinion to me means less than nothing.

  83. “How come Chip Kelly will only accept head coaching jobs with teams that use bird mascots?! Its causes he’s RACISTS thats why!!! THIS IS NOT HYPERBOLE!! We needa do something bout this!” – Stephen A. Smith

  84. “However, the NFL, like the military, is one of the most inclusive organizations when it comes to race because, on the playing field (not in ownership, administration, or the television suites) it is a true meritocracy. Sorry, Stephen A. Smith, dumping players that demand the salaries that McCoy, Jackson, and Macklin is prudent, not racist.”
    Maybe you’re too young to recall the days of nearly an “all white” NFL.

    But the reality is the NFL moved to a majority black player league because of SPEED…who else was the NFL going to get to cover the Bob Hayes of the league but another “brother?”

    Still, where would the Boston Celtics have been without Bill Russell, who was as radically “black” as any player of his generation any where.

  85. Totally irresponsible. The majority of the league is black. When you churn a roster like Kelly is churning his, you’re going to move some black players out. You’re also going to add some black players,which Kelly did.

  86. When is SAS going to have to be accountable for his actions, he should be fired. Look at the percentage of blacks in the NFL, I don’t see all the white sports commentators yelling racism. as a White person this is the exact type actions on racism that totally mystifies me, typical black comment when someone does not like a certain situation blame it on race. SAS has shown he is as racist as it gets, his holy then thou attitude because he knows the English language. He needs to be taken down and ESPN should address this. Not the first time SAS overrides his mouth. can you imagine a Whiter announcer saying to many white player drafted by a coach. The world would come to an end,

  87. that’s just a stupid thing for him to think or say because if he was racist then Gore wouldn’t have been signed and they wouldn’t signed Maxwell or other black players either. i dont think it’s racism, that’s just stupid, i think Chip Kelly is just trying to mold “his own” team which seems to have a thunder and lightning attack at running back (Gore and Sproles) with bigger WRs and (if he’s able to) get a mobile QB.

  88. The real racist is S.A.S. He hates white people as much as he hates Blacks and Latinos. I just lost 3 mins of my LIFE that I’ll never get back. Don’t suspend Smith. Just fire him

  89. Honestly, Stephen A. Smoth should not be allowed by ESPN to make such ridiculous comments, even indirectly, when it is clearly an unsupported accusation. The problem is, ESPN benefits from the publicity of an idiotic comment because now everyone has to go see what dumb thing SAS will say next. Sports fans complaining about SAS will not change anything. People employed within ESPN need to call out SAS for ESPN to really take notice.


  91. I don’t believe Chip Kelly is a Racist. A hole yes but not a Racist. I think the BS about DeSean Jackson being affiliated with gangs without offering any definitive proof was an unnecessary ruse to get rid of him so I would say to Chip Kelly, now you know how DeSean feels!

  92. Mr. Smith knows that this sort of comment will get people excited. It’s his way of promoting his show and himself. Please don’t buy into it.

  93. I used to love First Take, but I don’t even bother with that show anymore. Stephen A has a clear agenda on that show to attack any percieved slights to his race. He’s lucky to have that puppet Skip next to him to sit there and take it all. Time to show Stephen A the door, or better yet cancel First Take and bring back Cold Pizza with Jay Crawford–oh wait, that would make ESPN racist!

  94. ramitbaby says:
    Mar 9, 2015 2:01 PM

    seriously though…Stephen A is so racist against white people

  95. Kudos to PFT for calling Smith out on this garbage. Sometimes you’re not always sure where PFT will land on these controversial topics, but you guys got this one right.

  96. Why does this guy have a job on TV? If I’m Chip Kelly, I take legal action for just INSINUATING this.

    This is REAL racism at work…and it’s coming from Stephen A. Smith.

    Ball is in your court, ESPN.

  97. Did he ever think he was just getting rid of a few locker room cancers? These are players from the past regime…

  98. Shame on PFT for writing this article. Steven A. will say anything for attention, we all know that. The guy’s an idiot and his opinions shouldn’t be shared with the public.

  99. Fire this moron, already. The main reason I don’t watch ESPN is due to their pathetic programming. You cannot escape their stupidity, even if you don’t watch!

  100. Smith is not a brother first off. First Take and ESPN are so far left leaning they would fall off the table were it not for ABC money filtered from billionaire progressives. Stop this race crap. Look at what Obama has done-worst race relations ever. Guys like Smith want everyone to believe that whites are racist–fact is only a small group still are. I think by way of a presidential election, without the white vote Obama loses. Clearly Smith is a clear racist. By the way, blacks dominate football now, whites are a minority. Baseball now has a great many players from other countries like Central America, Latino islands, Japan and Korea making both white and blacks minorities in their own MLB organization.

  101. I don’t know why anyone would even watch First Take. It’s awful. Not Smith so much, but that other goon.

  102. I don’t like one of my neighbors.

    About me:


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  103. 1phillyphan says:
    Mar 9, 2015 2:07 PM

    The real racist is S.A.S. He hates white people as much as he hates Blacks and Latinos. I just lost 3 mins of my LIFE that I’ll never get back. Don’t suspend Smith. Just fire him


    you should have just stopped reading after seeing Smith’s name. save yourself 2 min and 55 seconds

  104. I guess it would take one to know one. Isn’t that right SAS?

    TMZSPN is complete joke and anyone who takes this idiot seriously is a fool. He’s in the business of race-baiting, not reporting.

  105. The ONLY racist involved in this commentary is Stephan A Smith. His entire commentary was devoid of any real evidence of racism. If I were Kelly, I’d be looking for a lawyer to sue. It was a typical ESPN hatchet job. It’s all they are good for recently

  106. SAS has aligned himself with other notable racists like Al Sharpton. Good job SAS…

    You’re just a show and your opinion doesn’t matter worth a damn.

  107. Makes no sense. Not only is the racism angle completely false and ridiculous but he doesn’t even consider team building and salary issues. Sounds more like Smith attempting to get some street cred back after being called an Uncle Tom for being critical of Josh Gordon. Smith and Bayless are unwatchable/listenable hacks and should just go away.

  108. this is why the only burn he really gets is during the day where only unemployed people and housewives can hear his nonsensical ramblings.

  109. You know what…. SAS is an idiot. He should be fired. But i see a ton of racist comments just on this blog right here right now. Some of you need to really re-read what you wrote and perhaps check with in yourselves ….

  110. If I’m reading spotrac correctly, cutting Cooper last year would have resulted in an 8 million cap hit. This year, 6.2 million. Next year, 2.4 million.

    Guess when he’s getting cut?

  111. How does this guy have a job? I guess he’d know a racist when he sees one, being he is one. Calling RG3 a cornball bc he doesn’t portray himself as ignorant is an example of Steven a smiths self loathing. Just another man contributing to the suppression of his people, ignorance isn’t an excuse.

  112. You can’t make this stuff up! Stephen A. Smith get a clue.

    If Chip Kelly was racist he would not make a living in a sport that is and has been dominated by people of color for years!

  113. Hearing this nonsense from Stephen A is suprising, considering he said he did not approve of the tone of conversation a couple years ago when a black commentator implied that RG3 isn’t really black because he voted Republican and was dating a white woman. Now he flips and infers that taking Riley Cooper over any black WR makes Chip Kelly a racist?

    Stephen A must have just recieved a memo from Al Sharpton reminding him that as a black man on TV, Stephen A has a sworn duty to find racism in every move of every white guy, even if you have to invent it out of thin air.

  114. “Isn’t the NFL like 80% african american? This is the dumbest thing he could have possibly said….
    No sir, they are black. There is no such thing as “african American”. You’re one or the other.

  115. Steve Smith is this your own thoughts are did Al Sharpton tell you to say these things? The coffers at National Action Network must be drying up. Gotta stir up another controversy to take advantage of.

  116. Smith has been yesterday’s news for quote a while. Ignore him. You’ll be smarter for it.

  117. As a Dallas Cowboys superfan, I’m happy to say that Stephen A. Smith is a jack–! He’s been notoriously wrong throughout the 2014 season and he’ll continue to be wrong throughout 2015. What really upsets Smith is all of the rebuilding. Adjusting to what Kelly wants this team to become won’t allow them to go to the SuperBowl or win the NFC East in the next 2-3 years, and it’s eating him up inside. And to use race as the reason really shows you how weak of an NFL commentator he really is. In closing, AP to Da’ Boys in 2015, and….HOWBOUTDEMCOWBOYS!

  118. The absurdity of Smith’s premise makes me laugh out loud. “Let’s see, I want to build a really great NFL team that will eventually win the Super Bowl. But I want to do it with only white players…yeah, that’s the ticket!”

  119. Comcast scrambled expanded basic channels about 5 years ago and demanded that I pay them an additional $9 a month – PER TV – to continue receiving channels like ESPN.

    So I’ve been happily ESPN-free for about 5 years now.

  120. Why is everyone so excited? Its ESPNs First Take right? Someone took it seriously??? Really??? First Take makes the National Enquirerer and ET Tonight seem like the Wall Street Journal. Its all just nonsense.

  121. How irresponsible for SAS to make this assumption about Kelly! Accusations and no substance to back them up! SAS is the real Racist!

  122. Yup. Obviously a racist. Dumps a black running back. Signs white running back Frank Gore.

    What’s that? Frank Gore is black? And he’s the pounding, straight-ahead type of runner whose game is complemented by that of Darren Sproles?


    Steve, fill me in on this racism thing again.

  123. Please tell me how this guy still has a job? I mean he tries to talk like he knows everything yet he knows nothing which makes him even look more ridiculous.

  124. SAS is truly a clown. Just an entertainer who can’t entertain with expert analysis so he has to make stuff up to stay relevant.

  125. Chip Kelly is not a racist but he has no idea what the hell he’s doing. He’s a wannabe Bill Belichick, but unlike the players Belichick lets go of, Kelly is getting rid of players that still have a lot left in the tank. It makes no sense. It’s amateur hour in Philly and Kelly is destroying the Eagles and getting rid of all the talent. Sounds like he just wants to build Oregon East. Perhaps the Eagles can join the Pac-10.

  126. He is nothing but a clown and should be ignored completely. Giving him any attention at all for this nonsense just encourages him.

  127. People want to hate on SAS so much, they’re not paying attention to see if he’s making a valid point.

    Watch the discussion, make you’re own opinion… don’t read a headline and then assume you know the issue. Well, unless you want to be a troll.

    He wasn’t calling Kelly a racist… he was saying that Kelly has made questionable decisions that have given the perception that things aren’t on the up and up.

    And, EVERYONE on that panel agreed with him!!

    Give me thumbs down for applying some logic and not blindly hating SAS if you want, but the man has an opinion, gets paid to give it, and probably doesn’t care if you agree or not.

  128. ESPN should suspend Smith for this. If anything, Smith is the racist, because he’d never say this if Chip was African American.

  129. A person who is not racist wouldn’t even notice it. The mere fact that he’s looking at things from this angle speaks volumes about his own character.

  130. I’m far from a conservative far right winger and am very sensitive to real racism as one who has experience a lot of racism and am an advocate for minorities. That said, Stephen A Smith is waaaaay off base here. His comments are insulting to minorities who actually experience and suffer from racism. Smith deserves all the scorn he gets. I always thought he was the more reasonable one compared to Skip Bayless, but now he’s worse.

  131. Stephen A Smith is Flat out on Point!! white folks are Hilarious! face up to the Truth!! you keep the White Guy who Used the N Word venomously I might say but you get rid of Players that qre supposed to be Problems because they spoke up to Chip Kelly! Why was A Average Rilley Cooper Kept on the Roster after That?

  132. Yes because Kelly should by all means hire more black players that will eff up and end up in jail or beating their wife or kid or have weed or guns in their car. Oh and by the way, ANY NFL coach would hire Marvin the Martian if they thought it could help them win. Steven Smith is such a douche.

  133. Chip Kelly is….

    -In love with almost all Oregon ducks player
    -A football genius Or the worst thing happened to the eagles (Time will tell if the recent moves will pan out)

    But a racist… nah!!!

  134. “YES, he did…albeit implicitly.

    He said that Kelly was “making brothers uncomfortable”. He also made it a point to mention Riley Cooper.

    In other words, he strongly suggested that Kelly is a racist without coming right out and saying the word.

    With all due respect, if you can’t see that you’re a moron.”

    patsrule59 (a New England fan of course), “brothers” isnt necessarily a racial term

  135. Or…MAYBE when SAS says culture, he actually means culture. Maybe Chip Kelly is trying to promote a collegiate culture of players open to coaching and getting rid of the high maintenance, high ego players in the lockerroom. Maybe Chip Kelly prefers to work with gym rats rather than divas. Maybe SAS isn’t actually racist, but in fact you are for trying to inject race into SAS’s words.

  136. I don’t like Chip or how he runs a team but calling it racism is way off base. He’s just a idiot not a racist.

  137. I saw Stephen A Smith filming some garbage for whatever show he was on at the time about 10 years in Times Square. I am white and I was walking with my girlfriend at the time who was black. He looked at me, her, me, her and finally me again. He shot the dirtiest look I’ve seen any stranger ever give me. I’m not surprised. He is a giant hypocrite and I’ve never respected anything he has ever said.

  138. For those of you that don’t know This guy (aka George Jefferson) use to be a writer for a philly newspaper. He was SO bad at it the ESPN decided to hire him. He is a total tool as other poster have mentioned. This kind of guy is the real racist. All that he is doing is trying to get his name out there

  139. I’m a big fan of Stephan A. on First Take and in general I like Stephan A. But this was just a plain dumb thing for him to say. If this thing blows up media wise, Stephan A. Smith could find himself no longer employed by ESPN. Its no small matter insinuating an NFL head coach is a racist.

  140. Never saw the show… never will. For the life of me I don’t how anyone can.

    Smith and Bayless are the very worst thing about ESPN and the current state of sports journalism. Ratings talk. If you watch the show, the show stays on the air.

  141. Yes, I’m sure Chip Kelly’s whole plan is to field an all-white team. Because there are so few minorities in professional sports.

    This is pure headline grabbing, nothing more. I can’t believe for a second that SAS really believes this. This same accusation could be made against any team, based on roster moves.

  142. The world always looks skewed when you have your head up your rectum and are looking through your navel, right Stephen A !!!!!

  143. The race card is the only thing keeping Stephen A. relevant. The ironic thing is Mr. Smith is just as guilty if not even more so of stereotyping than those he falsely calls out.

  144. Why can’t ESPN fire this dude already? I’d sign up for Cable right now if ESPN fired BOTH Smith & Bayless today.They’re two tools that don’t fit in the toolbox.

  145. Has anyone seen the Grumpy Cat & Screaming Goat Show!? Apparently not! And the hot female reporters that are on it, too! Thank you, Disney Marketing!

  146. Anyone who’s in a continuous state of butthurt about his lot in life is a backwards-looking person who will never move past that place.

    He will always find it easy to blame some external or societal element for why he cannot improve his lot. This way, he never has to make an effort at self improvement.

    Human laziness.

  147. 249 comments and counting..looks like Mr Smith has succeeded in his desire for attention. Smh.

  148. Why not? About fifteen years ago, you had racists like Jesse Jackson questioning why Green Bay fired Ray Rhodes, and did not interview a black candidate.

  149. “you’ve got brothers walking the streets going like ‘What’s up with Chip?” Well if brothers walking the street are thinking it, it must be fact.

  150. I’m black and I’m embarrassed for Mr. Smith. What makes this really bad is if something truly racist does happen and he says something about it, no one will believe him.

  151. There is no proof that Chip Kelly is racist and I doubt he is. But the Eagles image is very close to being tarnished.
    Keeping Riley Cooper was a bad move. Not good for the media or the fans. Accusing DeSean Jackson of being in a gang. If Chip Kelly does not make the playoffs and WIN a playoff game then he should be fired for getting rid of a talented squad that won 10 games in 2013 and won the division, and if they had DeSean last year then they probably beat out the Cowboys for the division. Chip Kelly is not a racist but his moves are questionable. Personally I think the Eagles will probably go 6-10 and Chip will be fired.

  152. It definitely sounds like Stephen A Smith that if you aren’t black you must be white.

  153. Talk about lazy and reckless commentating. I’d agree that there are a few times that S.A.S makes some valid points (far and few between), but his viewpoint in this case is absurd. While we are wondering why ESPN continues to employ this nincompoop, stop and realize this is ESPN, they sold out of credibility long ago.

  154. Stephen A. Smith can’t find his rear end using both hands and a GPS.

    Enough is enough. First smack talk about women and now the race card. This guy is an ugly, ugly human being.

  155. Maybe Chip is getting rid of the players that have prima-donna attitudes that conflict with a TEAM FIRST attitude.
    Based on NFL history it seems evident that AA athletes are more prone to that type of behavior.

    Wasn’t there a recent shooting & murder with Chris Jonhson ???

    I wonder what the arrest record for AA athletes is compared to others?

  156. SAS was racist 16 years ago and still is. He is a sack of —- that shouts the crap with personality, reporting, and biased living, “brothers walking the streets going like”.
    Every decision made is for team, not for Me, Me, Me. Enough already, fire him!

  157. Smith is an idiot, we all know it. But it does make you question just what Chip is doing with that team. How do you let your best playmakers walk and then trade a top 5 RB for a LB coming off of his second acl tear? Sooner or later, especially if they start losing, players and fans alike will start questioning his decision on letting dynamic play makers walk or hit the market. So far he seems like a coach who can’t or doesn’t want to handle some of the outspoken or maybe even unstable players. That won’t endear him to his players. As a leader of men you have to be able to man manage and it doesn’t seem like he can handle star players who aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

  158. It’s SENSATIONALISM guys, that’s what they base their whole show off of. “Embrace debate”? Really? It’s just two guys taking something that’s seemingly meaningless, yelling at each other, and then taking a commercial break…Then doing the same thing over and over for 2 hours a day. These guys aren’t analysts, they’re sensationalists.

    Now to the actual article…Stephen A may not have accused Chip Kelly of being a racist, but he certainly IMPLIED it. In my personal opinion that’s ridiculous. I’m not saying that racism as a whole still isn’t an issue today, but Chip Kelly? Really? He trades Lesean McCoy who didn’t succeed in that offense last year for some much needed help on defense, and that makes him a racist? C’mon, even for First Take that’s over the line.

  159. You know what is really sad about this entire fiasco. Smith got EXACTLY what he wanted. Just look at this post. 250 comments in less than 2 hours.

    It’s not about WHAT you say. It’s not even about whether anyone agrees with you. It’s just about the clicks and comments. That is ALL that matters these days…..and it is sad.

  160. Smith is really grasping at straws here. You can question some of Kelly’s moves, but there’s no way you can tie racism to them…..especially considering that he’s replacing McCoy and Cary Williams with two black players and will undoubtedly replace Maclin with a black player. Using Riley Cooper as a poster child for Kelly being racist is really a stretch. EVERYONE who follows the NFL questions why Riley Cooper is still on the team and Maclin and DeSean Jackson aren’t…..but the one thing for sure is that its not because Kelly wants white players in his locker room. He wants players who he feels are going to help him win…its quite as simple as that.

  161. SAS needs to really shut his mouth. The entire controversial image he is trying to portray is making him look dumber…and dumber..

  162. What a loser. Who even watches Fist Take anyway? This guy and Bayless together on one set? Puke! Might as well call it amateur hour. Neither one of these guys ever has a good take on anything, and I am convinced that show is 100% fake. They think of these absurd takes just to stir it up and get attention. SAS has been blatantly racist over his entire career. Dude is the Al Sharpton of sports. Go away.

  163. Way before Chip Kelly took over as head coach, I thought the Eagles had too many Me! Me! Me! players, and was the reason even with championship talent, they couldn’t win any championships (super bowls) In my opinion what Kelly is doing besides bringing in players that fit his system, is getting rid of the Me! Me! Me! players in order to create a more team oriented culture. Its as simple as that, period, end of story.

  164. Really the “R” word. Come do not lower yourself. Guy wants to win, he is after players that will conform to his style.
    Way to lose respect Smith

  165. There is more to racism than just whites vs blacks etc. Regardless, I think SAS is reaching. D. Jackson wasn’t the most mature guy in the world. McCoy is a costly RB and its proven you don’t need a workhorse to win it all. Maclin tore up his knee and is not a gamebreaking player. All of them were at the point where they potentially were beginning to decline. All of them were brought in under the ORIGINAL Andy Reid regime. They didn’t win.

    I have ZERO problem with Chip keeping and releasing whomever he wants and putting his stamp on the team. Why should he have to win with what was in place. What was in place didn’t win a thing.

    Btw, I’m black so the race card doesn’t fly.

  166. Clearly shows the Smith is more of a racist than Kelly is… wow… I was not really a fan of Smith before, but now…forget about him….

  167. What it really is, and there’s no way SAS would say this, its not just that the big name players that left were black. Obviously, Chip is bringing black players to the team. Its that there’s brothers leaving the Eagles without getting their big pay. That’s SAS’s real beef, and at the core of why black people would be upset about this. I remember listening to ESPN radio, and though the segment was about basketball players, the ex-NBA player they were interviewing (maybe Barkley?) was asked about the controversy of Kobe not taking a pay cut. The player, and sorry I forget his name, literally came right out and said that all black basketball players should aim to get as much money as possible basically because the money generally comes from white folk (most owners are white, sponsors, etc.). It was almost as if the money the players were getting somehow helped equal out racial inequality in the “real world” (as opposed to the sports world). Like it was reparations. If the black guy doesn’t get his big pay day, and is dealt to another team (even if that other team pays him the same or more), the team that dealt him is therefore run by racists. So, I’m willing to bet that at the core of SAS’s argument, its really just about 3 brothers that didn’t get their big pay day. They all three are obviously talented guys. I wish the Eagles did keep at least Maclin. But you have way too much emotional bias if you think any of these moves were charged by Chip Kelly’s racism. Its all about doing what you can to manage a team within a system. It doesn’t matter what color the player is if you can’t / don’t want to pay him. But arguing with this type of bias will never work. Some opinions are just built into people’s DNA, and confirmation bias just further ingrains their beliefs.

  168. He’s racist for letting black players leave, even though he also release Herremans and Casey, who are white, and all the players he brought in were black? There is a serious disconnect from reality and logic here. You can always spot a racist when they ignore facts and focus only on race.

  169. The race card is so overplayed that it is really nothing but comedy. Situations don’t matter, some black person with an audience, whether it be Al Sharpton or Steve Smith, immediately play the race card and it HAS to be racism. It’s nothing but the other side of the race card itself. It clouds REAL instances of racism because you have to wonder “Oh no, not another ‘Dats Racist!’ claim” Absoutely sickening.

  170. I’m not kidding when I say this…guys like Stephen A. Smith, Sharpton, even our President (to some degree) are more dangerous to the black community than handguns or crack. Their creation and reenforcement of a blameless victim society is the root cause of most of the problems in this country, and not just in the black communities either.

  171. But, but, but… I thought we were living in a post-racial society since the election of BHO?

  172. One more thing, ESPN better wake up and get their ducks in a row. When the time comes to fire Stevie, you know he’s pulling out the race card and filing a lawsuit.


  173. Look, racist people tend to see racism everywhere. There was a time some years ago that people were ready to call the Boston Red Sox front office “racist” because they saw the team as favoring “white” players (to be fair, it was a largely non-minority roster at the time, but it was coincidence). Take a look at Boston’s roster today, and you’ll see that the accusation rings false today.

    One of the reasons I most love sports is because it is the closest institution we have to being free from racism. Because it exists in our culture and society, it isn’t totally devoid of racism, but if you are a true fan who cares about quality play and winning you would be an UTTER FOOL to be racist.

  174. 27.,66% of players are white 1.59% are Asian and 1.06% are Latino but Chip Kelly is a racist because of the salary cap.

  175. He didn’t say anything about Race so I don’t understand the gripe here??? Somebody should have used the Race card on those deplorable racist at Sigma Alpha Epsilon.. And I actually believed racism skipped the Millennials, I guess I was wrong. After seeing that incident and reading the Ferguson MO e-mail’s, the race card should be a permanent fixture in the deck!

  176. So that’s the new criteria? If blacks don’t understand why a white guy does something, he must be racist.

    Players are employees. You want to keep your job, do what makes the boss want to keep you. Stop trying to say it’s racism, so you don’t have to take responsibility.

  177. Whose brother is Smith taking about?

    Mark Sanchez is as white as they come

    So he’s suggesting Kelly wants to do away with black players? OK, right, got that…

    The way they got rid of Jackson was bone headed…got nothing for him like suddenly.

  178. jimmy the greek got fired for less..stevie should be fired period..but he won’t because the system doesn’t work that way..

  179. I think Stephen’s real beef is with “keeping” Riley Cooper with his personal racial issues. He IS a racist and just took the steps to clean up his image in order to not be jettisoned out of the league. If he were cut ALONG with DJax, Maclin and McCoy then all the distorted perceptions would be defused.

  180. If I didn’t hate First Fake so much, I would tune in tomorrow to see how fast the brass makes him backtrack.
    I just don’t have it in me to make it through enough of that contrived garbage to get to his apology.
    Screamin’ A Smith and Skip Bayless are the two worst when it comes to journalistic integrity. Both have sold their souls and careers to the devil to make this show. To put them both on the samw show at the same time is like fingernails on a chalkboard;

  181. “Chip Kelly is just changing the culture of the Eagles, the only way Chip can do it is by bringing in the players he wants and releasing those that haven’t adapted.”
    Might the “adaptation” you’re referring to have something to do with CK forcing players to go full speed on Saturdays, the day BEFORE their Sunday games???

    Oh yeah, that’s just brilliant. So much for being ready to play at your peak level in the actual game. But you looked good in practice so you have that goin’ for ya!

  182. Other then QB position, why do certain NFL players feel that they are entitled to $15mil – $20mil a year and the other team players should be content with base salary?

  183. Ah Stephen A., one of the many reasons I no longer watch ESPN for anything but the games themselves. Now watch the ESPN people defend him, because they think he brings in viewers. As for his comments……well the facts clearly don’t bear them out, but then again he’s no longer a journalist. He’s the sports version of Bill O’Reilly, a pathetic clown. Oops, sorry, I must be racist for criticizing Stephen A. I mean how dare I?

  184. Steven A Smith is simply an Eagles fan who is pissed because Kelly got rid of three good players that would have helped them win but he didnt consult with Smith before doing so to explain his reasoning for moving them.I guess the almighty SAS just isnt as privy as he believed he was in how the Eagles run their team.

  185. Im a Brotha,card carrying rebel without a pause dont live in Philly though, two cities down.But that thought never crossed my mind.The Brothaz in Philly are like whats up with that?

    Maybe Chip is just Cheap?

  186. Also, stating that certain players are latino, are black does not equate to someone being racist or not. This is prototypical for non minorities to hide behind the fact that racism exist. I work with individuals who hired African americans but are still racist. Any educated rational person understood what SAS was implying. Stop trying to turn the blog into Fox News.

  187. It is about color, Green

    Did anyone see the contracts DeSean, Maclin, and now McCoy are going to sign? $$$ It’s the nature of sports when players get older they move on and let’s face it McCoy looked like he lost it last year.

    It makes me laugh how upset the comments are about SAS. That’s exactly what he’s going for…attention.

  188. I actually like Stephen A. He wears his heart on his sleeve, but he’s entertaining and provocative. He is just reporting on what he hears from the street in Philadelphia. I think it’s a bogus claim, but I also believe that sentiment could exist among black Eagles fans who love McCoy, Jackson, and Maclin.


    SAS is a moron.
    Frank Gore is black.

    And ESPN is losing viewers to CBS, Fox Sports-1, and NBCSN because of idiocy like this.

  190. “Maybe Chip is getting rid of the players that have prima-donna attitudes that conflict with a TEAM FIRST attitude.
    Based on NFL history it seems evident that AA athletes are more prone to that type of behavior.

    Wasn’t there a recent shooting & murder with Chris Jonhson ???

    I wonder what the arrest record for AA athletes is compared to others?”
    So, do you think the NFL wants to return to the days of old of watching grass grow, aka the “all white league?”

    And bring back those hightops and helmut’s while you’re at it! Too funny….

  191. I think that Stephen A Smith’s ability to constantly find racism in everything that happens is deinitive proof that he himself is actually the racist here.

  192. I’m a Black guy yes, but I don’t see racism at every turn. Does it exist out here in the world? Yes, without a doubt, but it isn’t the first door that I am going to open – largely because it is difficult to impossible to prove in today’s world.

    Would I say that Riley Cooper is? Yes. One doesn’t use a word like the one he used and it be okay. I don’t think that it is the first time he’s used it – especially in anger. He’s used it before, because otherwise it wouldn’t even be in his mental rolodex to use. Chip Kelly’s moves on the other hand, you couldn’t say that about. It is probably closer to Kelly thinking it is his system which is a success, and not so much the expensive players in it, so why pay Maclin, McCoy, & Jackson top $$$ when cheaper players could do the same thing.

    Stephen A. Smith, lie his abrasive co-host deserve each other because they are both loud mouths who strive to be controvercial, because controversy sells better than news. That’s fine, I don’t fall into the trap and watch their show. I am wise enough to know that though racism can be anywhere, it isn’t a good idea to see it everywhere.

  193. Somehow my TV ends up on ESPN even though I hate the world wide leader. I am dropping cable solely because of ESPN. NFL Sunday Ticket here we go.

  194. “Also, stating that certain players are latino, are black does not equate to someone being racist or not. This is prototypical for non minorities to hide behind the fact that racism exist. I work with individuals who hired African americans but are still racist. Any educated rational person understood what SAS was implying. Stop trying to turn the blog into Fox News.”
    Great post….But, if you think about it from their perspective regarding “racism”, how could racism still exist especially if one has never been the victim of racism. In short, it’s not part of their reality…and after Obama, who they likely didn’t vote for, was elected folks want the “R” word swept under the rug…it seems.

  195. So 18% of the population makes up 80% of the NFL. May Chip is just playing the population game, and making it fair. Who is the real racist?

  196. So, apparently, Stephen A doesn’t believe that Marcus Smith, Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff, Jaylen Watkins, and Jordan Reynolds (Five of Philly’s first six picks last year), along with Benny Logan and Earl Wolff (2 of the first five picks the year before who get a good deal of playing time) and Kenjon Barner, picked up at the start of 2014 for a draft pick this year, are black.

    Not to mention Frank Gore who is about to sign with Philly and Byron Maxwell who is about to sign one of the largest CB contracts in NFL history – and Malcolm Jenkins, Darren Sproles, and Nate Allen from 2014 (so strange, I could have sworn those guys were not caucasian; maybe I’m seeing things).

  197. Hmm… last time I checked, isn’t Kenjon Barner: a “black” person, still on the team? Aren’t the Eagles about to sign Frank Gore: a “black” person? I mean… dude… Stephen A., what choo been smokin’, bruh?

  198. What’s this? SAS is saying something completely irrational and getting his name on headlines for it, say it ain’t so.

  199. Ok SAS, if Mike Tomlin of the Steelers, signs 10 players, and ALL of them are black……does that make him a “RACIST”?

    After all, he didn’t sign a single WHITE player, who are minorities in the NFL yet they have zero advocates b/c being white is politically offensive.

    Maybe NFL rules must be changed such that if 1 black player is signed, then a white/asian/samoan/hawaiian/native american player must be signed too.

    Affirmative action works BOTH ways SAS. See how you like it.

  200. Look the “Race Card” exists and is a major problem in this country. Huge problem on a daily basis for so many people. Its stories like this that get people fired up about things like affirmative action and the such. Its people taking it just one step too far.

  201. Does Stephen A Smith think LeGarette Blount is white?

    How about Dennis Dixon?
    Jeremiah Masoli?
    LaMichael James?
    DeAnthony Thomas?

  202. Look I will never say that R Cooper should be on the Eagles. If anyone remembers what really happened, the Eagles let go of MeShswn Jackson, a few weeks later Macin goes down with a season ending injury. So that left the tight ends and Riley Cooper and Sproles who is a RB. Cooper winds up having a very good year for a guy that was supposed to be gone until Maclin gets hurt. Eagles wind up signing him to be a backup to Maclin for this past year. Riley cooper goes back to being Riley Cooper this pas year and the Eagles are stuck with him. Wtf is so Racial about that. He was GONE till Maclin got hurt.

  203. I am sooooo sick of this crap. It’s always racisim isn’t it. The MEDIA is the biggest problem. Stir the pot and lets see what kind of story we can get out of it. Everything is not fair, life is not fair, people are not perfect so they are not fair. Both Blacks and Whites need to put a stop to this.

    Stop taking a situation and inflating it until you get a riot.

    I have had enough!

  204. seems as if smith forgot to talk about his being a racist in his rant. if he says otherwise then he is lying. anybody who makes such a big issue about a story like this has race issues, they just need an outlet for it because of their position and fear of losing their job. and anybody who thinks smith is n ot a racist needs to have their heads examined.

  205. F! SAS

    Every time he’s on the TV I turn him off, every time I hear his voice on the radio I turn him off, I have him blocked on Twitter. He registers a big fat ZERO to me and should to everyone else as well.

  206. This is desperate race-baiting nonsense. Nothing to see here at all.

    The reason he kept Cooper over all of those guys is that he’s the cheapest! All the other guys are either aging, damaged, or raging egomaniacs.

    And if there’s anything that he seems to be defining his “culture” by, it’s that: there’s no room for raging egomaniacs or divas on my team. I bet that’s why McCoy’s gone and Gore’s in. Everyone needs to buy into the system, and no one’s getting overpaid. It sounds fairly Patriots-like.

    And I say all of this as a liberal Cowboys fan.

  207. Guys like this render the word “racist” irrelevant. It used to mean something pretty concrete. Now it seems to mean “anyone who’s white and works with a few white people.”

  208. I used to love watching First Take but it didn’t take long for to know that both Skip and Stephen are absolute garbage outside basketball. As sports analysts they have no idea of what they’re doing. He called himself a preacher ordained by God and Skip called Tebow the next Brett Favre.I find these guys to be absurd and idiotic. When his argument is flawed and he has nothing to talk about he plays the race card.

  209. At what point do the media companies stop enabling this dope to keep running his mouth with inane bs? I would rather stick a pencil in both my ears and render myself deaf than to have to listen to SAS continue to try and cause controversy. He is the worst.

  210. At what point do the media companies stop enabling this dope to keep running his mouth with inane bs? I would rather stick a pencil in both my ears and render myself deaf than to have to listen to SAS continue to try and cause controversy. He is the worst.

  211. Why does he have a job? Does he say anything of value?
    Or does he just make stupid statements that other stupid people report about?

    Really, why is his opinion of more value than any of us dweebs commenting on a web blog?

    I’ve seen more thoughtful comments here then what pours out of his facial opening.

  212. I didn’t initially think of it as him bringing race into it, as i thought he meant a personality type or presence. I believe Smith is friendly with Jackson and Mccoy, and really dislikes Cooper, so he possibly let his emotions get the best of his common sense (though that seems too common for espn personalities).

    It seems that chip wants dudes that will not question him and won’t steer any players away from what he thinks. Seems similar to the pats in that way. He just better make sure to win like the pats do too.

  213. GOD can please move on from everything and everyone being racist for an EXCUSE

  214. Byron Maxwell
    Frank Gore

    I could keep going…, Stephen A Smith is lucky breathing is an autonomic function, otherwise, he’s so stupid he’d fall over dead

  215. Frankly as a man void of any racial hatred I am appalled by Mr. Smith’s comments. To assume a coach making decisions based upon financial and team reasons is racist, and disgusting. Business is business it can be debated but unless there is serious cause to prove racism, any reporter with any sense should refrain to comment. However, I do understand Smith has made controversial and idiotic calls in the past and says a lot of things for that I assume would have to be only for attention. Otherwise he is just plain dumb. I think his lunacy gets ESPN’s ratings up so normally they approve, but I think everyone can agree this crosses the line. I also am led to believe that he himself may be a racist. I don’t believe his use of the term “brotha” (to describe fellow black males) to fuel hate is appropriate behavior. Personally I have always felt that in this world everyone has gotta be your brother, or the term makes no sense and therefore should not be used by anyone in a professional setting

  216. The best way to eradicate racism from the NFL is to reverse the ratio.

    Have 29 Black Head Coaches and 3 White head Coaches AND 87.5% of players should be White.

  217. First Take is an embarrassment for ESPN. I watched it once or twice when it first came on (under a different name) and haven’t watched it since. I watch a lot of ESPN. but not that garbage. It boggles my mind that the top execs there don’t realize how much this one show tarnishes their image.

  218. If this story gets legs (as they say in the biz) Stephen A. Smith may not be able to apologize his way out of it. This is something the Commissioner of the NFL might feel compelled to address. And if Chip Kelly decides to hold a news conference to defend his character, Stephen A. Smith will be justifiably villainized to the point of becoming persona non grata at ESPN.

  219. “Stephen A. Smith would suggest Racism in Wendy’s Value Menu.”

    Ahem..fried chicken & orange drink, that menu? I think SAS has a point there…

  220. Race is involved in anything you do. you’re an idiot if you don’t think so. From picking a girlfriend, picking a teammate, or whatever. Go home and tell your mother you have a girlfriend. The first question that comes out of her mouth is, “what color is he?”

  221. He is obviously a racist! Just look at all the white people he recruited while at Oregon. Darron Thomas, Bryon Marshall, LaMichael James, Erick Dargen, Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, Kenyon Barner, Josh Huff, Walter Thurman III, and none other than the white mamba himself De’Anthony Thomas. The evidence is clearly there.

  222. Mr. Smith is a no-talent-hack whose calling card is crying racism. But for his more wrong than right accusation, Smith would have almost nothing to offer a politically correct media network. Good luck, Stephen, you’ll finally be right with your accusations someday.

  223. BSPN and that program must be pretty desperate.
    Just to come after a NFL coach with little or more like zero evidence. And that is why people are moving away from that network. Look at the tv & radio personalities they provide. UGH

  224. Possibly the most ignorant and dumb thing I’ve ever heard. I think the guy is a great character and is funny, but that is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve heard in quite sometime.

  225. I blame ESPN for this. IMO, They support a culture where playing the race card without evidence is accepted and maybe even encouraged.

  226. Wow……all ESPN has to do is read all the aforementioned comments to realize they have a problem. His name is Stephen A Smith. Why must he use the race card so much? He is not entertaining anymore. The “reverse” racism is almost as sickening as MSNBC fallen commentary so called expert. Ratings will eventually drop on First Take and it will be gone. Too bad for Skip.

  227. That, Mr. Smith, is a serious “reach” and appears to be for getting noticed. Kelly might be an egotistical a$$, but “racist”???? Kelly will do what he thinks he has to do to win with HIS team. In fact, his NFL career is riding on it! He will play whomever he thinks is the best for THE TEAM.

  228. All SAS and those like him have is Riley Cooper. First, I think Cooper wouldn’t have been on the roster if Maclin hadn’t torn up his knee. Second, many of the black players who were in a leadership role accepted Coopers apology. They might not have liked what happened but they took him back. After that, it was over. Cooper then went out and had a pretty good year. What should the eagles have done? Dug up the corpse of the controversy and used it as a reason for not signing him? Maclin was offered 8 figures. Clearly they wanted him back. Shady was traded for football reasons. It’s easier to find a RB you can win with than it is to find a LB of Alonso’s quality. Racism is a very serious charge. You better have more than one example to prove your point if you’re gonna make that accusation.

  229. ESPN should be ashamed of them selves letting this hate monger on there stations first he lives wife beaters work hoods comments on domestic violence, and now Stephen a Smith is using your stations to spread hate. In the wake of Ferguson, new York, etc there is no room for these kinds of opinions in sports. In today’s world with all the tention so high in glad that we still have sports to agree on, and this hate monger is trying to ruin that FIRE HIM ALREADY!!!!

  230. I will be encouraging all my followers as I do all that read this to boycott ESPN until this clown this hate monger is in the unemployment line. I use to love ESPN what happen to you guys, you use to have standards

  231. I’d forgotten about the whole Riley Cooper incident.

    I would never defend the use of the n-word – and the fact that he used it in that context leads me to believe that it’s not a foreign thing to him – but I believe very strongly that people should be allowed to try to redeem themselves.

    I believe that for Ray Rice, for AP, for Hardy, etc.

    Of course, being a racist idiot in and of itself isn’t a crime, it just makes you a bad person.

    The Eagles keeping Cooper was the right thing to do. Hopefully the incident made him a better person. People make mistakes, and they should be allowed to move beyond them and come out the other side a better person.

  232. What Smith was saying was that he…”couldn’t believe that Chip Kelly would have the TEMERITY and the AUDACITY to cut so many brothers…and what have you…”

  233. Smith has an opinion, he’s speaks it, I’m fine with that. People having didn’t opinions that they’re not afraid to say is sort of what freedom of expression is all about. If you’re punished every time you say something others deem non-PC, well you might as well go full commie. So please Smith say more, but just make sure you never call for others to be fired or silenced for saying something you don’t like.

  234. Stephen A Smith calling the Eagles racist, Hmmmmm…..Is that like the pot calling the kettle black.
    Smith is clearly the biggest racist in sports television & the Eagles, through many examples, have shown they are anything but racist.

  235. OMG! Here we go again. Why not just have an ALL Black football league and we can stop all this racist talk for good. Then EVERYONE would be happy!

  236. Okay, after listening to Philadelphia’s 97.5 Fanatic web case with Mike Missanelli’s interview of SAS, it seems SAS has been the victim of an erroneous assumption from everyone here.

    SAS tells Mike this “race” conversation was never about “race.” The conversation began with several Philly players this weekend to SAS about why is Riley Cooper, a lesser player than all those on Philly who were traded by CK still on the team, and yet players who contributed much more to the Eagles than Riley Cooper are traded?

    It’s suggested that CK wanted players with better attitudes so last year DeSean Jackson was traded, and now McCoy, Macklin etc have been traded.

    SAS brings up the point, if you’re trading all of those players who contributed so greatly to the Eagles because of their “attitudinal issues” why are you then keeping a much lessor player in Riley Cooper around who has contributed much less to the Eagles, while still in fact keeping Riley Cooper with his quote unquote “Attitude.”

    It’s a valid question one must ask for themselves, and in that context it SAS is right to ask it. Ironically enough too, it was SAS who was defending Riley Cooper not being cut after he dropped the “N” bomb last year…SAS defended RC saying he deserved a “2nd chance” in lieu of being flat out cut, while others no doubt wanted RC to be cut.

    Listen to Philadelphia’s 97.5 Fanatic webcast and hear it for yourselves…seems a legitimate question to ask, given that CK is clearing Eagle house of anyone who has an “attitude” that hurts the locker room, don’t you think?

  237. The reality is that STEVEN A IS ON POINT! It’s obvious lots of ya’ll are uncomfortable with this topic, why is that? Do yourselves a favor, if you have the GUTS, and ask any black or brown person their opinion! Also, I bet none of u would be willing to debate Steven A. He’d wear that but out, lol ! If u dont like the reality, such is life!
    By the way, when that fool Riley Cooper made those comments, Steven A advocated Cooper getting a second chance. Didnt know that, did u? 😉

  238. I think Smith seems more rascist than Kelly for even hinting that race plays any factor. Based on the moves thus far, it seems more likely that Kelly prefers leader offensive players that he’s either coached before or who warmly embrace his quicker pace system.

  239. People get over yourselves, race plays a part in everyday life in America, you may not know that if you are not black. And if you think it doesn’t you’re fooling yourself. Hell 50 years ago blacks and whites weren’t allowed to drink from the same water fountain and unless you have your head in the sand there is still quite a bit of racism out there, it’s just not as overt as it used to be. Maybe singing racist tunes on a bus (OU) used to seem safe, but beware of cellphones. But if I were an Eagle fan the last thing I would be worried about is race, I’d be worried that this guy has no idea what he is doing. What NFL coach do you know that gives up 4 pro-bowlers within a 2 year time frame?

  240. Kelly just traded Foles….this just in Chip Kelly is racist against White people too!!!!! Right Stephen A

  241. If Steven A. Smith was a white guy, he’s be Steve Smith, local TV late night sports reporter.

    His deck is full of race cards, and never has anything tangible to add in his comments.

  242. I wonder if he’s changed his tune with the Nick Foles for Sam Bradford trade, since — and I bet he doesn’t know this, since he only pays attention to two races — Bradford is part Native American.

  243. Hey Steven, you are adequate orator but you a severely misguided and out of line. We have far too much polarizing issues being hurled at us by the news media. Where racism exists we need to correct it quickly but when it is thrown out for “buzz” it hampers the real progress we have made over all other generations. The Eagles were courting Frank Gore when HE decided to move elsewhere. Please make a retraction and take a deep breath before you open up that noise maker you call your mouth.

  244. Chip is racist because he’s getting rid of black guys and replacing them with other black guys.

  245. You idiots are just pathetic.

    He was pointing out that Kelly doesn’t want any leaders or strong-willed people on his roster and is willing to accept mediocre players over good ones to achieve it.

    The only people bringing up race are you morons.

  246. I don’t know if Kelly is A racist but I do know he is an idiot when it comes to player personnel decisions. Cutting DJAX was insane. Trading McCoy was stupid. Foles and a second round pick for a broken QB that has never done squat was the dumbest trade of the year. Kelly says it is about “buying in” to his system but that makes no sense. McCoy, Foles, and DJAX were the best, most productive players on the team so how can they not have bought in? Maybe they were just vocal about the things they didn’t think we’re best for the team and Kelly couldn’t stand anyone questioning what he does. Thin skins don’t make winners. That make thin rosters. I willing to bet ever cent I have that the Eagles are a worse team in 2015 than they were when they had Andy Reid’s players. And it is gonna get worse after that unless the take away Chips GM responsibilities.

  247. Sounds like S.A.S. stands for Steven A. Sharpton.
    He’s paid to say provocative things, but not stupid ones with zero basis in truth.

  248. Um, the eagles tried to sign maclin for nine million a year. Maclin wanted 11. Most people think 11 was too much; so did kelly. McCoy doesn’t run the ball the way kelly wants his back to run it. murray does. Jackson was indeed a loud mouth who kelly thought was overrated. I agree. and who was the other one? oh Frank Gore. Am I missing something. Gore got cold feet for every other reason aside from what steven A suggests.

    Steven A. Smith does make people uncomfortable. But in this case he makes me uncomfortable because I always get uncomfortable when a fellow human being embarrasses himself.

  249. This dude is calling people racist. Bayless (back in the 90s) started a runor that Aikmen was gay. These guys are hate-mongers. They stir crap up that isn’t true, and keep people angry with each other.

  250. No one gives a crap about what Steven A.Smith says anymore so he has to bring up the race card and throw people under the bus to be back in the spotlight for a day or two. Your hate filled rants have no place on ESPN so please just go away.

  251. Stephen A. Smith is racist. Just listen to him talk NBA at any time. When he brings up a white player he will pronounce the name as if it is a swear word. Check out his rant when the Nicks (his favorite team ) drafted a promising white European center with an 8 foot wing span.

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