Frank Gore having second thoughts on signing with Eagles

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Frank Gore may not sign with the Eagles after all.

Despite reports over the weekend that the Eagles and Gore had reached a deal, multiple reports say that Gore is now not so sure he’s going to sign the Eagles’ offer. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the Colts may now be the frontrunners for Gore’s services.

There’s no word on why Gore would back out of a deal with the Eagles, but it’s important to remember that on all of the deals that have been made over the last three days, either side can walk away without penalty. Under NFL rules, an unrestricted free agent cannot come to an agreement on a new contract until the league year starts, and the league year doesn’t start until Tuesday at 4 p.m. Eastern.

So if Gore has heard from some other team that is willing to pay him more than the Eagles — or if he’s just decided that the Eagles aren’t the best fit for him — he’s free to sign elsewhere. As is every other player who has agreed to a deal during the so-called “legal tampering” period.

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  1. Yep, and this is why the agents (not the teams) have been leaking the details of all these offers… on the chance that some other team will make a bigger offer.

    I don’t know why everyone keeps blaming the teams for the leaks.

  2. If a team I was signing with traded or got rid of most of their talent I’d walk away too. Play for a real contender, with a real quarterback.

  3. Gore out of the backfield catching passes from Luck vs catching passes from Mariota. I think Luck would be the better choice.

  4. I really really really really hope this is true. Eagles need to go get a young RB in the draft. Gore is just a waste of cap space that could have been better served at keeping Maclin

  5. Obviously the lack of African-American players on the team is a concern — at least, the lack of Pro Bowl calibre African-American players. And Pro Bowl calibre Latino-American players. And Pro Bowl calibre Anglo-American players. And….

  6. I hope that more players prove reporter’s wrong……Gore wouldn’t be backing out of a deal as you indicate…..There is no deal……

  7. He probably wanted to play with a really good quarterback in Nick Foles but once the Eagles re-signed Sanchez for all of that money and he heard rumors of the Eagles wanting to trade Foles he probably thought there is no way I’m going there.

  8. whatever. He’s a still a good player but the draft is loaded with RBs. Plus CJ Spiller, DeMarco Murray, Stevan Ridley etc. are still on the market.

  9. Makes sense. Eagles roster is churning this off season, and it seems the QB position is in flux as well. For the last couple of years of his career he probably wants a more stable Super Bowl contender. Indy might only be close to matching what Philly is offering, and the difference isn’t enough to offset the benefit of being handed the ball by Luck.

  10. He cant come here it would be against NCAA rules he committed to MIAMI !

  11. I’m sure teams are lining up to pay a 32 yr old running back 8 million bucks…

  12. NFL FAN 18 says:
    Mar 9, 2015 7:30 PM
    Gore to Colts would give them the weapon they need to get past Patriots.

    Not sure how much football that you actually watch, but what the Colts need to get past the Patriots is a run defense.

  13. If anyone has watched sportscenter. It’s not about getting rid of stars on the Eagles. It’s who fits into the mold of Kelly’s system. Reading most of these comments. No one paid attn. Gore fits the system. He is welcome to go to the colts. Colts is a good team. If this system works next season. Some players will wish they had stayed

  14. I do hope Gore doesn’t go to the Eagles. He just isn’t that good any more. He’ll be like Emmitt Smith’s 2 years with the Cardinals. The money was great but the Cardinals and Smith have been trying to forget his 2 years there ever since.

  15. Players talk and I am sure players see how the Eagles treat players when they feel they make too much money,the Eagles are cutting/trading players in their prime. Chipper thinks anybody can succeed in his system……

  16. I’m an Eagles fan and this doesn’t bother me one bit. Not a huge fan of 32 year old running backs. I’ll live with whatever 21 year old they find in the draft.

  17. Gotta think he’s just squeezing another couple mil out of Chip. Bet he signs with Philly, bet he gets another mil guaranteed.

    Go Frank go

  18. andyisfat says:
    Mar 9, 2015 7:33 PM
    He’s not tough enough for Philly.


    You must not see many NFC West games.

  19. I have no idea what Chip Kelly is thinking in bringing a aging power runner into his finesse system.

    The Colts make more sense for Gore.

  20. nfliferfan22 says:
    Mar 9, 2015 7:21 PM
    As a diehard Niner fan, I would love to see him play in Indy. I love watching Luck play and it would be an easy team to root for..


    Because they haven’t done J-A-C-K S-Q-U-A-T.

  21. Here’s how it goes down tomorrow: Gore to the Colts, AP to the Cardinals for a 3rd rounder, Kraperpick to the Iggles for Foles, and Jed York gets Twitter-bombed to kingdom come. MARK IT!

  22. He’s too old to be on an offense that wants to run 300 plays every quarter. Sounds exhausting. And who can blame him?

  23. nfliferfan22 says:
    Mar 9, 2015 7:21 PM
    As a diehard Niner fan, I would love to see him play in Indy. I love watching Luck play and it would be an easy team to root for..

    As a die hard Niner fan, you shouldn’t be rooting for any other team. You can respect what Frank did, but rooting for his new team? Hell, no. I hate reversible jerseys.

  24. Offseason moves so far:

    Get lb with two acl injuries check

    Sign terrible qb. Check

    Get overrated cb. Ranked 45 out of 64 starting corners last yr. Check

    Get rejected by 32 yr old rb check

    Release all ofensive talent. Check

    The chipsaster continues. Hysterical.

  25. Maybe he realized he was about to sign with a team that just unceremoniously dumped its star running back, who is incidentally 5 years younger than Gore.

    There may not be much job security in the NFL, but that’s a pretty big red flag.

  26. Anyone who has had any personal interaction with Gore knows hes not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
    I hope he’s letting his agent do the thinking.

  27. Indys offence over Phillys offence. Bad choice Frank. If he really wanted a shot at a ring it would be neither team for the next 2 yrs. Both Philly and Indy are contenders, just not favorites. Why not Az? They are a serious contenders and they play San Fran twice! No Frank truth be told you’re not different. Its money and who is willing to pay the most.

  28. Maybe Black Star Players are starting to realize Chip Kelly is Not the Kind of Coach you wanna play for if you want any type of Security or Understanding.

  29. NFL FAN 18 says:
    Mar 9, 2015 7:30 PM
    Gore to Colts would give them the weapon they need to get past Patriots.


    really? Can Gore play D and make a tackle?

    After Grigson’s stung with DegflateGate the Pats are going to do really ugly disgusting things to the Colts next season. Expect them to put up 50+ points.

  30. Gore told CK, if you want me you’re going to have to pay me…Colt’s were willing to pay me what I’m worth.

    Does CK think every player will take pay cuts for the privilege of playing for him? Good, happy to hear Gore went elsewhere and Philly and CK just lost the opportunity of gaining a rare and quality RB whose already proven himself time and time again!

    Learn something yet Chip Kelly?

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