Hartline chose hometown Browns over Bears, Pats and Texans

Brian Hartline, a native of Canton and former Ohio State Buckeye, elected to sign a two-year, $6 million deal with the Cleveland Browns on Monday night following his release by the Miami Dolphins.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Hartline had the chance to join the Chicago Bears, New England Patriots and Houston Texans as well before committing to the Browns. Hartline had taken visits to Cleveland, Chicago and Houston before making his decision.

“I didn’t just want to just meet with teams to meet with them,” Hartline said. “I wanted to be able to able to picture myself in a situation, to be able to learn from a coaching staff and to build on what I’ve done for six years. I wanted to let things simmer down and take a little time.”

After a pair of 1,000-yard seasons in 2012 and 2013, Hartline caught just 39 passes for 474 yards and two touchdowns last year for the Dolphins.

42 responses to “Hartline chose hometown Browns over Bears, Pats and Texans

  1. Passing up a chance to catch passes from Tom Brady, to play with Johnny “In it for the money” Manziel and Josh “Mediocre” McCown tells me all I need to know about Hartline’s desire for a Super Bowl ring.

    Absolute chucklehead.

  2. Hartline owns 2 businesses in Akron. He grew up a Cleveland Browns and a Cleveland Indians fan. He graduated from Ohio State. He even spent his winters in Akron in preference to his home in Miami. In short he is a proud son of Ohio.
    He is also a terrific natural public speaker. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a successful post football career in the media.

  3. When’s the last time someone went to Cleveland on purpose? Anybody, anyone? Hello……..

  4. he took the most money, how else do you explain him signing with the factory of sadness with no quarterback over the pats?

  5. I don’t think the Patriots were ever actually interested. That’s an easy thing to float out to try and drive up his value.

  6. “When’s the last time someone went to Cleveland on purpose? Anybody, anyone? Hello……..”


    “Passing up a chance to catch passes from Tom Brady, to play with Johnny “In it for the money” Manziel and Josh “Mediocre” McCown tells me all I need to know about Hartline’s desire for a Super Bowl ring.”

    still an upgrade over ginger Tannehill

  7. Well, lessee.
    The Bears suck hard, the Patriots have no honor or integrity, and the Texans, well.. they’re in Texas (aka North Mexico).

    Pretty bad when you have to choose Cleveland over those three.

  8. Great choice by Hartline, hometown pride, a little money, and the opportunity to play in front of the absolute best fans in the entire NFL. made this the obvious decision. These knuckleheads above, that make lame unwitty rips on the browns know they don’t have the stones to stick with a team through thick and a lot of thin like browns fans do . Fairweather bandwagon fans are a dime a dozen. Go Browns -Welcome Brian!!

  9. The fans that say he’s stupid for passing on the pats are the real stupid ones, the guy wanted to go home, just like King James, he knows what he wants, and its not what you fools want. Bill

  10. The Pats offer was likely somewhat lower and he would have had to fight hard to earn a roster spot. Not to mention quite a few veteran receivers have had serious problems picking up the offensive system and failed in New England.

    In Cleveland he’ll be a starter, gets paid well and he’s in his hometown that he obviously cares a lot about.

    Not that bad a decision when you look at it in those terms

  11. Friendly deal, Browns will most likely use one of their first round picks on a #1 WR, use Hartline as #2 & move Hawkins back to the slot where he belongs.

  12. So… why is it everyone seems to think the Patriots were in the running or had any interest at all? In what way would Hartline be an upgrade over Edelman, Amendola, or LaFell?

    The Patriots have a lot of problems to address (particularly on defense). The receiving corps is solid, albeit not spectacular. Sure, they could improve themselves dramatically if they added the next Randy Moss to the roster. But Hartline is just another good possession receiver. They have three of them locked up already, and Wes Welker could be available soon.

    The Patriots repeat if they keep Revis and Browner and find a way to replace or regain Wilfork. If the Patriots can’t do that, a breakout WR could at least make them better at staying ahead of the opoonents’ defenses – like Harvin, Bowe or Andre Johnson. But Hartline? Why would anyone think that he was part of the plans?!

  13. I hate the Pats!!! But unless they offered him substantially less than that deal that was stupid! He could have been on a winning team with a HOF QB on a team that punches its ticket to the playoffs, the second the new NFL year starts, instead he goes to a perennial loser with a QB quagmire situation where he could end up ruining any hope of resurrecting his career. I get he wants to play for his hometown team, which is fine and dandy, but if someone told me I could catch passes from Brady or my Redskins….where do you think I’d be?

  14. When’s the last time someone went to Cleveland on purpose? Anybody, anyone? Hello……..

    Jrob23 nice call on Lebron but if he wants football I believe Karlos Dansby and Donte Whitner both signed last year and didn’t Donte make the Pro Bowl?

  15. Wow, had his salary cut in half and moved from South Beach to the Mistake on the Lake. I guess the ole saying things could always be worse is true.

  16. To select the SECOND most dysfunctional team (after Jets),,,and pass up brady? Good luck with that kid….yeahhhhh

  17. After the agent throws Brian a pen to sign his contract, Hartline will undoubtedly fall down.

  18. Hartline went on to say that, “the opportunity to play alongside McCown was the slam dunk for me. We have our sights set on a Super Bowl run.”

  19. He will be within a couple hours of all his businesses. I’m sure he knew the contract he signed a couple years ago would not be fulfilled (it was widely reported here how all the 2013 Miami contracts had very low initial cap hits that inflated greatly after 2 years), and he diversified his investments. 4th round guy made good on 1 big contract and now another guaranteed few million. He might not have a shot at a Super Bowl, but i’m sure he has other considerations.

  20. Classy player, I was hoping the Dolphins would bring him back at a lower salary. Great team guy, very deceptive speed, and is able to draw pass interference penalties very well. Going to miss him in Miami.

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