Jaguars the favorites to land Julius Thomas


The best tight end available in free agency appears to be headed to Jacksonville.

Several reports have said the Jaguars are getting close to a deal with soon-to-be free agent Broncos tight end Julius Thomas, and that the deal may be done as soon as free agency starts on Tuesday.

The Broncos made keeping wide receiver Demaryius Thomas their top priority in free agency, and they appear to be resigned to letting Julius Thomas walk. When two of your top targets become free agents at the same time, it’s hard to keep them both.

In Jacksonville, Julius Thomas will give the Jaguars a much-needed offensive playmaker. Of course, it won’t be as easy to score touchdowns with Blake Bortles throwing him the ball as it was when Peyton Manning was his quarterback.

48 responses to “Jaguars the favorites to land Julius Thomas

  1. The AFC South is weak. Fix up the offensive line and the Jaguars will contend for the division championship in 2015.

  2. Last year Decker goes to New York, this year Julius goes to JAX. At least our losses aren’t helping any legitimate challengers to our wins.

  3. Come on Julius!!! Come on De Marco!!! Two BIG splashes in both of EverBank Field’s pools! 🙂

  4. With Thomas signing with Jags and Suh signing with dolphins, it’s looking more and more like Raiders are getting shutout of this free agency with regards to big name players.

  5. Bortles > Manning 2015

    Younger, stronger, faster, and healthier… but NOT a better quarterback. Just sayin

  6. “Bortles > Manning 2015”

    Sports fans need to stop being so reactionary. Please see PM’s stats from last season: 39-15-4,727-101.5.

  7. Go have fun in Never-Never land. Julius, hope you got used to winning when you were in Denver. Or whatever you call that stuff Denver did two years ago.

  8. afootballshouldbethecolorsoftheamericanflag says:
    Mar 9, 2015 6:25 AM
    That is too much dough considering the areas of Jacksonville needs to address.

    You could have signed Lance Kendricks & Eddie Royal for that kind of money, effective and productive depth players.
    You were the kid who’s brothers conned him into trading dollar for three shinny nickels.

  9. I’m afraid all of the detractors are right on this one. Big payday for a guy whose only success was w/ Peyton and does miss time. We need a TE in this league but I wish we’d of grown one up through the draft. Hope I’m wrong.

  10. Well dwell jackson just got mad. Now he can be torched by julius thomas twice a year. As a colts fan, i want a better divisional competiton. This is an enviable tight end signing. Bortles does have some recievers now. Bring it jaggaloes!

  11. That is one of the biggest examples of a player following the money regardless of the talent the team actually has. The same will be said in Philly before too long.

  12. He’ll be frustrated and cut in two years. I don’t blame him for taking the money , but sometimes it’s sacrificing your career . Jacksonville is one of those teams that players go to get paid , and then see an end to their careers ( Oakland , Tampa Bay , Miami , Washington, Tennessee) after being cut in two years after signing for big money

  13. Hit his ankle and he is out. Drugstore cotton soft. Only a load of money can make someone play for a perennial loser that displays the most silly uniforms in the league.

  14. So what’s the over/under on when we will start to see columns asking what’s wrong with Thomas, and why did we see such a dropoff, like Eric Decker? Week 4? As long as the Jags don’t expect him to put up the same numbers as in Denver, he’ll be fine.

    As for winning versus money, I’ll take the money every day of the week. There’s no loyalty from the teams anymore and players are forgotten about when they retire, so they should cash in as much as possible.

  15. I love how Broncos fan talks like they have won something with Manning… I don’t think it was a coincidence that when Thomas got hurt, your offense went downhill. Enjoy Peyton throwing rainbows for another year – his last year…

  16. Another Manning made weapon to add to the list that other trash franchises pay over the top for. My Colts will still thrash the LA Jaguars.

  17. mrloser444 says:
    Mar 9, 2015 7:24 AM
    With Thomas signing with Jags and Suh signing with dolphins, it’s looking more and more like Raiders are getting shutout of this free agency with regards to big name players

    While I’m disappointed in how the Suh situation is panning out, I’m VERY glad we didn’t waste a single cent on Thomas. Everyone linked him to OAK and he was literally begging the team to take him (his Dad and Grandpa are both Raiders fans) – but he’s SOFT. Far too soft for the team we’re building.

    I”m sure the media and, unfortunately, some fellow Raiders fans will go with that storyline – we’re getting shut-out of FA. I would say we’re finally doing things right by not giving out ridiculous contracts just to say we ‘won’ in FA. Guys we’d hoped would hit the market have re-upped with their own teams, while others simply want more $$$ than they’re worth.

    Just say no to stupid FA contracts!


  18. Fun how all of these fans from other teams come to troll the Jags for getting Thomas! Face it if your here trolling then your just butt hurt that your team didn’t end up with him!

  19. sfsugator says:
    Mar 9, 2015 9:15 AM
    Another Manning made weapon to add to the list that other trash franchises pay over the top for. My Colts will still thrash the LA Jaguars.

    And the colts will be thrashed heavily by the world champions #42-7.

  20. I love how some fans think the Broncos have a chance at winning anything. They don’t.

    Jax has a better chance to make the super bowl in the next three years than Denver does. Manning is toast and without him the gap between the better teams and Denver is a mile wide since they don’t have anyone else with any experience playing QB.

    Jax has a number one pick who now has a year under his belt and some talent across the roster. They do have some gaping holes to fill but adding a OT and a RB don’t to be too much to do through FA and the draft.

    Shore up the O and the D will benefit greatly. Bortles with a year of experience will help a lot. They’re 2-3 yrs away but that’s closer than Denver is.

    Teams aren’t going to have to throw against Den 40 times a game next season because Manning can’t get the ball outside the hash marks any longer. That D will be on the field a whole lot more and facing teams that try to cram it down their throats v. drop back to pass all the time.

    You’re going to see a whole new look in Denver…. Defensive players with their hands on their hips, opposing offenses controlling the clock and Manning dropping back all the time to try to keep games close and getting beat to a pulp and walking away like Favre did – battered and bruised and watching from the sidelines in a failed season.

    Then what, Osweiler? He’s attempted 30 passes in his career.

  21. If they get the one the Broncos had the first half of the season last year it’ll be a good deal. If they get the one who was pretty much invisible the entire second half of the season they’re going to have big problems.

  22. Without De Thomas taking the double team and without Manning tossing him the rock the Jags will find out he’s just a ordinary player. Albeit a well paid one. He also doesn’t seem that tough a player.

  23. I love how people harp on the AFC East being such a weak division when the AFC South has been weaker for the last 4 seasons.

  24. He will be a great addition to the young but talented WR corp of the Jags. Need a good RB like Murray to take some of the heat off of Blake and the passing game. Couple that with a good sensible draft and some solid defensive FA acquisitions along with OL pickup and we will be a solid competitor with even bigger aspirations the following year.

    You can’t build a team in a season (Unless you traded Hershel Walker that is) and we have to build from the draft mostly while supplementing with good FA pick ups.

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