Report: Patriots letting CB Brandon Browner test market, want him to rework deal


On a busy, busy free agency eve, here comes an intriguing Patriots development.

New England is permitting cornerback Brandon Browner to “explore his value around the league,” Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald reported Monday.

The Patriots would like to rework Browner’s contract, the Herald reported, citing Browner’s potential $4.8 million salary cap number for 2015. The club must decide Monday whether to pick up the option on Browner for 2015, per the newspaper.

The news on Browner’s contract comes as the Patriots face a similar decision on cornerback Darrelle Revis.

The 30-year-old Browner started all nine regular season and three playoff games in which he played in 2014 for New England. If he were to hit the market, he surely would draw interest. The 6-foot-4, 221-pound Browner has rare size for the position, and given the need for cornerbacks, he would be an interesting addition to the free agent pool.

However, the Pats still hold all the cards here. But the clock is ticking.

37 responses to “Report: Patriots letting CB Brandon Browner test market, want him to rework deal

  1. Belichick went all in with Revis and Browner last year. Both are important and will be tough to keep both if not just one. The McCourty signing is good, but curious what they will do with Browner and Revis.

  2. i love browner, he’s cheap. leave him alone belichick. look at maxwell for example. 10m a year, we have brandon for 4? come on…..we finally have corners and you went to squeeze them.

  3. Letting this guy test a market that just gave Maxwell that much money? Good luck with that.

  4. Hard to believe this……of course he is worth more than 4.8M cap hit…….surprised, unless they have decided to keep Revis at 20M, which they may want to do…….

    I would be surprised if a trade wouldn’t be proposed quickly…..

  5. Browner brought a toughness and visciousness to the Pats secondary that they haven’t had since Rodney Harrison. To me he’s very close to being as important as Revis is.

  6. pay the man his 4.8m, just subtract 100k for every PI penalty he gets, he may be cutting the patriots a check by the end of the year.

  7. Browner shouldn’t rework his deal. They paid him what they paid him & he did everything they asked of him… & probably more. I understand why they want him to, but he shouldn’t do it unless he just wants to go back to NE.

  8. That surprises me. Who would move in? Logan Ryan? Kyle Arrington? OTOH, nothing Coach Belichick does is conventional.

  9. LOB. is the first choice bring him back pete.

    if not i wouldnt mind seeing him in minnesota under coach Zim would be even better

  10. Little bit over-rated. Always gets holding penalties. Was a much better player in the Seahawks defense.

    Reminds me a bit of Antonio Cromartie, insane athletic talent, has all the physical tools you look for, yet gets beat a lot and draws a ton of penalties.

  11. Browner has a $1.9M salary and a $3.6M roster bonus due tomorrow. That means his cap hit is $5.5M, not $4.8.

    They just signed this guy a year ago. Gotta love these FA contracts.

  12. Come back to the #LoB Brandon Seattle will welcome you with open arms. Plus you can show off your SB XLIX ring! #GoHawks

  13. This is confusing as a Patriots fan.

    Why not let him play for $4.8 million?

    So we’re going to ask Browner to take a paycut when he’s arguably underpaid? Meanwhile we’re fine to pay $4 million a season to Kyle Arrington who gets torched anytime he has to play outside i.e. in the Super Bowl.

  14. “I’d cut him to $2.5 mill on the cap, and then pay him under the table in pizza franchises.” — John Elway

  15. LEGION OF BOOM REUNION… YES PLEASE! Buh-Bye, Maxwell… Welcome back home, Brandon Browner! Lock him up, John & Pete! … (a guy can dream, right?)

  16. Just pay the guy, he’s already a bargain as is and you want him to take a pay cut?

    I’m sure they can piece together a number 2 CB between Logan Ryan, Kyle Arrington, Alfonzo Dennard and Malcolm Butler. But why break up this secondary if you don’t need to?

  17. As a Seattle fan I’ve watched Browner for a while now. I’ve seen the holdings and his upside. Certainly worth $4.8 though. On a side note, check out the break down for final play/INT of the super by profootballfocus. Really shows that Browner essentially made that INT happen.

  18. Belichick appreciates the difference Browner brings. Without him covering Chris Mathews in the second half the Patriots likely lose the Super Bowl.

    I suspect Bill is looking for cap space for Revis. Bill may be getting ready to pay Revis’ bonus as Plan B if a restructure of Revis’ deal can’t get done today. If Revis was leaving in free agency there would be more pressure on Bill to keep Browner (the rest of the corners are young and relatively small).

  19. Grey Cup championship and two Super Bowl rings. Not to mention making the NFL back down after he threatened to sue them. Not bad for a guy who almost lost his livelihood.

    He’s dumb as an ox but I like him.

  20. MANE NEW ORLEANS need this guy WE need toughest and better CBs LOL everyone in the NFC SOUTH have tall WRs who can play and our secondary needs HELP!!! ASAP!! now…!!!

  21. Classic Pats move. They simply signed him to get inside info on the hawks, as they have done with other players from other teams before. Once the season is over, so are your days in Foxboro.

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