Texans cut Andre Johnson

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Andre Johnson’s long tenure in Houston has come to an end.

Johnson, the veteran receiver who has spent his entire 12-year career with the Texans, has been released. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the cut became official this afternoon.

That comes as no surprise. The Texans had already given Johnson the opportunity to seek a trade, and Johnson had asked the Texans to give him his release. It was only a matter of time before their parting became official.

Now the 33-year-old Johnson becomes an unrestricted free agent. Johnson’s best years are behind him, but some team looking for veteran help at wide receiver will surely pick Johnson up.

111 responses to “Texans cut Andre Johnson

  1. End of an era. Completely expected… and frankly for Andre, probably a relief… but still, wow.

  2. Over 1,000 career catches. 13,000 yards. And coming off a 85 catch season.

    He still has a good 2-3 years of high play left.

    Hope the Pats can find room for this guy.

  3. Wish this would have happened last year we might have won a few more games but bring him to Oakland! Denver doesn’t need him so there ya go.

  4. Loved him coming out of college and have been one of his biggest fans ever since. I hope he signs somewhere where he finally gets his shot at a ring. All the best, Dre.

  5. I would LOVE to see him land in Nashville. Of course, that’d be a nightmare for his Texans fans, who would have to pull against him twice a year (at least).

  6. AJ would look good with the Eagles. Would make a great mentor for the young receivers on the team like Matthews and Huff. Plus I think he still has a few good seasons left in him.

  7. We had many great times will trying to earn respect as a brand new franchise, but nothing is forever. Best of luck wherever you end up, unless it’s the Colts. Throw the Ravens in too, sick of the “jokes” only to watch them cut the guy two seasons later.

  8. How many good playoff teams have good cap space? I could see Oakland getting another receiver, but if Andre wants a ring, what contender can afford him?

  9. 85 rec for 936 yards, 3 TD’s. I think he can still play a little. His best years are behind him, but his future years appear to be pretty solid too.

  10. Would he accept a one-year “prove it” contract? Or is he looking for the 3-year “retire after the first year” kind of contract?

    Either way, I’d love to see him with the Seahawks. If he’s motivated, I think he still has plenty left in the tank.

  11. Thanks for all the memories Dre and sorry for subjecting you to all those years of Schaub Balls.

  12. ironist973 says:
    Mar 9, 2015 4:10 PM
    beckham jr cruz and andre johnson? get your ring sizes ready boys

    Not So Fast you still have Eli, throwing (interceptions) passes

  13. Best years behind him? Chances are no matter where he goes he ends up with the best QB he’s ever had in his career.

    He could break double digit touchdowns for first time ever! So not exactly best years behind him.

  14. Pats fans must think the salary cap doesn’t apply to them. Resign McCourty, resign Revis, pickup every FA on the market, no matter the cost.

  15. If he’s looking for a big payday it’s not happening in Oaktown. Reggie has made it 100% clear that he’s not going to get caught up in a bidding war and get suckered into deviating course. Don’t think he’s gonna be a Raider.

  16. Wouldn’t mind him in Miami. Clearly won’t be commanding a huge contract and we could use a big WR on the outside who can work short/medium routes with the best of em. Especially since Tannehill can’t throw any farther than that anyway…

  17. Everyone is voting down people that don’t mention their favorite team, but I think the best option for him is in Baltimore. I’m a Pats fan and would love to see him in NE, but I just think the Ravens can offer more money and a decent chance at a ring. Plus, he would be a bigger part of their offense given how their WR core has changed recently.

  18. I would love to see him come to Oakland, but I can’t imagine he would want to go from the Texans to the Raiders as we continue to “rebuild” under RM.

  19. And what are the Jets doing with Percy Harvin? Didn’t PFT say the Jets would cut Harvin and the Texans would milk the Andre Johnson release?

  20. The Pats are not signing him. they have to worry about keeping their secondary intact before they can sign a guy like Johnson. While the cut doesn’t surprise me, the fact that BOB wanted to reduce his roll speaks larger volumes. Did Johnson lose a step? Yes. But I think he was more irked about saying he was a 3rd or 4th option on the team next year,when it’s proven he can be a decent number 1 if not a solid number 2 at this point of his career. those numbers, with those qbs? Pretty good.

  21. Why went to Colts sign Andre Johnson when they just caught to Reggie Wayne who is similar and veteran status and ability at the same age?

    I said Andre Johnson will go to the New England Patriots or Seattle Seahawks….

  22. Hey Andre, don’t be a fool and settle for just any mediocre team/QB again. Aim for teams with top-flight QBs already in place, e.g., Ravens, Saints, Packers, Patriots, Chargers, Colts. Under no circumstances whatsoever should you entertain any offers from the Cowboys or from the Steelers lol

  23. Thanks for the memories Andre.

    I am humored by the fans of teams worse than the Texans who want to sign him. There’s no chance Andre goes to one of those teams and there’s less chance a team in the bottom half of the league will pony the required money to sign a guy who maybe has a year left.

  24. Looks like the Jets are going to be loaded this year. I see them having Decker, Marshall, Kerley and Johnson as WR’s this year. Now all we need is a QB.

  25. Andre Johnson was really close friends with David Carr. He used to go watch Derek’s games and was a close friend of the family. The Raiders are flush with cap space and desperate for a real wide receiver. They could especially use one that would be a good influence on Carr and the young guys in the locker room. I would still expect him to at least hope for a contract offer from a contender at this point in his career, but short of getting a real legitimate offer from NE, Seattle, Indy, or GB…..he could actually be a Raider. He probably won’t see a ring there….but he should be paid well. I would welcome him in Oakland, but something just tells me he is going to end up in NE….which makes me nauseous.

  26. In this time of free agency it is good to remember that signing too big of a deal will lead you to being cut later.

    A little less now can make a player more in the long run.

  27. David Carr
    Tony Banks
    Dave Ragone
    Matt Schaub
    Sage Rosenfels
    TJ Yates
    Matt Leinart (Well, kind of)
    Case Keenum
    Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Can you imagine what this guy could have done with a REAL QB?? Hope he goes to a winner.

  28. Carolina, go get him. Cam can just loft up balls on the outside to Benjamin and Johnson. Olsen everywhere else. Ginn deep.

  29. Glad the team finally let him go, albeit a few days later than Johnson would have liked. Now that he is released, look forward to hearing from him on what he wants to do and where he will “visit” first…….

    I think he would do great in Seattle and really help keep the field spread for the run first Seahawks. His contribution would be felt in more than numbers of catches but would undoubtedly help improve them…..

    why not have them learn from 1 of the best ever he can still get 1000+ years and 70-80+ catches why not?? thats with McCown or Feen Manziel Throwing Too Him

  31. He probably has more enticing options, but I’d love to see him in Cleveland. It may be a long time before we see Gordon in a Browns uniform again, if ever.

    The numbers he’s put up despite the QB throwing to him? That’s exactly the kind of guy the Browns need (and probably won’t get). But the kind of guy who can catch the ball consistently even if it isn’t a top shelf franchise QB throwing it.

    Ray Farmer, make it so.

  32. I don’t know if it’s possible, but the thought of Seattle developing that tall WR Matthew’s who couldn’t be covered in the SB, and Johnson on the other side, just might present a problem or two for opposing defenses with 5′ 10″ DB’s…

    After all, height is one of the few things that trumps speed in this league. Seattle, are you listening?

  33. Imagine having Kelvin Benjamin, Andre Johnson, Greg Olsen and Ted Ginn in the same formation. There’s not a defense in the league outside of Washington State that could deal with that. Cam would put up numbers that would make Peyton Manning look like Brian Hoyer. Do it, DG!!!!!

  34. He would easily be the best WR in Minnesota.

    If he can give up all hope for the playoffs and live with a substandard offensive line, medicore QB play and a losing record, the Vikings would take him in a heart beat.

  35. As an Eagles fan I wouldn’t mind seeing him come to Philly on a short term deal. However, if he’s looking for a ring I’m assuming his first choices will be NE and Seattle. It seems like a logical move for both sides. I just don’t know if he’ll want to come to Philly with the current QB situation. Now if he’s just looking for a pay day… see ya in Oakland, Andre!

  36. Colts, I would bet. Possibly, New England.

    Colts let Wayne walk, and rumor has it Johnson wants to be a Colt. That way he’ll have two opportunities a year to screw Bill O’Brien.

  37. Something tells me whomever signs him will get the same production the Texans got when they signed Eric Moulds.

  38. I don’t know why all of these so-call experts are saying Andre Johnson is done. I watched about half of the Texans games last year, and he is still big, strong, can get open and has great hands.

    The media made the same mistake about Reggie Wayne in 2011 (the year Manning was hurt). All offseason (when he was a FA), the experts all said he was done, lost a step, etc. But Reggie looked good in 2011, he just had an awful QB situation. Then Luck comes in 2012 and he has a Pro Bowl season again.

    Same thing with Dre.

    He looked like the same old Dre to me last year. Uncoverable in the middle of the field on those digs and slants with CBs either not keeping up or not able to get through his big body to make a play on the ball.

    We know his reported work ethic and desire. He will have a good year if he signs with a team like BAL, INDY, SEA.

  39. Come to MN AJ — be an outstanding mentor to Patterson and other WR’s we draft this year.

    Also be a part of the historic event…..MN being the first team to host AND play in the Super Bowl in 2018! (2017 Season)

  40. Big loss here in Houston.Johnson is still a nightmare matchup.He had one of his worst years as a Texan under O Brien,because they ran him on 5 yard in and out routes all season long.There is nobody the Texans can come up with to replace him,and some team is going to get a great player.Johnson can still play and some team is going to use his talents to the extreme,somd team out there is getting a great player.

  41. His career is almost over and if AJ wants a ring he better eat some humble pie and go to New England.

  42. his agents phone is going to explode..is there stupid juice in the water???? 1st B-Marsh, now A. Johnson?? i can see Johnson in a Jets uniform..if the bears would have kept Marshall adding johnson would have made that WR corps sick!

  43. He should go to a team that has a chance to win it every year, and the QB can actually throw the ball to the outside where he is lined up.

    Answer: Baltimore Ravens

  44. Not a Texans fan but, Andre Johnson always seemed like a class act. Here’s wishing him only the best wherever he lands.

  45. Favorite moment in Andre Johnson history was not a catch. It was him beating the snot out of Cortland Finnegan. That was just priceless!

  46. If he finally wants to win more than he wants to get paid I think he will go to one of three teams: Seattle, New England, or Indianapolis. Seattle looks like the best fit to me, but I would love to see him in New England. It wouldn’t be Brady to Moss again, but it could still be awesome. He might choose the colts because they have a chance & he could stick it to Houston twice a year. If he goes to a bottom feeder who offers more money we can no longer say anything about him deserving to play for a winner.

  47. For all of you who say that Big Ben isn’t a good quarterback here are his stats

    251 Career Passing TDS
    39057 Career Passing Yards
    116 Career Wins in 172 Career starts
    First QB to throw for 500 yards twice in a career
    First QB to throw for 6 Touchdowns in consecutive games
    Most wins by a QB in his first five years
    3 pro bowls
    2 Super Bowl Wins
    3 conference championship wins
    5 AFC North Titles
    6 playoff appearances
    Has yet to have a losing season
    Most games with 80% of his passes completed in a single season
    33 career comeback wins
    Second all time in most games with a perfect passer rating trailing only Peyton Manning

    So shut the hell up. Andre Johnson would do fine in Pittsburgh he would take pressure off of Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton.

  48. Its hilarious that Raider, Browns, Dolphins, and Vikings fans actually think he would entertain the idea of playing for your laughable jokes of a franchise. Get this through your thick skulls. He wants to play for a WINNER. My guess is Baltimore, but i could see the Pats, Hawks or Colts going for him as well. For whatever reason, The Ravens seem to do well with Texans cast offs.

  49. 150bigdaddy says:
    Mar 9, 2015 6:04 PM

    Big loss here in Houston.Johnson is still a nightmare matchup.He had one of his worst years as a Texan under O Brien,because they ran him on 5 yard in and out routes all season long.There is nobody the Texans can come up with to replace him,and some team is going to get a great player.Johnson can still play and some team is going to use his talents to the extreme,somd team out there is getting a great player.
    You must not have watched the games closely. He wasn’t double teamed as much as he used to be, he runs his routes slower than he used to be, and he dropped a lot more passes than he used to. Plus he had Fitzpatrick throwing to him which didn’t help matters, but acting like he was still Calvin Johnson out there is just false.

    He’ll always mean a lot to Houston fans, but they’re not shuffling out a Pro Bowler. His skills are declining and he’s not worth the $16M cap hit.

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