Bengals reach two-year deal with linebacker A.J. Hawk


A.J. Hawk wasn’t unemployed long.

The former Packers linebacker reached a quick deal with his hometown team, agreeing to a two-year contract with the Bengals, according to his agent Mike McCartney.

The Packers let him go after nine seasons, and Hawk’s also coming off surgery to remove bone spurs from his ankle.

But the Bengals added him to a solid group, after extending linebacker Ray Maualuga and putting the second-round RFA tender on Emmanuel Lamur.

But with Vontzae Burfict coming off microfracture surgery, Hawk gives them some insurance at the position.

40 responses to “Bengals reach two-year deal with linebacker A.J. Hawk

  1. This is a great addition to their linebacker rotation; it’s been a particularly young group also and they can use the veteran leadership; if they use him properly, he’ll make a big difference to them

  2. Hawk is a great man and person….but why would a team wish to pay the veteran’s minimum for his 9-year tenure — $875 million — when all he can do is play in base against the run?

    That is to say, he’s worthless in any passing down situation.

    He was cut for a reason.

  3. I liked this guy and wish him the best of luck. Watch….now he’ll turn into a hay-maker…AFTER he leaves the Packers.

  4. Congrats and much success to A.J. Hawk.

    Thanks for your time in GB, still have my #50 GB jersey.

  5. Thanks for giving the Packers everything you had for so long. You were a class act on and off the field. Best of luck winding down your career in your home town.

  6. robert831 says:
    Mar 10, 2015 5:44 PM
    Awesome, so happy he is not on my Vikings.

    You should be, because that’s usually means the player is past their prime, the Vikings over paying someone, or in some cases Both. Except for Longwell, he wanted to play for Minnesota, because he knew he couldn’t kick for a team that played most games out doors.

  7. He’ll probably wind up starting at SLB. Lamur ranked 40th out of 40 at that position.

  8. WTG AJ! I wish you all the best, thanks for all your years playing your heart out in GB!

  9. Hawk is simply too much of a high-character guy to want to put on that purple jersey.

    So he chose the Bengals instead. LOL.

    Bengals > Vikings.

  10. pervyspankspackfans says:
    Mar 10, 2015 5:53 PM
    Thank you Lord Baby Jesus…didn’t want that stiff on the Vikings… ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– says a vikings fan who actually missed out on a decent player. and if the vikings would’ve landed him their fans would be chatting more than a couple of school girls at a tea party! good luck a.j.

  11. @ inFact … that’s exactly what the Bengals got him for … to play base SAM defense vs obvious run downs

    Bengals play 2 LB nickel over 7o% of the time

  12. I had to read the name of his agent twice. For a second there I thought the Packer head coach had multiple jobs.

  13. He’ll be playing in a 4-3 where he belongs instead of a 3-4. He’s going to do well.

  14. vikescry incoherently mumbles
    and if the vikings would’ve landed him their fans would be chatting more than a couple of school girls at a tea party!
    Chargers linebacker Andrew Gachkar is our target fool. Young ,fast…doesn’t look like Mask

  15. tokyosandblaster says:
    Mar 10, 2015 5:49 PM
    Good luck, AJ. Thanks for the great years as a Packer.
    However…had he signed with the Vikings we would be hearing about how he was a terrible player, terrible teammate, a drain on the Packers, and the reason they didnt make it to 6 straight superbowls. That sound about right?

  16. I hear he’s a good guy, but I sure am glad he didn’t sign in MN. He was neither fast enough, quick enough or a good enough tackler when he was young, particularly as a top 10 draft pick. And now he’s old.

  17. So how are we doing to deal with three AJs? Green gets to keep his name and McCarron and Hawk will have to fight it out for AJ2 and AJ3

  18. I wish him well, but he really didn’t look right last year for the Packers. He was never a flashy player but he looked really, really slow last year.

    The play I remember specifically is when he was covering Kyle Rudolph, who was very gimpy from a hamstring injury. Even with Rudolph’s visible limp, Hawk couldn’t keep up with him.

  19. Happy to have him.
    Don’t agree with the column that the LB group is “solid”, it was downright scary before the Maualuga and Hawk signings.
    Burfict may never be back and, if so, how long?
    Lamur was a let-down last year after the coaches built him up.
    Hopefully a couple of the young LBs that went down by injury last preseason come back.

  20. Packers fans won’t miss watching AJ get trucked by fullbacks.

    AJ’s favorite play was being the 4th guy in on the tackle. He would deliver huge hits on the RB as he was being held up by three other guys. Then, he had excellent instincts to play to the cameras, just like the Breck Girl, Clay Mathews.

  21. pervyspankspackfans says:
    Mar 10, 2015 6:24 PM

    Chargers linebacker Andrew Gachkar is our target fool. Young ,fast…doesn’t look like Mask

    Once again, a vikings fan is worried about if he is speed, his age, and what he looks like. Where most fans worry about if he can PLAY FOOTBALL.

    You know who else was young fast and didn’t look like the mask? Troy Williamson.

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