DeMarco Murray scrubs Cowboys from his Twitter page

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At a time plenty of attention is being paid to which Twitter accounts impending free agents are or aren’t following, a revision to the Twitter page of running back DeMarco Murray has created a buzz.

Murray has removed any references to the Cowboys from his profile.

The Cowboys have assumed that the market for the 2014 NFL rushing leader, an unrestricted free agent as of 4:00 p.m. ET, will be soft.  It’s unclear how soft the market will be; no reports or rumors have emerged regarding the non-offer offers that Murray has received.

While some have concluded that this must mean Murray hasn’t received much in the way of offers, it’s also possible (if not likely) that Murray has opted for discretion and deliberation, assessing his options and waiting to see whether the Cowboys will react to any interest he’s receiving by offering more money.  Either way, Murray is willing to move on, even if the Cowboys think he isn’t.

Maybe the removal of the Cowboys from Murray’s Twitter page is a last-ditch effort to let them know he’s serious about leaving.  Maybe it means he’s already gone.  Either way, the moment at which he can go is only nine hours away.

14 responses to “DeMarco Murray scrubs Cowboys from his Twitter page

  1. All the Titans’ ex’s live in Texas (Houston). Come to Nashville and join the club, DeMarco!

  2. I like Murray and he has earned his money, but no one over the age of 14 should be using Twitter. Twitter is for teenage girls.

  3. Boo Hoo Hoo, “You won’t give me what I want so I’m deleting you” Boo Hoo Hoo

    You can put Joseph Randle behind that line and he’ll get 12-15 hundred yards. It’s not you Murray it’s the line. Learn to hang onto the ball, you’ve been fumbling since your days in Oklahoma.

  4. Murray was pissed so he took all things related to Dallas of his Twitter page and changed his profile picture to one being shown above. wink lol

  5. Too much pride might keep him from stayin dallas.. Hes good but how will he fair on another team that doesnt have the monster o line the cowboys do? I like how he plays but hes gonna have to swollow up thAt pride and take what we give him or go to another team where he might not do so well and be lookin for a job again next year. The cowboys finally seem to have something going, jump on board or the trains gonna leave u! Good year to draft a running back

  6. He should leave the Dallas team and come join the Redskins so he can face them twice a year to stick it in their face.

  7. Well this is some solid news here. I want my 30 seconds of life back that has been wasted reading this… C’mon, who over the age of 15 uses twitter anymore? Gooooo lions and p.s. We don’t need suh to still have a top 2 defense.

  8. Does he think he’s a WR or a TE or plays some positions that still matters in the NFL?

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