Dolphins are “nervous” about investigation of Suh deal

The floodgates of reporting regarding tentative free-agency deals opened when ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported Sunday that the Dolphins have a deal to sign defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.  With the NFL now vowing to investigate any teams that made offers or struck deals while being permitted only to negotiate (which necessarily results in making offers and/or striking deals), the Dolphins become the most obvious starting point.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins are “nervous” about the situation.

The practical problem for the Dolphins isn’t that a deal was struck; it’s that the news was leaked.  And the report wasn’t couched as “could be” or “may be” but as a definite — Suh will sign with the Dolphins.

The leak either came from the Dolphins or from Suh.  On that point, Salguero notes that the Dolphins have been on “lockdown” for a week, and that Suh and Mortensen are both represented by CAA.

When Ted Wells (kidding, sort of) returns to South Florida and begins poking around, however, the nature of the leak won’t matter.  What will matter is whether offers were made and/or an agreement was reached between Suh and the Dolphins at a time when only negotiations were permitted.

And as long as the NFL permits negotiations and prohibits the natural consequences of negotiations, the problem will continue.  And even though everyone is doing it, the league’s modus operandi in situations like this is to catch one team, impose a significant punishment, ignore that everyone else is doing it, and hope the others are scared straight.

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  1. I doubt they care. Losing a draft pick would probably be worth it to them. A fine? Who cares, they gave Suh $60 million free dollars whats a $250,000 fine to them? Straight Cash Homey.

  2. If you’re allowed to make offers, you’re allowed to strike deals, even though they aren’t officially binding. You start at one position, the other guys start at a different position and one or both of you move towards the other until you reach a point. If you’re allowed to make offers and counter-offers, that process will result in an agreement being reached (in principle) unless somebody pulls out.

  3. Simple solution – make some minor changes to the deal and submit that as the agreement.
    Goodell has this sham period where all teams are negotiating. Stupid process that should be changed. All teams are effectively negotiating with the agents.

  4. More NFL ridiculousness! Negotiate means discussions, bargaining, give, take, agree. In every “negotiated deal” I’m reasonably sure that both sides left the table saying “IF you offer my client X, then I’m pretty sure my client would accept X to come and play for you”.
    What is there to investigate, that maybe they forgot to say IF at the beginning? SMH

  5. Just the name of it… “legal tampering” is an oxymoron. It can’t work. It shouldn’t matter what is announced or not. It should matter what is signed.

    Basically day 1 is the start of free agency and no contracts are allowed to be actually papered until day 4. That’s how it should work. Who cares if deals are announced in principle. If they haven’t been signed they could fall through.

  6. AGAIN this stems from Ross not knowing what is going on in the league now they’ll get stung probably lose draft picks NICE JOB Dolphins management, WE’RE SCREWED!!!

  7. Come on. There are no secrets. What about Julius Thomas to Jax? Lesean to the Bills with a new contract? And twenty other free agent “signings” we’ve already heard about.

  8. Mort is actually represented by CAA? ROFL!! Between this leak and the deflategate nonsense, he should be banned from all NFL controlled properties for life.

  9. This legal negotiating time is stupid and should stop and I think the players hurt themselves because they don’t here offers from all interested teams

  10. Fun to watch this “Negotiation Period” and helped build the anticipation for the actual free agency period…….but bad move by the NFL to allow tampering before one single start date……..Watch it go back to the previous method of one single date for FA to open with no early negotiation allowed…..

  11. Owners make the rules, if most teams are flaunting the rule. Then the rule needs to be changed. Everybody knew that deals would be reached and player movement would be leaked. Next years free agency needs to either be moved to March 8th.. or all contact between agents abd other teams pushed back to a March 10th.

  12. Like rjpats said, how are you supposed to negotiate but not talk concrete numbers that both sides agree to? Sure, it’s not binding, but in practice it won’t matter as both sides will be comfortable knowing they will sign when allowed.

  13. The only governing body with more convoluted rules than the NFL is Congress. Either you can or you cannot negotiate with a player during those three days, give and take over terms is negotiating, and the fulfillment of those negotiations is a deal, end of story…

  14. Here’s the thing about Miami, they had two bites of the apple.

    The second is what’s reported here, offering a full fledged, to the dollar, deal which was then agreed upon. This isn’t allowed.

    But before that, before this 3-day ‘tampering window’ opened, the Dolphins let it be known they were after Suh. (For reference, just go back a few pages on PFT or, it was only a few days ago)

    You cannot have any contact, feelers or suggestion until the 3-day window opens. They tampered then as well.

    In short, the Dolphins did what’s permitted in the 3-day tampering window during the time you aren’t allowed to do anything.

    Then when the 3-day window opened, they did what’s permitted once the new league year starts.

    They jumped the gun. Twice. They let Suh’s camp know they were very interested before they where allowed to. Then they offered him a deal too early.

    And clearly this had a huge affect on what happened. They let Suh know a week ago they would get him, then they went and got him.

    Open and shut. And kinda disgraceful.

  15. How is it possible to negotiate, without referencing an offer??

    Try negotiating purchasing a home, without referencing the terms of the sale. I dont get it…

  16. The leagues offices are so stupid! If you don’t want people making deals then get rid of this 3 day “tampering window”! If not then sit down and shut up because really, what the hell did you think was going to happen?!

  17. You can’t pay a non QB this much money it will create cap problems when you develop aQB and they command too much cap space

  18. How can they expect agents to negotiate but not strike deals? Sounds like an oxymoron.

    Maybe the 3-day pre-free agency should only consist of teams making initial offers/written contract summaries to players they like but not allow actual back and forth negotiation chatter.

    Sort of like a blind-bid to start things up.

  19. So the one time the Dolphins finally land a big time free agent, they look like they will get hammered for doing it. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to get out of bed.

  20. This is the dumbest fake controversy ever in a league that seems to go out of its way to create them. Who the heck is running the PR Department over there?

    They seem to be actually trying to make themselves look like clowns. The rule is stupid. Just leave it at “deals can’t be SIGNED until FA officially opens” and be done with it.

    Everyone knows what’s going on.

  21. Yah think?

    Dolphins/Suh were stupid enough to announce and say he will play for the Dolphins. Once that happened, everyone got in on the act. If the Dolphins are investigated by the NFL, more than likely the s___ will hit the fan and they will get theirs.

    Kinda like the AD business.

    No matter what you think of Goodell/NFL, they will be more likely to lay it on thick, so everyone takes notice. This of course is the NFL trying to regain some credibility, otherwise, they wouldn’t care, be it AD or Suh.

  22. This whole free agency waiting period is a joke. We all know teams talk to players and have a deal in place prior to the deadline.

    So — what’s the big deal?

  23. I don’t think they are allowed to discuss contracts. Miami is going to get burned here and deservedly so. Sure, most teams were probably cheating the system. But how lazy do you have to be to not even pretend to be following the rules. Hope they are forced to flip multiple picks and give up at least 1. I mean Gunther Cunningham had to surrender a pick and flip another for just saying he’d like a player on his team. Need to have at least some resemblence of symmetry in the league.

  24. The NFL made up this rule that NFL agents can start to negotiate with players on Sat…Now they want to be upset that teams are getting deals done in that time frame …its ridiculous

  25. Dolphins should be nervous. Everyone can see that they broke the rules. Just a matter of is Goodall going to give them the same break he gave Bellichek and the Patriots in the deflate-gate situation.

    And if so, why have the rule then?

  26. I’d like the league to investigate Mortensen’s source with 11 footballs being a full 2 PSI underweight. That false, anonymous and deliberate act of damaging a franchise is more serious than the with the wink wink deals going on pre-free agency.
    Then again, rules are rules, right??

  27. The NFL can’t be mad because they created a stupid rule, that had ambiguous guidelines, and then have those said guidelines possibly be broken.

    It’s like telling your daughter she can’t date until she is 16, but give her 3 days to meet with potential suitors before her 16th birthday and then get mad that she gave one of them a kiss.

  28. Can’t Miami and Suh/Suh’s agent just temporarily hold off the news of the consummation a couple of days?

    It seems like teams and players can do everything, but announce an agreement was reached. But, in contract negotiations, it seems pretty standard that when a seller of services hears a satisfactory (or mind-blowingly satsifactory) offer from a buyer of those services — that the acceptance of that offer is a fait-accompli.

    It just seems pretty easy to not get caught, if buyer/seller need only conceal consummation of the agreement.

  29. How do you negotiate without “negotiating”? Seriously NFL, get over yourself. Deals were done. Move on. This thing has to start sometime and somewhere, so quite being babies about it. Deals will get done. Move on.

  30. You’re not allowed to use that photo without also inserting the term “flop sweat” somewhere in the article.

  31. Suh we want to sign you
    How about 1 gazillion dollars?
    Heck yeah!
    Oh no you were supposed to say Maybe!

  32. This is Robert Kraft’s sorcery trying to get attention away from his team deflating balls. This is hogwash, the deal was only signed after the year started and there should be no problem in negotiating deals prior, as is allowed.

  33. Looks like the Patriots may be the only team in the AFCE with a first round draft pick this year at 32.

    Jets: Tampering
    Fins: Violation of rules in FA
    Bills : Dumb trade

  34. If there is one thing I’ve learned from following the Patriots stories, it’s that if people even THINK you’ve crossed even the smallest, most obscure line of the rules, no matter how stupid it may seem, you’re a cheater who deserves massive penalties. The good news for the Dolphins is that I also learned that unless it’s the Patriots no one will care and you will probably get away with a slap on the wrist.

  35. Let me start by confessing that I am a Dolphin fan. It’s been a long and miserable road. Pretty much my entire adult life has been not only one bad decision after another but it’s also been accompanied by the stubborn refusal to correct every bad decision in a timely manner.

    They are so bad that they can’t even sign a free agent without getting in trouble for breaking the rules. I hope the punishment hurts. Signing Suh for that much is desperate and stupid. Getting in trouble for doing it is just stupid and stupid. Was any of this brought about by the Tim Tebow’s former boss Tannenbaum?

  36. “And as long as the NFL permits negotiations and prohibits the natural consequences of negotiations, the problem will continue. And even though everyone is doing it, the league’s modus operandi in situations like this is to catch one team, impose a significant punishment, ignore that everyone else is doing it, and hope the others are scared straight.”

    This is exactly what happened to the Saints with the bountygate BS. This is Goodell’s way of handling things. He is such a moron. Please, for the love of God, get rid of the red-headed clown commissioner. Fire Goodell!!!

  37. Maybe the fins are coming to their senses and realize that the over paid someone who can’t be relied on to stay on the field.

  38. @rjpats – read the league memo on this 72-hour window. You’re NOT allowed to make offers. This is the stupidest rule in all of professional sports. You can meet with free agents but you can’t make offers or agree to anything. What does the league want this 72-hour window to be used for is beyond me.

  39. Maybe the fins are coming to their senses and realize that they over paid someone who can’t be relied on to stay on the field.

  40. If an agent felt like they got a great deal for their client they will advertise it. I doubt the offer is signed but forgive Sexton for popping corks on the champagne for a record deal.

    NFL Network probably has clips and details ready to roll on Suh at 4pm.

  41. Welcome to the Roger Goodell NFL, where we make the rules up as we go along, just ask Ray Rice if the rules are set in stone?

    This kind of gray-area rules interpretation resembles the way the current white house is run as well. “We have rules (laws) but if we don’t like them, we’ll change them on the fly at the whim of the commissioner (president).

    The current commissioner (president) sucks beyond belief, luckily one has to leave on Jan 21 of 2016, the other? We’re stuck with until he decides he’s made 40 million a year for long enough or the owners finally tire of his waffling.

  42. Of course they should be nervous, who does this signing affect the most? Yep, the patriots, and who’s goodell’s best friend? Yep, Robert Craft. So it won’t be surprising at all to see them punished while all the other exact same deals from other teams go unpunished.

    NFL = WWE

  43. Seems the NFL may be picking on another team, Goodell will ensure it isn’t the Patriots or any other owner who currently supports him. This league office is looking more and more like clowns.

  44. The part that I’m curious about is whether the deal was made in an ultimatum sort of way…

    Meaning: Did the Dolphins offer the deal ONLY if Suh immediately agreed to the terms?… If the Dolphins made such an ultimatum, then I would have a problem with the “3-day legal tampering” set-up….

    The three days should be a window of time for players and teams to have full communication.. I don’t think it would be a fair game if a team were to offer a deal ONLY if they immediately agreed to it.

  45. The NFL has nothing better to do.

    Why don’t they go see what color sneakers Marshawn Lynch is wearing today and fine him for that.

  46. The tampering window is meant for teams to send offers , so agents get an idea of what is out there,no negotiations are supposed to take place until Tuesday at 4 pm est. Let alone players confirming where they are going to sign

  47. What could the NFL do for a penalty? They could require Miami to switch places with the Lions in the draft, for example, the Lions would move up to No. 47 overall in Round 2 and the Dolphins would move down to No. 54 overall in Round 2. There’s some precedent for that type of penalty.

  48. Awesome photo to accompany this article. Albert Brooks’ classic flop-sweat scene in Broadcast News…hilarious.

    ‘Phins tampered two days ahead of the period (as reported here on PFT), then did their deal, but had it leak out. Clear violations of the intent of all this, and easily the biggest instance of it, so it will be interesting to see how the league turns them into the poster-child for this one.

  49. The Lions once lost a 7th round pick when Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham by saying in public that he wanted players from Kansas City on Detroit’s roster.

    If there was a comparative penalty on Miami, it would be very high considering the difference.

  50. So the Dolphins are officially CHEATERS! They’ve been CHEATING the system since they tampered to get Shula. To me, this now taints every Super Bowl they’ve ever won.

  51. They have been doing this for years. They pissed some people off on this and that is the bottom line. They got a player that someone else wanted so they went and cried about it. No big deal. Did they sign any paper work? I doubt it so it’s a he said she said deal but it’s the rule. What happens happens. What about the damn playoffs with the footballs? Nothing being done there to me it’s all BS.

  52. Semantics. If Mort would have said it looks like Suh will go to the Dolphins there wouldn’t be any problem. But because he said there was a deal in place the Dolphins are somehow in trouble. The only potential issue I see is the player with no agent saying he is going to a particular team since the rules state no contact can be made with him until Tuesday.

    This entire fiasco is dumb and the league is only mad because they can’t make a buck off of a sponsored ‘signing day’ concept. The entire concept of a legal tampering period is absurd the way the league wants to view it. As long as the paperwork isn’t finalized until the official free agency period starts, just let it go.

  53. The whole thing is stupid. The window is to allow FAs to negotiate with teams. What is negotiations about? Exchanging offers, and what they’re looking for. Just typical NFL bs.

  54. Doesn’t matter, Suh will be retired by the time the results of the investigation are released the way the NFl does their investigations.

  55. They should be more nervous about when exactly this deal blows up in their face. You don’t give elite quarterback money to a defensive lineman. Watching the clowns in Miami year in and year out is truly entertaining.

  56. The trouble is, you can’t permit negotiating and not permit reaching a deal. It’s impossible. Team says to player, if we offer this, how would you feel about that? What is player supposed to say if he likes the deal offered?

    “I’m not allowed to answer that, because it might incriminate me.”

    That makes it impossible to actually negotiate.

  57. Why are the Dolphins the only team mentioned in this article? There were a bunch of “agreements” made by different players and teams. This is complete BS and is just meant to slander the Dolphins.

  58. Suh is dominate but he ain’t worth t $114 million. He is not the missing piece to a Super Bowl championship in Miami. This is silly of Miami to sign him. Ask any Redskins fan. We know. #HTTR

  59. canetic says:
    Mar 10, 2015 10:26 AM
    Come on. There are no secrets. What about Julius Thomas to Jax? Lesean to the Bills with a new contract? And twenty other free agent “signings” we’ve already heard about.

    The difference in those 2 cases is that I haven’t seen any information regarding the details of Thomas’s deal with JAX. Only his intention to sign there.

    The Bills can announce anything they want with McCoy because he’s under contract with them already. They simply renegotiated the terms of the contract they traded for and are not confined by the terms of FA rules.

  60. okay so, it’s okay to cheat, as long as nobody leaks the news that you cheated?

  61. In a period in which the Lions had exclusive negotiating rights and a market should NOT have existed, it did. This means Suh and his agent had no reason to take the deal from the Lions that would have made him the highest paid defensive player in the NFL because they already knew that at least the phins would pay more.

    The Lions should get a 3rd round compensatory pick for Suh leaving plus another 3rd round pick for a clear case of tampering.

  62. Just the former Jets employees that run the league office trying to deflect attention from Woody Johnson’s blatant tampering with Revis.

    I expect no penalty for the Jets while their former employees gleefully hammer another AFCE opponent of the Jets with heavy penalties. At least a huge fine and loss of a lower round draft pick

  63. This is WAY more important than the Patriots cheating thier way into the Super Bowl!! I hope Wells can solve this in the next 10 years!! After all – it’s so complicated!!

  64. Why are there so many people getting their man panties in a twist about what is going on.

    There are a few easy to remember rules about what is going on here.

    1. you can contact players/agents and begin working on a framework deal in the 3 day window. Not before.

    2. you can come to an agreement on a deal, including amounts and bonus’s etc… in that window.

    3. you cannot go announcing the terms of the deals, including specific amounts, bonus’s etc… until the start of FA – Today @ 4pm EST. Teams and players can make general statements as to intentions, but don’t announce details.

    4. the reason behind that is simple. to start leaking information on deals before deals can be signed means that you can potentially affect the discussions of other teams and players, who might be looking at similar contract amounts. That is tampering people.

    Learn some of the basic rules of what is going on before you start bitching about how the rules are stupid and the NFL is out to get everyone.

  65. And even though everyone is doing it, the league’s modus operandi in situations like this is to catch one team, impose a significant punishment, ignore that everyone else is doing it, and hope the others are scared straight.

    Oh, kind of like “SpyGate” huh?

  66. Miami will be capped out, won’t be able to sign any players to surround him, will lose draft picks for tampering, and the fan base will all turn on Suh because of his overpaid contract….and him and the Dolphins will wallow in the basement of their division….oh, and thanks for the free picks Mr Suh, you may be rich, but your team will suffer for years because of your contract and all the Tampering you and the Dolphins did…:)

  67. “Seems the NFL may be picking on another team, Goodell will ensure it isn’t the Patriots or any other owner who currently supports him”

    Total bs. Goodell loathes the Pats. If he was really protecting them the clearly manufactured by the league office deflategate would never have happened. Goodell loves any chance to hurt the Pats because he’s a former Jets employee if nothing else.

    Now they get a chance to hurt another AFCE opponent of the Jets. Bills can’t be far behind. Not sure what Goodell and his former Jets cronies will manufacture against Buffalo but I have little doubt something us coming.

    Meanwhile Jets owner Woody Johnson’s blatant tampering with Revis remains ignored and unpunished. Johnson’s statement about wanting Revis back met the exact definition of tampering as it is defined in the NFL rules. There is no question about that.

  68. In finding that the Miami Dolphins violated the spirit of the pre-Free Agency period; I, John Mara, hereby fine the Washington Redskins 54 Million dollars over the next 3 years.

  69. Forgive me if I’m wrong… but I thought no one cheated in the NFL? Only removing air in footballs or filming signals gets looked into? But that would mean only NE will be investigated… I’m confused.

    But I did stay in a Holiday inn last night!

  70. Cheaters! Once a cheater always a cheater! The league is probably burning the evidence right now! Etc.

  71. Void the signing. Ban the Dolphins from signing him. Force the Dolphins to make Suh whole should his final contract be less than what he was promised by Miami. Charge any difference to the Miami cap.

    Sounds about right.

  72. I think that Detroit will file tampering charges against Miami. They lost picks before when KC filed tampering charges against them, so why not do it and see what happens?

  73. Goddell is not keeping up with league issues, or is completely mishandling them. He needs to be replaced, and while I’m typically not a supporter of the GOP, I’d love to see Condi Rice as the next commish. Would be good for the game.

  74. I can see Goodell wanting to send a message to guys like Mortensen and his employer, ESPN. These guys were atrocious in the Deflategate story and now they are running rampart during the run up to free agency.

    If you are having an affair neither party is suppose to be promoting it publicly. You certainly wouldn’t post it to social media.

    I suspect CAA wanted the street creed and leaked it to their bag man, the Evangelical Christian (sorry but he highlights that in his public bio and wears it on his sleeve), Mortensen.

  75. Just another way the NFL is royally stupid. Go ahead and negotiate, but no offers. What the hell are they supposed to do when they agree on terms?

    NFL, seriously, is it a contest to see how stupid you can make yourselves look?

    Setting a new bar for ineptitude for sure.

  76. You now can add Ross to the list of owners that J. Edgar Goodell owns. Goodell gets a big raise next year or Wells will be booked for the next 5 years.

  77. So, in other words, the Miami Dolphins cheated. I’m not surprised. Can they do anything right?

  78. First of all — you invalidate the deal. Then you make the Fins give their first round draft pick over to the division’s most hated rival (Bills?), then you force the team to relocate to Omaha.

  79. So, if a team calls an agent, and the agent says $5 million, 5 years, $5 million signing bonus, and the team says, OK.

    That violates the rules?

  80. The NFL is run by glamour-seeking morons. Even if they did want to investigate all these things, they’d take seven years to do it and worry more about the public relations aspects of the final report than any real content in it. Months after “deflate-gate,” a speeding ticket of an infraction if in fact it actually happened, we have still only heard information from obviously slanted leaks. More months after Woody Johnson tampered with Revis, using almost the exact words of the example supplied in the rulebook, there has been no punishment. Roger Goodell can say things like “I’m available to the press every day,” even though he’s almost never available to the press. In other words, whatever.

  81. Oh, a 5th or 6th round draft pick and half a mill. fine. I’m sure the Dolphins are losing sleep over that after creating a dominate front four. They over paid, threw the DT pay scale further out of whack than Washington did with Albert Haynesworth, and probably guaranteed 31 owners go into next years owners meeting screaming for a max contract guideline like the NBA. I’d be more nervous when they realize they’re to broke to sign offensive upgrades at the skill positions and are still destined to be 7-9, 8-8, 9-7, and the 3rd best team in their own division even with Suh, Wake, and Vernon.

  82. This is the problem in the NFL right now, they make these non-sensical rules ,then fine some team/player to show their superiority. Hello NFL, try holding yourself accountable before coming down on teams/players making you all Billionare$!

  83. What did the NFL think was going to happen in these three days? If anyone needs to be punished it is the moron that decided to have a legal tampering period with such silly restrictions like you can talk about salary positions but not actual salary. What the happy hell does that even mean?

  84. Has any Dolphin management giving a press release as to having a deal? Has the team said that? As far as I can tell every one has been talking except the team,. Bill

  85. Am I the only one drawing deflategate parallels? Now all of a sudden dolphins fans and other people who trashed the patriots are pulling the “well everybody does it”. Which I agree with, but those same fans exclaimed that the patriots were the only ones cheating (btw the verdict is still not out yet) and they thought their teams were perfectly innocent and never bent the rules. Glass. House.

  86. If this had been the Patriots there would be so much “cheater” bullcrap written on this website they would have to change the name to “I hate the Patriots”!

  87. How about eliminating tampering rules and just allow everyone to tamper, this is unnecessary drama and all it does is just gives something to talk about in the off season. I’m a lions fan and I don’t give a crap suh is gone

  88. What a joke these moron’s from Miami have become LMAO! 1st you sign a DT to an absurd contract. Now you’re going to be losing draft picks that you will desperately need because you have no money to sign other free agents. Hahaha I love it!

  89. Goodell’s ignorance of physics fan the flames of hatred. Moronic psuedo-fans choose to ignore the laws of physics. Not surprising from the land of climate change deniers. There will be no investigation of Suh, because the Jets so publicly violated the rules with Revis. This is the same Jets club that actually violated the videotaping rule in 2006. That is the same rule that Goodell had to reinterpret in order to create spygate. Jealousy is a tough pill to swallow especially if you come from the land of hanging chad.

  90. It’s not a big deal. Everyone does, has, and will always do it. My complaint is that if it was the Pats, it’d be another “gate”. Hypocrites, all.

  91. Miami’s tampering?

    Totally inappropriate. It’s lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous!

  92. In other news…the Patriots have been completely cleared pn their allegations of deflating the balls. Goodell and Ted Wells got a package deal worth $114 million with a guarantee of $60 million to keep quiet on the hush money awarded to them!!!

  93. Just a note for everyone reading: this report is by Armando Salguero, who always likes to stir up some kind of doom and gloom about the Fins organization at the drop of a hat. He writes with a strong bias about Ross.

    I would take this article with a couple of grains of salt. There are more teams who broke the rules than those who did. If Miami were to be the only team to get docked draft picks, I would imagine Miami would immediately appeal it, and this could get further bad PR for Goodell and the NFL.

  94. “The practical problem for the Dolphins isn’t that a deal was struck; it’s that the news was leaked.”


    This kind of thinking is why America is in the mess that it’s in. Yeah practical problem for the Dolphins, but the reality is that if no deal were made, there wouldn’t be a chance to have a problem.

    Maybe politics has made us immune to understanding what is right and wrong. Maybe America as a whole thinks rules are for other people to follow, not themselves, specifically.

    There’s no way a deal wasn’t done. How about KC and Maclin? Thomas and Parnell to Jax. Paea to the Redskins. The Eagles still seem to have Maxwell. Hartline to Cleveland.

  95. In a league full of stupid rules and random enforcement, legal tampering is still the most absurd thing I’ve heard of.

  96. Kevin Colbert: “This is exactly why we didn’t have any serious discussions with free agent targets, not the fact that are cap situation is horrible from so many bad contract restructures!”

  97. so stupid. then remove the “negotiating window.” what is the point in being able to negotiate if you cant NEGOTIATE?!! there were only about 15 teams that “announced” deals last weekend. this is nothing more than Detroit’s brass being pissy and making a call to the NFL offices. if the Dolphins get punished then every team that “announced” deals last weekend better be punished too.

  98. Not a lawyer here but can’t the Dolphins simply use the Elvis Dumervil excuse! I contract is not a contract until it’s submitted to the league office right. It seams the Broncos and Elvis Dumervil had a contract in place before the deadline but according to the league it doesn’t count since it wasn’t submitted to the league office in time. Wouldn’t that say a signed contract is not a true contract until it’s submitted to the league office?

  99. “Try negotiating purchasing a home, without referencing the terms of the sale. I dont get it… ”

    PERFECT example. try to negotiate buying a house but you cant talk about the price?!! whats the point of even talking then?! “hi, i like your house, I will make you an offer in 3 days.”

    and come on, those of you acting as if one team or another are the only ones that “tamper.” its been well reported that EVERY team “tampers” to a certain extent, especially at the scouting combine.

  100. I really don’t see what the big deal is. What do you guys think they talk about during the tampering period? We all know the way to attract the top FAs is by showing the money. Fact is Suh or Miami, both area able to back out of the agreement up until the contract is signed and until than, any team can still jump in and make an offer. That is all that should matter.

  101. Kraft will remind Goodell that this is his chance to make an “apology” after Kraft’s faux outrage over deflategate. Wouldn’t want Mr. Bundchen’s skirt getting ruffled by Suh, would we? On the other hand, I’m really looking forward to watching Mr. Bundchen screaming at the refs this season when he’s getting his whiny rear end planted in the turf this season.

    Word of caution to the Dolphins…remember that the NFL doesn’t take it lightly when Mr. Bundchen gets hit. If you guys bring him to tears, there will be hell to pay.

  102. Just get rid of this silly grey area tampering period. Make it black and white when you can and cannot talk to, or about, another team’s player.

    Why is the NFL seemingly the only major league with some new sort of scandal/controversy every month?

  103. The only reason this is a big deal is because NFL Network blocks out 12 hours to cover free agency. If all of the top tier free agents are signed prior to the start of the program that means less ratings and more importantly less $ to the NFL.

  104. Days since the Patriots won a Super Bowl: 35
    Days since the Dolphins won a Super Bowl: 20,730


  105. “I did not have contractual relations with that free agent!” “It’s all just a vast NFC-wing conspiracy”. Someone needs to check Suh’s jacket for dolphin DNA.

  106. If OJ can get away with murder I’m sure these teams who “tamper” could get away with it as well

  107. The NFL’s handling of this has been as inept as a high-school prom committee. Shocker.

  108. Have any of you examined Stephen Ross’ business career and the legacy he left for investors?

    I suspect the NFL wanted him as an owner so he could teach the other owners how to milk public money for private projects.

  109. Suh, Dolphins breaking the rules….

    …you know what that means…


    Somehow it has to be Belichick’s doing….

  110. There are a lot of pats fans that are sounding like some of my ex-gf…..BooHoo, everyone is picking on my team. Your team got 3 SB rings for cheating and only lost a 1st rd pick. The NFL swept deflategate under the rug and they discard the evidence of spygate so no one would know how much of a cheater your team really is. I got over the fact your team are cheaters, now get over the fact your team will forever be remembered as cheaters.

  111. All of you please let things play out, haters already have Fins on probation,losing draft picks, who here is a front office exec……nobody calm down

  112. Reading the Mortenson article and the first thing it says is “Barring a breakdown in formal negotiations…”

  113. Fins to NFL offices-

    Prove your accusation!

    But first, the NFL offices must release all ‘bounty-gate” evidence, AND, release that phone call and video tape evidence from your bungling of the Ray Rice fiasco!

  114. You know Jay Glazer has the spygate tapes, right?
    There’s nothing new. The ignorance about that is quite something.
    As for rule breaking, the Pats only need to be accused [falsely] of something and everyone knows they will be investigated. See Harbaugh, Grigson and the lying, sniveling Pagano who claims he knew nothing about nothing.

    There were obviously many teams breaking this 3 day rule, it is beyond obvious that teams broke the rules. I expect another stern warning and no punishments of any significance, if at all.
    If the Patriots were involved [and there is no chance they will walk anywhere near a controversy again after the double standard bs penalties from spying out in front of 60,000 people with a Pats employee wearing the team colors and opposing coaches waving at him as he films defensive coordinators and cheerleaders…]
    there would be penalties. But alas, they are not one of the teams involved. So I wouldn’t worry.

  115. How are you supposed to be allowed to negotiate and NOT strike a deal? This is amusingly ridiculous.

  116. As a life time Detroit Lions fan I hope the Lions press the issue so that we can get the draft picks, I do however think that the rule is ridiculous. Rules are rules though and we need to benefit from some of this ridiculousness.

    Also I’ve read many people mention LeSean McCoy’s TRADE when talking about other potential tampering cases. LeSean McCoy was traded he was not a FREE AGENT. There is a difference.

    On another note, I’ve got love for the Patriots.

    Finally I’m sort of relieved that the Lions are not resigning Suh. they offered him 6 years $102 million with $58 million guaranteed. With us already paying Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson we would’ve been totally limited for years and would have to seriously consider cutting Calvin Johnson in the next couple of years if we wanted to improve. I personally don’t think any player in the NFL is worth more than $13-15 million a year especially at defensive tackle which happens to be one of the deepest positions in football.

  117. The Dolphins just need to say that no deal was finalized and anyone reporting otherwise has their facts wrong. Unless the NFL has proof the Dolphins and Suh had a finalized deal, they cannot punish the Dolphins if the Dolphins and Suh deny it.

    They could say they were “very close” on a deal — since that’s allowed by the NFL — but they can say nothing was finalized. Even though we all know that’s not true and it was a done deal. Mort and Suh sharing an agent makes this even more transparent. But unless there is proof, the NFL won’t do anything. And by proof, I mean video of the Dolphins and Suh talking about the deal in an Atlantic City hotel elevator. 😉

  118. I’m just here to see another adult use the word “butthurt”. We’ve turned into a nation of children when butthurt is the new slang.

  119. IF the NFL charges Miami with tampering they have the rare opportunity to establish the ceiling for maximum compensation in the event top free agents are wooed early….1st and 2nd rounders seems to be a good deterrent but maybe 3 draft picks is what it will take to send a message not to touch the top FAs early!

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