Dolphins reportedly making last-ditch effort to trade Wheeler, Ellerbe

Over the weekend, word out of Miami was that the Dolphins were going to release linebackers Dannell Ellerbe and Philip Wheeler in an effort to create cap space to use for the massive contract they’re expected to give Ndamukong Suh.

There’s been no official move from the team yet and Alex Marvez of FOX Sports reports that they haven’t taken any action because they’d prefer to trade the two 2013 free agent acquisitions who have disappointed during their time in Miami before free agency opens on Tuesday afternoon. Marvez adds that they’re still expected to be cut if that doesn’t happen.

Even without that caveat, dealing the two veterans wouldn’t have been too easy. Ellerbe is set to make almost $8.5 million in 2015 after missing most of 2014 with a hip injury and has two more years left on his deal beyond that. Wheeler is cheaper this year at $2.9 million, but he has two more years to go as well and couldn’t hold onto a starting job in Miami.

One should never say never about NFL personnel moves, but it seems likelier that the Dolphins will be collecting cap space by making Wheeler and Ellerbe free agents than it is that they’ll be collecting compensation from another club.

22 responses to “Dolphins reportedly making last-ditch effort to trade Wheeler, Ellerbe

  1. I questioned the Ellerbe signing. If he was any good, the Ravens would have bent over backwards to sign him.

  2. Dolphins have moved into the race and made a serious run for the title of Dumbest Front Office in the NFL. What good is Suh and Tannehill if you literally can’t afford any other players?

  3. TOO LATE FOR THAT PHILBIN!!! Should have been negotiating weeks ago!!! Again this is why the Fins are going to be in for a LONG LOSING SEASON because Philbin & Ross have no clue!!! 7-9 then we can FIRE PHILBIN!!!

  4. Hickey would be the greatest GM in NFL history if he got anything for either of these two overpaid stiffs. A broken PS3, some football cards with frayed edges, one of those hula bobble heads for the dashboard…………I mean anything!

  5. These are moves that we knew were going to happen. There are no surprises here. Even without the acquisition of Suh, Ellerbe and Wheeler were going to go. I support these personnel moves.

  6. jjb0811 says:
    Mar 10, 2015 9:43 AM

    “Miami has taken over the throne of signing bad FA’s from my Skins! Have they gotten 1 right in the past 4-5 years?”

    Brent Grimes comes to mind

  7. If you trade for a low pick, it’s low risk because the signing bonus is already paid and you’re only on the hook for the base salary and any future bonuses. Ellerbe’s salary is still kind of high, but still maybe market price, Wheeler if he is anything more than 1 year wonder would also be a decent value for a rotational DE.

  8. The Dolphins seemed to be the only people who didn’t see these two as grossly overpaid back when they “won” free agency in 2013.

  9. I recall when the Raiders were criticized for letting Wheeler get away, but Miami paid WAAAY too much in his front-loaded contract to justify keeping him around.

  10. Anytime you make a player X the highest paid player at his position, you have done the wrong thing.
    I know Watt technically makes more than Suh but Watt is a freak that also catches TDs so he plays more than one position.

  11. If you don’t see the Ravens busting at the seems to make cap room for someone, it’s usually a given their FA has not earned the free market hype pay. Also like this year they are very tight on cap space, another good indicator another team needs to do their homework on the FA. Another factor about Ravens FAs is what system are they in and their supporting cast. Ravens have instituted, I’m sure most teams try too, a system of supporting pieces, the quality of play is based on the sum of its players, not individual glory or stat building for one self.

  12. Suh is going to be a franchise buster. And he is going to a franchise that is already broken. One guy just isn’t worth as much as they are going to give him. He can’t do it alone, and he is a bad seed. So have fun in the basement Fins Fans.

  13. Everyone keeps saying the Dolphins cant sign Suh, but basically dumped 5 overpaid guys that did not even play most of ladt year. That is how it is done. Yes, a mistake, but good riddance. You guys criticizing make the agument for and against. We some how are able to do… wallace, albert and now suh. If you dont play well you get cut and that is is. Some teM was going to pay Suh $20M no matter what. Im glad it is my team. I dont pay players.

  14. “xpensivewinos says:
    Mar 10, 2015 9:59 AM
    Hickey would be the greatest GM in NFL history if he got anything for either of these two overpaid stiffs. ”

    It’s settled. The Dolphins have the greatest GM ever. Ellerbe and a 7th to Saints for Stills and a 5th!

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