Graham, Seahawks have fences to mend


Pete Carroll is a genius.  At a time when the fumes of Super Bowl XLIX threaten to hover over the locker room into the 2015 season, Carroll has found a way to change the topic:  By adding a sworn enemy of the team’s defense.

In January 2014, then-Saints tight end Jimmy Graham and Seahawks defensive end Bruce Irvin had a pregame altercation, with Graham ripping a knit cap from Graham’s head.

“He said, I’m Jimmy,” Irvin said at the time of Graham.  “I said, who’s Jimmy?”

After the game, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett explained why Graham was a non-factor during it.

Because he’s overrated,” Bennett said. “If he doesn’t get a chance to get the ball, that’s all he can really do — he doesn’t help in the blocking game — so I think he’s overrated and I’m not scared to say that on TV.”

Bennett will get a chance to say it directly to Graham, soon.

52 responses to “Graham, Seahawks have fences to mend

  1. “with Graham ripping a knit cap from Graham’s head”
    It’s Graham’s cap and Graham’s head, so who cares if he ripped it off his head?

  2. If he was a genius he woulda given the ball to Lynch on the 1yd line. Hes just smart enough to lose the biggest game of the year. Doubt that falls in the genius category.

  3. The Seahawks players are correct…and Graham will have to prove that he’s better than he was in that game.

  4. Everyone forgets Seattle loses arguably there best O linemen on a team that NEEDS to run the ball. Receivers/TE’s don’t win championships.

  5. As long as Graham picks Bennett’s jock strap off the ground after practice and drops it in the laundry hamper, all will be good.

  6. This trade was as smart as not running The Beast on the one yard line in the Super Bowl.

  7. I’m pretty sure Seahawks fans got over it within 30 seconds of hearing about the trade

  8. It will be interesting to see what Seattle fans on here will say now about Graham. Previously it was that he was soft, couldn’t block, gets shut down easily, etc. I am guessing their tune will change now that he is one of theirs.

  9. if some members of the Seahawk locker-room didn’t think their QB was “black enough”, wait til they see their new TE…he’s orange!

  10. He isn’t a sworn enemy of the Defense, they just didn’t feel threatened by him with the Saints……They will appreciate him on their own team and learn that other than the Seahawks, Graham can beat most defenses…….The biggest “enemy” makes the best teammate if your improved and winning…….

  11. Impressive. Although, these blockbuster trades that look great on paper always seem to end in disappointment.

  12. Well done StarchyBunker, well done. Best comment I’ve seen on PFT in a long time.

  13. Graham is now a Seattle player. Nothing to mend.

    Just envy the new look Seattle offense come next season! That is all…

  14. For those who think Seattle should grab Crabtree…why? Cannot think of any reason to pick up someone who is of little value on the field, and even LESS value in the locker room.
    Leave him go to a neighborhood flag football team.

  15. Seattle, you know you’ve just made THE trade of FA when all the haters come to a Seattle page to nick pick over nuthin!

    Envy this trade much haters??? LOL!!!

    Welcome to C-Link, your new home JG!

  16. One Ring Dynasty says: Mar 10, 2015 7:51 PM

    Harvin Jr, WELCOME to the seaFrauds


    Oh look…et ANOTHER who’s team has been beaten by Seattle…will be beaten by Seattle AGAIN and who has NOTHING to brag about in reference to his own team.
    Such losers are so easy to spot.

  17. I agree with Seattle about Jimmy, he was really good but people figured out how to play him and exposed him for being one dimensional.

    I also agree that Pete Carrol did this to distract from the worst play call in Super Bowl history.

    On the whole, Seattle really got fleeced. They lost the #4 ranked center and will have to eat that really nasty 12mil cap number for next year plus they gave up their 1st round pick in a really deep draft.

  18. wintermute00 says:
    Mar 10, 2015 10:37 PM

    On the whole, Seattle really got fleeced. They lost the #4 ranked center and will have to eat that really nasty 12mil cap number for next year plus they gave up their 1st round pick in a really deep draft.

    They lost a center who only played 6 games for them last year and has been injury prone the last 2 years.

    They’ve needed a legit pass catching threat for years and they finally got one. Sure they’ll miss Unger when he’s healthy, but overall they got better from this trade. They hardly got fleeced.

  19. Graham, has 4,752 receiving yards and 51 touchdowns since entering the NFL as a third-round pick in 2010.

    Seattle can’t wait to see Graham line up as a wideout. A Pro Bowl TE, Seattle offense just got better…on the first day of FA!

    Unger was often injured and hasn’t been on the field for the past 2 years. That’s one exceptional trade!!!

  20. If the draft is as deep as you say it is..
    Trading the number 1 pick isn’t as bad as you say.
    They also got rid of an often injured player and his salary cap hit as well.
    Unger is a great lineman when he is on the field. Injured too often though.

  21. The only way this move makes sense to me is if Seattle is planning for life after Lynch. Beast mode threatens to retire this and retire that. Do I believe he would ahve retired instead of playing for $6 million probably. Do I think he has alot of 300 -400 carry seasons left? no.

    Graham is a good receiver, gets gobbled up by elite corners. He creates mismatches based on size with alot of players.

    I do know the Saints are in cap hell. So freeing up money makes sense for them I can see it.

  22. Hawks have gone to the Super Bowl with 3rd, 4th and and 5th round picks. Who needs a number one that can be a bust for a lot of money.

  23. Actually, they say this is a bad year for TEs in the draft, but a good year for o-line. The Seahawks already have suitable replacements for Unger in Jean-Pierre and Lewis, who had to fill in for him over the last 2 seasons when he was hurt. If they don’t work out, it’s a good bet they’ll draft and develop someone who will.

    The Saints are on the hook for his signing bonus money, so the Seahawks end up losing ~$3 million in the base salary trade while getting a player who doesn’t block, but pretty much guarantees you can’t stack the box to stop Lynch.

    Schneider knows what he’s doing.

  24. seahawkgary says: Mar 11, 2015 5:16 AM

    Hawks have gone to the Super Bowl with 3rd, 4th and and 5th round picks. Who needs a number one that can be a bust for a lot of money.


    Exactly! With Carroll & Schneider running the draft…there is no doubt they will find the best guys. After those two…there are just the wanna-be GM’s & coaches when it comes to drafting.

  25. It’s a good thing Irvin and Bennett and the gold standards for grace under pressure and good sportsmanship.

    Oh, wait. I feel bad for Jimmy having to now deal with those two jackholes every day.

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