Harvin is getting cut on Tuesday


On Sunday, PFT reported that the Jets were expected to cut receiver Percy Harvin on Monday.  They didn’t.

They still will.  Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Harvin and his $10.5 million base salary will be dumped on Tuesday.

The move needs to happen before March 19; that’s the day the 2015 draft pick the Jets owe the Seahawks upgrades from a sixth-round pick to a fourth-round pick.

Teams to watch include the Chargers, Packers, and Patriots.  Harvin’s goal will be to find a contending team with a very good quarterback; the broader objective will be to re-establish himself as a dynamic offensive weapon, and to set himself up for a big contract in 2016.

Harvin’s history may work against him, and for good reason.  From Florida to Minnesota to Seattle, he has been a problem.  But he was a model citizen in New York last year, which should give him options for 2015.

Worst-case scenario, Rex Ryan should be interested in bringing him to Buffalo.  Which would make the AFC East even more interesting, and the Bills even better as they try to catch New England.

48 responses to “Harvin is getting cut on Tuesday

  1. His career would mean something again with the Redskins. Too bad we don’t need him nor is he worthy of wearing our historic logo and colors. #ItsapriveldgebeingaRedskinnotaright

  2. To think, this guy was his best when using performance enhancers while playing for the worst franchise in professional and semi-professional sports.

    So sad.

    The vikings, that is. Not this Cobb wannabe getting cut.


  3. Buffalo? That would truly be Harvin’s “worst case scenario”.
    They aren’t contending and they just signed Matt Cassel.
    Patriots don’t need him. Packers just resigned Cobb, so Chargers maybe? But my guess is that it won’t be any of these teams.

  4. as much as i hate the patriots, if they sign him and andre johnson that offense could be back to 2007 form.

  5. Not worth it for Buffalo. You really want him around the young stud, Watkins, catching passes from a journeyman QB or Manuel? Probably not.

  6. Good morning jets. First they cut harvin to only give us a sixth round pick then they sign carpenter our guard. Seattle is still the drafts ahead of new York and we will won our division.

    Please try to win your division, as it sucks seeing the patriots win every year

  7. What a waste of talent this guy has been. To have SO much potential and barely make an impact. If he could ever get it together off the field, he’d be a force to be reckoned with on the field. Time will tell…

  8. How would KC be interesting? would it be interesting to watch a promising player disappear? cause KC is not a contender, they’re not good, they’re on the way dowwwwwn. Obviously Baltimore would be a great spot for him cause the Ravens get it done on a regular basis. Winning all the time and what not

  9. Maybe the best all around football player I have ever seen. Too bad he is one of the biggest Divas the NFL has ever had….

  10. KC would be an interesting fit….
    pretty sure that he will want to catch TD passes but if he changes his mind and doesn’t care about catching TD passes I am sure he will instruct his agent speed dial the Chiefs!

  11. “Harvin’s goal will be to find a contending team with a very good quarterback…”

    So much for Buffalo. Nobody would mistake Cassel or Manuel for very good quarterbacks. They are, at best, a solid stopgap veteran and a bust who is rapidly running out of time to capitalize on his potential.

  12. Actually think Buffalo would be good location for him.
    Run based offense, where he could be used in the slot and out of the backfield like when he was at his most prolific in Minnesota.

    He really (due to injury and and other issues) has been a role player everywhere but Minnesota.

  13. Can’t wait to see the sucker who picks this guy up. Great if you only need him to play a couple of games a season.


  14. Harvin has the opportunity to join almost any contender at a reasonable price, but he’ll likely go to a mediocre or borderline playoff go to a team like the Rams or Browns for a big contract.

    Since he has a ring, I can’t really say I blame him.

  15. Well, if he goes to the Packers, he might throw a dumbbell at McCarthy like he did Childress — that might knock some sense into McCarthy next time he faces a 4th and 1 call.

  16. Does Siberia have an NFL team? I know they were in talks with LA about a stadium. Siberia is where this clown needs to go. 4 teams in 4 years= team cancer

    If anyone needs a solid dose of reality…it would be Percy, who has been told since his HS days that his sh*t dont stink..days of entitlement are over buddy. I hope you saved some of that money you stole from the last 4 teams.

  17. It’s funny that his lowest production was when he was a “model citizen”. Maybe if you could sequester him from the rest of the team until kickoff he would be a great addition to a team.

  18. priveldge…err, uhh…pervileg…uhh, wait…porridge…hang on…privylege…crap…


  19. Packers don’t accept that kind of drama………………

    When is the Guion trial?

  20. Very few teams are mentioned as desirable places to play for a handful of ex-playmakers. They want to win while they can, which is understandable. The Packers is on everyone’s wish list, for obvious reasons. You certainly won’t see the Vikings mentioned….they’re not fools.

  21. Good morning jets. First they cut harvin to only give us a sixth round pick then they sign carpenter our guard. Seattle is still the drafts ahead of new York and we will won our division………………….

    The Seahawks should have seen this coming. First fleeced by the Vikings, and then a lower pick from the Jets, now Carpenter

    Harvin…The Seahawk gift that keeps on giving

  22. Try to work out a deal and if unsuccessful cut him on the 18th. The longer FA is open the more leverage the Jets have.

  23. Packers don’t accept that kind of drama………………
    Get over yoourselves Pack fans..I ll stick up for you to a point, but you guys had THE DRAMA QUEEN Favre on your team for a long time. That pretty much nails it.

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