Jaguars to sign ex-Packers CB Davon House


The Packers usually do a great job of drafting well, and re-signing their own draft picks when they hit free agency. But Davon House is an exception.

House, a free agent cornerback who has spent his entire four-year career with the Packers, will sign today with the Jaguars. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, House will get $6.25 million a year.

The Packers chose House with a fourth-round pick in 2011, and he has developed into a good player on both defense and special teams. House was not a starter for the Packers and played in only 37 percent of the team’s defensive snaps despite being healthy for all 16 games, so he’s not necessarily a huge loss for Green Bay. But the Packers do take a hit to their secondary depth with House’s departure.

In Jacksonville, coach Gus Bradley hopes that House can add some stability to a young and inexperienced secondary. He’s being paid like a starter now, and he’ll have to be a starter.

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  1. Best wishes to Davon — trading contending for greater financial security. It’s a chance to be a leader — to take what you learned in Green Bay and apply it.

    Go and make us proud.

  2. House would be a decent third CB on a lot of teams but he’s not worth that per year. Obviously the Jags were gonna have to overpay, but if that’s what it was going to cosqt to keep him, they can have him.

  3. Decent player but always an injury of some sort and never really developed. Sort of surprised the Vikes didn’t go after him with those credentials.

  4. Jacksonville is getting a very good corner. House manned up on Calvin in Week 2 and shut him down, and was the only one who had success against Julio later in the year. Decent tackler, physical, good teammate.

    Wish the Pack could have kept him, but that number is too big. On a good note, Shields and Hayward with Hyde in the slot is still a pretty damn solid group, especially if Tramon ends up still in the mix.

  5. I don’t understand the hype with House. Pop in the tape from the 49ers playoff game a year ago and watch Crabtree eat him alive. Not worth +$6 million a year, no way.

    That being said, add CB to the Packers’ list of options at #30.

  6. Overpaid, but that’s the market. Good for him.

    GB was NOT going to pay that much for an unproven CB who has never started.

    Good luck sitting at home on the couch watching the playoffs after enjoying the $$ along with 2 to 4 wins.

  7. He was a good player for the Packers, even if they were too deep at CB to use him consistently. He’s very good at press, so his loss hurts the Packers’ ability to cover bigger receivers. Still, he’d make a few mistakes–sometimes it’d look like more than a few–and that hurt his playing time with DBs like Williams, Heyward and Hyde on the team.

    He should be able to stay on the field for Jacksonville, and hopefully he’ll be able to polish up his game and make a name for himself.

    Good luck, Davon!

  8. Waaaay overpaid. Good player on special teams and he is a good DB but he can’t stay healthy.
    Ted offered $9 mil / 4 years.

  9. He’ll probably be a good player in Jacksonville but I don’t blame the Packers for letting him go. After that historic choke in the NFC championship game, they need to turn over that roster as quickly as possible.

  10. The Jags have two good starting CBs in McCray and Colvin, and Gratz played well in 2013. Although he regressed in 2014, there still hope for him.

    So can House play free safety?

  11. That’s a lot of dough for a CB that didn’t even start. Wonder if the Pack is now going to try and re-sign Williams?

  12. Davon House went from the Out House to the Pent House. Must be very exciting for him,congrats!!

  13. I would have liked to see Davon stay with GB, as he always filled in quite well. Best of luck to you and thanks for all you did in GB.

  14. Hopefully for House and Jax, he can shake the injury issues that make me glad the Packers are not giving him that kind of cash.

    I think he’s talented enough to justify that contact. I’m just not sure he’s durable enough.

    Good luck in Jax, Davon

  15. I like Davon House, and he has definitely shown promise, but he’s not worth $6.25M a year. The Packers have too many areas of need to commit that heavily to him.

    Good luck to him in JVille.

  16. Good luck, Mr. House. Too bad. TT did a nice job finding him out of that football powerhouse New Mexico. Sometimes draft & develop doesn’t work out, especially when spend-silly teams view you as the stud franchise you are and want to sign your FAs.

  17. Vikings fan here. The Packers have always done a good job with their secondary. This guy can plan and will a help to Jacksonville. And with the Packs ability to draft and develop the secondary, they probably won’t miss a beat (darn it!)

  18. I dislike that instead of reading the news I am now questioning if this is any worse than Suh, Thomas, Maclin etc etc.

  19. I wish they could have kept him, but the Packers still have Casey Hayward, and Sam Shields… they also can ove Hyde into the Nickel package as Burnett and C-Dix will get most time at Safety.

  20. Congrats Jags from a Raider fan I wish my team was showing the desire to sign good young free agents we had 70 million last year and signed 0 young core players yes 0

  21. I really liked House. He’s getting what he deserves, a starting job, but he’s not better than Hayward or Shields.

    At least he’s not playing for the worst franchise in all of sports, the Minnesota Vikings.

  22. contra74 says:
    Mar 10, 2015 11:18 AM
    ANYTHING to get out of Green Bay, even Jacksonville

    I think he signed for a little bit more than “anything.” He signed for a lot. That tells me the opposite of what you are spewing…..errrr….saying.

  23. Good luck to him. He took a bit to develop, but looked good at times, especially versus bigger WR on deep sideline balls.

    At 6M+ a year I would think Jacksonville backloaded the deal. My guess would be ~5M/yr over the 1st two years and then ~8M/yr over the last 2. If he doesn’t pan out, they can dump him before the big money comes.

  24. Good for him! Another player that TT drafted that is going to provide value to another team at a price that just does not make sense for the Pack right now. Sorry to disappoint you Vikes fans, he contributed well! BTW, have the Vikes ever lost a corner they drafted to free agency?? I cannot think of one. Packers have 2 just this year being pursued/ got.

  25. Disappointed that House got away.
    I thought he’d be in the mix to start opposite Shields at corner.
    Can’t blame him though, there’s no way he was going to see that kind of money in Green Bay. Not until he could prove he could handle the starting job.

    Quakity person and player, Packer fans wish you well.

  26. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Mar 10, 2015 11:38 AM
    Now, he isn’t the guy who took a knee after intercepting the pass with 5 minutes left, is he?..

    That was Burnette..Trumon was the one who let Kearse get over the top of him. So Trumon must be allowed to leave since he is another one of the Packers scapegoats..that are now all gone, except for him….and Muffin of course

  27. He has a ton of potential and I think he was being oppressed in GB due to big money contracts being in front of him. He will do very well if he stays healthy and GB will probably get a 4th or 5th round compensatory draft pick out of him in 2016.

  28. From the Packers side of things you also have to account for the fact that this probably brings a compensatory pick in return. So while the loss hurts, they should get a pick in return.

  29. rhemish says:
    Mar 10, 2015 12:08 PM
    Congrats Jags from a Raider fan I wish my team was showing the desire to sign good young free agents we had 70 million last year and signed 0 young core players yes 0

    Well don’t be too disappointed by that, because in all honesty core players are drafted and not signed in FA. If the core players leave the original team, its one of two reasons, 1. The person wanted too much money, or 2 the team was ok with them leaving.

    The Raiders will likely have to over pay someone to get them to come to town, but what good is that, to toss a bunch of a money at someone that will be cut in 2 years anyway. McKenzie is a good GM and will continue to get good young talent that if coached properly can get molded into a solid roster to compete for the AFC West in 2 years.

  30. He’s decent, but Jax way over paid him for what he really is, a 3rd CB, not a starter. We would expect the Vikings to overpay for ex Packers so maybe Jacksonville doesn’t want to leave the Vikings alone on that island.

  31. dammit.

    really needed house back at starting CB, this is a big fail for tedward. hayward is not the answer and hyde isnt going to step in, tramon is garbage (and hopefully not coming back)

    big loss for us – fricking jags are stealing everyones players!

  32. Teams like Jacksonville overpay players and ruins it for legit teams who want to keep players. If I was an owner of a legit team I would be furious. But I guess that’s how you build a losing team. I can’t see over paying players sustainable over the long hall. Can’t build a dynasty doing it like that. Inflating prices like this an NFL thing. Hope it changes soon, I think getting more money isn’t about having more money it’s about; “I got more than you ha ha”

  33. the packers will get a 3rd round compensatory pick for losing House and the lions will get a 5rd pick for losing Suh. trust me.

  34. In Teddy We Trust says:
    Mar 10, 2015 11:38 AM
    Now, he isn’t the guy who took a knee after intercepting the pass with 5 minutes left, is he?

    5 23
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    No, but the guy who botched the catch on the onside kicked signed with the vikings.

  35. ariani1985 says:
    Mar 10, 2015 1:05 PM
    Come to Minnesota, we need a water boy!

    Especially one that can defend themselves, in case a certain someone gets all angry about something stupid.

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