On a day of amazing deals, the 49ers keep Blaine Gabbert

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With a little luck, no more transactions will be made between now and midnight.

Because on a day of unprecedented activity, of trades unimagined and franchise-level players switching teams, nothing can top this.

Blaine Gabbert keeps finding work.

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, the 49ers have signed their backup quarterback to a two-year, $2 million deal, to hold clipboard for what is increasingly becoming a ridiculous situation.

It’s actually an interesting coda to a day which saw the quarterback who killed the golden goose of pre-lockout rookie contracts get traded, and also saw another member of the fabled quarterback Class of 2011 retire unexpectedly.

Gabbert actually went two picks after former Titans quarterback Jake Locker in that draft (one spot ahead of some guy named J.J. Watt).

And despite his Real American-ness, he was unable to lift the Jaguars out of mediocrity, leading to his exile to San Francisco.

With all the veteran players leaving the 49ers in droves, there’s a real chance things there are going to get much worse, much sooner.

But at least they have Gabbert.

46 responses to “On a day of amazing deals, the 49ers keep Blaine Gabbert

  1. Gabbert sucks. I’d rather have a Tyrelle Pryor on a minimum deal. At least he is similar to Kap. Backup QBs makes so much $$$ for so little.

  2. Kaepernick’s gonna get traded. you can only keep a transcendent talent like Blaine Gabbert on the bench for so long, HE MUST SEE THE FIELD

  3. If this kid weren’t injury-prone, I would actually say he’s underrated. Sure, he was nothing his rookie year, but before he dislocated his shoulder his second year, he was actually having a good game and never really got a chance after that. I have to wonder if the 9ers would turn to him if/when Kaepernick becomes ineffective this year.

  4. Well of course they kept Gabbert, seeing as how he is an integral part of Jed York’s glorious plan to win with class! So far, this plan has been foolproof! Yikes!

  5. Sure blows the wind out of the sails on the Graham to Seattle trade. Arizona and St. Louis whiffing and snoozing.

    Go Jed and Trent! Niners vs. Eagles for the NFC title!!!

  6. Chill out bandwagoners!! This post is so misleading. BG was paid $2,011,587 last year. The headline should be “Blaine Gabbert took a 2 million dollar paycut to stay a 49ER!

  7. I’m surprised his agent was still taking our calls. Every other free agent can’t seem to get out of town fast enough.

    This is a rough time to be a Niner fan.

  8. So let me get this straight…the eagles actually give up picks to get Bradford as their “star” quarterback, but this article is mocking the niners for holding onto Gabbert as a backup!? Sure, Gabbert isn’t great but he’s a backup and at least his bones/ligaments aren’t made of glass.

  9. Really veterans leaving in droves? Gores old, Iupati got a massive overpay which will be laughed at in 2 years and a back up Skuta a 5 ye deal in Jacksonville. Yep sure are fallin apart. Never mind they have capable replacements for all that’s lost. Keep tying

  10. As a Hawks fan it use to be so much fun to talk trash with our bitter but much respected rivals, but now I just feel sorry for them.

    Was Harbaugh really that bad? York is an idiot!

  11. as a hawks fan, even i’m saying let the Niners fans catch a break at this point . . .

    we’ve all been there, every team has its up and down stretches.

  12. But they have a new beautiful stadium to suck in!
    Remember how they sold the idea to build it for their great coach and playoff talented team? Both are gone now. This is going to get ugly.

  13. Crappert is the worst player to ever play in the NFL. The guy would literally curl up into a ball and fall to the floor when a pass rusher came near, and sometimes even when there was a clean pocket.

  14. it would be interesting if the kid turned it around . . .but judging how the vets are running for the exits , they sure as hell dont see it. .

  15. @brenennostler Bang on. Gabbert had a better passer rating and completion % than Bradford, Newton, Luck, Stafford, Sanchez, etc. when he went down in 2012. Playing for a poorer team than any of them. This past season he only played a dozen snaps and led the team to their only fourth quarter touchdown to that point, and their only fourth quarter passing touchdown all year, I believe. It was closer than anyone outside the 49ers staff knew to Kaepernick sitting and Gabbert starting last season. This year might easily be a different story. I don’t think the Kaepernick trade rumors were without at least some substance.

  16. Somewhere right about now Harbaugh must be laughing very very hard!!!

    9’er’s sign Gabbert! Balke and Chip Kelly each have lost their minds!!!! Unbelievable…now the only thing better is Balke trades Kap’ and Gabbert becomes the starter…Unreal franchise meltdown!

  17. This will sound funny, but I think the 49ers are going to surprise this season. All the cry about mass exodus has underscored the truth: the team is dropping aging players and getting younger by the minute, literally. Losing Harb’s is tough, but losing Roman is a blessing. All of the major roles of the new coaching staff were part of the unit last season, so the transition won’t be what everyone is hanging over a cliff for. Take a look at the depth on the D-Line (drafted heavily the last 2 seasons), corner backs, line-backers, and realize that this team WITHOUT P-Willy and Bow was a top 5 unit, grooming youth to take over; now it’s happening. Iupati was blowing it in pass-pro (Carson doesn’t have Kaeps wheels and will be able to spell arthroscopic backwards by week 6), but there are weapons in the fray that are going to fill in just fine, if not better. I can’t stand J’york – clearly a tool wading in shoes larger than he is, but I also see a changing of the guard and a movement to youth that will surprise many people.

    Hyde is a BEAST! Frank was getting tired (let’s be real)
    Remember when the Cards overpaid Adam Snyder a few years ago? LOL
    Everyone on the planet NOT named Crabtree can see his limitations, ‘sept prime (yawn)
    Every position is getting younger and likely more talented. I see good things in that – it has clearly worked for other teams in the SB trophy case…

  18. I’m fine with Gabbert as a Backup. Actually we’ve had a pretty good offseason. Dockett, Torrey Smith, Cowboy still may come back and we aren’t done yet. Relax.

  19. It’s actually an interesting coda to a day which saw the quarterback who killed the golden goose of pre-lockout rookie contract get traded,


    Beg to differ – that was Jamarcus Russell who did that when he held out, stole a bunch of cash from a senile old man and then ate (purple drank) himself out of the league.

    Sure – Stafford and Bradford came later and signed for a caboodle of cash, but they are still in the league.

    Russell was the last straw – even for the NFLPA, whose vets hated seeing unproven rooks get big bucks…it’s just the owners couldn’t do anything about it until after the Bradford draft.

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