Patriots reach one-year deal with ex-Dolphins WR Brandon Gibson


The Patriots have added a former Dolphin to their receiving ranks.

New England has agreed to a one-year deal with ex-Miami wideout Brandon Gibson, Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post reported Tuesday.

Gibson (6-0, 210) caught 29 passes for 295 yards and one touchdowns in 14 games last season. Overall, he’s hauled in 233 passes for 2,711 yards and 13 TDs in six NFL campaigns.

Gibson received a one-year, $825,000 contract, the Post reported. Gibson is less than two years removed from an ACL tear, and he will be 28 in August, so he could prove a value signing for New England if he’s in top form.

20 responses to “Patriots reach one-year deal with ex-Dolphins WR Brandon Gibson

  1. We Lose revis the same way we lost Talib, but signing JAGS on day 1??? Finish revis first before NY dragS him back to that dumpster fire we call the jets

  2. If Bill would learn how to break down film he wouldn’t have to keep signing ex dolphin players to 1 year contracts to find out what they do.

  3. @ kissbillsrings… He’s a reliable possession guy. Nothing special. $825,000 is the right price for him…. He was just making wayyyy too much $ in Miami.

  4. If chippy had a life and wasn’t such a crybaby loser, we wouldn’t have to hear his ignorant comments on here.

  5. Gibson formerly played for Josh McDaniels in St Louis. The Patriots WR corp is not overly deep.

  6. Good signing for New England.. Was coming on strong in Miami before the ACL tear. he couldn’t seem to unseat Jarvis Landry, and Brian Hartline just made way too much money to ride the bench for him.

    He was a cap casualty, as Jeff Ireland spent all of Stephen Ross’ money before leaving. He’s a “possession” guy only because he’s not tall or fast, but he’s an athlete, and he can move, or atleast could move. We’ll see how he looks another season removed from the ACL tear.. but yea he can make some circus catches. The leaping 1hander 3 years ago for St. Louis against the dolphins… A few leaping TD catches for Miami against New England too. Scores touchdowns.

    Definitely a Julian Edleman-esque wideout, not quite as good. He is a starter in the league in the slot. Better than Tyms or Dobson for sure.

    -signed a dolphins fan

  7. … A few leaping TD catches for Miami against New England too

    Bill likes to pick up guys who his team has struggled with. It paid off with Welker, that’s for sure.

  8. “.the Dolphins obviously knows something about him is why they released despite being in need of wrs”

    You mean just like they “knew” Wes Welker wasn’t worth retaining before he went on to record the most 100+ catch seasons in league history by a single receiver with the Pats?

    Funny thing is that if a receiver turns out to be smart enough to pick up the Pats offense, which many aren’t, when you combine football smarts with Brady throwing to them good things happen. Very good things.

    Pats are taking a flier on him for training camp fodder if nothing else. If he works out great if not it hasn’t cost very much.

    And while I don’t remember thus guy at all it’s the type of Belichick signing he makes when a player has done something exceptional against the Pats even if his overall numbers aren’t anything special. Sometimes Bill sees the potential in a player on another team that they do not a knows how to get the most out of them.

  9. Patriots are wasting time and money with these INJURED garage sale items.

    Somebody smack BB in the back of his head already. Great Coach, terrible at picking players.

    Brian Hartline would of been a Welker redo as far as getting a quality receiver from Miami.

  10. I thought Gibson was a very good player for the Dolphins. If Jarvis Landry wasn’t so talented, Gibson would still be with the team. He will do well in New England.

  11. Gibson was solid but unspectacular for us. Decent #3 or #4 WR but was not as good as Wallace, Landry, or Hartline. Pretty good signing for the Pats since he came so cheap.

    Also, saw a bunch of comments comparing Hartline to Wes Welker, but trust me, Hartline is nothing like Wes Welker. He does not operate in the slot but rather mostly ran hitches, outs, and go’s along the sideline. Also, before this past year he often got open deep (not that it mattered with Tannehill’s inability to throw deep) Definitely would have been productive with Brady though. Pretty confident he would be better than Brandon LaFell if he had Brady throwing to him.

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