Report: Bears “fully expect” to keep Cutler for 2015

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In what could be a last-ditch effort to conjure up a viable trade partner, the Chicago Bears have put out the word that they essentially won’t be trading quarterback Jay Cutler.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the Bears “fully expect” Cutler to be their quarterback in 2015.

The news comes after the Bears reportedly made Cutler available via trade, with no apparent takers.  They also met with former Cutler backup Josh McCown at the Scouting Combine.

The same dilemma that prompted the Bears to give Cutler a bad contract (for them) in 2014 makes it hard for them to get rid of him now:  If he’s not the quarterback, who will be?

Cutler’s deal gave him $38 million fully guaranteed at signing, which included his 2015 salary.  Soon, another $10 million becomes fully guaranteed.

From coach John Fox’s perspective, Cutler is still better than many of the quarterbacks Fox has coached.  If Fox could get to the playoffs and beat the Steelers with Tim Tebow, maybe Fox can make it work with Cutler.

61 responses to “Report: Bears “fully expect” to keep Cutler for 2015

  1. It’s still mind boggling that he was given a 126 million dollar contract. The stupid things humans do.

  2. Need to own up to a bad contract and let Cutler walk. He’s terrible always has been. The only thing he has going for him is being a 1st round pick.

  3. I wonder if that will change if say Mariotta falls beyond the Jets at #6 and is available when the Bears pick at #7:

    Say the Eagles offered Nick Foles for the Bears’s #1 (7th overall) and #2 (39th overall) picks on the condition the Eagles also took on Cutler and his massive salary? Would it be worth it to the Eagles to do that, and would you do that if you wanted Mariotta?

  4. No real surprise here, and they’re not supposed to win this year anyway…But they seriously need to find Jay’s replacement for 2016.

  5. of course they do, since no team (with the possible exception of the NY Jets) are dumb enough to trade anything, except a bag of deflated footballs, for him.

  6. So the QB market was rough and that made them give Cutler a ridiculous contract?

    Sometimes it feels there are only 6-8 teams trying to win a Superbowl.

  7. It’s just like Ebay – they should set a low reserve and put an “or best offer” on him. And they’ve got to let that auction go for longer! No short, two day timeframe. Maybe include free shipping?

    While Cutler is a bit of a disaster, the article is correct. If they did get someone to take him, who would be their QB?

  8. As a Bears fan this is great news….for everyone on our schedule next year.

    I don’t mind a rebuilding faze but I do mind when it includes Jay Cutler.

  9. Nobody died, the Earth is still spinning…move along now.

    Does it really matter how many fumbles and INT’s Jaybird has next Season?

  10. Only because they “fully expect” not to be able to find a trade partner.

  11. Suddenly, the Bears are the only NFC North team with a QB problem. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go after Hundley or Petty in the draft.

  12. The look he always has on his face is the look I give my 7yo girl when she tells me there are monsters under her bed and she’s not going to sleep until I get rid of them.

  13. Great! Now maybe they can get back to Super Bowl [insert eyeroll]!!!!

    afwhigs says:
    Mar 10, 2015 7:59 AM
    It’s just like Ebay – they should set a low reserve and put an “or best offer” on him. And they’ve got to let that auction go for longer! No short, two day timeframe. Maybe include free shipping?

    While Cutler is a bit of a disaster, the article is correct. If they did get someone to take him, who would be their QB?
    IMO any backup in the league could do what he has done. Tim tebow would be better lol

  14. Leather Face you hit the nail on the Head, it’s the HAIR!….he’d better not ever shave his head, that would be a tragedy!

  15. All of you posters so quick to trash, cut or trade him have yet to identify his replacement. Clausen? Don’t make me laugh. Fales? Still laughing. Maybe we should try to get Sanchez because we need more fumbles? Who would you start? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  16. Cutler can be good if given weapons.
    Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, and Frank Gore are scrubs. Get him some real skill players like … uh … hmmm … I’ll get back to you.

    OK, I don’t watch the Bears, but how good was the Oline and the play calling. Why is Cutler so bad now compared to 2 years ago? Has he physically declined?
    Has he not studied tape and regressed?

    He didn’t suck a couple of years ago. He wasn’t great, but he was ok. Certainly no worse than And Dalton.

    The other way to look at it is – it could be worse! You could have Geno Smith or Mark Sanchez as your starting QBs. They can cost you 4 games over a season.

  17. Report: the lions fully expect to continue sweeping the bears season after season.

  18. Its March and my season’s already over. Hell, its March and I’ve already lost faith in the “new” management that continues to make all of the old mistakes.

    I thought John Fox wanted “winners”. I thought Ryan Pace looked for “leadership and intangibles” in his quarterback. And now just a month and a half later and we all know its just lies. Its just the same old crap.

    More years and years of the same old crap.

    [head shake] Damn it.

  19. Can everyone imagine how Cutler’s normally sunny disposition will be affected when he learns of all this unsuccessful trade talk? That went over so well in Denver.

  20. If you draw a normal distribution curve of Cutler’s annual turnovers, there’s actually a verrrrrry small chance way, way, way off on the left of that curve, that Cutler could go an entire season and never have a turnover…..which would change everything. Time to break out the optimism Chicago. It could happen.

  21. Long-time Bears fan here who was actually a Cutler believer until last season. He is automatically good for at least two losses a year that would otherwise have been wins. On top of which he has a psychological block against the Packers so big that no coach on earth will ever be able to fix.

    What that all means is the Bears are capped at about 8 wins in 2015 – and that’s best case – even if the defensive and special teams fixes take hold.

  22. “He’s terrible always has been. ”

    Not terrible, but not great by any stretch. Better than some, but doesn’t appear to put the work in. Not a leader. If you look at all the starters in the league, he’s probably average. What’s more frustrating, a number 1 in Stafford, who clearly isn’t getting better, or a mid first round pick, who clearly hasn’t gotten better?

    Terrible is Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Mark Sanchez. All first round picks too. If you put all those guys in a bucket, most GMs would take Jay, probably all of them would, in the belief they could do something with him. His arm alone is why people would take him.

    If I was the Bears, I’d drop him, if anything, to save money on next season, and go full on rebuild. However, they’re probably going to try and salvage anything they can out of this team, while rebuilding on the fly.

  23. “Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, and Frank Gore are scrubs”

    Marshall, Jeffery, and Forte, have all made the All Pro team. Hardly scrubs. Their line has been bad for the most part.

    He does lock onto receivers, and doesn’t read his progressions very well. I really think he just has too much confidence in his arm at times, and tries to do too much. Trying to make something out of nothing, when sliding, or throwing the ball away is the smarter move.

  24. bears fans he can change with a new offensive coordinator!!! john fox can fix him, he went to the playoffs with tim tebow for pete’s sake!! bears fans need to stand together and demand the bears keep jay cutler for the duration of his contract! jay was the best free agent signing the packers… er umm the bears have ever signed!! lmao happy jay cutler day in chicago!!!

  25. As we speak today, Cutler has a higher QB rating than Favre did, and Favre is going to the HOF

  26. Music to this Packer fan’s ears. Too bad their secret attempt at getting San Quentin Kaepernick failed, lol. Even he won’t beat the Packers again. Too bad. All those wins vs. GB and no rings to show for it. #justice

  27. Thanks to Phil Emery, he will remain a Bear. Here’s the thing though, if they take the air out of the ball (not the patriot way) but run the ball more, and give him less chances to put the ball in harm’s way, he can be effective. It has happened before with him when he has a good ground game as the backbone of the offense. Unfortunately he is the most polished turd out there. So he’s our polished turd for at least another year. Forte is in his last year of his contract, I fully expect them to draft a decent running back this draft, not at #7 but 2nd or 3rd round.

  28. The problem with the Bears, and the reason their fans are so disheartened — is there is no indication or evidence of a plan in action.

    The Bears really need to look to the Cubs for an example of a from-the-ground rebuilding.

    The Bears need it — as badly and maybe worse than the Cubs needed it when they started on the path four years or so ago.

    Fans can be patient if they see incremental improvement and believe there is a plan.

    Both are missing from the Bears, so far.

  29. It would appear the coaching staff doesn’t feel comfortable in a Jimmy Clausen led Chicago offense .

  30. Step away from the ledge, Bear fans. Pace/Fox are flat-out stuck with Cutler due to the failings of the prior regime. Give these guys some time to fix it. It’s not going to happen overnight. It can’t.

    The best you can hope for is that they have some kind of plan in place to come up with a QB of the future and that they find a way to get at least serviceable play out of Cutler in the meantime.

    As a Packer fan, even I want the Bears to come back to prominence. I of course want the Pack to win the division every year but I want them to have to battle for it. Against the Bears. I want the greatest rivalry in all of sports to revert to its former glory.

  31. Eihter one of the worst moves in NFL contract history or one of the biggest “screw you” moves in NFL history was last year’s Bears GM re-signing Jay Cutler to that monster deal. The Bears are now stuck with Cutler with no way to get rid of him without costing them a fortune. Hilarious …

  32. Nonsensical hatred for Cutler. Cutler better than half the starting QB’s in the league. Bears fans forget what it was like to not have a starting QB for 15 years. Last year was worst defense in the HISTORY of the Bears which meant Cutler usually throwing from behind last year- see turnovers. Not many calls for Cutlers head in 2013 when bears were 2nd in total offense.

  33. The Bears aren’t going to the playoffs in John Fox’s 1st year. Too much lockerroom junk to clean up, too many underperformers on big contracts that no one else wants (Cutler, Allen, Houston), and too little talent overall. But if they can at least put a team on the field that gives a damn and looks like they know what they’re doing – consistently, in all three phases – I’ll take that for now.

  34. The Bears are going to look dumb when they have to pay a guy that much cash for a guy riding the bench. Cutler sucks, he will continue to suck. The sooner Pace and Fox find a replacement . The better off they will be. If they don’t get rid of him soon. Their jobs will depend on it.

  35. Blah , blah , blah. Some old crap, different day. How about being serious for ONCE and putting the blame exactly where it belongs, on the upper “management ” of the Bears. How many different OC’s has there been in Chicago since Cutler has been here?? Now before the stupid response ” it is because Cutler is a coach killer” , TRY to think. TWICE Smith was in the last year of his contract without an OC and had to get either an unknown or a retread. That went well, huh ? Then there is Lovie Smith, if you think Cutler cost him his job, just look at the disaster in Tampa last year , offensively. Did it look FAMILIAR?? The great McCown blew chunks last year, again, under Smith , but it is Cutler that did Smith in ?? Cutler has had at least 4 OC’s and now a 5th . People complain he does the same thing, well no kidding !! FOUR different OC’s, FOUR different offenses , in what 8-9 years? The lack of a consistent offense coordinators, changing all the time , has killed any chance of his growth. The Bears mismanagement has screwed the pooch.

    IF the Bears are rebuilding , then it makes zero sense to keep Cutler at all , forget the salary cap. They aren’t going to compete, the trade of Marshall speaks of a rebuild, so just do it . If there isn’t a QB in this draft worth grooming, sign a journeyman, as I said, who cares how this years turns out, draft your QB next year . WHY stick with a QB that gives you a chance to put you closer to .5oo and farther away from the QB of the future , it makes no sense .

  36. His failings with Trestman, his staring down receivers instead of going thru progressions.

    There’s a reason the Packer Defenses says, “Same Ol’ Jay”.

    McCown Flourished with the same weapons when Jay was injured. Clausen put up similar numbers with garbage time in a meaningless game, with ZERO practive.

    I’m a recovering Cutler fan, but last year I officially gave up.

    I agree, if it’s a rebuild year, cut him and pay the difference that someone else does on amount owed.

  37. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ~Albert Einstein. The Bears are still looking for that magic formula that will turn Cutler into an elite quarterback. What a bunch of losers! While the Bears’ new coaching staff is busy designing a playbook around Cutler, Bill Belichick’s coaching staff designs a playbook week in and week out around the opponent they will face. Pathetic!

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