Report: Eagles close to trading Nick Foles for Sam Bradford

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It appears to be trading day in the NFL.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Rams and Eagles are close to finalizing a trade that would send quarterback Sam Bradford to Philly in exchange for quarterback Nick Foles and “draft pick compensation.”

The move would continue a major overhaul of the Eagles offense since coach Chip Kelly took the personnel reins this offseason. They’ve already traded running back LeSean McCoy and cut Todd Herremans while wide receiver Jeremy Maclin is reportedly heading to Kansas City as a free agent.

Bradford has suffered torn ACLs in each of the last two seasons, which led the Rams to seek a restructuring of his contract. That never happened, though, and Foles, who had a season-ending collarbone injury, would be the presumptive starter in St. Louis when and if the trade is cemented.

Bradford is in the final year of his contract, so the move wouldn’t necessarily preclude the Eagles making another trade to get in position to draft Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. For now, though, he’d join Mark Sanchez on the depth chart while reuniting with former Rams coach and current Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur.

73 responses to “Report: Eagles close to trading Nick Foles for Sam Bradford

  1. Ahh Eagles. Year after Year after Year they say a guy will get them to the Lombardi and Year after Year they FAIL. LOL! The NFL would do that fanbase a favor by relocating them to another country to stop the insanity in that franchise. SAD ZERO RINGS!!! LOL! #HTTR

  2. I’m guess the Jets or the Bucs wanted Bradford, not Foles.

    This is one part of a 3-team trade. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

  3. I’m guessing the Jets or the Bucs wanted Bradford, not Foles.

    This is one part of a 3-team trade. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

  4. I’m guessing the Eagles, having tons of cap space, are basically agreeing to take Bradford in return for Foles and picks.

    Eagles HAVE to be getting pick(s) with this. No other explanation.

  5. Chip, I’ve stood by and defended all your roster moves saying you knew what you were doing, it’s all part of the plan, etc. But this is pushing it Chip. Youre reallyy testing us Eagles fans. We will run you out of town if these moves don’t pan out

  6. Why in the world would you trade Foles for Bradford?
    Foles has played solid and knows your system
    Great trade for the Rams – bad news for Philly fans
    Wow! Is Philly following SF methodology?

  7. Is it possible that the Jets somehow want Bradford and that’s what’s caused this trade? Foles for Bradford, Bradford and picks (the Rams’ picks included) for the 6th pick and presumably Mariota.

    I hope not…

  8. Chip is trying to destroy the Eagles piece by piece. GET RID OF THIS PIECE OF TRASH COLLEGE COACH WHO DOESNT HAVE A CLUE NOW!

  9. Ok. So one fake genius trades one of the best Td-INT RATIO QB’s ever to another fake genius for the worst Rookie of the Year award winner ever.

    Way to show that you’re not enabled Chip & Jeff.

  10. NO! NOOOOOO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BOOOOOO! *snowball with battery in it* BOOOOO! NOOOO!

  11. (UPDATED at 4:16pm)

    Reports suggest the Rams are including their 2015 NFL Draft 2nd round pick along with Bradford for Foles. Stay tuned.

  12. What sane person trades for a young injury-prone QB who has proven very little in the NFL? Chip is reaching, big time, with this trade.

  13. I am shaking my head in disgust. I mean, am I the only person who thought Foles was actually a GOOD Qb? I have spent my entire life, painfully watching the Eagles only scratch the door at a Championship. From Randall Cunningham, to Donovan Mcnabb, It has always proven to be an unfortunately grim outcome, when we turn to a scrambling QB. When Nick Foles stepped in, for the first time as an Eagles fan, I was THRILLED that we finally had a decent pocket passer. This move to me, well, I guess it makes it really hard for me to stomach. Foles helped lead us to the playoffs two years ago, and before his injury, was 6-2, with 13 Tds, and 2300 Yards(leading the NFL). Did he have more INTs last year? Sure. He’s also 25.

    Chip Kelly, and his idea of what an NFL QB should be, will be running their way out of Philly in 3 years. Unbelievable.

  14. wydok says:
    Mar 10, 2015 4:13 PM
    I’m guess the Jets or the Bucs wanted Bradford, not Foles.

    This is one part of a 3-team trade. That’s the only thing that makes sense.


    You gotta be right….I’m a Sooner and I love Sam Bradford, but he’s immoble and the Eagles are a terrible fit for him!!! The trade makes no sense whatsoever unless (1) Chip has lost it completely or (3) Sam will never wear the Eagles uniform.

  15. If you get you plan to get rid of a player, have someone better… or a year from better than the person you are getting rid of. Luck/ Manning Rodgers/Favre Cob/Jennings.

    The thing is that the Eagles have traded or cut quite a bit of talent. That it is nearly impossible to recoup all of it.

    Of all the moves I think this one is the worst one. I think they gave up on Foles way to early, he has the skillset that in the right system he can develop into VERY good starter. I would say something similar to Rivers in as he was in his prime.

  16. Wow. Foles and draft picks for a QB who will be out for the year by November.

    Seems that Chip has lost the plot.

  17. Has Josh McDaniels come back to lead the Eagles? Mr. Glass will be injured before week one. Get ready Sanchez!!

  18. “Dear Morons, its Foles, for Bradford, swapping of picks, and a second rounder”

    Calm down junior, the eagles fans hope there will be a future trade to make this make sense.

  19. Wow this would be a giant win for the Los Angeles Rams! To get a decent QB (Bradford is about on par with Mark Sanchez) and dump that horrible contract on the Eagles. I don’t see any upside at all for the Eagles in this.

  20. IF we get Mariota after basically gutting the entire offense he better be the second coming of Tom Brady or someone isn’t getting out of town alive…

  21. Trade is apparently

    Foles to Rams

    Bradford to Eagles

    Switch 1st this year and get a 2nd next year

    Not bad. I was nervous when it said picks and Foles to the Rams

  22. Eagles fans say the plan is to trade Bradford to move up – WHY WOULD THE TITANS WANT HIM? He hasn’t been very good, he has a horrible injury history, and he’s got that ridiculous contract. He’s worth a low 2nd round/high 3rd round pick at best. I’d rather trade for Sanchez.

  23. In Teddy We Trust says: Mar 10, 2015 4:35 PM

    “If Philly moves from 20 to 10 in the first round and get a 2nd, that’s a great trade for them. Kelly obviously didn’t want Foles anyway.”

    If the Rams made that move they should fire the entire front office.

  24. Brothers in Philly will be like, Hey Chip, what’s up? You can’t trade Foles and still have Copper on the team. What is going on in Philly? You want someone from University of Oklahoma? Really? I just asking.

  25. The Rams get a whole lot better if this happens. The Eagles probably stay about the same.

  26. This is what happens when you let the village idiot run your football team…trading Foles is a big mistake for old creaky knees and if it’s to trade for Mariota…not good. Foles isn’t a bad QB he just needs some time to develop.

  27. It would only make sense if the Eagles get Bradford and the 10th pick from the Rams. It would be easier to trade up from the 10th pick for Mariota than from the 20th pick. Or he can trade Bradford and the 10th pick and next year 1st pick to the Jets or Titans for their higher picks this year so he can get Mariotta.

  28. Top 5 QBs in the NFL :

    1. Tom Brady
    2. Drew Brees
    3. Carson Palmer
    4. Blake Bortles
    5. Aaron Rodgers

  29. You people who are saying the eagles and rams will exchange 1st round picks, then you are crazy. Foles is definitely not that good, for the rams to move back 10 spots in the 1st round. Only way it makes sense is if the rams also get a 2nd or more, in which case is horrible for the eagles. They’ll have to trade more picks to get up high enough to get Mariota, which means the eagles will have no high picks at least this year and next. So how are you going to fill the holes of letting go McCoy, Maclin Cole, etc. This just makes no sense at all. Kelly will probably be gone after this year

  30. Wow loving all the HATERS!!! Thats how you know if someone is doing good lol you come to PFT and read the comments. Look at all the comments about the Patriots that where on here a few months ago and then they won the Super Bowl. I personally love what he is doing he is changing things up and doing it his way and isn’t that the reason why they hire and fire coaches? To try something different because the way they were doing things wasn’t good enough. You gotta admit its pretty funny when its not the Philly fans hating but its fans of the Cowboys, Raiders, Seahawks and every other team in the NFL hating on Chip. LoL if you don’t like Philly then don’t worry about it lol. Let them do there thing and if it doesn’t work out then laugh then, just don’t hate and hate then be left with your foot stuck in your mouth when it works. Oh and btw if your a Raiders Fan……….I’m pretty sure your not aloud to hate on anyone…

  31. thepftpoetinreverse says:
    Mar 10, 2015 4:13 PM
    And now Chip Kelly is trading the white players away too?!!! Here’s hoping Patrick Chung can hang on!!!

    Patrick Chung is on the Patriots.

    Thanks for playing.

  32. Okay, now I get it. The only plausible explanation for the Eagles acquiring Bradford for Foles is after the SAS comments CK felt pressured to trade a white player for a part Indian player…that makes at least as much sense as trading Foles for Bradford!

  33. Please, someone relight Chip Kelly’s pilot light.

    jonathankrobinson424 says: Mar 10, 2015 4:14 PM
    IT’S CRAZY EDDIES in Philadelphia !!!

    IT’S CRAZY GIDEON’S in Los Angeles . . . but wait!!! We have 2 time Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings . . . not football. It is on it’s way back though. The way it sounds the Rams have the inside track with the Chargers supposedly moving up to LA too. Then there are those who claim the Raiders are also moving to LA. If the LA Kings can have 16,000 season ticket holders year in and year out I’m sure LA can support 2 football teams. Right now LA is more of a hockey town than a football town. That can change though in the future. The Kings can share the spotlight. For the eastern naysayers who claim LA fans don’t know hockey, they are totally wrong. We love our Kings and know our sport. I’ve been a fan since 1972 and season ticket holder for almost 30 years. Now back to the Eagles.

    Chip Kelly seems to have made cap room to sign DeMarco Murray and then trade up for Mariotta. If just one of those 2 things falls through it will be a long season for Eagles fans with Mariotta alone or Murray with Sanchez and his fellow USC alum Matt Barkely as backup. If both fall through, and I was an Eagles fan, I would move to Cleveland. I would not trade a quarterback of Foles quality until I knew for sure I had Mariotta locked in. Foles is a young pocket passer in the mold of Payton Manning without as much ability but still a big upside. Kelly should be able to get more for Foles than a perrenially broken Sam Bradford who will most likely end up being a solid backup QB for some time until he can prove he can stay healthy and become effective again. If none of this works Matt Leinart is available to make it a complete USC backup QB trifecta.

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