Suh’s $60 million will be fully guaranteed


The deal that isn’t allowed to be a deal will be one heck of a deal, once it can legally become a deal.

Per a league source, the contract that defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will sign with the Dolphins will include $60 million guaranteed over three years.  And that’s fully guaranteed, not guaranteed for injury until 2015 or 2016 before it converts to fully guaranteed.

Teams usually won’t fully guarantee large amounts because the NFL requires teams to fund the fully-guaranteed payments at signing.  In this case, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross will be required to write a check for $60 million, with Suh getting plenty of it up front and the rest going to an escrow account for future distribution.

Other teams (and likely the league office) won’t like this.  If owners who have the cash to make that kind of commitment start making that kind of commitment, they’ll have a huge advantage when it comes to signing players.  Eventually, the richest owners will take over the league.

Some believe that, previously, the richest owners have resisted doing it out of respect for the owners who can’t.  Ross may be blazing a trail that sparks renewed acrimony between the NFL’s haves and the have-mores.

126 responses to “Suh’s $60 million will be fully guaranteed

  1. It always amazes me how every move the Dolphins make the national media finds a way to spin it in a negative way. Cry me a river for all the other billionaire owners that don’t like the way Ross structured Suh’s deal. We got him! You don’t! Deal with it! See ya in the superbowl! Go Phins!!!!!

  2. As a Dolphins fan, I hang my head in disgust. It is embarrassing having an owner who continues to make bad decisions. Sigh…

  3. Don’t kid yourselves, the poorest owner can afford to operate this way…..they just have to want to do it, and most don’t……

  4. That would give an edge to Buffalo. Their owner is the 7th richest in the NFL I believe I just read. Might be a small market, but he makes his money drilling gas wells, not from football.

  5. When Craft stops using his influence to favor the Pats, out of respect because “other teams can’t” Ross will stop using his billions because “other teams can’t”

  6. And Seattle’s GM had previously mentioned that they might take an “unconventional approach” to Russell Wilson’s contract.

    And the team owner is Paul Allen…

    But I don’t think Allen wants to take part in taking over the league.

  7. FK this guy. I’m going to enjoy having a “Suh-B-Q” with his jersey when I get home today.

  8. Apparently Stephen Ross has never heard the old saying that a fool and his money are soon parted.

    I realize that you don’t become a billionaire by being stupid, but I think Mr. Ross may be an exception to that rule.

  9. As a Lions fan, I am really going to miss Suh and what he brought to their defense.

    As a Lions fan, I am really, REALLY glad they are not the ones on the hook for that contract…

  10. Is this ok with Stephen A ? I wonder if Stephan A has questioned the culture with the RAIDERS organization currently 42 black players 9 white players…. this guy is the Al Sharpton of ESPN !

  11. The party’s on like Donkey Kong in South Beach. Drinks are on 90 but don’t make him mad.

  12. Very overrated player breaking the bank in Miami. His sack number is unimpressive and his bull rush lets good linemen take him out of plays by his own momentum.

  13. Worst………….contract……………ever.

    Your negotiating skills leave much to be desired.

  14. Oh please. Which owner isn’t a billionaire? They can all scrape up that kind of cash.

  15. If all teams have a cap the structure of the deal to “write huge checks” is irrelevant. If these owners can’t cut a $60M check they would not own a team.

  16. I have no issue with owners doing this. You just have to look at history, these sort of monster deals rarely prove to be good moves. So in the end, more times than not, they’re only hurting themselves.

    Just because an owner is wealthier, it won’t guarantee more success. It will always be about good management and not about who is richer.

  17. Miami will be in no contention until that deal is off the books.
    Looks lite things are the same even without Jeff Ireland.

  18. Stephen Ross has showed everyone time and time again, he has no clue how to operate an NFL franchise. Lets go back 5 years and start with the Jim Harbaugh chasing incident. And most recently the debacle in the locker room. And now he’s upping the ante with guaranteed contracts. He’s not making any friends with his NFL colleagues by doing this. The NFL has avoided guaranteed contracts like the plague. Mark my words, this Suh deal will be another downfall for the Phins in 2 years. Salary Cap Hell !!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This Guarantee’s the Fins will not make the playoffs . Miami already has a nice defense. They need to build a better tougher O-Line. big needs at Wideout, could use another RB and looks like TE Clay is gone. Don’t get me wrong Suh is a beast. Dansby, Ellerbie , Wallace, now way overpay Suh.

  20. Holy cow. Talk about some cash money.

    The Dolphins are cursed. Even Bill Parcells didnt get anything done there. Theres gotta be something going on down there with the weather or something…

  21. Now Detroit moves to a 3-4 D. Mosley and Fairley in the middle of the line taking turns. And have Whitehead and Tulloch starting in the MLB positions. Van noy on one side and Levy on the other. Detroit might actually be better off without this guy.

  22. Lions fans are funny…. They act like losing suh is nothing…… On IG they were comparing him to cj Mosley and nick fairly 😂😂😂 phinsup

  23. Isn’t the salary cap supposed to take care of that? I suppose just like all multi-billionaires they have loopholes too get past this.

  24. “Some believe that, previously, the richest owners have resisted doing it out of respect for the owners who can’t.” Some believe global warming isn’t real.

    If he likes Suh and he has the money to get him, whats the issue?

  25. Even though Teddy shined at many moments behind a injured OL, last year ,,, Suh never did manage much. Even in a contract year.

    Way overpaid.

    Good Luck … Fins, Fans.

    SKOL 🙂

  26. Cutting a $60 million dollar check for a guy with some major character issues seems foolish. Then again, this is Ross we’re talking about, the same football guru who created an organizational power struggle by having Philbin answerable only to him. My guess is, you won’t see this sort of move trending very long, because it really exposes the entire organizational plan to a single athlete who has little financial incentive left to motivate him.

  27. 20 million a year = 1.25 million a game.

    Suh’s next stomp is a 4 game suspension. 4 games = 5 million dollars.

    That’s an expensive stomp.

  28. Hopefully for the Dolphins, if this is 100% true (I’m skeptical), that Suh isn’t motivated by money, because he can then just mail it in and still make 60 mil.

    Hopefully his desire to remain at the top of the game overcomes his desire to “meh” it out.

  29. This is great for all players. All contracts should be fully guaranteed. Teams would spend more wisely and this sign them one year and cut them the next crap would end. Also maybe this will help push the cap up, as almost all players are way underpaid when you consider the revenue the league generates.

  30. Clearly Miami is going all-in and think they can win a championship this season. They were going to sign Suh no matter the price, it appears. Pressure is now squarely on Tannehill and the offense.

  31. If the NFL takes steps to circumscribe the “dirty pool” effect that outlandish amounts of money can have on an established process, perhaps there is hope for democracy in this country.

  32. Wow. NFL owners have jumped the shark. Kraft, Belichick and Brady have the other AFC East owners willing to anything and everything in an attempt to dethrone them. It is quite the complement.

  33. Suh is a good defensive player and probably the best if not the best DT in the nfl, but come on he’s not worth this contract. No defensive lineman is with maybe the exception of JJ Watt just because he’s on another planet. But in regards to Suh, he’s one guy that plays a position that isn’t impactful enough to warrant this money.

    As a DT he’s never gonna get 20 plus sacks. He’s going to get double and tripple teamed all the time. He can’t shut down an offensive position on his own. Its crazy. They could have signed 3 very good defensive lineman for that money.

    I’m a Bears fan and I wanted them to sign Suh but not for this money. He’s not taking any team to the superbowl alone. QB is the only position that should get this kind of cash, and only the best QBs should get it. I just can’t see it for a DT.

  34. Let’s be clear people:

    This doesn’t guarantee the Fins will go to the playoffs, but it sure guarantees that the defense will be a lot better… 🙂

    Love the move….

  35. Oh, the poor billionaire owners that might have to pony up a little more money for elite talent. We should help them out by paying for their shiny new stadiums. Oh wait, we do that now.

    Ross did what he had to in order to get the deal done.

  36. Where’s the Dolphins fan that was telling us the other day that there would be a “bad boy” clause in the contract?

  37. “Eventually, the richest owners will take over the league.”

    Will they also spend fortunes on campaigns to convince others to vote against their own interests? Now that’s what I call America!

  38. Oh no the Goodell is mad at them! Next up should be dinner with Judge Doty just to make sure Goodell receives the message.

    Shed that rookie skin Ross. Probation period is over, do as you please.

  39. Salary cap problems plus a couple of bad contracts of this type will end their use, long before ‘rich owners take over the league’.

  40. what a shock. a team essentially cheats to get the marquee free agent and there is no uproar from anyone. if the pats did something like this everyone would be saying goodell is letting his buddy kraft circumvent the system. but no one cares. only if the pats are involved

  41. So we’re supposed to feel sorry for the owners who can’t do this??? HA! Nobody felt sorry for us Angelenos and our beautiful city as we were used as leverage to get new stadiums built elsewhere. Just sayin’…

  42. Now I have to hope for him to injure himself walking out of the signing only to never play another down to discourage other owners from doing the same.

  43. I really don’t think this sort of thing is going to take over the league. There have been far too many FA busts and overpaid middle-of-the-road players for that. Teams want to be able to release a guy at any point in his contract with as little cap hit and dead money as possible.

    Good for Suh, he’s getting his money. Let’s see if the Dolphins have anything left to put a good team around him.

  44. As a Steelers fan, I’m not the least troubled that Stephen Ross can afford to hand Suh $60 million guaranteed–even though our majority owner, Dan Rooney, has been named the least wealthy in the league. It’s been demonstrated time and again you cannot buy a championship.

    Suh is a great talent, but he’s also been a problem player just as Wallace has been a problem player. Griese and company weren’t necessarily individual superstars, but they had a beautiful chemistry that created greatness. The Rosses of the world don’t understand that you can’t just throw a bunch of highly paid divas into a pot and brew the ’72 Dolphins.

  45. And here I was feeling bad for myself because my Bucs are owned by the Glazers. The Brothers Glazer aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed, but at least they’re no Stephen Ross.

  46. Congrats, Miami fans! Next time your ticket prices go up and you still have no Super Bowl appearances, you can thank this absurd deal.

  47. ‘Eventually, the richest owners will take over the league.’

    Thank you, Nostradamus.

  48. “If owners who have the cash to make that kind of commitment start making that kind of commitment, they’ll have a huge advantage when it comes to signing players. Eventually, the richest owners will take over the league.”

    I say let them shoot themselves in the foot with these mega-deals. Perennial playoff contenders would put an entire defensive line together with that money.

  49. Does everyone realize that Suh has been on a team that has had gone nowhere for a very long time with all sorts of great players on the team? How is he suddenly going to save the day for Miami? There’s no evidence that he can be a winner at all. He’s a great player, but it seems like a really expensive deal based on his track record and the actual impact he could have on the team.

  50. Thank you to all our friends from other fan bases that have been expressing their heartfelt concerns over the fate of the Dolphins after this “horrendous” reach in free agency. Did they not see this article? Hello? Where are our friends that fear he’s just another Haynesworth… patriot fans… your team signed him, please tell us of our peril.

    What about “cap hell”… patriot fans need to warn us as they are currently over the cap by $10 million. Dawn Aponte must be some kind of witch, casting spells that enable the fins to sign top free agents year after year. And poor little Steve Ross, suckered into spending millions of his billions just to get the best player on the market in decades on his football team. Even more than JJ Watt! Texans fans demand your team pay him more now!

    They tried to warn us about this barbarian, who willfully and intentionally seeks to do harm to opposing QB’s, even, perish the thought, FRANCHISE QB’s, yes even the elite. Oh the humanity. WHERE ARE YOU AS WE CROSS THIS POINT OF NO RETURN! Even with all their foreboding, we gleefully, ignorantly embrace the likely possibility of the Dolphins having one of the most feared D lines in the NFL. Have we no shame.

    Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to live with it.

  51. Is there ANYBODY who doesn’t think the Dolphins will be horribly regretting this deal in 2 years? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller??

  52. inbillwetrust2015 says:
    Mar 10, 2015 1:49 PM
    what a shock. a team essentially cheats to get the marquee free agent and there is no uproar from anyone. if the pats did something like this everyone would be saying goodell is letting his buddy kraft circumvent the system. but no one cares. only if the pats are involved


    I am a Patriots fan too, but I don’t get your point. They are giving him 60 million dollars. They were going to get him. It doesn’t matter if they waited a few days to announce. It would be a shame if the league punished a team under such a ridiculous rule. “Talk to player but don’t make a deal” That’s nonsense.

  53. The dolphins will live to regret putting all that money into Suh he is an reprehensible bully and will get in even more trouble in Miami.

  54. What NFL team couldn’t come up with $60 mil if required to? NFL teams are worth close to a billion dollars each and they have access to lines of credit. Even Mike Brown of the Bengals for whom the team is his main asset came up with 200 mil in cash a couple years ago to buy out another owner.

  55. jmac1013 says:
    Mar 10, 2015 1:42 PM
    Make that “Suhplex” brady.


    The two times Brady has played against Suh the Patriots won 45-24 and 34-9.

    I don’t think he’s too worried.

  56. Too much money for one guy that’s not a franchise QB. Even then, there’s little to go around.

    Steven Ross: “Wait a minute..he’s not a quarterback???”

  57. Good for Suh…Other stars take note of the “guaranteed” money!

    Players need to learn to play hardball with NFL owners as the lack of “guaranteed contracts” around the league only says one thing…you aren’t negotiating contracts in your best interest, but owners.

  58. And now you know why the Dolphins want to charge $75,000 for those “living room” suites. Regular fans will get to enjoy listening to the shouts from outside in the parking lot.

  59. The reason teams don’t do that kind of guaranteed money is because it is stupid. Suh doesn’t even have to play a down and he gets 60 million dollars. That is how stupid that kind of contract is. I hope Suh lays down on the Dolphins and retires after 3 years. That would stop rich guys from doing what Miami is doing with Suh.

  60. I realize that the $60 million is guaranteed but the cap is still the cap. Suh’s guaranteed $60 million means $60 million less for everyone else. If he’s worth it good for him and good for the Dolphins but that’s a lot of money to tie up for 3 years.

  61. And the owner of the Seahawks is richer than the next 10 owners put together. Winners on the field, winners off. I know, a little blip in the SB but even the Patriots know they were way more lucky than good. Good luck to the other teams – there is no shame in coming second.

  62. jcrileyesq says:
    Mar 10, 2015 1:32 PM
    I remember when people were saying roc nation/jay-z’s company doesn’t know what they are doing

    Are you serious? Because they had absolutely nothing to do with this considering they only handle his non football stuff like endorsements

  63. So what? Stanton got a contract 3x what Suh got and is GUARANTEED. I’m sure Ross will take out an insurance policy to cover injury. Ross should cut Suh a 57 million dollar check and pay him 1 million a year for 3 years.A million dollar cap hit, now THAT would drive the NFL nuts

  64. I love all the angry Lions fans getting pissy because a guy left. Guess what, he was a FREE AGENT, meaning he has EARNED the RIGHT to pick HIS next team, the place HE is going to live HIS life with HIS family!

    These players don’t owe you anything but to show up and play hard while they are on your squad.

  65. Ha ha, what a dumb ass. Fully guaranteed for a player who’s one on field temper tantrum from a lengthy suspension annually. That’s ANNUALLY! The ‘Fins could end up paying Suh the whole 60 mill over the first three years and he could end up being suspend for 8-10 games of the 48 he’s eligible to pay. (They’re not making the playoffs)

  66. what a shock. a team essentially cheats to get the marquee free agent and there is no uproar from anyone. if the pats did something like this everyone would be saying goodell is letting his buddy kraft circumvent the system. but no one cares. only if the pats are involved

    There is nothing stopping another team from contacting Suh now and offering him more money. As a Fins fan, I wish someone would. I like the talent and nasty attitude which our soft up the middle D needs but it’s too much $$$. It pretty much guarantees players like Wake being cut this time next year.

  67. Money can’t buy the Lombardi Trophy. Players and coaches have to earn it by playing as a team and having that as their singular goal.

    Miami’s owner can spend what ever money he wants to burn thru. Suh alone won’t get him that trophy. Ryan Tannehill as a quarterback isn’t going to get near the Lombardi Trophy unless he is touring the winners atrium of the Green Bay Packers…..

    Maybe it is time for the poor owners to let their team go up for sale so the owners making money don’t have to keep supporting them with the revenue sharing. There isn’t enough good players much less great players to support 32 teams in the NFL.

  68. tundra67 says: Mar 10, 2015 1:29 PM

    Snider 2.0?
    Haynesworth 2.0??

    Just sayin’ …
    I have watched Suh closely, and listened carefully when he speaks. As a Lions fan, I hate to see the guy go, because he is exactly the opposite of Haynesworth.

    He has a big motor, never takes a play off, and loves the competition. He is all about the money, but the guy earns it on every Sunday.
    He skips the off-season program entirely, and works out with his own training staff, and is always in the best shape of anyone when camp starts. He has only missed two games in his career–both for suspensions, and has never been injured.

    He is/was also the most involved member of the Lions with charities and kids’ groups. Other than the occasional stomp, kick to the crotch, or other excessive violence on-field, he got a traffic ticket once. Truthfully, his reputation is overly negative compared to the guy he really is.

    That being said, he never admits he tried to do what he has done on-field, and doesn’t do local media because they challenged him early in his career. And I question the way he played the Lions during negotiations. But as a football player, the ‘Phins are pretty safe with their investment.

  69. ken0west says:
    Mar 10, 2015 1:31 PM
    When Craft stops using his influence to favor the Pats, out of respect because “other teams can’t” Ross will stop using his billions because “other teams can’t”

    Another mention of this mystery man “Craft”. That is multiple times today. Who the hell is this guy? And how does he hold influence to favor Robert Kraft’s Patriots?

  70. I don’t understand how a team that has about 7 million in cap space can pay a guy 60 million guaranteed.

  71. If I were a Fish fan, I’d be thrilled.

    Next time Ross starts bloviating about how decrepit his stadium is and how Miami will never host another Super Bowl and the Fish will never play in one until he gets a new stadium paid for by the city’s bank tellers, burger flippers and rank-and-file office workers trying to put their kids through school, all they have to do is point to this contract. And since it’s pretty well settled that the Rams are moving back to LA, he won’t have a move threat to use and his bluff will be called.

  72. Ross gives his coaches the tools to be successful. What i would be furious with though is if this was his decision and our coaches and GM went along with it. Miami does make waves in fee agencey which up till now have been only ripples when the important business starts but i do love the stir he creates this time of year.

  73. In the NFL, all income paid to players must still fit within the Max-Cap figures, so whether teams pay all that money to 1 player or (smartly) spread it out across a host of talented players is irrelevant. there is no such thing as a Rich or a Poor team in the NFL. Perhaps you have been watching too much MLB or NBA? Those organizations allow teams to go over the Cap (for an additional cost)…but the NFL does not have any such option. It is a hard fixed max cap.

  74. if hes worth that, cant wait to see what watt is worth. in my opinion, watt is in a whole other dimension

  75. I computed some Sabermetrics on this deal and my computer determined that Suh will lose 1% productivity per humidity point OVER 50 while playing in sticky Miami.

  76. For everyone posting how Suh is overrated, Haynesworth 2.0 and how he won’t earn his money, you must not watch him play. I am a Lions fan and I can tell you he has a relentless motor, never takes plays off. This guy will give 110% on every snap while being double teamed. While I am kinda pissed he is leaving, I wont bash him and call him something he’s not. The guy is the best DT in the league, but I am glad we are moving on from him, because our cap would be destroyed.

  77. Dumbphins love the bringing in expensive mercenaries route that always blows up in their face…aka Wallace, etc.

    It won’t be fun having him in the division but it seems they would have been better off using those funds to ramp up the offensive side.

    I’d like to see this whole division get more competitive and get back to some of those classic rivalry games that used to be so great!!

  78. The rich owners will not be taking over the league because of this. There is a lot of risk in signing a deal like this and if they Dolphins want to assume he will be the same guy for the next 3 years I say let them. Hats off to Suh for getting paid and now you won’t be stomping on any of my Packers. Suh is a great player but to pay him this will leave the Dolphins lacking in lots of areas.

  79. The comments about Suh’s “behavior” are a laugher. He’s never single-handedly lost a game because of his “behavior” and how much he pays on fines has no bearing on wins & losses! Suspension is the only concern and that happened 3.5 years ago…

    For those concerned about “integrity of the game”, that’s as big a laugher, all lineman have an edge…

  80. That will make Green Bay irrelevant! They don’t have a rich owner, just a crummy little town.

  81. There shouldn’t be a Cap on Pro-Football! If a guy Person or Persons are wealthy enough to own an NFL franchise and cry foul about spending Money! That’s a complete joke! The joke is on the players and yes, us as fans! 60 Million guaranteed is Chump change for these owners! Meanwhile NHL ownership lose Money yearly and NHL players contracts are fully guaranteed! Now that’s a joke! So I hope, unlike that knuckle head Safety turned down Millions to stay with the Pat’s? I truly hope this now sets the correct precedence for URFA! Rather then this “Home Town Discount” Crap the NFL Media keeps pushing down our throats and the NFL’s agenda,, to actually having us fans believing in that winning should trump a Man from trying to make as much Money as he possibly can for himself and or his Family! Sorry Folks, ” this isn’t Personal, its business” If it comes down to going to Work, AKA ” Winning” or sitting on the couch and going to the Bank and cashing my Paycheck for Millions a week? And buying my kids whatever they want and hanging out with my Wife and kids around the Holidays! I’ll take the later of the 2!! If people say otherwise? They’re lying to you and themselves!!

  82. Just curious…why is this a problem when Ross does it but nobody said anything like this when it was leaked that Russell Wilson’s entire contract could be guaranteed? I believe this site and others called it “out of the box” thinking” and then patted yourselves on the back (for first guessing what they might do) when other sources reported the same thing.

    I personally think it is too much money for Suh. Actually it’s more of an issue of being too much a percentage of the cap. I don’t really care if Suh or anybody else makes a ton of cash. What I do have a problem with is if that has a negative impact on the success of the team. There seems to be a ton of contracts the last few years (more so this year) where guys are getting much more than reasonable people believed they would. Do the owners believe the cap numbers will rise more than what they previously thought? Nothing else seems to adequately explain the spending sprees.

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