Andre Johnson plans to take his time

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When Frank Gore and Andre Johnson flew to Indy from Miami on Tuesday in owner Jim Irsay’s jet, a sense emerged that both players would soon be joining the Colts.

Gore has, Johnson hasn’t.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Johnson plans to take his time in picking his next team.  Johnson, according to the source, is considering eight different teams at this point.

The Colts got the first visit, and Johnson may eventually sign with one of the chief rivals of the franchise with which he spent a dozen years.  But his first shot at free agency most likely won’t be ending quickly.

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  1. Was having this conversation just yesterday. I found it surprising that he would sign with the first team he met with. He never tasted free agency before, there is really no hurry. The only thing he has to do is sign before the draft in my opinion. If he waits until after the draft, the teams that are interested now may have filled his spot with a rookie. But that still gives him 6 weeks to shop around and take some visits. For the same reasons, I was very surprised last year when Steve Smith signed in Baltimore without visiting other teams. I get it from the stand point of the elite players signing in the first spot they visit, because it will usually be the best deal because that team will elevate the offer to ensure you dont leave the building. But it isnt quite the same for “aging veterans”

  2. As a Texan’s fan, and Andre being my all time favorite Texans player, I hope he gets a ring. But he damn sure won’t get it in Indy anytime soon…

  3. PATRIOTSDYNASTYLIVES says: Mar 11, 2015 10:39 AM

    Time to head to New England.

    We need good news

    Step back from the ledge……..we are fine…..


    I trust Bill. We’ll be okay. But we could definitely use a good signing after yesterday and NE fans have wanted to see AJ in a pats uniform for years

    As long as he isn’t too expensive

  4. PATRIOTSDYNASTYLIVES says: Mar 11, 2015 10:39 AM

    Time to head to New England.

    We need good news

    Step back from the ledge……..we are fine…..


    I trust Bill. We’ll be okay. But we could definitely use a good signing after yesterday and NE fans have wanted to see AJ in a pats uniform for years

    As long as he isn’t too expensive

    BB has all his bases covered. They pulled out of Revis signing Sunday night. Bill does whats in the best interest of team. Always does. regardless of who you are…..Titles are won in January and February…..NOT MARCH

  5. He should take a deal w/ Indy. Luck? Indoors? Vs. JAX/TEN/HOU twice a year? Chance to stick it to the sorry Texans? Andre don’t look a gift horse in the mouth man sign with the horseshoe!

  6. floratiotime says:
    Mar 11, 2015 10:50 AM
    Everyone gets paid but Andrew Luck. If I were him I wouldn’t be a happy camper.

    Trust me…Luck’s getting paid. This is one last spending bender while Indy still has cap room.

    He still has one more year on his contract and Indy still has the fifth year option, so it may take a little while, but Luck will eventually sign the largest contract in NFL history.

  7. pats fan…we are so spoiled.
    we need good news…andre johnson and percy harvin. toms going to have score 35+ every game..just look like the good ol days

  8. My goodness if the Hawks landed Andre after getting Graham yesterday I would be ecstatic. While I think it’s far more likely he ends up with the Colts, Ravens or Pats, joining an offense with Russ, Beast Mode, Graham, Baldwin and Kearse might just give the Hawks the balance they’ve been lacking for the past few seasons

  9. Johnson is going to be one of the FAs in demand by about 20 teams this year. No need to rush his choice.

  10. Andre – if you want a ring, sign up with Pats or Hawks. If you sign up with colts you will be harassed/embarrassed by the Pats in the post season #45-7.

  11. Andre Johnson plans to take his time.

    Translation – no one is deperate enough to overpay me yet.

  12. Colts need an O-line more than another receiver. Luck is great but he took a beating last year and threw more picks than he should have. Get the guy some protection and he’ll dissect most defenses.

  13. FYI – Luck isnt getting paid by the Colts because he is leaving at the end of his rookie contract. He is a smart guy. But it doesnt take a genius to see the Colts as one of the worst ran franchises in all of sports, and have an embarrassment as an owner. Runs in the family though.

    Seriously, you luck into Peyton by being the worst team in football at just the right time, but can only get one ring out of it. You get zero in return for Peyton afetr you gave up on him, and then suck at the perfect time again (intentionally or otherwise) to end up with Luck. And Luck on a rookie contract. Just take a look at Seattle to see what should be able to be done with a servicable quarterback on a rookie deal. Or even look at Cincinnatti for that matter. Two of the best rosters in football because they didnt have to pay at QB. And then look at that embarrassment of a roster in Indi outside of Luck.

    He’s gone to free agency folks. No questions about it. Because he is a smart guy.

  14. Fivechampionship give it a rest. “Sucked for Luck”? “Intentionally or otherwise”?

    Polian, Caldwell, and many players lost their jobs because of 2011. Why do you idiots keep ignoring that simple fact? What exactly would be in it for them to ” suck for Luck”? I remember a quote from a Reggie Wayne “I ain’t sucking for anyone”.

    It’s so easy to disprove the whole tanking theory I just can’t figure out why you idiots keep bringing it up?

    And Luck isn’t going anywhere. “One of the worst run franchises in sports” lol? You mean the franchise that has only missed the playoffs twice in the last 15 years? The team that has won 11 games three straight seasons and just made the AFC Title game……and is a contender for the SB next season?

    You mention Cin lol? “Look at what they’ve done”? Remind me, what has Cin “done” exactly? “One of the best rosters in football” lol?

    So….let me get this straight….the Colts …..who won more playoff games last season than the Bengals have in the past 25 years…….are one of the worst ran franchises…..but the Bengals…..who have done virtually nothing since 1988…..have one of the “best rosters”?

    What a joke.

    Luck isn’t going anywhere except to the playoffs and hopefully the SB soon.

  15. A Texans fan saying the Colts wont win a ring anytime soon, ha!! I figured Johnson would want to come to Indy to get a win in Indy, something he never did in 10 years with the Texans? The Colts own you….Brian Hoyer!!! Ha!!

  16. Lots of Jags and Texans fans on here with nothing to do. Come to think of it, lots of Jags and Texans fans here during the season with nothing to do!!

  17. If you are fortunate enough to land Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, you should do a whole lot more than what Indi has done. And I dont care of they tanked the season or not. The fact that their roster is so poor outside of Luck is pathetic. Unless you are a Colts fan, you recognize that this is absolutely a poorly ran franchise. Yes, with Peyton Manning you will win a ton of games. And with competent leadeship, you will win championships. Why was the defense so embarrassingly bad for the majority of Peyton’s time there? Why was their roster so poor last year outside of Liuck when they had more money to spend than most teams due to having a top 5 QB for peanuts. Poor drafts. Poor free agent signings. Poor trades. But always a HOF caliber QB to keep them competitive.

    Look, the Pats lucked into Brady as well. And much of BB’s ‘genius’ is based in that one lucky pick. But look what they did what that QB – backed it up with a solid roster and dominmated the league for a decade. And I hate the Pats.

    You Colts fans cant have it every way – ‘Peyton is better than Brady AND our organization is top notch. OK, then why one championship with a HOF QB for 12 years? Is TB that much better than Brady? No? OK, than the organziation f’d it up. No? Than why no more rings????

    Bottom line is that you and I could have done just as well drafting and making trades drunk in our basement, as long as we had Peyton then and Luck now.

  18. Also, I hate the Bengals. But over the past few years, QB IS THE ONLY POSITION where the Bengals weren’t better than the Colts. They won 10 games per year with FREAKING ANDY DALTON. If those games were lucky enough to have a HOF QB FALL IN THEIR LAP. AGAIN. imagine how good they could have been.

    Tell me a position group besides QB where the Colts were better than the Bengals last year. O Line? nope. Running backs. Nope. WR – debatable.

    D line? Nope? LBers? Nope. Secondary? Nope?

    what am I missing here? Oh yeah, the clowns in Indi were savvy enough to take Andrew Luck with the first pick. Way to go guys! Congratulations! If Irsay could sober up for a few seconds he would relaize how incompetent his front office has been for the past decade….

  19. 53-10.

    That’s the score of the two Games between the Colts and a Bengals.

    The first was 27-0.

    The second 26-10.

    Clearly the Bengals are the better team, “except for Luck” lol.

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