Bengals make Clint Boling, A.J. Hawk signings official


The Bengals officially announced the re-signing of left guard Clint Boling on Wednesday, as well as the signing of ex-Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk.

The 26-year-old Boling received a five-year, $26 million deal, per ESPN. He has been a full-time starter the last three seasons for Cincinnati.

Hawk, 32, is an Ohio native who played the previous nine seasons for Green Bay. He will vie for time at linebacker in Cincinnati’s 4-3 scheme.

The Bengals also confirmed the re-signing of tackle Eric Winston, who had announced his return to Cincinnati on Tuesday.

Finally, the Bengals also said they had re-signed cornerback Chris Lewis-Harris, an exclusive-rights free agent who appeared in four games last season.

17 responses to “Bengals make Clint Boling, A.J. Hawk signings official

  1. Hawk gets a defense lined up well.
    After that unless they’re playing a low-level team like Mini, his usefulness sort of expires.

  2. Sounds like Johnson wants to come back too. If after they sign their contracts, Boling and Hawk are race to the Bengals locker room to get the best locker, I bet Boling wins.

  3. juice08 says:Mar 11, 2015 4:17 PM

    Do you Viking trolls just sit there with a notification for any Packers article?

    I was about to same the same thing about the Packer fans. Wrong again PACKER fans!! Just like your choice of a Mobile Home over an actual House!!!

  4. Uh oh, ariani has a new alias! Hey vikinganswer, nice to see you. Your comments are just as enlightened and insightful as codythao’s and pervy’s. Keep up the good work, I’m sure the normal MN fans appreciate you constantly embarrassing them.

  5. Bonnie, its not really a feud so much as it is stalking. These MN guys are completely obsessed. It’d be flattering if it wasn’t so annoying and creepy.

  6. It is tough to say if a signing is a good one until you know the contract details.

    Unless of course you are insanely jealous of the Packers and childishly call anyone or anything associated with them unfounded names.

    Until you know what the Bengals are paying you don’t know the production to cost ratio. Even then you don’t know how the Bengals plan to best use their talents.

    The Bengals are in a competitive division and these moves made sense to them.

  7. If Michael Johnson comes back, I would consider this a successful free agency for the Bengals. They never go out and get the big names but they keep their own guys and maybe have a few under the radar signings that can build their roster. The pass rush was a joke last year, MJ coming back can give them that threat. He knows the system, Guenther pretty much runs the same thing Zimmer did except he was too chicken to bring pressure.

    Now it just comes down to getting back to the playoffs and taking that next step. I know Dalton isn’t the best, but he has had 4 consecutive seasons of winning records something that hasn’t happened in awhile here in Cincy. He’s got to take a big step this year and own this team, if he doesn’t he can be cut from his contract after this year is over I believe. You can do worse than Dalton, but you can do a lot better as well. But qb is honestly so weak in this league, it’s hard to find someone off the streets to be a starter. That’s why you have guys like Matt Cassel, Hoyer, Fitzpatrick starting in the league still. Outside of Brady, Luck, Manning (who’s time is almost up), Brees (who could be on the block), Roethlisberger, Romo, Wilson, Flacco, Rodgers and I’m probably missing some don’t crucify me but other than that it’s a bunch of average to slightly above average guys in the league playing qb. I don’t believe Dalton will ever get the Bengals to the SB, but if he can at least show he can win a playoff game the fans and the national media will get off his back.

  8. My only disappointment is that Hawk didn’t sign with the Vikings. You can just about guarantee that every time he makes a tackle, the RB has already gained 7 yards. His pass coverage is atrocious, the Packers should have charged him the price of a ticket for the number of times he stood around watching the ball sail over his head. In fact, it happened so many times that the Viking’s secondary made him an honorary member.

  9. I’m hoping the removal of bone spurs from his ankle will rejuvenate Hawk a bit. A lot of people wanted to call him a bust because he never put up real big numbers or made a lot of flashy plays after being picked number 5 overall in his draft class, but he was always stable, dependable, smart and solid.

    By all accounts, AJ was an exceptionally hard worker, a great teammate and a great member of the community. The NFL could use a whole lot more guys like AJ Hawk.

  10. bonniebengal says:
    Mar 11, 2015 4:17 PM
    Why has the Packer/Viking feud traveled over to the Bengals threads now?

    Obviously the queenie trolls have nothing better to do and absolutely no lives…

    Good signing for the Bengals, I personally think Hawk has some left in the tank. Had GB’s interior line been a little more stout, Hawk wouldn’t have been tackling in the defensive backfield as frequently as he had to.

    Good luck AJ, and good luck Bengals.

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