Clint Boling stays in Cincinnati


Tuesday night brought word that guard Clint Boling was close to a deal to remain with the Bengals.

Wednesday brings word that he’s reached that deal. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that it is a five-year, $26 million pact for the player we ranked at No. 58 in our ranking of this year’s free agents.

Boling has started 44 games for the Bengals over the last three years and rebounded well from the 2013 torn ACL that kept him from playing in every game that the Bengals played in those seasons. His ability as a run blocker should continue to be put to good use in Hue Jackson’s offense.

Boling is the second member of Cincinnati’s offensive line to sign up for more time with the team. Right tackle Eric Winston will also return to the team, although they did suffer one loss to the unit when backup Marshall Newhouse chose to join the Giants.

15 responses to “Clint Boling stays in Cincinnati

  1. “although they did suffer one loss to the unit when backup Marshall Newhouse chose to join the Giants.”

    You and I have very different definitions of the term “suffer”.

  2. OMG! We lost Newhouse!!!!

    The horror! The pain! The satisfaction…

    A rusty metal door blocks people better than this guy did while in Cincinnati.

    I think Green Bay fans can relate.

  3. Yeah – Newhouse wasn’t a O-linemen, he was more of an ole – lineman (as in a matador) – the only thing he was lacking was a red cape – so no loss there. Good resigning of Boling, if not a little pricey.

  4. I’d rather have Boling than not have him… but… I would rather not have him starting.

  5. We lost nothing when Newhouse left. That guy was awful. I’m very glad he’s gone. Good luck with him Giants fans! You’ll get a headache watching that guy as a turnstyle. Very glad Clint is back in the fold. Bengals showing a little power being able to hold onto a guy like Clint and possibly sign some decent name free agents. I like what I’m seeing!

  6. I was really hoping on him for my vikes! So far the highlight of our offseason has been AD flying to New York With his own nickel to convince Zygi to trade him and the signing a backup QB. Ugh.

  7. The Bengals signed Winston when Newhouse proved to be an utter failure as a backup OT when Andre Smith went down end of season & get this … according to projections, the Newhouse signing apparently also negated a 4th rd FA compensatory pick the Bengals should have gotten for OT Anthony Collins signing with Tampa Bay?!

    AND YET Green Bay somehow now projects to get a 7th rd compensatory pick for ‘letting’ Newhouse go!!

    So a 8ooK FA (Newhouse) who failed so badly they had to sign street FA Winston on the fly to do what Newhouse was supposed to do ALSO apparently cost them an end of round 4th pick now too …?

  8. Lot of money for an average player. Could have signed Anthony Collins for cheap and moved him to guard. Anyway… go get a pass rush and a real #2 receiver with speed and lets hit the draft.

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