DeMarco Murray met with Jason Garrett last night

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Maybe DeMarco Murray is going to have to change his Facebook status to “it’s complicated.”

The Cowboys running back (though you wouldn’t know it from his Twitter profile) is having more and more contact with his old team, as he seeks more and more dollars for being the league’s leading rusher.

According to Mike Fisher of 105.3 The Fan, Murray met privately with Cowboys coach Jason Garrett at least night’s Mavericks-Cavaliers game, and continued the meeting in another spot.

Whether that’s enough to thaw the chill between Murray hitting the market without what he deems a fair offer remains to be seen.

But it seems some feelings have been bruised along the way, and the lines of communication are going to need to be repaired if anything’s going to happen for him in Dallas.

22 responses to “DeMarco Murray met with Jason Garrett last night

  1. He’s using Jacksonville and Oakland to get more money from Dallas. I would like to see him in Jacksonville. They did great so far in free agency. Go Jags!

  2. He’s not going anywhere….if the other teams were offering a better deal he would have signed with them already. He’s just butthurt because he realizes that his agent lied to him and he isn’t getting 10 mil a year.

  3. Just a hissy fit from DeMarco…once he see’s the checks it will be all-good

  4. Dallas is pushed up against the cap and can’t improve, they might make the playoffs again though.

  5. I had the feeling that he was as good as gone, but now I have a stronger feeling that he’s staying. Oakland has multiple problems. Jax has just as many. Both are losing teams. Philly has turned into a small dumpster fire that is growing every time Chip Kelly picks up a phone. He’s traded away multiple skill players (some of the best they had) to turn it into Oregon.

    Players talk. It’s a small league. I have a good feeling he stays where he is and they come to some sort of middle ground where he gets his years and a fat signing bonus and guaranteed money.

  6. If the Cowboys aren’t the highest bidder by a bunch. There is no reason to stay there.

  7. It was ridiculous watching the outlets feverishly trying to cover all the signings and trades yesterday, then basically come to a complete halt in order to cut to some guy standing in front of something who would report that “nothing is happening with DeMarco Murray”.

  8. I like Murray he seems like a good guy as jocks go but if he wants a shot at a Super Bowl I think his best chance is Dallas. If he wants to play for as long as possible then playing behind Dallases offensive line is also his best bet. Longer playing career equals more money in the long run.
    What ever he decides I wish him well and thank him for his terrific performance last year and Gods speed.

  9. watchfullhose says:
    Mar 11, 2015 7:58 AM
    Does Jason Garrett hand out game checks? Cause if so, great! If not, it seems like the Cowboys sent the wrong guy.
    No but if it wasn’t abundantly clear last year, it will be after Murray resigns. Jerry has already gone full tilt with Garrett as a coach after his new contract.

  10. If Murray signs with Dallas, Spiller and Petersen will follow suit. If Murray chooses another team, then AP will demand a trade, to Dallas, and Spiller will go to the Pats or Eagles

  11. Either way, they need to draft a running back somewhere near the middle rounds. Murray’s running style increases the risk of injury.

  12. Good Lord just get it over with already…either way I will hate to see him go and would like for him to stay..and what ever RB we get he will work fine with our O-line for sure

  13. Lines of communication have been bruised? Yet he goes to a basketball game with Big Red, and then has a beer with him someplace else afterwards?

    Murray will be in a Cowboys jersey next year. Watch.

  14. If AP demands a trade, I hope Spielman ships him off to Oakland rather than letting him play for Jerruh’s team.

  15. The thing that I like the most about Garrett is that he spent his NFL career as a backup quarterback. Why??? Because he is used to never getting any credit for his work. He is tirelessly working his butt off to change this team’s culture and talent level, and luckily for Cowboy’s fans, doesn’t get his feelings hurt (ala Jimmy Johnson) when Jerry Jones swoops in to get in front of a microphone during the press conference. Keep doing what you’re doing Jason. HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!!!!

  16. The Cowboys hold all the cards. If murray walks they still have a great shot at adrian peterson. If not AD then they can draft a very good RB. with their offensive line any good running back will work out great. Plus murray has been hurt already in past seasons. I say give him a one way ticket to whereever he wants to go.

  17. It strikes me funny that after the Dez Bryant signing the Cowboys claim not to have enough money left to sign Murray, but they do have enough to sign Adrian Peterson. Does Peterson demand that much less?

  18. What a difference 24 hours makes. LOL to all you haters. Fly Eagles Fly!!

    I’ll have fun watching these same fans start trashing Damarcus’s talent. He’s done. It was all the line.

    Sorry Ginger. Guess the meeting was just a hug good bye.

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