Dolphins make it official with Ndamukong Suh

The Dolphins officially have their man.

After what felt like a wait of a lot longer than a few days, the Dolphins announced Wednesday that they have signed defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh by sending out a snapshot of Suh signing a contract while flanked by family, Miami owner Stephen Ross and others in a group that doesn’t include coach Joe Philbin.

The deal, a six-year, $114 million pact that includes $60 million guaranteed in the first three years, gives the Dolphins one of this year’s biggest, if not the biggest, prizes in free agency and makes Suh the highest-paid defensive player in the league.

It has also reportedly made the Dolphins nervous about an inquiry from the league because details of the deal leaked before teams and players were sanctioned to agree to deals, but the payoff should be worth it for Miami’s defense. Suh gives them a disruptive force in the middle of the line who should team with ends Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon to make life very difficult for opposing offensive lines.

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79 responses to “Dolphins make it official with Ndamukong Suh

  1. Well, at least they got back about $10K of daily compounded interest by waiting a day to fork over that $60,000,000

  2. Welcome to the love/hate relationship that is being a fan of Suh. You’re welcome to it. Especially at that price tag.

    Hope you understand exactly what you are getting. I know I do. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

    – Lions fan.

  3. Brady’s 2 – 2.5 second release is going to be tough for Suh to beat. A lot of money to pay a guy who won’t be a big factor against the Patriots.

    2014 results. Patriots 34 Lions 9.

  4. Again, thanks to all our friends from other fan bases that have been expressing their heartfelt concerns over the fate of the Dolphins after signing the best free agent in decades.

    We know he’s just another Haynesworth, from fans of teams that sign the guy AFTER the Redskins released him. We really appreciate the cap advice from fans of teams that are currently over the cap themselves. Of course we have Dawn Aponte who is known to use witchcraft, casting spells that enable the Dolphins to sign top free agents year after year and still have cap space.

    Your concern for poor little Steve Ross, suckered into spending millions of his billions just to get the best player on the market in decades on his football team is touching. Even more than JJ Watt! Such blasphemy! Yes, we know he’s not going to take them to the super bowl by himself, but he will make the defense top three.

    You’ve tried to warn us about this barbarian, who willfully and intentionally seeks to do harm to opposing QB’s, even, perish the thought, FRANCHISE QB’s, yes even the “elite”. Yet even with all your foreboding, we gleefully embrace the notion of the Dolphins having one of the most feared D linemen in the NFL. We just have no shame.

    Oh well, you know what they say, go big or go home. I guess we’ll just have to live with it.

  5. Welcome to cap hell Miami. Hope you have some clauses in the contract to keep the damage minimal when you release him next year cause you can’t afford him.

  6. Have to love all the Gms on the thread- stick to Madden please, all of a sudden we care about contracts and cap space please….players restructure the contract all the time and besides his cap hit will on be over 4 mill for this up coming season. They’ll be fine.

  7. Over Hyped, Over Paid, and far from the biggest prize on the FA market.

    “Oh he’s always double teamed that’s why his sack count his low”

    Oh ok, sure. They line up JJ Watt against fairies???

  8. It’s all about business. We tried to whole spread the cash to get better and it failed. We paid wallace, Gibson , resigned Hartline , pain Wheeler and Ellerbe and finnegan and it all resulted in what? .500. Ofcourse you over pay players in free agency. It’s just the nature of the beast, but Suh is going to make that defense a lot better, ALOT BETTER. The Dolphins the past 2 years had about 5 games that they were in and lost by a FG or a td in the last seconds of the game. Suh is the most dominant Tackle since Sapp, and the most dominant Player we have had since Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor. Plus I read that the dolphin have a plan in place to have a lot of cap space next year and that Suhs cap hit this year will only be over 4 million? Let’s go dolphins !!!!!! And hush about the money, it’s not my , or your money they are spending.

  9. kevinb73 says: Mar 11, 2015 4:27 PM

    Welcome to cap hell Miami. Hope you have some clauses in the contract to keep the damage minimal when you release him next year cause you can’t afford him.

    LOL….your an expert on the Dolphins cap???

  10. Looks like they are all attending an ugly convention — almost made me think he signed in Green Bay.

  11. I think a lot of us Lions fans have a common philosophy. Not happy to see him go, not sorry either. Three QB type contracts is unmanageable.

  12. Where’s the other half of DUMB & DUMBER??? Hey Ross thanks for destroying the salary cap for the next 3 years you really are an IDIOT!!! 7-9 This year then hopefully FIRE Philbin!!!

  13. What a hilarious picture! Ross has that big dopey Alfed E Neuman grin on his face, like he just won the Super Bowl. Never mind that Suh couldn’t even win a playoff game this year on a team with a more talented QB, an elite receiver and a much better coaching staff. This rich dope thinks he won it all!

  14. As a Phins fan, all I can say is we are the true of season champs year in and year out. As another poster said, go big or go home. I agree.

    One of these days we will make the playoffs, hopefully this year, but when you are a Phins fan, you have to take the small victories… This is one.

  15. Could’ve re-signed Charles Clay then went out and gotten Bryan Bulaga, Cameron Jordan and DeMarco Murray for less guaranteed money than they gave Suh.

    This Dolphins fan has a feeling it is going to be another long decade of mediocrity.

  16. @themikegun says: Mar 11, 2015 4:22 PM

    Brady’s 2 – 2.5 second release is going to be tough for Suh to beat. A lot of money to pay a guy who won’t be a big factor against the Patriots.

    2014 results. Patriots 34 Lions 9.
    This was when Brady was allowed to have his ball inflated at his own PSI. Times have changed.

    *Tainted rings and trophies

  17. Suh vs the Pats last year in the 34-9 pounding the Pats gave the Lions –

    4 tacks, no sacks, no special plays and caused 2 stupid penalties

    Also 14 plays in which he went against Dan Connelly 1-on-1 and beat Connelly exactly zero times.

  18. We’re definitely going to miss him and I’m very glad he went to an AFC team but I just don’t think any DT is worth that money. Even if that wasn’t the case we didn’t have that kind of money to pay him. I’m not going to be one of those bitter Lions fans who has animosity towards him for chasing the money. I’m not even that worried about losing him now that we signed Ngata.
    One thing that people possibly don’t realize is that our front four made a secondary that is average at best look much better than they really were. I hope we invest a lot of the money we’re saving by not resigning Suh into the secondary. That and the offensive line.

  19. Somebody save that picture so we can compare it to the crying and hand wringing one that we will be seeing two years from now, when Suh turns into the biggest bust and salary cap killer they have ever seen…..Old men should golf not pick football players from the free agent or NFL draft board……Albert Haynesworth version 2.0!!!! I got the guaranteed money now I can coast…..till I’m cut……

  20. sirdrinksalot says: Mar 11, 2015 4:36 PM

    I hate that the Bills will have to play this dirty scum twice a year.

    Yes, good… Let the hate flow through you…

  21. @gotitan

    Brady’s best result was in the Super Bowl. 2.09 second release.

    Everyone and their grandmother checked that those balls were at the league requirement and the Colts weren’t around to take a little air out and cry foul.

    The signing of Suh will have little impact on the Patriot matchup twice/year.

  22. Heartbroken Lions fan here.

    This guy (Suh) SHOULD have been getting the money they paid Stafford. Very, very sad to see him go.

    This guy isn’t even close to being like Haynesworth. Shows how naive so many fans are. They read one headline and are brainwashed for years.

    This guy is a champion. Yes, he may be a bit “dirty” but c’mon…don’t you like the face of your defense to be feared league wide?

    I loved tuning in on Sundays to watch this guy play football. He’s a champion. Don’t listen to the haters…they’re clueless.

    Good luck to you Ndamukong Suh! Glad we don’t play the Dolphins for many years.

  23. Miami, do you ever draft a superstar of your own?
    First Lebron, now Suh…tell us how you like him when he gets suspended for doing something stupid and then acting like a 5 year year old who stole a cookie..who me?

  24. Dolphins cap math:

    2014 starters cut (with their 2015 expected salary):
    Ellerbe 2 tackles 0 sacks $7 mil
    Wheeler 42 tackles 0 sacks $5.2 Mil
    Starks 28 tackles 4.5 $4mil
    Odrick 23 tackles 1 sack $7
    95 Tackles 5.5 sacks $23.2 mill

    2015 starters paid:
    Jenkins 108 tackles 3.5 sacks $700K
    Suh 53 tackles 8 sacks $18 mi
    Mitchell 33 tackles 2 sacks $4 mil
    195 tackles 13.5 sacks $22.7 mil

    Yes I know I’m missing a 4th player (ILB), but drafting a true ILB like Perryman, Anthony or Kendricks in the 1st round will only cost us $2-2.5mil per yr during his 4yr rookie contract period (Like PIT’s Shazier in 2014)

    You just upgraded the interior of your defense with a 1st rd pick and a beast of a DT for around $2 mil a year for the next 3 years. I see no problem with that!

  25. I must confess i had no reason really to watch Miami games , now i will drop in and give a peep on how that defense is doing.

    One thing for sure this kat sure can make a QB have sleepless nights.

  26. All these Patriot fans chiming in about the matchup against the Lions last year. They ran the ball like 3 times in the first half and threw 6 yard routes most of the game. I’d say Suh impacted the game plan.

  27. iamkillerfin says:
    Mar 11, 2015 4:45 PM
    Hey billsfan1 I like what they’re doing out there I wish Ross & Philbin had a clue not to overspend the cap for the next 3 years!!!
    Really, Like give a $99 million dollar contract to a D-lineman? Like trade away a low cost talented rookie LB? Like loosing a very good safety in free agency?

    Then why don’t you stop pretending to be a fins fan (which your doing a lousy job of) and go circle the wagons with those you admire.

  28. Suh will continue his path on his way to the HOF and do it while playing for a team that never makes the playoffs…… You just can’t scarifice what you have too, to pay a DT. You just can’t do it….

  29. finfan4lyfe says:
    Mar 11, 2015 5:03 PM
    Are we done now? Out of money yet or are we going to wait to get a playmaking offensive guy somewhere?
    Wait for the draft, there’s not much left in FA.

  30. Lions Fan here,
    I am incredibly bummed we didn’t re-sign Suh. He was a beast, very hard worker, and will bring it fully to his new team.
    Good get, ‘Phins. You’ll love him as much as we do.

  31. Got to love the haters, they don’t have any credibility at all. If the owner wants to pay him a Billion Dollars, then to him its worth it, folks, grow up and get a life, no real Dolphin fan cares what you say. Bill….However if any fans have ever work for a Pro team make sure to tell us.

  32. I can’t wait for Suh to do something crazy again like stomp on Brady or another QB or lineman gets suspended for numerous games lmao :0 Suh will be the biggest FA busts surpassing Haynesworth !!!

  33. The press conference was epic! I had no idea Ndam had given his Detroit signing bonus, over $2M to his former University in Nebraska!

    Changed my perspective on his character.

    So, what we have here now is Miami…better. Buffalo, clearly better…NY Jets, mucho better…and

    NE? WORSE….mucho WORSE!

    I’m lovin’ this FA season thus far. Pat’s fans must be LIVID!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  34. Suhs bicep is clearly bigger than Stephen Ross’s head in that pic.

    So long Suh, at least you are in the AFC. I harbor no ill will—-he always made it clear it was about that cash. A true throwback on the D line. Will remain a fan from a distance…. watching him play is the closest thing we have to the NFL many of us grew up loving.

  35. Ross has made the Dolphins a joke. This Dolphins team won’t win anything. Tannehill is wannabe Alex Smith with no offensive threat to help. Their Defense is decent but its now championship D. While their running game improved, look for a down fall this next season. All in all, this team is lost mostly due to its owner.

  36. It’s going to be funny watching him up against whiny Tom Brady twice a year. I won’t be whining myself if he gave him a nice kick in the balls. Too bad Tom doesn’t play the Ravens more often.

  37. Ground and pound Rex and the bills will need to now find another way to move the chains.. No more running the rock in the AFC East

  38. All this worry about contracts and cap hits. It’s done. The focus should be on Cam Wake, Vernon, and Suh. This team WILL find a roll for Dion Jordan this year. Reason to be optimistic in Miami. This was already a good defense, sure they had a rough finish. If this defense plays up to their ability, it will be called one of the greatest if they win a super bowl.

    Nobody will care what it cost to win a super bowl in Miami.

  39. Not all about the money….about the great group he is joining….wonder how his former team feels about that? Suh is a liar, it is about the money….man up and at least be honest about it.

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